Oct 21 2010

Oprah & Lisa-Marie Presley Interview in 3 Parts

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Below is today’s interview between Lisa-Marie Presley and Oprah in 3 parts. It is on YouTube for now, however, it probably won’t be for long! Here’s what I suggest you do since that will likely be the case: go to http://www.keepvid.com and save them for yourself if you want to keep them and view them later.

I am also disabling comments on this post as I can easily anticipate a lot of hostility and hatred about the subject matter. If comments about this interview are submitted in response to a different post, I will unfortunately delete them without notice.

I will add two remarks of my own however, including a bit of information that Lisa-Marie briefly touches on in the interview.

First, I’m told by someone who speaks with Lisa-Marie and who was around during some of the time of their marriage that certain individuals and/or entities in Michael’s business world were trying to sabotage their marriage. The reason for this was because the marriage interfered with the ability of various “invested” interests to get their hands on or control Michael’s assets. Realize that much more went on than you or I could ever know, and that this marriage had tremendous pressure on it to begin with, simply due to the celebrity of both partners. Add to that the manipulations and interference of those in Michael’s business world, and it could only be a recipe for heartbreak and disaster, for both Lisa-Marie and Michael. My personal belief is that they truly loved one another and continued to long after their marriage ended.

My second comment is about the media, of which Oprah is a prominent member.

The media mantra these days seems to be that there must be mention of drug abuse and addiction in any articles, conversations, or interviews about Michael’s death. No one it seems, who claims he was abusing drugs after 1996 or so (when he essentially admitted it himself and went to rehab), can say what drugs he was abusing or when they ever actually saw him take or use them. I find that odd. We know some doctor was giving him propofol on tour, and of course Murray did when he (or someone) murdered him.

I know someone who is an alcoholic. But he hasn’t had a drink in over 30 years. If some doctor did to him what Murray did to Michael, I would not be going around saying that person died because he was an alcoholic. He is of course (once an addict, always one), however, he would not have died because of that, having not drunk in decades. He would have died because of a negligent, careless (deliberately or otherwise) doctor who overdosed him on something he had no business giving him to begin with, not from alcohol.

The coroner’s report on Michael says homicide. Not drug overdose. It also shows no organ damage from long term drug abuse that would be there had he been actively abusing any substances before he died, particularly long-term. Lisa’s father Elvis died from drug abuse/addiction/overdose. Michael Jackson died because someone killed him ie: homicide, not a drug overdose. “Acute propofol intoxication….Administered by another“, says the conclusion of the autopsy. Michael didn’t take the stuff himself like Elvis did. It was quite evidently pushed into him in huge doses in a very short period of time, on top of other drugs he had been given (not that he took – but that he had been given by a doctor). We don’t even know if Michael was conscious or entirely lucid when they were administered to him.

Whether MJ was an addict or not hadn’t a thing to do with why he died on June 25, 2009. AEG’s insurance policy may only pay out if that is the case, but it doesn’t change the fact that addiction is not what killed Michael that day. Evidently, (as much as we know at this time), Conrad Murray did as per the corner’s report which is one of the few pieces of information and evidence available that is not pure agenda-driven propaganda. It is clean, hard fact. It essentially says quite bluntly that someone else killed Michael. Not Michael.

Now, call me a conspiracy theorist but I almost feel like the media (including Oprah) has marching orders from some entity or entities to portray Michael as a drug addict so that Michael can be blamed for his own murder, whilst Conrad Murray, AEG and others who were directly involved in his health and life immediately before he died can be absolved of any responsibility (and get an insurance payout or avoid a criminal record). I have no proof or evidence that such is true. It just appears that way, because the media (and Oprah) cannot seem to let go of the penchant for connecting Michael’s murder to “drug addiction“, when there is no connection that I’m aware of, anymore than there would be if Conrad Murray had killed my non-drinking alcoholic friend the same way. That he is an alcoholic would have not a thing to do with why or how he died.

I could be totally wrong. More information might come out in the trial (if there even is one). However at this time, all this talk of MJ being an addict and that being always linked in conversations and articles to why he died is seemingly pure horse-puckey. It has nothing to do with why he died that I can determine at this point.

I suspect all the talk of it may be simply a smokescreen for more important issues, such as who was trying to get their hands on Michael’s assets (namely his catalog) and how they were trying to do it. Michael feared for his life over that. And it was not because he was a drug-addled, paranoid freak. It was because the threats were real. Lisa-Marie even says so in this interview. She certainly would know having been subjected to their interference in the marriage. I only wish Oprah had spent more time investigating that subject rather than so much time asking about drugs. But as I said, portraying Michael as a drug-addled freak so as to cover all this up seems to be the script that the media was told to follow. As for Lisa-Marie, she was only telling her truth of her experience with Michael. I don’t consider her to be the problem in all this.

Granted too that there will be no justice in a courtroom, as evidenced after the 2005 trial. Though Michael was exonerated on all 14 counts against him, the media continued to portray him as guilty, as does Oprah. Why? It’s profitable for them to do so. As for justice in his murder, the case is already botched due to the authorities’ refusal to look into any other players other than Conrad Murray ie: why was Michael in fear for his life for so many years and from whom? After he ends up dead in a very suspicious (IMO) way, this warrants investigation. However, it will not be done and even if it were, the media would continue to portray the man as a drug-addled, paranoid child molester and the ‘court of public opinion‘ would still deem him at fault for his own murder. Meanwhile, the real reasons Michael feared for his life for so long and then ended up dead will go unexamined in favor of corporate media and other corporate profits. Money matters. The suspicious murder of one of the most prominent artists in human history does not, apparently.

Linking Michael’s death with any addiction is similar to saying “the US must invade Iraq because of 9/11!” Iraq didn’t have a thing to do with 9/11. But the two were linked via propaganda purely so that Americans would buy into the invasion and occupation of that territory. And of course they did, just like they buy and swallow whole all the other propaganda dished out by the media and their kingpins such as Oprah. But, I digress. . .

Here is Part 1 of the interview:

and Part 2

and Part 3

Deborah Kunesh of Reflections on the Dance had some very relevant comments on the interview also, which are worth sharing here:

I felt that in certain parts of the interview she was . . . comparing Michael with her father, Elvis (who, she is looking more and more like every day….their resemblance is so striking). I think in many ways, judging by her body language and the things she said in this interview, that she is transferring the feelings she had as a little girl for her father, and all that she dealt with in regards to that….the fame, the drug problems, the loneliness and the sense of being in competition against fame, for her father’s attention, (she seems to be transferring all of that struggle and those feelings) on to Michael. She was asking what all of this was supposed to teach her and in my opinion, it’s right there in front of her.

Michael and Elvis in many ways were very different, and their deaths, though similar that they both died in their home and drugs were involved, were very, very different. Elvis died of a prescription drug overdose. Michael died after being injected with a lethal dose of propofol after already being given high doses of benzodiazapenes, which are known respiratory and cardiac inhibitors, especially when paired with propofol. This happened with a doctor present and never should have happened. It was gross negligence if not murder. Elvis’ death was something altogether different. The autopsy proved that the only drugs in Michael’s system were those he was given by Dr. Murray and the drugs used to try to resuscitate him. His body also showed no damage that would be seen by long-term drug use.

Though similar in some respects…the collapse, the ambulance… the deaths themselves were VERY different and have very different reasons for their cause. So her stating that these were exactly the same is mistaken. Labeling them both as deaths due to drug addiction is wrong and inaccurate. The autopsy proves that.

There is also talk during the interview in regards to Michael’s collapse and hospitalization in 1995 and Lisa insinuates that it was due to drug use. The story I shared on here just yesterday about Dr. Alleyne, who treated Michael in the ER and during that hospital stay, states:

Alleyne was blunt with the world, saying Jackson did not have any immune system problems because rumors about AIDS were swirling. He was blunt that Jackson had no drugs in his system.

Source: http://www.michaeljackson.com/uk/node/820899

In this interview, Lisa Marie states that she “thought” it might be drugs because of the differing diagnoses. Well, with having dealt with family members hospitalized for lengthy periods of time, I can tell you firsthand that each day you go in, the doctors think it’s something different. This is NOT at all unusual. This doctor specifically stated in a press conference that Michael had no drugs in his system and that he was severely dehydrated, which Michael himself stated would happen to him whenever he was preparing for performance.

Read Deborah’s complete commentary here.

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