Dec 29 2010

UPDATE on Discovery Autopsy Program: MJ Estate Weighs In, Protest Continues!

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On December 29th, Michael Jackson’s Estate weighed in on that degrading autopsy re-enactment program we’ve been trying to get everyone to call and write to Discovery about. We’ve also been urging everyone to call and block or cancel Discovery Channel from their cable or satellite dish lineup. These efforts continue! Keep writing and calling and blocking Discovery! Letters are due by December 31st! This is so [email protected] (MJ Justice Project) has time to print, organize, and bind the letters and petition signatures into a package to be sent to top-level Discovery executives on January 3rd, at the latest. So be sure to copy [email protected] on your letters!

We have well over 500 letters and almost 10,000 signatures to send to them! Can we get to 600 or 700 letters and over 10,000 signatures?  Details on who to call and write, as well as on where to sign petitions can be found HERE.

Below is the stern, deservedly vitriolic letter Michael Jackson’s Estate sent to Discovery executives on December 29th:

Estate letter to Discovery Execs 12-29-2010

Estate letter to Discovery Execs 12-29-2010

Over 200 related media sites are now reporting on this issue and the estate’s letter, including journalist Charles Thomson at SAWFNews:

December 29, 2010, (Sawf News) – Trustees of Michael Jackson’s estate have slammed an upcoming documentary about the star’s autopsy as ‘sick’ and ‘debased’.

In an open letter to Discovery Communications, trustees John Branca and John McClain urged the network to cancel its upcoming show, ‘Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson’.

Branca and McClain complained that the documentary was, “in shockingly bad taste, insensitive to Michael’s family and appears motivated solely by [Discovery’s] blind desire to exploit Michael’s death, while cynically attempting to dupe the public into believing this show will have serious medical value.”

In the letter, the pair said they were especially outraged by a “sickening print advertisement for the program making light of Michael’s death by depicting corpse sprawled on a steel gurney, covered by a sheet with a hand sticking out wearing Michael’s signature sequined glove.”

They said, “Discovery obviously views this as clever advertising and creative ‘branding’ for its program. But in fact, the ad is debased, sick and insensitive.”

Calling the program ‘offensive’, ‘exploitative’ and ‘mind boggling’, the estate called on Discovery to remove the show from its schedules.

A petition by Jackson’s fans to have the show cancelled has thus far received more than 9000 signatures.

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9 Responses to “UPDATE on Discovery Autopsy Program: MJ Estate Weighs In, Protest Continues!”

  1. Seven says:

    What Rose Marie says is very true!

    And don’t forget to copy [email protected] on your letters. They will be sending them to Discovery executives Bonard and Zaslav on January 3rd – however, you can still send letters to Discovery even after that!

    To have them included in package that goes to Discovery on Jan 3rd, get them written and sent before Dec. 31st and send them via email since time is short now for that deadline.

  2. Rose Marie says:

    I think it is best to send an email letter or regular post office mail rather than signing only the petition. I know for a fact that signing a petition on-line do not have the same impact as sending a letter. I sent mine today so please send yours. A letter has more weight.

  3. Seven says:

    @ truth seeker,

    The links given in the first and second paragraphs above will get you to the page where the links to the petitions are as well as the details of where to write letters, and who to call:

    For the petitions, see item #3 at the link above. There are two petitions, one for Facebook users and one for non-Facebook users. Sign one or the other, or both!. You’ve got time to send a quick letter, just send one to [email protected]. They will be bundling them up to FedEx to Discovery executives (along with petition signatures) by January 3rd.

    In your letter, remember to:

    Avoid the use of fan monikers (psuedo names)

    Avoid making the issue only about Michael (talk about the unethical issue of airing autopsies of identfied people, exposing their private information via a global audience, and doing so without the family’s permission, etc.)

    Use respectful language

    Use spellcheck


  4. truth seeker says:

    I must’ve missed the petition. Could you post the link to sign that petition?


  5. Saskia says:

    I think the estate made a step in the right direction by mentioning the fans twice. At least they show they are aware how strong the fan force is and I think they’ve seen what we can achieve.

    It’s a very good letter and I now also see this battle being picked up by Dutch media on tv, papers and internet. All mentioning that the fans are furious.

  6. melinda says:

    Let the fans voices also the supporters be heard !!! Michael’s spirit is charging with them , He never wants his legacy destroyed by greedy leeches !!! And he wants the long awaiting justice for the death that should’nt have happened too soon !! He is the general of his army of love and his soliders will prevail !!

  7. Jackie says:

    I agree with Solar!!

    I don’t trust the estate as long as Branca is there!
    But at least this time they did for the first time ever a good thing!
    But let’s never forget who they really are!!!

    We will make it I KNOW IT! Di$covery is gonna hear our loudly voice and they will regret for even thinking about this programme!!

    “There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice is one”
    And we definitly did it!!

    Thank You Seven!!

  8. Karen in Houston says:

    Seven, something else that has been bothering me is the fact that Elizabeth Taylor or Madonna or any other of Michael’s so called friends and many other well known celebrities have not thrown their weight against this program. Someday in the future (I do hope they have very long lives though) if this is aired, it opens the door for the same thing to happen to them or anyone of us. I have seen a show called Dr. G autopsy on TV in the past may have been on Discovery Health) . Don’t kwon as I didn’t watch it (too gross for me). I am not sure whose bodies they were using or if they were in fact real or fake copies but to me is it disgusting and in very poor taste. The autopsy procedure in and of itself is a distasteful act that many of us will some day face through no fault of our own. I know it is required to see if someone died of natural causes or not, but it is not for the general publics viewing pleasure (if you want to call it that). We have teaching hospitals for that purpose (my grandfather donated his body to such an institution. It was his choice to help the medical field find a cure for heart disease), if you should care to see an autopsy performed (not my cup of tea) then schedule to audit a class on that subject matter. But do not do this to someone who has not given his or her permission for this especially not Michael Jackson for what ever sick reasons they think they have for doing so. I know it is not his real body, but that still does not give anyone the permission to make a copy and do this to it. I just can’t express how sick and twisted this really is. My hope is that he is happy and resting peacefully in heaven so he does not have to live another of someone’s twisted tales about him. To his family I am sorry you may have to go through this tasteless travesty and my prayers are with you.Discovery channel no matter where you air this, it will in some form make it here to the US either on TV or the internet and you should be ashamed of yourself. This reeks of nothing but profiteering off a dead man. God have mercy on your souls.

  9. Solar says:

    Michael’s fans are indeed the BEST in this world! He would be so PROUD of this gargantuan effort on his behalf!

    Futhermore, let’s not forget that even as the Estate remains questionable, it IS the current executors’ FIDUCIARY DUTY and JOB to do EVERYTHING in their POWER to put a STOP to this HEINOUS PROGRAM in order to PROTECT AND PRESERVE MJ AND HIS LEGACY!

    This ENTIRE EVIL concept of such a heinous program is REPREHENSIBLE not only MORALLY, but also LEGALLY because the scheduled TIMING will have a DEVASTATING IMPACT on the MURDER TRIAL/HEARINGS, including prospective JURORS!

    Fans and supporters WORLDWIDE MUST continue to rally in full force to bring about JUSTICE for Michael Jackson!