Oct 14 2010

Excuse me, who is the abuser here, Oprah?

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Oprah evidently believes that "Being Her Best Self" is slandering others with verbal abuse

Oprah evidently believes that "Being Her Best Self" means ignoring the obvious truth and slandering others with verbal abuse

I’ve written several posts about Ms. Oprah Winfrey in the past few days that ought to give readers a particularly good idea what this woman is about. Those posts are here, here, and here.

Since the previous post on the subject got pretty long and contains so much information, I am going to do one last one on this woman (for a while, anyway), because I think this is important information that needs to be disseminated so that people are aware of the history.

What did Oprah do to Michael Jackson that was so bad? (besides use and abuse him and his name and family to inflate her ratings)

People have actually asked this question because they weren’t aware of the history behind this woman’s systematic verbal abuse of Michael Jackson. We’re going to have a look at that right now. Be sure to read the three posts I referenced above to get the whole picture. The below is only part of it and I’m sure this list is far from complete.

I want to be sure to mention that I did not write or compile the information below. It was posted on Twitter and Facebook today and has been shared there, but needs wider distribution. Thus, I think it’s worth posting here for reference.

Here we go . . .

The day after “Living With Michael Jackson” aired, Oprahs original plan was to discuss something else, but she couldnt resist talking about Michael. She started the show by saying something like “This show is not going to be about Michael Jackson but OMG, did you all see the documentary yesterday?” Of course, then she and her audience talked about Michael the entire show. She turned straight to the camera and directed a personal message to MJ and said “Michael, if you were my brother I would say to you that it’s not appropriate to have kids sleep in your bed.”

She then invited guests on her show to get them to malign Michael & she’d laugh heartily at their disrespect during the trial. She asked several people about their opinions about the trial and MJ, when Michael was not even the topic of the show.

1) As Randy Jackson has stated, during jury deliberations, she had a show about pedophilia. This is kinda interesting because the old woman, the one juror who said she was huge Oprah fan was the one who slowed down the “jury deliberation process”.

2) She had a show about unrelated men who share intimate relationships with one another (a deep closeness, no sex) yet continued to insist they were heterosexual. Something like that anyway. One of the men said that he often shared a bed with his friends (again, no sex) and Winfrey laughed and said “You’re sounding like Michael Jackson.”

3) When she had Jay Leno on her show, she asked him “What kind of jokes do you tell on your show.” He said, “of course, Michael Jackson jokes”. She went on to ask about his trial experience. When he talked about “wanting to crack a few jokes” during his testimony, she ended the conversation.

4) Larry King once asked her if she felt sorry for Jackson. She smiled slightly before saying no.

5) She had Chris Rock on her show for his movie “I think I love my wife” where she pointed out and played a particular scene where the main characters (all Black) discuss (and insult) Jackson, his father, and his case. After that, she asked her audience if “White people do this?”

Later she kinda cheered on Chris Rock and let him crack some jokes about Michael and wanted more and more but Chris Rock eventuelly stopped and said something like “This trial is bigger than we think, there are so much more behind it”.

5) During her interview with Lisa Marie Presley, she pondered if Jackson used Presley and joined her in her belief that Jackson took advantage of her tendency to feel sorry for the misunderstood. Winfrey claimed she was the same way and that Jackson “sucks you in” with his “I’m so misunderstood” thing.

6) On an episode about Body Dysmorphic Disorder (an emotional disorder that makes “normal” looking people feel they are grotesquely ugly) Winfrey stated –after quickly pointing out that she interviewed Jackson before his “sexual abuse problems”—that before the interview, Jackson was insistent upon controlling the editing. Of course, Winfrey was also insistent upon controlling the editing and wasn’t going to give way to Jackson. While going through childhood photos, she said Jackson kept hiding his face and saying “Oh, oh I’m so ugly.” Winfrey says she didn’t know if he was serious about that or if it was a tactic to try and get her to relinquish control of the editing. She showed a picture of Jackson at fourteen stating that she thought he looked “fine this way” then went on to compare a professionally taken picture of fourteen year old Jackson to a news photo of Jackson during the trial (amid “eews” from her audience) she proceeded to say that she thought he must have BDD.

About the Body Dysmorphic Disorder episode, she had another show about a woman who had been diagnosed with this very disorder. She was obsessed with cosmetic surgery and must have had over a dozen procedures done to her entire body. In her video segment, she said she liked Jackson’s small nose and various other body parts of other celebrities. Then she went on to talk about everything she had tucked and raised and cinched and so on to achieve these looks she so admired. Not to mention the regular visits for botox injections. After her video segment, Winfrey zeroed right in on her admiration of Jackson’s nose. “You like Michael Jackson’s nose?” Winfrey asked incredulous. She didn’t mention anyone else.

7) Another episode of her show dealt with show business parents. One father said he admired the Jacksons and wished for his entertainer children to be just like them. Oprah looked very applled and kinda turned to her her sidekick therapist “Dr. Robin” to talk sense to this man. Dr Robin then told how wrong he was because one of the Jacksons is obviously “struggling” and he shouldn’t want his children to end up like them.

8 ) She had a slumber party with a bunch of little girls at her house once and promoted it all over her show as though it were the best thing in the world. This was after she had said “she would never put herself in a vulnerable situation like Michael Jackson had done with kids”. So, it is okay for Oprah to be in a room with little girls in their bed and playing and talking, but not for Michael?

9) She also chastised Jackson in a way when Jon Stewart was on her show talking about him “dancing” on top of the SUV. Stewart called him an idiot while she said that she heard–heard not confirmed–that Jackson compared himself to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and that she thought that was wrong. She didn’t state where she heard that yet we all know she was talking about the Jesse Jackson interview that she made obvious that she didn’t bother to listen to otherwise she would have known that wasn’t what Jackson was doing.

I want to add a big item here, we’ll call it #10. Back in September 2009 Oprah re-aired her 1993 interview with Michael (all for ratings of course). Oprah, during this re-airing of the 1993 interview, mentioned at least three times that “this was before the allegations!“, as if to remind her viewers that she’d never have interviewed him after such allegations (nevermind if they were actually true or not – she is content to let her viewers believe they are, facts and evidence be damned).

Should Oprah be proud that she is so ignorant even though she has access to the same facts as the rest of us? Should she be proud that she bought into (and became part of) the media hype that defined Michael Jackson as guilty even though all facts and evidence pointed to his innocence? I guess she thinks so. Should she be proud of her years of verbal abuse of an innocent man, and her years of being one of the ringleaders of ignorance-based mob mentality against him?  Is this her “Best Self“? How could anyone’s “Best Self” consist of this type of behavior?

Here is what Deborah Ffrench wrote about this back in September, 2009:

It was with a growing sense of astonishment that I watched the Oprah Winfrey show on Michael Jackson – her sole public comment on his death so far. Whilst replaying her seminal 1993 interview, Oprah proceeded to tell us how she had felt at various points during it. Topics included her hair, her feelings of nervousness, what she was wearing and other similar reflections. Strangely, no airtime was spent discussing the ambivalent nature of the legacy Michael has left behind, and it quickly became apparent that Oprah deemed it unnecessary to raise any questions about the allegations Michael faced during his life. In fact, throughout the interview she displayed such a palpable air of disinterest in her subject, it was unclear as to precisely what her reasons for doing the show actually were. It’s difficult to believe that a woman whose personal wealth was built upon a reputation for emotional truth and justice, can really be unaware of the profoundly substantial doubts hanging over the authenticity of the molestation allegation made by Evan Chandler on behalf of his son Jordy. Unbelievable, because Oprah has the same access to information that everyone else has.

There is an enormous amount of evidence to support the view that Michael Jackson was completely innocent of the charges levelled against him in 1993, and again in 2005; and that he was in fact the victim of an elaborate and bold extortion attempt that proved – in the end, to be very successful. The award winning 1994 article by distinguished writer Mary A. Fischer -’Was Michael Jackson Framed’ – details not only the lack of evidence behind the Chandlers’ claims, but also the full extent of the non-credibility of Evan Chandler. Jordy only accused Michael after a hypnotic drug was administered – Evan authorized its use after Jordy was allegedly reluctant to go on record stating that he had been abused. What is perhaps less well known, but again is well documented by authors such as Aphrodite Jones in her book ‘The Michael Jackson Conspiracy’ and numerous other authors and witnesses to the events of 1993 and 2005, including Thomas Mesereau and Brian Oxman – is the level of complicit involvement between the Chandlers lawyers, Tom Sneddon’s department and key players in the media, namely, Maureen Orth, Diane Dimond and the online tabloid site ‘The Smoking Gun.’ This complicitness would keep a ratings-driven media motivated to supply increasingly horrifying stories about Michael to a baying and hysterical public. In a gesture of compliance with the police investigation, Michael agreed to a humiliating, physical examination of his body to clear his name. Jordy had asserted Michael had been circumcised – he had not, he also claimed Michael had discolorations on his genitalia – there were none. It is perhaps the level of media viciousness directed towards Michael for over 15 years however, that remains in most people’s minds. The sheer amount of newspaper stories, comedy shows, talk shows, television and comment by ’so-called’ experts that would become devoted to negatively reporting on the allegations would reach unprecedented levels of coverage and hostility. It is interesting to note just how many people – now that Michael is dead, have said it was the homogeneity of the media’s stance that made them assume Michael was guilty. I believe Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond, Maureen Orth, Evan Chandler (I do not include Jordy as he was a child) and the Chandler lawyers – Rothman and Feldman, to be the key protagonists of the sustained media and legal attacks Michael faced from 1993 onwards. These attacks would erode and degrade Michael’s spirit and profoundly damage his once stratospheric career.

It is against this background of a lack of answers and the grief of millions of people, that Oprah’s choice not to explore the possibility that the truth about Michael has for 15 years been distorted and manipulated into something vastly different from the reality of what actually happened and who he really was – can be seen as truly extraordinary. There is no room here to cover the scandalous claims of the mother of the alleged victim in 2005, who admitted on oath that she had previously made her son lie to support her claim that she had been sexually abused by staff in a J.C Penny store. What I will say is this: The grief so many are feeling now is not just for a life tragically ended, but also for the damage done to Michael’s name and legacy, yet Oprah decided we would rather hear about how excited she felt when she first saw the fun rides at Neverland. No one said her show had to be a Disney tribute, but it didn’t have to amount to little more than a glorified slideshow either. For a woman famed for asking the difficult questions, the uncomfortable questions; this remembrance came across as an afterthought. Michael Jackson, perhaps the greatest entertainer of all time, who gave a black woman in the early 1990’s the career break of a lifetime – deserved better.

One of our regular commenters here shared something telling with me that further details this woman’s abusive nature. “Lorrie Jackson“, a commenter on Huffington Post in an article about Randy’s comments, posted this information:

Oprah said, “I don’t do tributes to people who abuse children!”  (Michael never abused any children, but Oprah certainly has abused Michael)

But she’s made TONS of references to Michael on her show in recent months.

Here she is discussing him with Whitney Houston

Here she is discussing him with Celine Dion

Here she is discussing him with Liza Minnelli

Here she is discussing him with Kenny Ortega

Here she is discussing him with J.K. Rowling

Here she is asking Janet about Michael AFTER the ’05 trial

Beginning to see a pattern here? She couldn’t stand Michael even after he helped to provide her the largest viewing audience she’d ever had in the early 90s. Her best friend Gayle even slandered him on the day of his memorial on her Sirius radio show. Now she wants be in his house with his family? Outrageous!

• • •

Now, after reading all this I ask:  Who is the abuser? How many such horrible, nasty comments and ill-informed harsh judgements has Michael Jackson ever made about Oprah Winfrey, or anyone else for that matter?

Evidently, Oprah Winfrey believes that in order to “Be Your Best Self” you must willfully ignore available facts, and systematically slander, abuse, mock, and put others down. Including someone who never hurt you and in fact helped your career in a big way — and who never hurt anyone else for that matter, especially not any children.

If this is Oprah’s “Best Self“, she may as well quit while she’s behind. She’s certainly in no position to teach anyone else how to be theirs either, given her own behavior.

• • •

I have an update to share with you from a friend. She says the Oprah interview with Lisa-Marie Presley is set to air October 21. Before that date, you’ll see shows planned that indicate Oprah continues her obsession with pedophiles, including seeing them where they don’t even exist! (such as seeing Michael Jackson as one even though all facts and evidence show otherwise). My friend says:

There will be 2 molestation cases discussed in the same week with the LMP one being done AFTER those 2 which makes it pretty obvious where Oprah still stands in judging Michael. I am so upset about this!

Monday, October 18 All New! Exclusive: The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Killed His Molester (TV-14) He was released from jail just for this interview. In an exclusive, Oprah talks to Daniel Kovarbasich, the 16-year-old boy who killed his molester by stabbing him 55 times. Hear how he and his parents were groomed and learn the warning signs that could help parents protect their children. Then, in 1993, Ellie Nesler became one of the most notorious killers in America after walking into a courtroom and shooting the man accused of molesting her son. Now, find out what happened to the son she was trying to protect. Monday’s Oprah.

Tuesday, October 19 All New! Susan Boyle, Jackie Evancho, Debby Boone: What Happened To The Next Big Thing? (PG) Overnight, she was crowned the next big thing. On today’s show, global superstar Susan Boyle shares an exclusive performance from her new album, “The Gift.” Then, 10-year-old Jackie Evancho left the nation stunned when she unleashed her incredible voice on “America’s Got Talent.” How has the overnight success impacted her life? And, singer Debby Boone lit up our lives when she won the Grammy for best new artist in 1977. Where is she now? Tuesday’s Oprah.

Wednesday, October 20 All New! First Television Interview: Tyler Perry Speaks Out About Being Molested & The Aftermath (PG)

Thursday, October 21 All New! For The First Time: Lisa Marie Presley Speaks Out About The Death Of Ex-Husband Michael Jackson (PG) Oprah is on location in England as Lisa Marie Presley speaks out about the death of her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, for the first time. In her one and only interview, she opens up about the intimate details of their marriage, the parallels between Michael and her famous father, Elvis Presley, and why the marriage ended. Thursday’s Oprah.

My comments about this lineup of shows for the week of October 18th, 2010:

the parallels between Michael and her famous father, Elvis Presley“? What this may mean is: “Michael was a drug addict and that’s why he died!

Now, we all know that is NOT the case. Michael didn’t die because “he was a drug addict“. But that has been the meme being pushed by the media and some Jackson family members who weren’t even around Michael much during the later years of his life. They may remember 1996 but how much did they know about what was happening from 2000-2009 with Michael in regards to this? Have they ever mentioned seeing him abuse drugs or exactly what drugs he was abusing? As far as I know, they have not.

Michael wasn’t (evidently) actively abusing any drugs when or before he died. I say that because the only drugs found in his system during the autopsy were the ones put there by Murray. There was nothing else there. Also, the drugs found in his home were also not opioids or painkillers. Also, there were no physical signs of long-term drug abuse according to the coroner’s report. Michael died because Murray killed him, not because he was a drug addict. That meme seems to be pure crap at this point, and unless some other evidence surfaces (and it may come trial time), I personally hold that opinion for now.

Pushing this meme about Michael only helps Conrad Murray and AEG (possibly et al) get away with his murder while having to take no responsibility at all in it. And that is grossly unjust because they ARE responsible, especially Conrad Murray.

Further, as I said previously, Oprah remains obsessed with pedophiles and pedophilia. She sees them everywhere. Even where they don’t exist! And I say this with as much compassion as anger: Oprah Winfrey needs psychiatric help. And she can well afford it. She can afford a LOT of it. Why doesn’t she get some? How many lives will this woman help ruin before she deals with her own inner demons and stops attacking, belittling, and abusing innocent people like Michael?

Why does Michael Jackson and his family have to be made to suffer Oprah Winfrey’s demons – be they baggage from her having a been a victim of sexual abuse herself, or just pure narcissism on her part?

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78 Responses to “Excuse me, who is the abuser here, Oprah?”

  1. gigi says:

    This posted by someone that saw the LMP/Oprah promo. “Just saw the promo for LMP on Oprah – TOPICS: Drugs, having babies and Elvis!”

  2. Carolyn says:

    @truth seeker

    She speaks negatively of this wonderful man and uses him for ratings at the the same time. She is vile.

  3. truth seeker says:

    I’m pretty sure the show with LMP will be mostly positive but the fact that Oprah is airing it after two shows on molestation speaks volumes. Her agenda is crystal clear. She wants the word
    “molestation” to be associated with Michael’s name. AGAIN!

  4. carina for MJJ says:

    Justice and truth for Michael.

  5. carina for MJJ says:

    Ofcourse Michael is now in a better place.Do not let that however lead us on this earth to stop
    seeking justice end truth, clearing his legacy and not to give up.He deserves a place in history.His life reads like a Greek tragedy.He was an extraordinary human being.
    P.S. You in the US please keep posting as the net is the only source of info.

  6. Seven says:


    Oprah is nothing if not a skilled manipulator. 🙁

    I saw that too about boycotting the school (?). Not sure what he was referring to or how one would boycott a school! I think maybe he misspoke (I think he meant ‘protest’). It certainly confused some people! Yes, people do go off the deep end on Twitter. Yikes!

  7. gigi says:

    Seven, that’s what I told Taj as well, that I and a lot of others just don’t trust Oprah. She has the habit of putting words in people’s mouth and talking all over people. Cutting them off on what a person is about to say.

    Did you see Taj having to tweet to folks not to Boycott the Gardern School? Some people on twitter really do go off the deep end and they are causing more harm.

  8. Seven says:

    Thanks gigi. I saw that. It’s a shame that woman got near those kids. This is just what Michael did not want. He certainly did not want Oprah of all people near them. I don’t agree with lashing out at Miss Katherine – I understand her motives even though I don’t like the method. No sense further pressuring or stoning them. They’ve been through enough. It’s not THEM I worry about – it’s Oprah.

  9. gigi says:

    Seven, Taj posted this tweet about the upcoming interview. Some people on twitter have flipped out on Taj as usual, which is really sad.

    Taj Jackson

    On Tuesday 19th October 2010, @tajjackson3 said:

    Guys, there really is no easy way for me to say this but I always want to tell you the truth. Good or Bad. After finally talking directly to my cousins, I found out they did in fact speak to Oprah. I don’t know if they are or will be part of the upcoming interview or not. Anyways, I’m sorry for tweeting something that I didn’t hear come directly from the horses’ mouth. That was truly my mistake. I should have known better.

    This was sent by Jodie Gomes: @tajjackson3 thx for verifying and checking. the gossip mill is outta control and there are many mixed stories.

    I wrote to Jodie @jodigomes i just hope ppl won’t lash out any further. Mrs. Katherine, Taj, MJ’s kids don’t need all these extra pressure on them.

    She sent me this reply: @gigiMoore81 I agree. too much pressure on kids. the kids KNOW what they want and how they want dad 2 be remembered


    Taj’s mentioned the LATimes article as well.

    “I can’t believe that La Times article. There are still so many ignorant people out there. We know the truth but so many don’t or refuse to listen. We have to keep spreading the message. The family is doing something about this guys. But we need your support. I WONT let the media try to vilify my uncle. He was the greatest It’s time to set the record straight that MJ was/is and always has been innocent. Sorry guys to ramble. But I get very emotional when it comes to my uncle.”

  10. Susan T says:

    I just watched Oprah’s program today, partly because I wanted to see how Ellie Nessler’s children were coping. That horrid crime occurred very close to home.

    The fact that this week’s programs are almost back-to-back segments regarding child sexual abuse and then she’s interspersing an interview with Lisa Marie Presley just makes her so incredibly suspect with her intentions. I lost so much respect for Oprah after her callous reference to him in her pathetic “remembering Michael” program. Why did she even bother? To say “We’ll never know” is incredibly insensitive and cruel. For someone of her stature to reference Michael in such a way does nothing to encourage the uninformed and indifferent to focus on the fact that he was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of 12–a unanimous verdict exonerating him of all charges! But she just had to say, “We’ll never know.”

    All we can hope for is that this time Lisa Marie focuses on how much she loved him and how she really did want to make a difference in his life. We both know that she was young and accustomed to always getting her way during their marriage and she regretted filing for divorce as evidenced by her relentless pursuit of him for months afterward. I still don’t understand why she and her mother spoke so disrespectfully of him when Oprah interviewed them in 2005. I do believe she matured over the years and her blog the day after his death portrayed a woman deeply affected by his death. I believe she loved Michael and that he loved her. Fame just got in the way.

    I have my own thoughts about why their marriage ended. Yes, the refusal to have children was the major contributor, but there is much more that we don’t know about.

    We can only hope that she doesn’t allow Oprah to put words in her mouth and allude to things that just didn’t happen.

    Frankly, I don’t see the purpose in this interview. I hope it’s not for the reasons that so many of you believe–that’s she’s taking advantage of Oprah’s show to promote her new music. I’d really like to believe that Lisa Marie Presley is a decent, kind woman. Why? Because Michael chose to marry her and he wasn’t stupid.

    Just my thoughts. I do intend to write Oprah and express my feelings about the way she has treated Michael Jackson while living and now that he is no longer able to respond.

  11. Carolyn says:

    I doubt very seriously if O is trying to redeem herself in the eyes of the Jackson family or MJs fans. She uses his name for ratings and speaks negatively of him at the same time. Just as she did during jury deliberations, she is airing episodes that deal with molestion just as she is about to speak with an ex wife and mother of MJ. Being that she is to speak with LMP (about her marriage to MJ that ended 14 YEARS AGO!!!)and MJs mother, this move is typical and sad. It is as if she is still trying to persuade the world that MJ was a pedo just beause she believes he was. She is the one with the issues, not Michael. LMP still hasn’t let go of him after all this time and after becoming a wife and mother again. After the divorce, she was hardly kind to him. Yet, she stalked him from one end of the earth to the other….AFTER the divorce. MJ was too much of a gentleman to speak of her as she did him. I am sure he could have said somethings about her that are not favorable. But, that just wasn’t the kind of man he was.

    Oprah (I will be kind today) really does need to seek help. Or just face reality and know she is not the authority on all things dealing with molestion and she is not at all going to persuade anyone but her gullible audience/viewers that MJ was guilty of such a heinous crime. His being proven not guilty doesn’t mean “he got away without it”. His celebrity status did not
    “get him off”. It is indeed because he was and INNOCENT man. Trust, they tried all they could to get this man behind bars even to the point of falsifying evidence which is a felony. (We know who is accused of doing that) How Katherine could allow this woman into her home to speak yet again about her beloved Michael is beyond me. Personally, I would avoid her like the plague. Anything having to do with my son would not be shared with her. However, since it has happened or about to (I won’t be watching) I just Katherine has the courage to take a stand with O when she gets out of line or if this turns out to be another Bashir type of mockumentary.

    Michael deserves better and I would say it if he was here. His legacy should not be what he was accused of which is what she can’t help but to harp on. He is to be remembered for being the world’s greatest entertainer and an absolutely phenomenal human being. He is not to be remembered just on those false allegations. No more than O would like to remembered for just being obese. I am sure she would want others to look past her struggles with weight. He weight doesn’t define her, I guess. The false allegations certainly do not define MJ.

    Again, he deserves better.

  12. carina for MJJ says:

    Thank you 7 for giving the address for the letter to Oprah.I tried to sign in on the post ,but was unsuccessful.-It was not just a piece of Michaels soul that got trashed in 2005,it was his very life.And Oprah has so far continued on that venue.-I will draw a paralell to the miners plight in Chile and how that was handled.Do not think I want to belittle their ordeal and great Chile for what was done! Michaels ordeal in 2005 lasted several months and as results of medialoid millions of hostile eyes were focused on him.He was alone in his suffering,no one in the boat with him.The miners, tough as it undoubtedly was, had each other and efforts were made to keep contact with family and supporters above.They,in Chile have also had full insight that after the rescue more is required,that is, they have made provisions for the help re the PTSD= the
    post taumatic stress syndrome that occurs once the acute suffering is over.The hostility towards Michael did not stop after he was found not guilty.Nothing was done to help him with this massive psychologiocal trauma.So he fled to the Middle East and has tried to piece his life together ever since.The trauma in 2005 was the beginning of what finally led to his death.In the last weeks of his life he was again severed from any support by high security that did not act in his interest.I do not need to list the ones who bear the responsibility for his tragic death, you Oprah sure conrtibuted.In US many of you have heard about the PTSD of Afgan vet´s
    once they return home,so I think you have some understanding of what I mean.

  13. CCC says:

    Mondays scheduled show:

    October 17, 2010
    MONDAY’S SHOW: The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Killed His Molester
    Released from jail just for this interview, the 16-year-old boy who killed his molester. Then, she killed her son’s accused rapist in a courtroom. What became of her son?

    This is NOT a coincidence.

  14. MJ-DarkChild says:

    Thanks Seven. As always you give us something great and most educational to read about Michael. And of course the truth. I fully agree with DialDancer. Actually I don’t care for any of them giving interviews where Michael’s name will be brought up. For What? What can LMP tell the fans that we don’t already know. She made her postion clear with the past interviews she has already given.

    I say that everyone need to move on without her fantasies. She has a new husband and two new children. I can, perhaps, understand Katherine Jackson wanting to set the record straight with Oprah; but with anybody else, who cares? Why doesn’t she interview Debbie Rowe. She’s the one that gave him the children. Let’s hear what she has to say. But no “O” has this fixation on “Pedo’s” and she intends to exploit Michael for ratings.

    LMP wants to sell her new album and pick up some MJ fans; when HELL freezes over. Yes, she may have cried at the memorial and some mascara was seen streaked all over her face. So what? I cry everyday and I never had a chance to meet him. Millions of people cry everyday for the pain they feel for Michael. There are plenty of people “O” could have interviewed if she wanted to show some real LOVE for Michael. She picked the ones she wanted.

    She don’t want to hear the truth. The truth is not what she seeks; if so, why air two shows the same week on “Molestation”. I didn’t just come to America and get dumped from a turnip truck. I know foolishness when I see or hear it. I guess you can tell I’m fired up. I just don’t get it and I’m not with any of it.

    Hope you don’t have to delete my post for being ugly. I’m just speaking how I feel and that’s pretty bad right now. I just don’t trust “O” or “LMP” and never have. I do feel sorry for Mrs. Jackson and I think she’s doing the best she knows how. I keep her in my prayers; she needs them. Thank you for allowing me to speak as I feel. God bless you Seven; you are a wonderful journalist. I wish we had more like you. Much Love.

  15. Mary says:

    I’ve never really thought much of Oprah. I think even less of her now. She’s obviously still messed up in her own mind if she assumes that just by mentioning Michael and pedofile in the same sentence that Michael actually was one.

  16. LoveMJ says:

    I can’t believe how Oprah has abused Michael. The 1993 interview she did with Michael, I thought that was nice. She seemed nice to him, except that she didn’t have to ask him if he was a virgin, that’s private stuff. Anyway after the 2005 trial, Oprah has been mean and nasty towards Michael. Trying to hurt an innocent man, always bringing up his name for some reason, acting like she knows the truth when she knows nothing of Michael Jackson really. If she knew the TRUE Michael she’d have never spoken the way she has.

  17. Dialdancer says:

    This may be Oprah last chance at redemption. I can accept a fair program on Michael. She need not do the hearts and flowers because that would be false on her part. I do expect both programs to address the Media madness and correct some of the lies reported. It would greatly appreciate if LMP would finally conduct herself as an adult woman rather than some preteen under the manipulative spell of the “weirdly seductive” MJ. If both would contain themselves from doing the incredulous look when speaking of Michael’s appearance and his marital sexual life that would be a bonus. But I imagine it will close to the same old thing. LMP will pretend she is there to talk about her new life, record or some such. She will looked pained over some questions and will either verbally or by body language give an ambiguous answer to whether she truly believes Michael was innocent.

    Since Oprah is moving to a venue which requires paid subscription she may find herself with a lowered viewer rating and if she expects the Jackson Community to continue to tune in each time she announces Michael’s name it is highly advisable she gets it right this time. I will no longer go on her website and protest her content, I will not give her any more of my money than I would the NY Post or Guardian. No more public acknowledgements. It is after all what all Tabloidists want. I will treat her like a Troll, place on “Ignore” without comment and report abuse by email.

  18. rumbapassion says:

    Wonder how much bagging of Michael Jackson Oprah will do with Lisa Marie Presley this time, on the interview coming up on October 21. I have no respect for Oprah and if Lisa Marie does not set the record straight this time about Michael Jackson then I am going to depise these two woman forever. Lisa Marie also like Oprah needs to get rid of her own demons first, before she judges someone like Michael Jackson. If this interview ends up like I think it is going to be, then both Oprah and Lisa Marie can go jump. Even though she is Elvis Presley’s daughter, she is nothing like her father when it comes to compassion, even though she looks like him. Elvis at least had respect for other human beings. And Oprah go get help, you need it. I am appalled that you are trying to use the Jacksons now once again for your own ratings. Why don’t you come out and say what you should say, that you were wrong about what you thought about Michael and you are sorry. But I bet we will never hear that either.

  19. Jane Heider says:


  20. Jeanne says:

    I dont care how much money you have , fame , power , makeup , plastic surgeon , push up bra , private chef , personal stylist, guru , spiritual advisors , own network ,, ( and the list goes on ) the truth is plain to see . Your pain , your fear , will always show until you face your own demons . I guess that holds true for us all in some way . Lot of good stuff here to think about . But good news is ,, we are all heading towards an awakening and I cannot help but think Michael is still sending out his messages and from a much more powerful tower of love and understanding . He may be gone in body but not at all in spirit . Thank you Michael . And you too Seven for this site .

  21. Cookie says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Oprah said all that about Michael on her show. I only saw the LMP episodes. Ugh!!! I started out feeling angry but then became really, really sad. She was one of the major ‘hammres’ that helped to drive Michael into the ground. And she’s doing it again! I thought to give her the benefit of the doubt when she interviewed Katherine – maybe this would give K a chance to clear Michael’s name, but with the scheduling, it’s obvious what her agenda truly is – to use Lisa, Katherine and Michael’s name to promote her own damn show. I don’t know, instead of being angry, I’m just really sad.

    Soldiers of love, we must stop this now! Oprah has an even bigger influence than Bashir. Stop her now!!!!

    Here are the links:

  22. Joyce says:

    Thanks David for the additional information regarding the School Matron Molestation Case. Like you, I do not have any knowledge of the facts of the case so I cannot judge the verdict but I do find it quite interesting that Oprah is yet again quick to condemn with most likely no basis in fact. She is truly blinded by her own past history when it comes to this subject. She considers herself the judge and jury and don’t confuse her with facts!

    Interesting note about the defamation lawsuit filed against Oprah by the headmistress as well. I guess if we use the lamestream media and Oprah’s logic, then we would have to assume that Oprah was guilty of defamation since she did settle out of court!!! Isn’t that what they always assume, at least they always do in Michael’s 1993 civil case. Guess it is not the same when the shoe is on the other foot.
    Thanks again for the info.

  23. ella says:

    I remember her saying meeting Michael was like meeting the Wizard of Oz. What the hell sort of crap was that? He was a human being, though Oprah & many others can’t accept that.

  24. cherie says:

    Oprah’s a total mess. She is in NO position to give other people advice on life. Sure she is successful but she’s wounded, mean spirited, and ugly on the inside. She transfers her pain onto others without thinking. Why do you think she treated Chris Brown with such disrespect before knowing the facts? She’s a nut. I WILL BE GLAD TO SEE HER GO. 25 years was 25 years TOO LONG!!

  25. carina for MJJ says:

    OPRAH has helped to prepare Michaels grave.Somebody out there to to interview HER?

  26. carina for MJJ says:

    It is anybodys guess what Oprah will do.For sure she will do what she deems best for her own ratings.I am glad to know that she was kept away from the children,just in case she continues her mental abuse.–LMP did attend the funeral-she was not seen on any video clips,but it was said she cried throughout and her face got all streaked by mascara.If she would be negative it would contradict her behaviour at the funeral and the fact that after the divorce she went after Michael to South Africa where he was on tour.Also she has once stated that when she & Michael became intimate “He took my breath away”.—-now to sidetrack a bit,this is second hand info,but anyway:murray is going sicko and bizarre;He will ask Michaels children to testify
    for his(murray) defence by telling how fragile their father was.The children did worry about him;”He was always feeling cold and sitting so close to the fire(place) that we were afraid he would be burned.”As if he,murray, was not the primary physician whose task it was to care for Michaels condition in every way possible.Well, by now everybody knows murray is disgrace to the medical profession and worse.It is heartwrenching to think how Michael was sliced to pieces by the media, and very much so by OPRAH ,and then being murdered.

  27. MJfan says:

    I’m from Malaysia and I wouldn’t have known who Oprah was in 93 if it wasn’t for Michael. Her show started in 1986 and I only knew she existed after she interviewed our dear Michael.

  28. David says:

    @ Joyce

    In comment #24 you mentioned the lady who worked at Oprah’s school in Africa and was accused of molestation was acquitted. And guess what? Oprah said that she was “profoundly disappointed” by the verdict! Did she even entertain the possiblity that the teacher could be innocent?

    (Keep in mind, I don’t know the facts of the case, so maybe she could have been guilty.)

    But this may be typical of Oprah to just blindly believe all accusations of child abuse, due to her own abuse. She said she’s “proud” of the 9 girls who testified.

    Also, the headmistress who ran the school at the time the allegations surfaced filed a civil lawsuit against Oprah for defamation after she made disparaging remarks about “losing confidence” in her. The lawsuit was settled out of court (obviously because Oprah has more important things to do with her time than go to court!)


  29. CCC says:

    Oprah once boasted on her show that she didn’t need therapy because her audience was her therapy, and over the years of her show, she had talked to so many people that has helped her heal.

    Um, NOT.

    Oprah is STUCK. Over the years she is extremely hostile to any woman who appears on her show who is in an abusive relationship and any man who is even mentioned in the same sentence with the word “abuse”.

    I will never forget how she ridiculed and mocked country music singer Mindy McGrady, who appeared on her show to discuss her abusive relationship. Oprah, in a very nasty tone, told the girl while she shook with tears in her eyes that she knew she wouldn’t leave her boyfriend because she looooooooooooooooooved him. Even Dr. Robin tried to correct Oprah and get her to stop behaving so abusively, but this is what Oprah does.

    She projects her issues onto anyone who triggers her. She is a on a life long quest to punish any man who even remotely reminds her of her abuser because she has not begun to scratch the surface of her own healing. She is still incredibly angry at her own abuser and her own mother/aunt for allowing her to be abused and for not protecting her.

    So that’s Oprahs problem, and because of that, she has NO BUSINESS talking to anyone. I find all her “good works” (UNLIKE MICHAEL’s) are really self-serving, to feed her fragile ego. She is incredibly insecure and said in a special very recently that she realized that if she wasn’t a size 6, if she could not fit into her thin clothes, NOTHING mattered, not her success, not her accomplishments — nothing.

    Why wasn’t the abuser who was found in her African School for Girls, the abuser that SHE hired, highly publicized news? Because she buried the story.

    Is this a person who has any grounds to stand in judgment of anyone else?

    Oprah, take the plank out of your own eye so you can see clearly enough to judge Michael.

    Like most people in denial, Oprah projects, projects, projects her own faults onto others and condemns them for the things that SHE is guilty of.

    Sadly Oprah will NEVER get professional help because she doesn’t believe she needs it. She has convinced herself that SHE is a-okay, and she is surrounded by thousands of yes-men and woman who will feed her over-inflated, paper thin ego.

    Narcissist is a perfect word to describe her condition. The false self needs constant supply in the form of accolades, praise and recognition. We’ve suffered for 20+ years on her My face on every cover of my magazine, Debt DIE-IT, Over Indulge in Favorite Things, Lose Weight Finally BUT Wait Let’s Eat First dysfunctional, narcissistic roller coaster I’m not being clever here. Look up NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and you will see that Oprah fits the bill 100%)

    I want to end this by saying let us not forget OPRAH IS PART OF THE MEDIA MACHINE THAT ABUSED MICHAEL THROUGH OUT HIS LIFE. SHE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. None of us should be surprised at her behavior.

  30. Joyce says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for this whole Oprah fiasco to get any worse but I was sadly mistaken. You are so correct Seven that this very disturbed woman needs professional help. She is obsessed and sees herself as some self righteous leader on a crusade, with Michael as her number one target. She is blinded with hatred, anger and a narcissistic need to constantly be in the spotlight no matter who she hurts! I have nothing else that I can add. I am just frustrated and saddened by this whole thing. I just wish I could tune it all out until it has run it’s nasty course and the media has finished on their feeding frenzy which I’m sure will follow. Oprah’s final show cannot come soon enough for me!
    Thank heavens for Michael’s music which always lifts my spirits.

    June, where on Oprah.com can you send an email? I couldn’t find contact information anywhere. It isn’t a very user friendly website in my opinion!! I certainly hope you don’t have to become a “member” to email her.