Nov 30 2010

“For this gull though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight”

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Cory, I can’t tour anymore. I’m not gonna tour anymore. Ok? Because it will kill me….remember when I was preparing for my concert and I passed out at the Sony Studio? … it’s because when I get ready for a tour I get dehydrated. I don’t eat. I don’t drink. I don’t sleep. I put so much of myself into preparing for a tour. I’m not doing it on purpose. This is just something I don’t think about anymore. You understand? I’ve just become so driven that I can’t even think about these things anymore. They made me walk around with an IV last time. So I just decided, my doctors decided that maybe you shouldn’t do this anymore.

-Michael Jackson

Michael couldn’t cook much, but he was a gourmet when it came to nourishing with love.

Recently, there was some conversation in comments about how much the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and ‘Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah‘, reminded some fans of Michael. Then, a friend of mine and regular visitor here named Simona posted a black and white version of the photo above on Facebook with the ‘Seagull‘ guote from Jonathan. It is of course astounding. I had the color photo and put them together to share here.

These stories, like Michael’s life, are profound, passionate, and speak to the flight of the soul against the pain of earthly life that contains it when it only wants to fly free.

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NOTE: The photo is from the January 1991 photoshoot by indian photographer Dilip Mehta – most of the pictures from that shoot were featured in Michael’s book “Dancing the Dream“.

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16 Responses to ““For this gull though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight””

  1. Simona says:

    Thank you Seven, I’m honored :-))

    Yes indeed it was always the flight that mattered to Michael – and oh boy, did he fly high….

    much L.O.V.E.

  2. Jaqueline says:

    Seven, You really have a sweet heart. Where do you find so beaautiful pictures of Michael? Is this one a painting?

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh, Seven, you are such a sweetheart. Where do you find all this beautiful stuff about Michael?

  4. Seven says:


    It’s not a painting. It’s from a photo shoot done in 1991 or so, I believe. Michael IS beauty!

  5. Karen says:

    I hate to disagree with you Seven, but thanks to Paris we now know that Michael was a great cook – according to her – ‘the best French toast ever’ isn’t that what she said?

  6. Jeanne says:

    It should be no secret now that Michael lived on a higher plane . In that realm he saw all that was beautiful. In that realm he saw all that felt good and nourishing . In that realm he came from and never left in his heart. It is a paradise and one we too can have . A paradise that comes from simple things like kindness , gentleness , Forgiveness, Love and Togetherness . One that he encouraged , one that he believed in and never stopped believing in . Michael never failed to see miracles , never failed to see greatness , never failed to see potential and a light that shined in everyone on earth especially the children who were not far from the purity of something so bright yet so simple. .And Michael saw beauty in everything on earth and it hurt him so to see we who live here destroy such beauty that we were given , literally given for free to enjoy and frolic and play in. People who throw out their trash and don’t care , people who refuse to recycle thinking it is someone else’s issue , people , us , we , who took advantage and forgot how beautiful this planet is . This gorgeous awesome , canvas , breathtaking planet with colors and hues and emotion provoking scenery that literally make you gasp for air at its beauty. Michael was not complex at all yet simple . What we saw on the stage was amazing , the dance , the song , but what he was expressing to us was his inner light . He shared it with us and those who thought they could put a dollar sign on this knew nothing . Those who did , still do not know , that no dollar can measure Michael’s worth for his worth is not one that can be measured . This kind of glory , this kind of beauty, this kind of love can not be measured , bought or sold . Michael was beauty . He always will be . And we should never forget he was this from birth . Born to shine . A gift to us , , and what do we do with our valuable gifts ? Treasure them . Forever.

  7. Seven says:


    That article I linked to was written long before the Oprah interview with MJ’s kids (1);

    and (2) it was also based on remembrances from friends and others that Michael did not cook and could not cook and in fact almost burned a house down in Florida once while trying.

    Now, that may have been earlier in his life before he had kids. We know he always had chefs to cook for him and did very little cooking for much of his life. After he had kids, it’s likely he learned how to do some cooking – like French Toast – for his kids, and Paris obviously loved it!

    Just FYI, I’ve edited that article to more closely reflect Paris’ recent statements about her Dad’s cooking. It seems he learned to cook some things after having kids. Makes sense.

  8. Karen says:

    I must apologise Seven if I came accross as critical. Not my intention at ALL. I adore you and your blog!

    I can see now in hindsight (isn’t that always the way?) that what I should have written was something like – “isn’t it good that he learnt to cook later in life as per Paris’s recent comments”.

  9. Seven says:


    You didn’t come across as critical at all. It’s a valid question. I was surprised to hear Paris say that after all I’d heard. And it makes perfect sense that he probably learned to cook a few simple things later in life – especially in interest of doing it for his children.

  10. Greet says:

    About the cooking : the bodyguards stated that while Michael lived with his children in Vegas, he personally 3 to 4 times/week would cook meals for the children (and himself).
    I do think that he could cook better than we think. Did he ever do something half way ?

  11. Seven says:


    Could be. As I said probably having children prompted him to learn to cook some things. Prior to that, I don’t think he did. But, could be wrong about that, too.

  12. Sina says:

    When I read about Michaels cooking skills, I also thought of Paris words on Oprah.
    What I remember from time ago, Michael and cooking used to not be on good terms. There is a story about when he was in rehab in England 1993. Someone from the clinic told about Michaels dayly routine there. One was that he had to make his own breakfast and wash his dishes. He told how in the beginning Michael was struggling to even make a cup of tea for himself. He never had to so he didnt know how to.
    But indeed when you get children you learn things that are necessary and sometimes you even become good at them. Like when he was in Ireland it is said that he did much of the cooking himself.

    The quote about the seagull was made for Michael.
    And I love Dilip Methas photos.
    They are not glamorous, but so pure,etheric. Its like you can read Michael through his eyes.
    At that time in his life Michael was soaring ‘Zenith’ high. But looking back,it is as if the eyes were telling what life had in store for him.

    Michaels photo on the beach reminds me of what Prince said was his favourite memory of his dad: in Bahrein walking on the beach early in the morning.

  13. rose says:

    Hello Seven

    Michael Jackson was living in New York in an apartment that he shared with his sister LaToya. According to a young woman who find out the address knocked on the door and LaToya answered. She said that Michael was in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies.
    I read this I believe in Randy Tamboraelli book but I couldn’t find the page that it was written on.

    BTW Good Job Seven
    I love your site

  14. Leanne says:

    This is a beautiful post…..thank you.

  15. Seven says:


    Thank you. I don’t find Randy Taraborrelli too credible but it could be true!

  16. Solar says:

    God bless his soul, Michael, our divine messenger on earth, could not help but speak the divinely deep TRUTH!

    Listen to his profound words…in his conversations, speeches, and songs.

    Evil doers felt threatened because Michael was the TRUTH!

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