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Michael liked snakes but this is ridiculous (UPDATED)

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Michael and Muscles the Boa Constrictor

Michael and His Snake, Muscles

This messy little business with the “Destiny” remix that certain powers-that-be tried to pass off as a new song given freely to fans allegedly from Katherine (but not really) has been really interesting, and I don’t mean in a good way. I’ve been suspicious of this seedy cabal that is advising/partnering/whatevering with Katherine for a while now. This ridiculous debacle with the new album and this song, the Oprah interview, all of it smacks of so much putrid opportunism I can smell it from here, and I’m on the other side of the country. Here is what someone named ‘TSCM‘ over at has said about this mess. It perhaps explains a lot of the events of late with all this, and that’s why I’m sharing it:

The “300 unreleased tracks” that Henry Vaccaro / Howard Mann have been bragging about for years, and of which Henry Vaccaro tried to illegally sell under the table against court orders several years ago, are almost entirely nothing more than audio tapes from the Jacksons Variety Show recordings, not new or unreleased songs of any significant value. This is not the first time he’s ‘remixed’ a known song and tried to cast it off as a new song, and in the process ruined it entirely. I haven’t listened to the latest, but a few years back he demoed a few songs he claimed were unreleased in attempts of finding a buyer–they were really just excerpts from the Jackson Variety Show and a botched remix of another released song.

Again, I am sickened that Katherine Jackson (and family?) has gotten so caught up in the Howard Mann / Henry Vaccaro money-making schemes that she’s actively encouraging negative publicity surrounding the new album and creating controversy where there shouldn’t be.

Everything about the collection has been shrouded in secrecy and confusion. I did exhaustive research and investigation into the subject over the course of several years. In short, Henry Vaccaro owns Vintage Pop (Vintage Associates). He acquired the memorabilia collection and audio tapes years ago–even though the original court order forbade him from taking items belonging to MJ or Janet since they weren’t part of the bankruptcy case that Katherine, Joe, and some other siblings were. A misguided ruling years later allowed Vacarro to quickly sweep up everything in there (MJ/Janet items as well) despite the original court order. Howard Mann is a business associate of Vaccaro who has helped with the Web site and marketing etc., they are both doing business under the Vintage Pop name.

They (originally just Henry Vaccaro) had worked on creating JacksonSecretVault and numerous variants of it for many years in order to charge money for online access to photos of these items. In 2004, MJ was successful in shutting down the first incarnation of the site (which was promoted by tabloids, Diane Dimond, etc.) due to the illegalities of the acquired collection which the court agreed with. In 2007, “Vintage Pop” aka Vaccaro made a deal to sell the collection to Richard Altomare of Universal Express, to auction everything off. The parties involved, including Richard Altomare, grossly exaggerated the value of these items (their estimates went as high as $200,000,000) but the auction actually grossed a mere $500,000. Henry V. wanted them to pay him $4 million for the collection but they only paid him $150,000 advance, and as such more litigation ensued and Vintage Pop resumed the alleged rights to the collection. MJ and Janet successfully sued Universal Express/Richard Altomare in 2007 after he circumvented a previously agreed upon settlement and tried to auction off items prohibited by the the agreement. Altomare was ordered to pay their legal fees and turn over the remaining collection he had. In the meanwhile, Vintage Pop and two other companies were also alleging ownership of the collection, but the other companies eventually buckled. Universal Express as a whole crashed and burned soon after the auction mess and is now completely gone–Richard Altomare served time in jail for unrelated fraud after this case concluded, and he never did pay the legal fees for MJ/Janet.

The audio recordings were also part of the Universal Express / Vintage Pop agreement. They had planned on holding multiple auctions, one of which would be for these audio recordings, but this was illegal as they are protected by copyrights. Altomare tried to sell them under the table at one point but was ordered to turn them over to court, although it took a long time for him to do so and he may have only turned over a small number of them to court. Again, they are protected by copyright and cannot be sold. Either way, shortly after all of this mess, Henry Vacarro/Vintage Pop created another site to try and sell the recordings which he still seemed to have access to. He posted terrible remixes of published songs and was seeking millions of dollars for them. However, the tapes were not unique or original as he claimed, but instead were audio tracks for the Jackson Variety Show from the 1970s and perhaps a few other known and released tracks from the Jacksons circa 1970s (e.g., Destiny). At the time, he described them as “unique mechanicals rerecorded for the Jackson Variety Shows which aired in the mid 1970’s.”

In 2008-2009 (before June 25th) he had another “J5 Secrets” operating where he was charging access for low resolution, watermarked photo scans of Michael and the family that he had acquired from the ill-gotten collection. To deter fans from investing in such a scheme that MJ and courts opposed, I posted higher resolution, unwatermarked versions of all the photos he was charging access for. Fast forward today, and now Katherine and other family members appear to have been suckered into these schemes by “Vintage Pop” aka Henry Vacarro and Howard Mann. Photos from the same collection that I shared long ago and what Vintage Pop tried to charge for have now been converted into the book that Katherine has been promoting through Howard Mann, which they are all trying to profit from…

For more background on the legal back and forth between Vaccaro, Michael, and the Jacksons, see this link. The piece starts with the following on the day Michael died:

Henry Vaccaro’s phone started ringing today at around 5:30 p.m. and showed no sign of letting up as the night went on. Michael Jackson was dead and Vaccaro was suddenly sitting on a gold mine. . .

Well, what does that tell you? It doesn’t take long for a vulture to swing into action does it? Every time I see one of these stories about a Henry Vacarro or an Arno Bani or some such schmuck sitting on something they’d not dare try making a buck off of when Michael was alive, and who suddenly found themselves “sitting on a gold mine” after he died – I’m reminded of that phrase: “worth more dead than alive“.

I want to point out right now that I don’t know how much of the above quote about Henry Vacarro is true. As yet I’ve seen no paperwork or copies of suits filed, judgements issued, or complaints registered. But I have seen the “” website, along with Katherine’s book ‘Never Can Say Goodbye‘ which was released a few months ago, those belts they tried to sell signed by the children, and now this current debacle as evidence of this partnership with Howard Mann. That “new” song put out by “” was a mix of an old Jackson’s song (Destiny) from the timeframe referenced in the above quote.

I know this much though:

I don’t trust $ony (I know their history with Michael)
I don’t trust the estate
I don’t trust Vaccaro/Mann
I certainly don’t trust Marc Shaffel
I absolutely do not trust Orpah

I bought ‘This Is It‘ and saw it in the theater. I bought the Opus book. That is it for me, and I’m through. There’s simply no way I’m giving a dime of my money to these individuals or entities nor am I going to give them the ratings (in the case of ratings-hungry Oprah).

If you think about it, all of these people are those whom Michael expelled (or tried to expel) from his life long before he died, and most did him considerable harm before being ousted. Now, they’re back, inserting themselves in to his estate and his family’s business, most likely to get in position to exploit Prince, Paris, and Blanket and their inheritence (and maybe more) when they’re of age. In $ony’s case, they’re there to profit handsomely off of Michael’s legacy while the gettin’ is good and also to be first in line to get hold of what remains of his part of the $ony/ATV catalog if/when possible. That’s where their compass needle has always pointed.

Oprah already has a head-start on the children, regardless whose idea it was for her and the kids to be on that show. I will flatly state that I believe Katherine is receiving very bad advice from someone. Of course she has the last say-so and I have to say with all due respect to her, I disagree with the idea of the Oprah interview, especially the part that includes the children, and I disagree with the partnership with Vacarro/Mann as well as any involvement whatsoever with Marc Shaffel. Some of these people appear to be actually trying to destroy Michael’s legacy. Most of them were fired by Michael at one time or another in his life, have sued him or been sued by him, and he rightfully raised hell with $ony at one point. Think about that a minute. . .

As for the family, there’s a fine line in a show business family between where publicity ‘for the sake of the business‘ ends, and child exploitation begins. And exactly where that line should be, could and likely will be debated for a long time in regards to the Jacksons, their own children (specifically Michael), and now, Michael’s children. I won’t get into that debate, but I will say that I am thoroughly disgusted with this entire situation right now. To say I’m ‘concerned‘ for Katherine and the children and for Michael’s legacy is a gross understatement. And by “Michael’s legacy” I mean his artistic reputation as well as his financial assets. I’ve expressed my concerns on this site about that previously.

And beyond that, all of this is undoubtedly against Michael’s wishes. I’m not convinced that Michael himself re-hired John Branca and Frank DiLeo back in the few weeks before he died. He expelled both of these characters from his life previously, and there were reasons for that. I’m not convinced he’d have ever signed another contract with $ony after what they did to him over the years. We all know he’d have never allowed his children on Oprah’s show. It’s highly doubtful he’d have never allowed Marc Shaffel, Henry Vaccaro or Henry Mann (back) into his affairs if he could help it – and he certainly would not have invited them for God’s sake.

But somehow, these people have weaseled their way into the estate, into the family’s affairs and into Katherine’s good graces since Michael has died. Too many of the people and entities running things and pulling strings in that family are rejected leftovers from Michael’s life that have now constellated around his family and I cannot see where or how any of this is a “good thing“. From $ony to the estate; from the Vaccaro/Mann business, to Shaffel the Porn King and Oprah the Ratings Queen, it all looks pretty sad to me.

Consider this:  Katherine and the children are on Oprah Monday 11/8/2010, where Michael would have never wanted any of them; there’s the new ‘Michael‘ album that one camp (estate & family) says contains fake vocals and which the other camp ($ony) claims is authentic; there’s a fake new song that’s really a remix of an old song that was claimed to be released with Katherine’s approval and at her behest – but not really;  They were forced to remove the Prince logo from the “new” ‘Michael‘ album cover, but what’s a Prince logo doing on a ‘Michael’ album cover? Oh, but it’s not a new album cover, it turns out it was copied from an old 2009 painting (?) and that’s how the Prince logo got there.

Well Gee. The Devil and the Screw-up Fairy have been busy lately haven’t they? I don’t know about you, but I’m really missing Michael’s perfectionist streak about now. I just hope to God something of Michael’s true legacy and his children’s dear lives can be extracted from this steaming pile of opportunist feces both now and in the future, because I don’t see any of this letting up any time soon.

Thanks to David Edwards for the link to containing the information about Vaccaro/Mann. If it’s true, it certainly explains a lot of the ‘odd‘ events of late. Howard Mann has issued an apology about the song. But the damage is done and there will be more. Someone at said: “Get it together, or let it be“. They’ll never get it together because there are too many different ‘interests‘ pecking away at  the bones of Michael’s legacy and at his children. So, they just need to let it be. But, they won’t do that either. This is why I say it won’t be letting up any time soon.

UPDATE regarding “Breaking News” and the new album

No less than 5 MJ fans on Twitter have now heard the track and are shocked that the vocals they say, are not Michael’s. Furthermore, TJ Jackson and Taryll Jackson have tweeted tonight about the new track and the album as well:

Taryll Jackson:

to all the mj fans… regarding the song “breaking news” i am so sorry you have to deal with this. my uncle loved you so much and would not want it this way. However there are songs that ARE my uncle singing on the upcoming album and I will support those 100% But I will not support “Breaking News” and a few others because it simply is not him. They tried to fool me and they tried to fool you. I told them it would never happen. I am shocked that things have gotten this far. This is ridiculous. I was at the studio when these questionable files were delivered. I heard these “so-called” Michael Jackson songs raw and without the distraction of the well produced music by Teddy Riley. How they constructed these songs is very sneaky and sly. many people who have worked on this project either have strong doubts and questions while others KNOW the truth yet decided to turn and look the other way with their hands out for $$$. I will NEVER look the other way. Right is Right, Truth is Truth, Facts are Facts and it will all come out!!! I tried so hard to prevent this craziness, but they wouldn’t listen. I KNOW my Uncle’s voice and something’s seriously wrong when you have immediate FAMILY saying it’s not him. Don’t you have to wonder why? I have strong, undeniable points. They can’t give me answers, yet continue to move forward with lies and deception. Sounding like Michael Jackson and BEING Michael Jackson are two different things.

“If you know it’s a lie then you will swear it, If you give it with guilt then you will bear it, If it’s taking a chance then you will dare it… you would do anything for money”

If you question the validity of a professional photo you can ask the photographer for more pictures from that photo shoot. If it is authentic the photographer will turn over different shots. Some with different poses, some even with eyes closed. I questioned the validity of the vocal’s on “breaking news” and several other songs of theirs that I’ve heard and they told me no other takes or tracks exist. They claim my uncle was so happy with the performance he instructed them to delete all the other files. I had the honor to learn and watch my uncle record my entire life and that is NOT how he worked. No outtakes, no other tracks, no backups, no proof. roughly 10 songs they turned in… same story for all of them. I asked for the computer it was created on… they said it broke. I asked for the original hard drive… they said it was destroyed. One dubious excuse after another.

TJ Jackson:

Sounds like Jason Malachi to me too. The vibrato is a dead give away that it’s not my uncle. Fans, I am so sorry you were put through this.

There’s many MJ vocal impersonators. Some better than others. But there is only ONE Michael Jackson. Deceptively merging shady vocals with MJ samples (from prior MJ records) will never fool me. Why they would ignore the obvious, look the other way and rush a suspicious track that was NEVER on my Uncle’s radar is beyond me. I’m disgusted, disappointed and saddened. And before the media starts to smear our name, just remember we are COMMITTED (as our Uncle Michael always knew) to protect his name and his amazing legacy he worked his whole life for. We have nothing to gain and we know they will try to drag our name through the mud. But we know how much he valued his legacy and his fans. And cheating either is unacceptable. “Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons”

Here’s an interview with Teddy Riley, one of the producers of the new album and of ‘Breaking News“. Riley also did a good bit of tweeting today on the subject, at times understandably becoming quite annoyed at fans’ questions. Did his information answer questions? No. Not really. In fact it only left more doubt and did a bit of finger pointing:

This is for everyone that wanna point fingers…you asked me questions I gave my answer in what I can disclose.
Here’s my quote and forever whoever don’t believe me, f*ck you!!!!
I was called on this project by the estate, Sony, and the family co signed it. These songs are created by the Cascios.
I did not write the Songs, I was called in to mix and finish what I was given, Without compensation only cause of Michael
Only cause of Michael and the jackson family, who felt I should be on the project, cause of my relationship with Michael.
All of the producer that worked on this project got paid before they worked. At the last minute of working on this project
These issue about MJ vocals not being real came into par. The vocal yes I feel they are MJ vox…they are very processed
The vocals I was given to me from the Cascios was all I had to work with. I can’t and no one can prove anything but MJ
I’ve worked with MJ 4 times…we spent 1 yr 2, months together working on dangerous, 6 months on history, 2 months on Adam family
6-8 months on invincible…all of these projects in the pass 20 yrs.
Michael is not hear to voice himself and let you know the truth. I asked the company to bring in everyone
professionals, friends, family, and the people who worked with Michael many year and before me
Everyone said it is Michael except the family who says its not because there’s no proof
All I’m gonna say here is that I believe its MJ. The truth of this of it all no one knows be MJ and god knows.
I have nothing more to say and I can’t prove anything…I did not original produce his vocals nor these songs.

Frank Cascio made this comment, which again is rather odd and invites us to ‘read between the lines‘, again leaving more questions than real answers about this music:

Sadly to say its Not Sony In this case. “Breaking News” is a great song. The mix on the version that you heard is not correct, that being said, It is 100% Michael voice. He recorded it in my home in NJ in 2007. Please, the fans should be enjoying this special moment as It is special!!! There are people out there trying to take that away from you ” The Fans ” and the world… “Jealousy” Please embrace this song as Michael was very proud of it.. I hope this find you Well. thank you for supporting MJ all these years. He loved all of his Fans from the bottom of his heart, you were his extended Family and what kept him going. Please read between the lines in this situation. -All my love, Frank

And for the record, I’m not advocating that everyone else take my “I’m not buying any of this muckety-muck, I don’t trust any of them!” stance. That is my personal attitude about all this, and has been for a long while. We all have to do what we feel is right in our own hearts. In the end, we have to be able to live with ourselves.

My God. I’m so sorry Michael. I can’t believe what is happening to your legacy, your children, your family. It is being destroyed and stolen by people out to make a buck. I’ve said it before: With Michael, it was all for Love. With $ony and Others, it’s all for money. I think that’s pretty obvious to everyone by now.

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42 Responses to “Michael liked snakes but this is ridiculous (UPDATED)”

  1. Agirl says:

    well said. this is one of the articles that perfectly summarizes the stupid mess this situation has now become, and i totally support u on your not-buying-this-shit stance! i’d either get a free download or just leave it, since it’s certainly not michael at his best if it reli is an unreleased song — he’s all about being perfect, and cuz i’m also a perfectionist i can say tht breaking news totally sucks by michael’s standards, let alone compared to today’s music. and we don’t even know whether it’s him for certain. it certainly wud be breaking news if all the ugly, money-hungry frauds got thrown into jail. as far as i’m concerned, they stop feeding on a dead person and i’m fine. conspiracies reli sucks =(

  2. adrienne says:

    From wikipedia true or not? 🙂 In 2005 Mesereau Revealed the Sony/ATV catalog was valued between 4-5Billion
    with it generating 80mil a yr. Beatles songs alone bought in 30-45mil yr. Jackson’s other Publishing Firm MiJac which
    publishes songs he wrote was then valued at 75mil. So why is Ms. Muzikfactorytwo on twittering concern with the following
    “Branca will sell both MJ Catalogs to Sony”. how or why is she so certain of this. My question if some of these songs
    on new CD where not sung by MJ, when were they written by MJ? then someone be pocketing song royalites. It was recently reported the someone by the of name Bobby Ewing that a client of Frank Dileo is now on MJ’s New CD. Using MJ to promote is clients nice.

    Sidenote: One my earliest childhood memories was listening to the then New J5 Christmas album with my Siblings
    My family instilled in me a life long love of all music, everything from Beatles to Isley bros. to James Brown to
    Doors. looking back on it the was quite a funny, being my family is non-white totally going against the Music Categories
    set by record companies at that time. They (music industry) are still clueless, thinking that in this day & age of internet
    they can run these scams on the fans and we not find out about it. It suddenly dawn me, the reason why the Center image of
    Michael Jackson on New CD doesn’t really look like him to me, is somehow connected to some of the songs not really sounding
    MJ its some tripped out sh*t. like the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album or one of those Rock n’ Roll 60s-70s Music Biz stunts
    someone its trying to pull on fans. 🙂

  3. Seven says:


    Keep in mind that the $ony/ATV catalog is NOT Michael’s music. Buying or not buying these releases now from $ony does not affect the value of $ony/ATV.

    $ony/ATV catalog contains the music of the Beatles, etc, not Michael’s music.

    Michael’s catalog is called MiJac and is administered by Warner-Chapelle.

  4. adrienne says:

    @gigi, Even my sister’s friend Ester joked the Oprah turned around to (Joe) Surprised & asked what are you doing here?
    Plenty of ppl had noticed how truely pained & uncomfortable Prince was he truely seemed taken by surprise that he was even being
    interviewed. This maybe one of reasons why Jackie so publicly annouced he was on his way to see family in LA. (on his twitter page)

    On whether to buy or not to buy New Releases of MJ Songs? its a catch-22 if we buy it I feel this will keep the MJ Catalog
    value high. Since they Branca/McClain don’t seem to Value Micheal’s past 40yrs of work. Look how the Immortal Tour is now
    being ignored with all this “Breaking News” Song nonsense. The Immortal Tour maybe slightly cheesy but it would focus on
    the greatest & magic of Michael Jackson’s True Music. If we don’t buy future Cds, Won’t this de-value his Sony/ATV Catalog
    lower the actually price and making very is for every Shmuck and/or Sleezy Character like a Howard Mann to call and buy.
    “Damn if we do, Damn if we don’t” Marlon Jackson

  5. Seven says:


    I’ve seen it. In fact it is linked to in the blog entry these comments pertain to. “Howard Mann has issued an apology about the song….” – in the paragraph that begins “Thanks to David Edwards”….

  6. gigi says:


    When watching the same thing, people of course can see it differently. To be honest, I really don’t see what you’re seeing. I’ve watched this part of the interview w/ the kids numerous times. You said you only saw a minute of the backyard interview. It will be best if you saw that part of the interview completely. When O said to the kids have a seat. Joseph was seated and stood up and gave Prince his seat. He was just standing. He didn’t go stand behind each kids chair when they were answering at all. He was standing next to Mrs. Katherine and Prince the whole time. When the camera shot was on Paris from a different angle looking towards the house and that is Rebbie’s daughter you see standing there next to Paris & Blanket. At the end the camera pulls out. You will see other people standing off to the right behind Paris & Blanket, that was the O’s production crew. And from the pull out shot Joseph was still standing in the same spot from when he gave his seat to Prince.

    Also, Paris had mentioned that their dad gotten their dog Kenya for them 4 years ago. I think that was when Prince had gotten up and was calling the dog over. I don’t see Prince’s hair wet, if it was wet from sweat it was probably cause the kids were playing in the backyard, which there is a shot of that. I know people have their thoughts on Joseph, very understandable. Having said that I think one’s own feels have the tendency to skew how things are seen.

  7. gigi says:

    Seven, I saw this last night. A letter from Howard Mann posted on the Jackson Vault site.

    Apology from Howard Mann
    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to the
    Jackson family, his fans and to TMZ for my act of both ignorance and
    random stupidity this past weekend!

    Our goal in releasing” Opis None” was simply to satiate fans appetite
    for unreleased MJ music and to provide a vocal that the world could
    believe strongly was an authentic MJ vocal, when in reality the song
    turned out to be solely a remake or remix of an old Jackson track
    titled “Destiny”. The MJ fans pointed this out within 15 seconds of
    the track going live, however the damage was done.

    For the record: At no point in time did Mrs. Jackson give me
    permission to release the track or frankly did she even hear the track
    in the first place. That stupidity was ALL ME. We grabbed the track
    from a series of masters we own and researched the title and found no
    listed release titled “Opis None” in the MJ releases and I felt it
    sounded like such a weird track for an MJ song, the fans would get a
    kick out of it. I certainly did not expect fans to become enraged with
    Miss Jackson about the track as it was given away for free and was not
    intended as a commercial product.

    Mrs. Jackson is a sweet, kind and giving person, much like her son
    Michael Jackson was known to the world. As his loving mother, she was
    bar none his biggest fan. Our goal at is to
    pay tribute to the legendary artist and artistic visionary that was
    and is Michael Jackson. The fans are entitled to a higher level of
    integrity then I demonstrated this past weekend and for that I am

    When the world sees Mrs. Jackson on Oprah tomorrow, they will see a
    devastated mother trying her best to both grieve the loss and also to
    celebrate the life of her iconic son. I hope the fans will not hold
    my stupidity against her, as she is a truly quality woman who has
    certainly been through enough!

    Howard Mann

  8. adrienne says:

    Others have also noticed, how hesitant if not surpised the children particularly Prince seems when they were asked to sit down
    a talk to Oprah while cameras were rolling, It wouldn’t surprise me if were tricked aka ambushed into doing the interview
    Jodie Gomes who was Exe. Producer on Jackson Family Dynasty Show said on her twitter page
    can’t stand knowing all that I know, and bound by confidentially agreements that prevent truths from seeing the daylight”
    Since when in Hollywood/LA Show biz insiders stick to confidential agreements 🙂

  9. LorLor says:

    I am going to be careful and not read into mannerisms, facial nuances, etc. As that was done to Michael way too many times.
    What I picked up though is that the kids get it. They know what happened to their Father. They talk to their Uncles and Aunts. They know the deception. I also think they know the Oprah history with their Father. I was most caught up with Prince. He was having none of it and was very careful with what he said. He left the table at the end, way before Paris was done talking. Paris knew what she wanted to get across and Blanket, he took the right approach I believe – less is more. Why the family is doing what they are doing – I don’t know. Randy might be nice to interview. 🙂 He might tell it like it is. Also, I refuse to buy any of the crap coming from TMZ and any of the tabloid sites. Lies – remember – Lies. 99.9 percent untruth. They did it to Michael while alive and it continues. Gotta not feed it. Gotta have blogs like this that keep the truth coming. Gotta question all of it. I keep thinking what Michael might say “why are you all spending so much time caught up in the drama when you could be looking at the lights from your rooftop and eating snickers. Keep the dialogue open, question all of it, and don’t forget to get on the roof top and look at the magic.

    Thank you Seven and all of the other insightful comments!

  10. adrienne says:

    The Children have Guardian ad litem – Margaret Lodise who spoke about Joseph in August 2010
    “Joe is actually harming them (MJkids) with the procedural wrangling.” She also stated
    “Joe only cares about his stake and, therefore he’s the ultimate dog in the manger”.
    Given her insight in to Joe Jackson’s character, why is she hesitant to protect MJ3
    now from Joseph, Schaffel, Howard Mann?

  11. Jeanne says:

    I can solve this right away , If you do not “feel” it then it is NOT Michael . There is not one song that Michael sang that did not provoke emotion inside . That was his genius and gift from birth . He made you feel his music. When you hear the vocal , do not just use your ears . You will know then the authenticity .

  12. melinda says:

    All for money , ruining his legacy with a fake song that wasn’t his voice . Sony isn’t meant to be trusted at all !!Michael wouldn’t like this . Seriously will they ever let him rest in peace ?