Dec 09 2010

Mission Discovery: Update on the fight to stop Discovery from airing MJ’s autopsy re-enactment

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Dissecting Michael Jackson on TV for money and ratings is beyond the realm of human decency

Discovery's intent to dissect Michael Jackson on TV for ratings & profit is beyond the realm of human decency and morality

Many of you may be aware of a serious situation involving some extremely offensive programming by Discovery Health Channel in the UK, apparently scheduled for forthcoming release on January 13th – January 17th.

Details are as follows:

The Discovery show apparently planned is titled ”Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson”. It has evidently been out-produced (subcontracted) to Renegade Pictures LTD and is scheduled to air on January 13th, January 14th, January 16th, and January 17th, 2011.

A call placed to Discovery Europe revealed the official description of the program as:

“We re-create his autopsy using anatomically correct synthetic cadaver and examine the official coroner’s report calls on the testimony of experts.”

As you can imagine many people are concerned about the tone and approach Renegade (and by extension Discovery), will be taking on this program. That Discovery would stoop to such a macabre and disrespectful level to attain ratings and therefore profit is beyond any comprehension of human decency and morality. It clearly crosses a line that the media has never dared to cross before and that should in fact not be crossed now, or ever.

There has been a horrific photo – an advertisement put out by Discovery to promote this atrocity – circulating on the internet. That photo will not be posted here or linked to from here at this time. If you add it to your comments regarding this issue, your comment will not be posted. The image clearly reveals Discovery’s tabloid intent in desecrating the name and memory of Michael Jackson for ratings and profit.

This program is being aired purely for sensationalism and ratings. Regardless of Discovery’s propaganda, it is in no way meant to be educational or informative. Discovery claims that airing such a macabre spectacle will “clear up speculation about Michael Jackson’s health“.

On the contrary – all such a program can possibly do is add to rumor, speculation and gossip about Michael’s appearance, sexuality, and health conditions. This is private patient information – information that if it were anyone else – would never be aired on a TV program such as this. It is a matter of simple respect that Michael Jackson’s health and private information should also not be televised in this macabre and horrific manner simply to garner ratings and profits for Discovery behind a pretentious guise of “education“.

The program is to be aired in the UK because airing it in the US would be a violation of US law not to mention a blatant interference with the pre-trial hearings of Conrad Murray, the doctor who was present and attending when Michael Jackson died. This is why it could not be aired in the United States!  As you can see, Discovery is being very deceptive about this program. In fact, we’re told that it actually began production back in 2009, but was kept quiet so that by the time fans, his estate and family learned of it, there would be little to no time to stop it.

With the advent of YouTube and other technologies, it is a certainty that this program, within hours of its broadcast, will be on the internet and on YouTube for ALL to see – no matter where it is initially aired. Furthermore, Discovery will subsequently syndicate the program to air in other countries and it could continue to influence Conrad Murray’s manslaughter trial if there is one.

The information pre-released by Discovery also mentions that a ’long time personal physician’ of Michael’s will comment during the program. That information also states that doctor who will be performing this autopsy is a Dr. Michael Hunter:

I have personally spoken to a few physicians who expressed to me in no uncertain terms that any doctor who would participate in such a hideous program is a charlatan. Period.


If this sickens you, if this makes you angry and it should, then you MUST act now. Below are details on what to do to help fight this.

• • •

1. CONTACT YOUR CABLE OR DISH COMPANY and ask to cancel Discovery Channel from your cable or satellite lineup, or ask them how to block Discovery to your home – it’s important to CALL so the call is recorded and gets back to Discovery that people are blocking them. We want to create a very loud buzz about this. DETAILS on how to block Discovery are here:

PETITION SIGNATURES are great — but don’t forget to WRITE LETTERS and CALL Discovery!  In your letters, emails and calls, mention that you are blocking Discovery from your cable or dish service and DO it!  Also ask your friends to cancel and to call and email.

When you send your letters don’t forget to copy [email protected]. They will send the entire package of your letters along with all petition signatures via FedEx to Mr. Bonard and Mr. Zaslav on Jan 2, to arrive Jan 3rd. DEADLINE is December 31st!

2. WRITE to the following daily, and pass this information on to all your friends and ask them to do so as well!

Nicolas Bonard,
Senior Vice President
Discovery Enterprises International Discovery Networks Europe /Oprah
Winfrey Network
Chiswick Park Building 2
566 Chiswick High Road
W4 5YB


David Zaslav
President and CEO
Discovery Communications
1 Discovery Place
Silver Spring


Dr. Hunter who will perform the mock MJ autopsy

Michael D. Hunter, M.D.
3737 Frankford Avenue
Panama City, Florida 32405

Write via Email:

[email protected] Absolute head of Discovery. President and CEO

[email protected] 2nd in command & Senior Vice President of Discovery Europe

[email protected] Lucy Radcliffe is the assistant to Nicolas Bonard.

[email protected] Mark Holilinger is president of
Discovery Networks International. Discovery’s Viewer Relation in-house complaints area.

[email protected] This is Doctor Hunter’s email. He will performing the mock-autopsy.

ALSO write to the LA County DA – this program could well affect Murray’s pre-trial hearings, which will be going on at the same time! Even if the program only airs in the UK – with the advent of YouTube and other technologies – it WILL be seen worldwide!

LA District Attorney: [email protected]

[email protected] – PLEASE don’t forget to copy your letters and emails to MJJ Justice project. They have gathered HUNDREDS OF LETTERS to print and FedEx to Mr. Bonard’s office about this issue!

3. SIGN the Petition! OR (if you’re not on Facebook)

4. CALL Discovery’s offices and speak to Ms. Radcliffe or leave messages. Do not forget to mention you are canceling your service and advising your friends to do the same!

Mr. Bonard’s assistant Lucy Radcliffe has a direct phone line.

From US call : 011 44 208 811 3033

From UK call : 0208 811 3033

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103 Responses to “Mission Discovery: Update on the fight to stop Discovery from airing MJ’s autopsy re-enactment”

  1. Doris Gorgo says:

    I am in total agreement with you as all of Michael’s TRUE fans are. I sincerely hope that you can help us. We need to do something about the injustice Michael endured during the months leading up to the 2005 trial. He certainly did not deserve it.What is happening to our legal system? It seems as though everyone is corrupt these days.

  2. Nino says:

    Numerous letters i wrote…and still sending!
    Incidentally: “THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”
    Do please keep up the good work.

  3. William J. Wagener says:

    Until we form de jure “GRAND JURY”s and indict criminals in Government OURselves, injustice such as we have witnessed against MJJ in 2005 will continue.

  4. june says:

    Hi Seven, I tried getting into BlogTalk per your suggestion but was unable to “register”. I did find the comments enlightening. I happen to be home from work today due to the “blizzard” on the East Coast. I still believe the estate attorneys could do something about this mess but choose not to, and when one thinks, for just a moment, who these attorneys are vis a vis the executors and Sony, it becomes more clear. The only person the attorney has taken any action (or threatened action) against, it seems, is Howard Mann, Katherine Jackson’s business partner. And I think Katherine partnered with Mann only to have some type of control over her own possessions which were essentially given over to Henry Vaccaro (then sold to Mann) by a judge when Michael did not pursue his law suit (after the trial) against Vaccaro for the return of the family possessions.

    It really is time (past time) for the family to take some action on this “autopsy” situation, and they could if only they had the fighting will of Michael Joseph Jackson. The estate attorney is out only to monetize the estate and apparently does not care about Michael’s reputation or the outcome of the trial vs. Conrad Murray.

  5. Seven says:


    That is indeed very interesting. I know I have tweeted Randy myself about it but got no response. I have been told though, that the family is aware (even if Taj is not or is not aware of what has been done thus far by executors).

    I am not aware of the family doing anything to stop it. That doesn’t mean they’re not – just that I am not aware of it at this time.

    I hope you’ll join us on BlogTalkRadio today to discuss this further. More info HERE:

  6. june says:

    Seven, I read other peoples’ tweets but don’t communicate with it myself, I just wanted to pass this along: On December 24, 2010, at 3:33 pm Taj Jackson (Michael’s nephew), on the subject of this Discovery debacle, tweeted: “Has anyone tried to contact the executors about the Discovery special? If so what did they say? They have lawyers to stop it.” By December 24th, this issue had been on the blogs for two weeks, the execs were contacted and said they could do nothing about it. I found it strange that on December 24th, Michael’s nephew Taj was apparently just learning of it. IMO if anyone has the ability to stop this program, in the absence of the executors and their attorney, it would be Michael’s family, so I wonder if someone from the Jackson family is taking a more pro-active role than that expressed by Taj only three days ago?

  7. SandyK says:

    That answered my question!….:-)

  8. Seven says:

    For those who are not on Facebook, go to the petition:

    And then click on ‘Register‘ at the top. You’ll have to register with a username and password. Once you’ve registered, you can sign the petition. Facebook isn’t required to sign the petition, but if you don’t have Facebook then you will need to register with a name and password before signing.

    I hope that helps!

  9. Sandyk says:

    Seven, you had responded to Sina about being able to sign the petition without having a Facebook account, however, when I try to sign the petition it keeps telling me to log in with my Facebook ID and Password. I don’t have a Facebook account so this confused me. Did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance for your reply!!

  10. june says:

    Michael raised millions for childrens’ charities in the UK and other countries, yet the UK is and has been the largest slanderer of Michael’s name and reputation both before and after his death. And I don’t buy that the Estate of MJ can do nothing about this; the Estate is just not trying hard enough. We supporters must all keep in mind that if the execs’ actions are not monetizing the Estate, they really have very little interest aside from going after Howard Mann for his “business relationship” with Katherine Jackson. I have sent Howard Weitzman several emails and received only one response consisting of his “outrage”. We must keep writing letters, as that appears to still be the best recourse.

  11. Seven says:


    The petition can be signed here:

    It’s not on Facebook!

  12. Sina says:



  13. budsgirl11954 says:

    Along with the letter writing campaign to DiscoveryUK – I am also suggesting that we write to Los Angeles District Attorney .. below is my twitlong


    This is the site of the Los Angeles District Attorney … ←- leave a message here and email
    The site says that they will not discuss any impending criminal case with anyone, and rightly so. However, that doesn’t mean WE cannot communicate with them regarding this DiscoveryUK program, it’s possible airing on youtube in the United States and how it may prejudice the pending of Dr. Conrad Murray.
    Please use their webmail address. [email protected]

    ****** (Just an example of what I wrote)**************
    ***********. PLEASE WRITE YOUR OWN ***********

    Dear LA District Attorney –

    A press release from DiscoveryUK announced that they will air a re-enactment of Michael Jackson’s autopsy with a synthetic cadaver and they will also include police notes, and investigative findings. There will be a panel of physicians including one that served, they claim, as MJ’s longtime physician. It is not clear that the conclusions they reach will be the same that the Los Angeles DA’s forensic doctors have reached. Once this program airs overseas, within in a matter of hours it will be aired on Youtube and most likely go viral. There will be no way to stop millions more from viewing this possibly prejudicial program. Since the trial of Dr. Murray is pending I am concerned that the airing of this program will give his defense team a foothold to claim that the jury pool is tainted. The Estate will be unable to sway DiscoveryUK not to air as they have no legal standing in the UK. I understand your office may also have no legal rights outside the US but perhaps a courtesy from the UK authorities could be obtained and they could have this program cancelled on your behalf.


    MJJJusticeProject – This has always been about him