Nov 23 2009


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Feeling free, let us fly
Into the boundless, beyond the sky
For we were born to never die
To live in bliss, to never cry
To speak the truth and never lie
To share our love without a sign
To stretch our arms without a tie

This is our dance, this is our high
It’s not a secret, can’t you see
Why can’t we all live in ecstasy

Ecstasy Ecstasy
Why can’t we all
Live in Ecstasy.

–Michael Jackson, ‘Ecstasy’

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  1. Kate says:

    I have a question about MJ’s “Ecstasy” poem. There is a particular part of the poem I didn’t understand. Here is the particular part I’m referring to:

    Is not knowing the spark that lights my interior
    Is the same fire that glows inside every man, child, and woman superior

    Do you know what this means?

    Thanks <3.

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