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A suggested alternative to Discovery’s programming

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STOP Misinformation about Michael Jackson's death

STOP Misinformation about Michael Jackson's death!

Discovery’s idea of re-enacting Michael’s autopsy was in shockingly poor taste and was also shockingly inconsiderate of his family, his fans, and his medical privacy. It would have certainly interfered with the pre-trial hearings of Conrad Murray beginning tomorrow, and it clearly crossed a line of human decency that would have affected all of us.

If they had sliced and diced Michael Jackson on television as they planned, they’d have been slicing and dicing all of us! The very soul of humanity would have been on that gurney under that knife. This is why we had to scream for it to stop!  We are thus very grateful that it has been “postponed“.  It was the only right thing to do, and we will have to remain vigilant that this program remains forever off their schedules.

Rather than air such a blatantly opportunist – not to mention disgustingly macabre program about Michael, why not simply broadcast some facts about what actually killed him? And we don’t need an autopsy re-enactment to provide that information in an educational fashion. Not at all! It’s all in the coroner’s report and in other information released since his death.

While the media is at it, why not tell the viewers a bit about why any claim that Michael somehow injected himself – that he somehow killed himself – seems to be pure folly given what we know so far as well as what the coroner’s report clearly states? I’ve written before about that here, but I also wanted to present the video below which is very educational and which shows EXACTLY what happens when a person is administered propofol (enough to knock them out), and it shows EXACTLY how and why Michael stopped breathing.

Many more facts can be pieced together from the coroner’s report first and foremost, and from what Conrad Murray himself and others told police about what happened that day, and from what had been revealed upon investigation of the premises at Michael’s rented home (some of which is also contained in the coroner’s report). There is no need to appallingly slice and dice any fake cadaver named ‘Michael Jackson’ on TV to educate the public as to the facts about Michael’s death.

And the programming could leave out the common and consistently ignorant media memes about Michael’s being a “drug addict” who “died from an overdose of prescription painkillers” or that he died from a “prescription drug overdose“.  Because actually, none of those things are what killed Michael Jackson at all and they haven’t a thing to do with why he died.

Let’s look at a short video clip about Propofol and watch while it is administered in a proper setting, where standards of care are appropriately followed. Then, we’ll look at what was different in the situation in which propofol was administered to Michael Jackson on June 25th, 2009. It will be made abundantly clear exactly what killed him.

There are quite a few things to note in this video. First, at 00:45 the anesthesiologist, when talking about how the patient’s heart rate, breathing, and blood oxygen levels are monitored, uses the term “Standard of Care“. This ‘Standard of Care‘ is exactly what was not followed when Conrad Murray gave propofol to Michael. Murray was not monitoring Michael in any way – even by watching him, much less using any other equipment or methods to monitor Michael’s breathing, heart rate, or blood oxygen levels. Nothing! Thus the phrase in the coroner’s report: “appropriate Standards of Care were not followed in the administration of propofol” – because they weren’t.

Next, notice how quickly the propofol takes effect. In only 10 seconds the patient is unconscious! This happens from 1:10 – 1: 20 in the video. Within a little over 10 seconds after that (by 1:33), the patient is no longer breathing!

This – right here – is where Michael probably stopped breathing, too, after having been injected with a large amount (or amounts) of propofol.

In the video, the patient is subsequently helped to breathe with a bag-valve mask and then immediate intubation to help him breathe until the propofol wears off. Once again, we must go back to those “Standards of Care“. In an appropriate setting, there is equipment available to resuscitate the patient if/when he stops breathing – just as in the video.

But what did Conrad Murray have on hand to help Michael breathe once he stopped? Nothing! The ambu-bag was part of the EMT’s equipment and couldn’t be used anyway because the only oxygen tank in the room was empty. Before the EMT’s arrived, Murray apparently didn’t even call 911 for at least 20 minutes! Meanwhile Murray also apparently didn’t even know how to perform CPR, evidently doing it on a bed – and with one hand while he talked on the phone to EMTs. It is unclear to me whether Michael was eventually moved to the floor for the CPR. Regardless of CPR or how it was done, there was little to nothing on hand to save Michael’s life after he was injected with propofol and stopped breathing.

And, since Michael stopped breathing and nothing was done about it soon enough, his heart stopped too – and he died.

Now, given that this is how quickly propofol works (as you can see in the video), how could an already-sedated Michael Jackson have fumbled around and injected himself with enough propofol to kill himself? The coroner’s report, as I discussed previously, indicates that given the circumstances, this is highly unlikely ie: “circumstances do not support self-administration.” Yet, it is believed that this may be one of the defenses Conrad Murray’s team will use.

Conrad Murray has also tried to claim that AEG didn’t provide him with a defibrillator and he tried to blame that for Michael’s death. However that is equally ridiculous, as I previously explained, because even if he had a defibrillator, he still had no method or means to help Michael to continue to breathe and so his heart would have just stopped again. Murray also tried to claim that ‘someone else‘ entered the room when he was out and injected Michael with the large boluses of propofol. I suppose that may be true – but as yet that we know of, no other person but Murray and Michael were even allowed in Michael’s bedroom.

One last thing to note in this video. Dr. Gupta states that it is unheard of that propofol is ever used in a home setting. The only instances of propofol being used in a home setting are suicide and murder. The coroner’s report does not say ‘suicide’ is the cause of death. The coroner’s report also does not say ‘drug overdose‘ is the cause of death.

The coroner’s report says ‘homicide‘ is the cause of death. Homicide via “acute propofol intoxication, administered by another“. That means someone else killed Michael. That means Michael did not kill Michael. No matter how badly Conrad Murray’s defense team might at any point want us to believe otherwise.

Some other things to note:

  • Conrad Murray was not and is not an anesthesiologist and therefore had no qualification to administer this drug to anyone in any setting.
  • The other drugs Murray gave to Michael that day – particularly the benzodiazepines – exacerbated (made worse) the respiratory repressive effects of the propofol, meaning that Michael may have stopped breathing even sooner after the propofol was administered than is shown in the above video. As a cardiologist, it is shocking that Murray didn’t know this. If he did know this, then he simply did not care.
  • Propofol is not a ‘prescription drug‘. You can not get it at a drug store with a doctor’s prescription to take and use yourself at home. Remember the last thing Dr. Gupta said in the video above.
  • Propofol is not a ‘painkiller‘. It is an anesthetic. It’s an hypnotic drug that essentially puts the patient into a coma for surgery or sedates them for other medical procedures.
  • Conrad Murray refused to allow EMTs to declare Michael dead at the home because he knew it would then be declared a crime scene and he didn’t want that.
  • Conrad Murray refused to sign the death certificate, then fled the hospital to return to Michael’s home, and subsequently did not return to the area for 2 days, and then only returned with a team of  lawyers.
  • Conrad Murray lied by omission. He initially did not tell EMTs or UCLA he had administered propofol to Michael.  He only told police 2 days later.
  • Conrad Murray waited at least 40 minutes to call 911 after he found Michael not breathing.
  • Propofol is not a treatment for insomnia or sleep disorders and was being misused by Conrad Murray and other doctors in Michael’s life. Propofol puts a person into a coma-like state. Being in a coma is not the same thing as sleeping.
  • Michael’s former attorney Tom Mesereau, his former physician Patrick Treacy, and others such as Aphrodite Jones have said that Michael was extremely careful about medicines and what he put in his body and that he was very articulate about wanting qualified medical care, particularly when he was preparing for concerts and tours. He also was not suicidal or self-destructive. He did fear others were trying to kill him and told many people about this. He loved his children very much and would never want to see them orphaned. It seems highly unlikely then, that Michael would sit up (particularly given the placement of the IV in his leg and other logistics in the room that day), and carelessly inject himself with all that propofol.

Whatever the reason is that Conrad Murray seemed unaware of the dangers of the particular combination of drugs he administered to Michael that day, whether from ignorance or malice, his use of them without providing an acceptable standard of care (appropriate monitoring and a means of resuscitation)  was inexcusable. His obvious coverup and withholding of facts from EMTs, medical staff and a delay in providing facts to police as well as his reluctance to have the house declared a crime scene defies medical ethics, and is indicative of a coverup of his actions on his part. That Conrad Murray did all of this conscientiously means that he DID in fact “act without due caution and circumspection” and even potentially with malice.

Authorities may not want to try to prosecute him on a greater charge if they feel they cannot get a conviction but that does not change the facts as they currently stand nor does it change the definition of  the terms ‘standard of care’ or ‘acting without due caution and circumspection‘. It does not change the fact that the former obviously was not followed, yet the latter certainly seems to have been done, at the very least – if not something more sinister.

Now, all that said, if we’re going to have some educational programming about Michael’s death:

Rather than ceaselessly trying to portray Michael Jackson as a suicidal drug addict at fault for his own death even though the coroner’s report and other circumstances clearly indicate otherwise, it might be more educational to the public to simply avail them of the facts as we currently have them, and as I have stated above. It’s not rocket science and most of the public could easily understand these things.

It might be more appropriate to spend more time discussing what is in the coroner’s and police reports and what is in the video above than to air a program like the macabre, disrespectful, ratings-grabbing one Discovery was planning. It might be more valuable to explain what appropriate standards of care are when anesthesiologists use propofol, and how they were not followed by Conrad Murray and what the result of that bad decision-making (or malice) on his part was – namely that it resulted in Michael Jackson’s needless death.

If our media would just present the facts and leave out their usual ignorant, sensationalist, ratings-grabbing memes; if they would simply present facts and let the public make up their own minds, I suspect the public might come to the same conclusion. And that conclusion might be that by every definition, what Conrad Murray did to Michael Jackson at least as we currently understand the facts and the events that occurred, was voluntary and that he did in fact ‘act without due caution and circumspection’. They might even come to the conclusion that the charges are insufficient. Of course, if the prosecution feels they cannot get a conviction on a greater charge, then the public’s perception certainly would not change the charges.

What might change though, is the public’s erroneous perceptions about Michael Jackson being a drug-addled addict who killed himself, when that clearly is not and cannot be the case, given the facts and events that seem to have occurred on June 25th, 2009.  It’s bad enough that Murray’s defense may endeavor to portray Michael that way in order to win their case. They do not need the media’s help.

What would change is that Conrad Murray would be seen as the person on trial here — not Michael Jackson, again. Because Conrad Murray is the person on trial here – not Michael Jackson, again.

Media lies. Especially about MJ.

Media lies. Particularly about MJ

But in the end, what will the media do?  They’ll probably do what they’ve always done. They’ll do what they’ve done before and since Michael died. They will peddle whatever inaccurate, ignorant, salacious lies about Michael Jackson garner them the most ratings and money, causing the public to perceive him as guilty – this time of his own murder.

They’ll do it the same way they caused him to be indelibly perceived as guilty in 1993 and 2005 even though he was thoroughly proven innocent both times, while they still choose to ignore the facts in both of those cases as well, even to this day.

Because whether it’s about Michael Jackson or the Middle East, the media operates for one reason only: PROFIT.  When money comes in the room, truth goes right out the window. And I don’t expect that will change right now, no matter how badly it needs to.

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30 Responses to “A suggested alternative to Discovery’s programming”

  1. Georgia says:

    Seven the more I visit your site the more I adore you and the more I fall in love with who Michael was / is… It’s pretty disgusting all that came to light regarding the care Murray “didn’t” give Michael. The whole thing disgusts me and makes me angry and feels so sick to my stomach. Michael should still be with us today. Thank goodness the judge finally is letting it go to trail. Now we have to pray that all goes the way it should…. I will always believe that he should be getting more that Involuntary Manslaughter which only carries a four year sentence and in the state of California that will amount to what 2 years if we are lucky with good behavior because of all the overcrowding. He deserves to get so much more than this… It amazed how backwards our justice system can be at times.
    Thank you for constantly putting up great stories… I really love your website.
    I had sometime ago asked you to put up (Dear Michael, With Love) in your book section. That site is no longer working. It is no longer up and running. I don’t know what Therrie has planned these days. I believe she is working on yet another book, this time a book of poetry she has written that was inspired by Michael. If you could will you please e-mail me. I contacted you before but I hadn’t heard back from you… And if you could please keep this post private… Thanks Seven. I have more that I want to inform you of… I just want to make sure that I am telling you in private.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Murray is a murderer! He knew very well what Propofol could, would, and did to Michael!
    Seven, thank you so much for this information! I have linked it on my facebook page. Take care,
    Love you more Michael!!!!!

  3. Seven says:


    You are absolutely correct. That’s yet another reason why this theory by the defense is ludicrous!

  4. meap says:

    According to this site http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drugs_concern/fospropofol/fospropofol.htm propofol is not pharmacologically active upon ingestion.

  5. June says:

    @Jane Mercurio – I posted that email address for ET on another site just yesterday after I wrote condemning the use of Dimond in relation to anything Michael. My email was not returned for a “bad” address” so I am trusting it got through. More people need to write to get rid of her Dimond permanently.

  6. JANE MERCURIO says:

    Diane Dimond is at it again on ET! We must stop her. Email at [email protected]

  7. carina for mjj says:

    So Murray starts off with blatant lying.Is it not considered perjury if it is a preliminary hearing? The ultimately affront to Michael must be avoided.There are witnesses.

  8. Sina says:

    Seven thank you for the summary of the facts.
    Yesterday was like a deja vu. The most emotional part being Michaels mom having to sit through this ordeal once again. But this time no happy ending. And the poor children who will relive the horror.
    How could it end this way.
    Its mindboggling how some things could just happen in Michaels life without anybody questioning them. The most outrageous things seem to be acceptable, because its Michael Jackson.
    I just finished reading Conspiracy. Apart from the trial it gives an insight in the lawyers,managers, friends, advisors, even complete families, that came into Michaels life and who he was surrounded by and their motives.
    You can see a pattern that kept repeating itself over and over again.
    Reminds me of a scene, which is almost symbolic, in the This is it film where Michael is testing the cherrypicker and Kenny Ortega is telling him to be careful and he says to Kenny : ” I trust in you” Even my aunt who also saw the film noticed it. How come he had to rely on people, of who the majority turned out not trustworthy, till this day.

    I can’t see how Murray can get away with this from what we heard yesterday. He lied from the start. Even in the first report he states that he put Michael on the floor, started CPR and then called 911, which by the recordings of the calls was proven a blatant lie. When the bodyguard or assistent called 911 Michael was still on the bed and the testimony given yesterday once again confirmed he was already dead.

    One question I have about the toxicological report. Maybe I missed it, but I didnt see the results of the hair examination. I heard that hair gives more accurate information about substances over a longer period, better than the organs. Thats why they use hair samples to determine longterm use of substances by athletes and other sporters.
    Maybe they hold this report back as a prove to how long Murray was giving Michael propofol and benzos ? Is the report that was publiciced even complete?

  9. june says:

    Seven, I see SalGal56’s post about Nurse Cherilynn Lee. She was a shadowy figure, showing up on Larry King and other news shows right after Michael’s death saying he had inquired of her about propofol months prior. Seemed as if she was looking for her 15 minutes, and then vanished. The search warrant affidavit refers to her having contact with Michael on several occasions from January through June 2009. By June 2009 Michael was under the medical control of Murray, so why would he be seeking advice from Lee? Let’s hope the DA hasn’t forgotten about her……

  10. Jeanne says:

    I might be wrong but I have the feeling that Murray was using drugs himself. Everything he has done, said and even response time to an emergency situation, shows someone with their mind elsewhere and absolutely nothing makes sense from the standpoint of a medical professional , even a lousy one.

  11. Dialdancer says:

    There is only one question I’d like to ask any of the Discovery Network with power to make a decision on this program. Why? Why did and do ignore his parents entries not to air this program. Yes it is important not to further taint the trial, but it is equally important that the parents & family wishes be respected, that they be respected. John Travolta, Princess Diana’ family, the Sea World trainer killed by the whale, the Crocodile Guy and several others whose names do not come to me now either they or their family members asked for privacy and respect and got it, why not the Jacksons? Perhaps their greed and need to deface Michael is more important than simple good manners and what use to be common decency.

  12. Heidi says:

    MONEY. Lie for it, die for it, or in this case, kill for it.

  13. Derrick says:

    Seven, that was very insightful. As a lifelong fan I would love to see something more truthful/educational discussing MJ’s death and propofol administration. But realistically, I know better. I have come to realize that the media will only deliver salacious soundbites, and hateful headlines concerning Michael. For the past 25+ years, accusations, innuendoes, falsehoods, insuations, and flat out lies have been perpetuated by the media towards Michael. Not even in death is the man safe.

  14. TLS says:

    Thanks, Seven

    It borders on the surreal: that someone like MJ had such poor care from supposed professionals (and that’s the BEST we can say about all of this; the worst is that there was a deliberate, malicious intent to do him harm). It’s beyond sad and surely criminal. Let’s hope the justice system dispenses some.

  15. Solar says:

    It is believed that “Doctor” Murray was hired to “take care of” MJ so that $ONY could FINALLY claim FULL OWNERSHIP of the CATALOGS. We know that MJ told his fans in no uncertain terms, through speeches and demonstrations, about the CONSPIRACY that was actively transpiring behind the scenes over YEARS regarding $ONY AND THE CATALOG OWNERSHIP.

    The fact is that BRANCA was/is experienced enough to KNOW EXACTLY what to do and what NOT to do LEGALLY to keep the CATALOGS alive and away from MJ to satisfy $ONY’s ownership AGENDA, just as AEG-hired Murray is experienced enough to KNOW EXACTLY what to do and what NOT to do MEDICALLY to keep MJ alive long enough to satisfy AEG’s TII “MOVIE” AGENDA AND $ONY’S AGENDA. The execution of this grand scheme was well PLANNED, scripted, and TIMED over years, including all the strategically placed and questionable return players.

    From various accounts, over several weeks Murray systematically and recklessly administered propofol to treat MJ’s insomnia (which it does NOT) along with other questionable meds that he apparently administered before and while MJ was under. AEG’s Randy Phillips has even stated that he did not know how MJ lasted that long, and that he (Phillips) would do this all over again!

    But Murray is the ONLY ONE charged in this horrid crime! And INCREDIBLY Murray is charged with ONLY ONE miniscule “INVOLUNTARY” count carrying a maximum punishment of a mere four years — this is VERY UNUSUAL AND OUTRAGEOUS!

    It’s up to outraged fans and supporters WORLDWIDE to rally in UNITY and FIGHT for JUSTICE for MICHAEL! As MJ said, “There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one.”

  16. Doris Gorgo says:

    Seven, your article was fantastic. I totally agree with you
    on everything you point out. And, yes why did they agree to
    not air the autopsy only when the estate stepped in. And yest,
    we know that Sony and AEG are connected to the Discovery
    Channel as well as Oprah! I surely hope that this autopy is
    CANCELLED permanently, not just postponed (as they say “post
    poned indefinitely”. What does that mean? And yes, I hope
    that authorities have looked into Murray’s background. I am
    sure they will find a lot of surprises.

  17. salgal56 says:

    Seven – Did you ever write a piece on Cherylynn Lee, the woman who originally mentioned the propofol on Larry King? Funny how the media just dropped her. I thought she seemed credible, but who knows. Anyway, Murray has probably been rehearsing this scenario in his head for the last year and a half, so by this time, he probably believes the lie is the truth. The next few weeks (months) will be interesting, but I think it will be just as you have written. There are so many people they could interview and so many different angles to this story, but they refuse to go there.

  18. ultravioletrae says:

    well said! there are so many interesting programs that could be generated on this topic that are highly informative and useful to the general public. every “not interested in michael jackson” person that i have spoken to about this realizes they haven’t gotten the correct information and they are outraged that media is sensationalizing the news and not accurately reporting the facts. i am absolutely certain that the first news organization that produces an accurate picture about the death, the life, and the false media portrayal of michael jackson will be wildly successful in their efforts. i haven’t met anyone yet that doesn’t seem curious about how all this misinformation got out there and they want to know more of the truth and how all this happened.

  19. Seven says:


    I’m guessing (ONLY guessing) that the amount Murray *claimed* he administered to Michael would not have stopped his breathing – and that it was the subsequent dose(s) that did that. But Nikki may be better qualified to answer that. She is the one who wrote this blog on the subject:


    Nonetheless, ‘standard of care’ as I understand it – applies no matter what the dose. Meaning that anytime the drug is used at all, monitoring and resuscitation equipment must be used as well to protect the life of the patient. In Michael’s case too, it’s worth noting that those benzos given to him prior to the administration of propofol made the respiratory repression effect of the propofol even more profound – so it would have been even more important then, to use proper standards of care to protect Michael’s life.

  20. Ellen says:

    All I can say at this point is that I only hope and pray to God that justice prevails for our beloved Michael. It is so long overdue him and should be the only focus of the prosecution’s case as well as the media’s. I know, the media doesn’t really care about the truth when it relates to Michael, but it would be so refreshing to see the media do something right for a change. However, I can only pray that the truth will prevail. The world has lost one of God’s most magnificent creations who has shown us how to live despite all the slander, hate and lies that followed him wherever he went. God bless Michael and may he forever dwell with the Lord in heaven.

  21. carina for mjj says:

    Daryn is right, we need to look into murray´s backcground.This investigation and (hopefully) trial needs to look at murray´s “treatment ” from day one and not just 6/25/2009.He malpracticed
    from day one ,continuously made faulty comissions and omissions.He broke just about every rule
    of proper medical treatment, and did it on a continuous basis, not just the last day, not to speak of his ethics.Michael did not have a medical background, murray had, but chose not to use it for obvious reasons.-This is a pivotal issue in this tragig saga.

  22. Jackie says:

    Amazing as always Seven! Thank You!!!

    It’s clear that we have no fair system law and awarding murderers it’s the new treand.

    We only have God and I hope and wish that he will make that Truth will win this marathon at court!

    “Lies runs sprints but The Truth runs Marathons and the Truth will win the Marathon at court”


  23. TLS says:

    Hi Seven–

    Can you clear up one thing for me: The dose that Murray claims he administered vs. the dose administered in the video above. I understand that the level of propofol in MJ’s system exceeded what Murray claimed he injected, therefore introducing all the speculation about that “second dose.” My question is could the amount Murray claims he administered be enough to stop Jackson’s breathing–or would that only have happened after the so-called second dose? In other words, is it likely Murray’s defense will say he injected so small an amount that neither MJ’s breathing nor his heart would stop and therefore the “standard of care” (breathing, resuscitation equipment) was not required?


  24. Max says:

    Thank you, Seven, you said it all, and said it better than anyone else I know.

  25. Rosie Segerra says:

    This is NOT what the media wants to publish. They want to make Michael Jackson appear like a freakish ghoul who can’t sleep like Dracula! Nope… This news is too normal for the media to pick up!!! 🙁

  26. june says:

    Seven, what a writeup you did here! If only this could be spread far and wide. On the Today show just this morning, the host starts out with Conrad Murray’s preliminary hearing is tomorrrow, “but might Michael Jackson have injected himself?” And some talking heads spent the next five minutes conjecturing what if that were so? Near the end, someone with a wit of sense said the issue of self-injection won’t be raised at the prelim and MIGHT be raised at trial, if at all. Tonight I get home from work, and the same channel has the same theme but through a different reporter. In other words, two news broadcasts 90% focused on the “what if” Michael did something, and 10% focused on what Conrad Murray, by all valid accounts, DID do, which was COMMIT A HOMICIDE on Michael Jackson. And so it starts and will continue, as this type of sensationalism drives rating and revenues. We can only hope and pray to God that the DA’s case is strong and thorough.

  27. Solar says:

    Excellent suggestion, Seven! If Discovery has built their reputation on being a source of respectful informational programs, then it’s a no-brainer that they should have spent their valuable resources on a worthwhile program to educate the public about propofol, insomnia, and the proper role of doctors in the medical profession and community, and significance of the Hippocratic oath.

    But WHY was this NOT done instead?

    WHAT would cause Discovery to stray so far from their norm, go against their own established principles, and risk their reputation and viewership?

    WHO would benefit from such a senseless violation of humanity, so profoundly wrong on all levels?

    WHO are the decision-makers inside Discovery?

    WHAT are Discovery’s people connections to $ONY, AEG, Estate, and Murray’s case?

    WHY would Discovery blatantly ignore MJ fans and supporters in the reasons for “postponing” the scheduled “show,” AND set the stage for the Estate to step in and play the “good guy” role?

    Answers to these and many other disturbing questions will help as events continue to unfold in the quest for the TRUTH!

  28. carina for mjj says:

    Seven, thank you for your informative article. I didn´t go into all details as much can be garnered from your article.

  29. Daryn says:

    If the media continues to not see this, I just might go mad. It’s only common sense that you look into Dr. Murder’s background and criticize and lash out at him. I mean, why stop here at Michael’s murderer? He’s not getting nearly as much bad press as Michael still gets. Media didn’t care about the truth or Michael when he was accused and when he was vindicated, and they still don’t. The American media is frigin’ insane, and that’s all there is to it.
    I’m still baffled by the fact that someone would even think a mock autopsy would be a good idea for a show. WTF.

  30. melinda says:

    Let’s hope the real truth is revealed what really happened on june 25, 2009 tomorrow . Justice for Michael !!!