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Life Was No Song for These Composers (including Michael)

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Written by ‘Justice4MJJ
Edited by Seven

Michael at his 'Thriller Killer' party

Michael at his 'Thriller Killer' party

In Michael Jackson’s 2002 Thriller Killer Party plea to his fans & other members of the public that might be listening–he extolled to us how many extremely talented persons, end up destitute, dying in a miserable situation:

I really don’t like to talk that much, I really don’t. I prefer to perform than talk but.. You know, um, let me just say this, the tradition of great performers, from–and I really want you to hear what I have to say– from Sammy Davis Jr., to James Brown, to Jackie Wilson, to Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly–the story is usually the same though–these guys work really hard at their craft–but the story ends the same. They end up broken, torn, it’s really sad, because the companies take advantage of them, they really do.

–Michael Jackson

Of course we know of the incredibly hard and unfair James Brown’s career and life was—many of us only learning about it in detail after his death. The poor man was forced to continue working up until he died—never getting to rest or enjoy the benefits of his extensive career and talents.

And Jackie Wilson, whose style of singing and dancing was “influencing” (more like being copied) by many white singers—most notably Elvis Presley. Jackie died (in January 1984) unacknowledged for his great talents, forgotten by the public very quickly, after having been in a coma (in 1975 during a benefit concert) for nearly a decade. He only regained popularity and worldwide sentiment, after Michael Jackson dedicated his Thriller album to him & acknowledged him at the 1984 AMAs.

Yet another genius who was underrated, underappreciated and faced enormous adversity unjustly—Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Now most of you no doubt know of the jealousy and deviousness which he faced—mostly by a character Antonio Salieri—we’ve seen the movie too.

However, I feel in Michael Jackson’s trying time during 2001-2002, he neglected to mention many other geniuses who suffered through life wrongly and died penniless. After coming across a newspaper article from January 1941, by Louis Sobal of the New York Journal American, I could not let Mr. Sobal’s words go by me without dispersion everywhere. I have transcribed the part of his article which deals specifically with unreasonably destroyed composers:

“Life Was No Song For These Composers”

A composer’s life was never too happy a one in other years. When Claude Debussy died on March 25th, 1918, for instance, he left no estate except his author’s rights, his manuscripts and his fame. To supplement his income, he had edited Chopin’s works, revised Bach’s violin sonatas and offered to write a method for teaching piano.

Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy

Then take Robert Schumann, a gay, light-hearted fellow as ever you’d want to meet, but after he married Clara Weick & they had several children, he discovered he couldn’t support his family on the musical pieces he was turning out. So he went insane.

Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann

Franz Shubert died at the age of 31, leaving a few articles of clothing, a mattress, bed coverings and some old music. During his lifetime, he had received approximately $6.00 in payment for his Trout—quintet, $4.40 for the beautiful Trio in E flat and about 20 cents apiece for the Winterriese cycle of songs.

Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert

Mozart died at 36 and was buried in a pauper’s grave. His friends would not even defray the expenses of his funeral and when his wife appealed to them frantically, she received advice as to the cheapest way to bury him! At one time, Hector Berlioz, famous French composer of The Damnation of Faust, lived on raisins, bread and salt, in order to meet the debts incurred when he paid to have one of his own Masses performed. Bocherini (1743-1805), composer of the famous Minuets, was constantly in want and was reduced to making guitar arrangements for wealthy dilettantes.



Ludwig van Beethoven lived on handouts most of his life. From 1800 on, Prince Lichnowsky contributed to his support and in 1808 three Viennese noblemen guaranteed him 4,000 florins a year if he would stay in Vienna instead of going to Cassel. But sooner or later they dropped the payments and Beethoven was faced to sue them all in order to collect a small part of what he had been promised.



Frederic Chopin, ill and poverty stricken, made his last public appearance at a ball in the London Guildhall (which was destroyed by bombs last week) for the benefit of Polish refugees. No one listened to him—no one seemed to care even that he was there, although some mourned when a few weeks later he was dead—of tuberculosis, aggravated by undernourishment.

Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin

Johannes Brahms was never very affluent but in later years when he earned some money, he still lived alone in a furnished room and got up every morning at 5 o’clock to make his own coffee, so uncertain was he that this ‘affluence’ would last.

Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms

George Friedrich Handel died in London on April 14th, 1759. According to Samuel Butler in his notebooks: people say the generous British public supported Handel. It did nothing of the kind. On the contrary for some 30 years it did its best to ruin him, twice drove him to bankruptcy, badgered him till in 1737 he had a paralytic seizure, which was near as might be the death of him and if he died then we should have had of him his greatest oratorios. What kept Handel was not the public, but the court. It was the pension given him by George the First and George the Second that enabled him to carry on at all.’ In this battle between radio and ASCAP, the air people are crowding the waves with Stephen Foster masterpieces because they are in the public domain. Foster, unfortunately, was not a member of ASCAP and so today his song is a no. 1 melody. But the announcers forget to introduce the song by revealing that Stephen Foster was forced to sell most of his beautiful tunes for petty cash—and that he died penniless.

George Friedric Handel

George Friedric Handel

Now Mr. Sobal wrote this astounding article for the purpose of influencing the radio to change its stance regarding ASCAP; an important issue facing America in 1941. Nevertheless, its significance regarding the abandoned pauper geniuses of the world, will be forever present. Maybe like me, when reading that article, you felt the un-silencing urge to shout to the world, “Michael Jackson was abused, used & died in financial bondage, with no control or help from others too!” After his death, nearly everyone who could speak, placed the blame of Michael’s death, squarely on his own shoulders. Many claimed to have been trying to save him and have foreseen his untimely death. The praises of his genius came tumbling forth as well—when only the days preceding his death—he was reduced to a commonly repeated set of cheap jokes, dog food by the media, and largely forgotten and uncared for by the public.

Michael Joseph Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson

To come to my point, the description of Michael Jackson’s life, as well as these other great geniuses, should never neglect to tell how they’re lives were destroyed by greed, selfishness, hate, jealousy, carelessness & deviousness by others. We tend to forget when listening to our “classic” composers, that these men’s lives were so full of tragedy and hurt—that even their burials were not fit for the work they did. An exception is Michael Jackson—who’s burial was turned into a parade—yet it was far too soon in occurring for one so young & hounded. Michael was being plotted against at least since 1991, moreso as soon as he took possession of the ATV catalog. He bought it “fair and square” in 1985, but that did not deter any of his (unknown to MJ) enemies. They tried to force MJ to sell all the momentously profitable things he had—when he never backed down to sell—they resorted to crimes and deviousness to get what they wanted.

Criminal & devious plans were used on those geniuses of past years too—recall Stephen Foster selling most of his works for paltry amounts. Michael was killed instead of selling—but after his death—he couldn’t stop the theft of his work and legacy! I have no doubt that Michael was well aware of these facts in those great composers’ lives. He was a voracious reader all his life as you know—and a great lover of quality music from all ages. Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” being one of his favorites. Besides the Bible verses that were invaluable to him during those gutting months, he looked to the people before him who suffered unjustly many times—no doubt during his 2005 set up trial—when he needed to calm himself by recalling their unfair abuse, and how they kept on fighting.

Michael never stole the money or rights of any hard working musician like himself. He gave Little Richard his catalog back, after legally buying it himself. He understood what artists, specifically composers, go through because he was close friends with many of them. Don’t forget how he was sued, non-stop through his entire career—even up till his death! As his bodyguards told us—he always settled after 2005—just to have a life & keep more of his hard-earned revenue from going down the drain. Michael has been murdered, and all those great geniuses before him died from injustice as well. Very much helped into the grave by evil and selfish individuals’ actions—but the difference with their cases and Michael Jackson’s—is that his murder occurred more recently and we are here to pick up the fight for him (where he left off).

We can’t let them get away with what they’re trying to do. I’m a free agent now.—Michael Jackson (2001)

I end this with some discerning words from W.C. Handy, a prolific American composer, musician, & major supporter of ASCAP:

Why should such talent die in want? Simply because a great artist will pour out his heart and hard-hearted people will take it, unless that artist is protected…..[] But in America, it was inconceivable that a composer who wrote a song to gladden the hearts of millions, who inspired men to march to the defense of their country, who supplied the words with which a mother croons her baby to sleep, was destined to fill other than a pauper’s grave….[] Even justice seems to adjust the balances in favor of the man with the most money.

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11 Responses to “Life Was No Song for These Composers (including Michael)”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    Thank you seven for bringing to our awareness the hardship of these other Musicians and Composers.-It is almost unimaginable to understand how Michael could live with all the stresses
    he had to endure. He brought much joy to people of all ages, still he never forgot those in greatest need. While on tour he made a point of visiting childrens hospitals and they even brought moribound children to him on stretchers and he was able to establish contact with them.
    That takes both courage and a very special skill.

  2. Lisa MJJ1111 says:

    THANK YOU SEVEN FOR BRINGING AWARNESS To the Unjust treatment of our beloved ARTISTS! Creative people of all walks put their HEART and SOUL into their work..their WORK is literally an extensioin of their ESSENCE..So they are not just going in doing a “job” they are literally putting their soul into their craft. Now, do not think for a minute these geniuses were not aware of the injustice they indured, they were..GENIUS..means GENIUS, in all accounts…They knew and people with some kind of spiritual insight knows that we live in world full blissful ignorance, ignorance means ignoring the “truth!” Yet, snakes, vampires, and parasites will be who they are–we live in a world of duality..Yet, none of these sick minded people can take away Mozart’s genius, nor Beethoven, nor Bebussy’s legacy of greatness, their spiritual essence, their soul. To add to that the list; Jane Austin, Blake, Eger Allen Poe, Karen Carpenter, and of course our BELOVED-Angel-Prophet Michael Joesph Jackson..no matter how the establishment treated them, or how society thought of them..or how they were used by their own peers, THEY ALL have left a GREATNESS of Extraordinariness, of their Genius, of their God Essence, of their soul and spirit..and in which will be honored and remembered FOREVER..because in the end of all things of this life..Only FOREVER matters,, and only LOVE is what units the FOREVER with the Genius..our LOVE for them, for all they have sacrificed, the pain they have endured, and the giving and sharing of their geniuses to us so unconditionally is the ONLY thing that matters..I am sure that they are all in Genius Heaven having a wonderful blissful life..with the one who created them and gave them their gifts..RIP to ALL the artistic geniuses, you all definetly have earned it!! And to my King of Hearts, Michael, I will see you in paradise, and until then I will carry you in my heart, in my spirit..and in everything that I do to try to make this world a better place..You Will Be There..

  3. melinda says:

    these great composers were treated harshly in their lives even michael because people see just nothing but $$$$$in their eyes!!! and never see the god given talent of these people !!! greedy , selfish , money hungry , careless people should be put in their place!!!!

  4. Seven says:


    It is true that Howard Bloom saw Michael’s heart and soul and the the vultures that were encroaching upon him even way back then. In an interview featured here he speaks about that:


  5. Julie says:

    It didn’t help that when Michael bought the ATV catalogue in 1985 that Paul McCartney didn’t speak out and tell the truth. I remember back then the media made it seem that MJ just snatched it out from under McCartney, which was not the truth. Several times over the next few years McCartney would be asked about it and he too made it seem that he was angry and it ruined their friendship as a result. It wasn’t until after he died that he was on Letterman and of course, like so many others (i.e. Sheryl Crow), he finally told the truth. He said that the reason for the falling out was because after MJ bought the catalogue (which he apparently wasn’t too upset since he refused to pay out the money to get it himself), McCartney felt that he should receive an increase in royalties paid out to him. Jackson refused saying that it was just business. Like so many other things that were said about him over the years, the media kept that lie going. Jackson tried to defend himself and of course, no one believed him. I saw another youtube of McCartney bitching about the fact that he hated that Jackson allowed Revolution to be used in a commercial; however, as they were interviewing McCartney he was on tour which was being sponsored by someone else commercially and he was allowing one of his songs to be used in a commercial for that entity. When the reporter brought that to his attention, his excuse was that he was doing it because they sponsored the tour. What??? In any event, Howard Bloom (MJ’s publicist in the late 70’s and early 80’s) said that the evil forces began surrounding Michael Jackson after Thriller. They just couldn’t stand his immense popularity and had to do whatever they could to tear him down and they succeeded!

  6. Mado says:

    Seven this is a great article! As always! Thank you!

  7. ChildSaskia says:

    Thank you very much Justice4MJJ and Seven for this GREAT article. These words are so full of TRUTH and I couldn’t agree more with you. It brought tears to my eyes.

    Like the Bible said: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” – Timothy, 6:10. Greed & selfishness bring out the worst in human beings & let all morals, ethics, righteousness & integrity disappear. They would literally kill for money. That makes me wish not being from this world, a world that is able to turn to so much evil and Michael tried to make ppl aware of that evilness and tried to reach to higher purposes of love and peace and living God’s messages. Knowing that so many wonderful and talented souls before him already suffered from similar evil.

    At least I’m thankful he could from time to time escape into the innocent & unselfish world of children through his kids and all kids of the world and his own child-like spirit that gave him some sense of what he was looking for most: unconditional love.

  8. David says:

    Seven, you mentioned MJ paying homage to Jackie Wilson when he won his Grammy’s, and here is the video for you! It starts @ 2:32

  9. Jeanne says:

    You know what, YOU NAILED IT. I thought wayyyyyy back long ago that there was more to this continuous disruption in Michaels life. You have to look at the “why” when someone is accused of a horrible crime that you do not feel they are capable of committing, and that is what I did. I traced back to when things started looking nasty. I asked , Michael, who got mad at you first and why? And what I found is that this began viciously when Michael made a very clever and wise investment. That was a threat to someone (or some group ) who had a fear that Michael knew something that they felt he should not know that would totally knock the top right off the box of dark and long hidden secrets that keep only a few with the ability to prosper.Where there is a lot of money there is good and evil. Michael found both. OK so that is only one of my theories but a very vital one to me that explains the “why” the sh– starting hitting the fan in Michael’s life. Cause otherwise to me there was NO reason for the ugly to rise its head,Michael discovered evil and would expose it for what it was but when he did they got nasty to hush him. That is what I feel. Michael was obviously not what he was accused of.People who do that kind of ugly do it in the dark . Michael did everything in the light. In the open. He never had nothing to hide. Ever. Some say Michael is in heaven ,some say out of sight in another country, Either way I just thank God he is out of harms way.

  10. KC says:

    Thank You Seven for such a wonderful article & website. Michael warned us about what was going on.

  11. Cricio1950 says:

    Love it ..wonderful introspective view in the souls composers.
    Thanks for do it LYM