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One year after Michael’s death, Howard Bloom shared more memories

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Victory Tour Album Cover

Victory Tour Album Cover

I’ve posted here back in December 2009 about Howard Bloom, the Jackson’s publicist back in the 80s. Back then, I shared with you Howard’s amazing remarks about Michael during a radio interview in December 2009.  Howard remarked then that “Michael Jackson was the most astonishing person I’ve ever met on the face of this planet.

After that, on June 25th 2010, the first anniversary of Michael’s death, Howard wrote a guest blog on the site ‘The Happiest Medium” wherein he shared more of his thoughts and feelings about meeting and working with the Jacksons – and particularly Michael.  With The Happiest Medium’s kind permission, I’d like to share with you some excerpts from Howard’s article.


First, Howard speaks about the mis-characterization of Michael in the media and how surprised he was to learn upon meeting him that Michael was actually nothing like the media had portrayed him at all:

But the fact is that neither Michael nor I had been raised in a conventionally normal childhood; neither of us had been raised among other kids. So I didn’t know the common rituals of normal life. I had to teach myself by watching other people as if they were specimens and I was a visitor from Mars. One of the rituals I’d seen was the handshake between strangers. You know, you see someone you’ve never met before but who others want you to meet. You walk up to him or her, you stick out your hand, and you say, “Hello, my name is ______.” This was a ritual I’d almost never used. But when Michael opened the pool house’s screen door, I walked up to him stuck out my hand and said “Hi I’m Howard.”

I knew what would happen. The articles had explained it. Michael would recoil from my touch. But that’s not what occurred. Michael put out his hand, shook mine, and replied “Hi I’m Michael.” It was as normal and as natural as could be. The media stories were false. But thousands of press people had parroted them as truths. Something strange was happening in Michael’s noosphere–in the sphere of press perception we are handed as reality. Eventually those mistakes would kill him. But that’s a story for another time.

About Michael’s intense response to a CBS artist’s portfolio, when she began to show him the art they’d prepared for the Victory Tour album cover:

… The CBS art director slid the first of the portfolios toward Michael. He opened the first page, slowly … just enough to see perhaps an inch of the image. As he took in the artwork his knees began to buckle, his elbows bent, and all he could say was “oooohhhhh.” A soft, orgasmic “ooooh.” In that one syllable and in his body language, you could feel what he was seeing.

Do you know the poem by William Blake –

To see a World in a grain of sand,
And a Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And Eternity in an hour . . .

The intense ambition of that poem, the intense desire for wonder, was alive in Michael. More alive than anything of the sort I’d ever seen. Michael saw the infinite in an inch. As Michael opened the page further, inch by inch, his knees and elbows bent even more and his ”ooohs,” his sounds of aesthetic orgasm, grew even more intense. Standing elbow to elbow and shoulder to shoulder with him, you could feel him discovering things in the brush and inkstrokes that even the artist never saw. By the time he’d opened the full page his body and voice expressed an ecstasy. An aesthetic epiphany. I’d never encountered anything like it. Michael felt the beauty of the page with every cell of his being.

Howard Bloom

Howard Bloom

Even though he himself is atheist, he saw the divine in Michael Jackson:

…Michael was the closest I’ve ever come to a secular angel. A secular saint.

Look, I’m an atheist, but Michael was not. He believed he was given a gift by God. He believed he was given talents and wonders and astonishments seldom granted to us very fragile human beings. Because God had given him this enormous gift, he felt he owed the experience of wonder, astonishment, awe, and Blake’s infinities to his fellow human beings. But unlike other generous humans–Bill and Melinda Gates, for example–with Michael giving to others was not just a part-time thing. The need to give to others was alive in every breath he took every single day.

Michael Jackson’s entire life was receiving and giving and the whole purpose of receiving was so he could give. He worked with every cell in his body to give the gift of that amazement, that astonishment to his fellow human beings. . .

Finally, Howard concluded with this profound sentiment:

It seems strange to say this, but Michael will always be a part of me. No other superstar I worked with wound himself into the threads at my core the way he did. Michael opened a window to a quality of wonder unlike anything I’d ever been exposed to in my life. For that gift, I felt I owed him. I felt we all owed him. And we still do. We owe him an honest view of who he was. We will owe him that until we finally sweep away the crap of sensationalist headlines and clearly see why those who love him know more about him than any expert or journalist who claims to have probed his life. Those journalists and experts do not know Michael Jackson. But if you love him, there’s a good chance that you do.

These are only excerpts from Howard’s write-up at “The Happiest Medium“.  There’s much more, so please read his entire guest blog by visiting their site!

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30 Responses to “One year after Michael’s death, Howard Bloom shared more memories”

  1. Joyce says:

    @Sina and @Susan T,
    Thank you so much for your caring, thoughtful words. My dad was also 82 and so very full of life. I will always remember him that way. I actually bookmarked that WestLife Youtube clip several months ago. Thanks for providing the link here again. It is beautiful. It does bring tears, but it reminds me also of what I definitely believe. We will see all of our loved ones again and they are always with us. I think of my husband, who died 10 years ago at the age of 49, Michael, and now my dad and certainly feel their presence with me in so many ways. Thanks again.

  2. Susan T says:

    Seven, you are such a treasure! Thank you so much for sharing Howard Bloom’s thoughts. He says it all so simply, doesn’t he? “Journalists and ‘experts’ don’t know Michael Jackson. But if you love him, there’s a good chance that you do.” After more than a year and a half of listening to, and reading the words of those who “love” him, I now feel that I know him too!

    All it took for me to fall in love with him and come to know the truth was to watch him interact with children. His purity of heart, his innocence and his profound love of children is unmistakeable. You cannot help but love someone who so loves and adores children as Michael did. Even atheists can recognize the “devine” through love. Bless you, Howard!

    One day the whole world will recognize how special Michael Jackson was (IS!). There are countless reasons why millions love him and we can’t all be crazy now, can we?


    I am very sorry that your father lost his battle to live. My mother died suddenly on December 9. She was 82 and suffered from constant back pain over the last year. The letters she’d send to me spoke of her desire to go home to be with the Lord and her dearly loved husband and family members. At her funeral, our pastor said “Betty received her “early” Christmas gift”! It helped to lessen the pain.

    I can’t begin to express how I long to call her and talk to her. She was my “best friend” and I miss her so much. Life is never the same again after you say “goodbye” to someone you love so much. Life is different now and we struggle to navigate our way through an unfillable void. One day when your heart is not so raw and painful to the touch, the memories of your father will fall upon you like a warm spring rain and you will smile and know that you will see him again.

    I’m sure many of you have seen this video on Youtube. It’s a tribute to Michael with a song by the Irish boy band, Westlife. It’s one of my favorites and though I always just cry watching it, it is hauntingly beautiful and confirms what I believe with all my heart….

    I’ll see you again, Sweet Michael!, and all those whom I love so much!

    Here’s the link to the Youtube video:

  3. Sina says:

    @Joyce, my sincere condolences, I know how it feels to lose a parent. You dont want them to suffer, but you want to have them forever. Both my parents who were my rolemodels passed shortly before Michael and I still miss them every single day. But they stay in your heart forever and somehow they are always around.

    SueUK I also talk about Michael to people at work, friends, family, not in a defensive way, but so they know where I stand. I tell them about the side of him they dont hear in the media. I was shocked how little people know about him. Thats why I dont bombard them with information, but I do react when I hear ignorance. Most people at my work, family or friends were once a fan of his music, some still admire him or are neutral to what they hear from the media but a few believe evrything they read. Those I asked to respect how I feel and not discuss it in my presence. Most people are very supportive though, even if they dont understand why Im so passionate about it.

    Greet, I understand that there was no balance at all and it bothers me that much has nt changed. To me its not a fan thing( well, honestly speaking part of it is…), its about injustice and the fact that it could happen while we were watching.
    I once rallied against the Berlin wall and communist dictatorship , against nukes and against apartheit in SA and Im sure it helped to change things. The injustice that Michael Jackson suffered is not the same in quantity, but definitely in its nature, its the same mechanism. And its not acceptable.
    We cant change what happened but people should know that it happened and maybe we can prevent more victims.
    Thats why I hope someone will write about it and I will suppport any serious initiative to do that.
    Meanwhile I keep enjoying Michaels music, shortfilms ,interviews, videos, read his poems and uplifting stories from people who really knew him.
    Thanks to Seven for being a platform and a medium to this.

  4. Inga says:

    Thank you Seven for this great piece too. Only lies and half-truths had been printed in the media, and it goes on…
    Have a look at this page, maybe you know it already, but it’s also a ray of hope.
    with L.O.V.E from germany

  5. Greet says:

    Sina, indeed it is a shame that these articles came out after June 25, but the same, if they would have been there, or sometimes they were there, they were not published by the media. They are not published now either. If it was not for internet, nobody would Know. Nothing has changed. Media only report now trash, again. And the people in general, that are not MJ fans, they don’t dig for it. It has to be thrown at them in papers, magazines or on TV. And most journalists don’t love Michael, so they don’t know him (and vice versa). We have to treasure people like William Wagener, Charles Thomson, Aphrodite Jones, Geraldo Rivera, Rev. Kaufmann, Rev. Mc Gross, and… you Seven. Thanks again for this beautiful article. Well said Mr. Bloom. Sometimes it takes a genius to recognize a genius.

  6. Renee says:

    I too had a profound awakening when Michael passed although like most I NEVER believed the salicious lies and propoganda that was being spouted about him. Michael’s spirit is “beautiful” and one that is sorely missed still today. I felt so bad that I had not paid as much attention in the past as I am now, however, I can only move forward and make a difference in my small world. To find a person who touches so many lives like he did is truly a God-given blessing and one that as Anericans we took for granted. God have mercy on us and help us to be better.

  7. SueUK says:

    I love this web-site which I visit regularly and thankyou Seven for sharing this from Mr Bloom and all the other aticles.I always read the comments as well .So nice to know we aren’t alone. (Nellie0321, I have to say that both of your comments have expressed exactly what I feel)

    I felt an overwhelming desire to find out more about Michael after his death, and I did so with a completely open mind. Reading some of the articles ( and watching the interviews ) which took place over several years, in such a relatively short space of time, highlighted for me that apart from the obvious slurs and lies, there was in some cases a sinister pattern, which is more apparent with the benefit of hindsight.
    Have you seen the “bug on stage” you-tube clip. Delightful!! However accompanying newspaper reports at best, seem to suggest Michael was some sort of idiot who called Security to remove a bug from the stage!. On the face of it not that serious , but taken together with constant negativity, articles like this ( and worse) helped to create this false picture of him which was later exploited in the most despicable way.

    I find the most difficult thing in trying to change other’s views about him, is actually bringing his name into a conversation, although I imagine there will be plenty of negative talk once the Dr Murray trial begins.

    So this is how I go about it. ( Please accept my sincere apologies if it sounds patronising.. it isn’t meant to be!)

    1.I have prepared in my mind exactly what I am going to say in response to the usual negative comments I am going to get.

    2 I try to speak in a matter of fact way and not to be on the defensive.( The message I try to convey is that what I feel about Michael goes without saying, and shouldn’t really need further explanation)

    3.I try to include the Humanitarian aspect and how he viwed his gifts ( but without using the word Angel, although we all know he was!)

    I am very lucky that I have a great rapport with my colleagues at work, who know I have strong views about lot’s of thing in life, and sometimes tease me about in unmercifully! Quite often I will use the expression ” oh don’t get me started about…..” so that’s what I,ve tried with Michael. So you can imagine the suprise when they think I am going to be negative, when what I actually say is ” I think he was a kind, sensitive and sincere loving man, who genuinely and unconditionally wanted to share his good fortune , and who was destroyed by the despicable greed and malice of others”. They, bless them, are usually flabergasted and often reply that they didn’t think Iwas the sort of person who would like him.

    I then get bombarded with the obvious “child molester ” quote to which I reply. ” well that dosesn’t say much for my character then if you believe I would admire a person who molested children”

    And so it goes on .. “well what about making his children wear masks ?”
    I reply, “Have you ever considered that this was actually a a clever idea. It allowed them to have freedom when they were with others because nobody outside of his circle knew who they were.”

    Then I get the “baby dangling”.I explain that Michael himself admitted he was caught up in the moment and realised it was bit of a daft thing to do.

    I’m sorry this is so long winded. I emphasise that these discussions have only taken place with people I know well, but I try to use what I hope is their respect (and dare I say liking for me)
    to encourage them to think differently about Michael. I have had positive reponses.. even if in general people have said,”I’ve never really known or thought about it like that”
    One person even came to me and said that he felt the same, but never had the courage to say it.
    So little by little, step by step we can try to get the message accross.

    Got to stop now at the risk of being boring . Keep up the good work everyone. I still shed tears for Michael every day.


  8. Nann says:

    Beautiful story, thank you Seven for sharing with us.
    It is true that people around Michael will always be two camps: those who
    resent it and will continue talking about him always lie for any benefit,
    and those others who were directly charmed by his personality and deeds
    he did for the good of others. Nice words from Howard Bloom, they make me

  9. Joyce says:

    I could not have asked for a more beautiful, uplifting, and touching post to open to after being away, both physically and emotionally, for the past month or so from your inspiring blog. I think I will just start from this positive point and move forward rather than trying to catch up with everything that I have missed.
    My dad lost his hard fought battle with Pancreatic Cancer on Jan. 4th and I have been with my family. I wasn’t able to do as much on the computer as I usually do. I really was not in the frame of mind to focus on much else anyway. Michael’s music was with me every single day throughout and provided me so much peace and comfort feeling his spirit all around me.

    The last section from Howard Bloom’s story about “sweeping away the crap of sensationalist headlines…and those who love him know more about him than any so called expert or journalist who claims to have probed his life…” speaks right to my heart. I think all of us who feel such a bond and love for Michael are connected through his spirit and share a knowledge of who he really was and what his mission was all about!
    I wish I had discovered this truth long ago. I just was too caught up in my own challenges and wasn’t paying attention.

    I hope that my dad will meet Michael and finally see that, what I’m sure he considered to be my “Michael Jackson craziness”, has a much more important purpose. My dad was an incredibly generous and loving man who never said no to anyone if they needed his help. I’m sure he is joining Michael, my husband Scott, and many others in watching and guiding all of us to continue Michael’s mission of Love and healing.

    Thanks again Seven and Howard Bloom for sharing such a positive, inpiring story.

  10. Sina says:

    Seven Iam halfway your article about DDimon. Its quite a read and very disturbing too, so I took a break to read the heartwarming story of Mr Bloom.
    Its a shame stories like Mr Blooms only came out after Michael passed. They could have helped balance the negative spin of the ddimonlikes and change the public view.
    Despite all the praising articles , to the general public there is still truth in the picture people like DDimon painted of Michael, a ‘cultural conscensus’ as an opponent of the unveiling of Michaels name on his auditorium called it, that its okee to ridicule and bash him and fabricate lies about him.
    As much as I prefer reading positive stories like Nr Blooms, I think the information about the likes of DDimon on MJ sites like MJ777 should be shared with a wider audience than MJ supporters.
    I really hope someone would write a book about the people who are responsible for the willful destruction of Michael Jackson, their dirty tactics , manipulation and the abuse of their mediapower.

    Seven why dont you write the book, you have so much material and did a lot of research. Maybe you could make it a joint effort with other serious blogs like All for Love and others who write about this.
    With the trial coming and DDimon doing her dirty tricks again, it would be a perfect opportunity to put her in the spotlights and all the others who have a share in the Michael Jackson hunt.
    This story has to be told.

    Meanwhile big thanks to people like Mr Bloom who, like us, see the angel in Michael and feel confident to say it. Hope this kind of positive news also reaches the masses who are still in the dark.

  11. carina for mjj says:

    Thank you seven for this touching story.And please keep all material and your references safe.
    It is Sony that is deleting Michaels best songs and music from the Youtube.
    One day there will be an in depth book about Michael, and the writer will not be Diane Dimond or
    someone of her ilk.

  12. Derrick says:


    Great article as usual. This was a perfect follow-up to the “Dirty Diane” piece. I really love this quote from Howard’s “We will owe him that until we finally sweep away the crap of sensationalist headlines and clearly see why those who love him know more about him than any expert or journalist who claims to have probed his life. Those journalists and experts do not know Michael Jackson. But if you love him, there’s a good chance that you do.” – This speaks volumes.

  13. gigi says:

    I had came across this article by Howard Bloom the other day. Beautiful memories and read.
    I would be very interested to hear what Howard had to say about Rupert Murdoch too.

  14. Terri says:

    OMG, what beautiful story. This reaffirms everything I already knew about Michael. I too would love to hear more from Mr. Bloom.

  15. Suzy says:

    Thanks, Seven. I’d like to hear about it more too….

  16. Seven says:


    Yes it was I believe. I’d like to hear more from him about that.

  17. Seven says:


    I started this blog in November 2009 so it makes sense that you can’t go much further back than that.

    I know about some of the YouTube links – I try to fix them when I can and am aware, but things change fast on YouTube – copyright claims happen in seconds and/or users move or remove their videos or their accounts. Hard to keep it in sync.

    Thank you. 🙂


  18. Max says:

    I’ve been researching your entire blog. For some reason, I can’t go prior to December 2009. When did you start your chronicling? With passion and skill, you have grown to become a leading expert on all things MJ. I hope you understand how important this blog is, because one day most of the information you’re dipping into will be gone, and this is one of the few things that will be left. It’s lovely that it is a multi-media, four-dimensional effort. But as such it is very fragile–a lot of your YouTube links are no longer accessible. That is a shame, and shouldn’t be. I hope you are thinking of eventually writing something on paper. And that you are keeping everything you are referring to. I absolutely would urge you to bring this out for future generations who will otherwise get a distorted picture of who Michael was. If truth really does prevail, it will be because of people like you. Keep everything. Document as much as you can. Make the connections for us. It’s hard to find “experts” to trust. You are our gate-keeper to it.

  19. Suzy says:


    Was it this guy who said something about Rupert Murdoch and MJ?

  20. NellieO231 says:


    Unfortunately I now know you are right. I have become so aware of this deplorable situation since Michael died. I only wish I had realized sooner. I never read tabloids etc and have never payed attention to, what to me was “nonsense”. It just never registered that it could actually be a matter of “life or death” That it could be organized, calculated (for profit or for other motives) on such a massive scale and with such dire consequences. I just never realized. Not until June 25th, 2009. That whole evening I layed awake, thinking “what have we done?” Because of this, I have so much regret. I just wasn’t paying attention.

    Thank you so much for what you do. This website and of your other efforts in support of Michael Jackson have been a source of knowledge & inspiration to me these past, almost 18 months.

  21. Michelle says:

    Another positive saying about Michael! Thanks, Seven. Howard’s words about Michael are so touching.

  22. Seven says:


    The media has instituted a decades-long blackout of good news about Michael – news that illustrates his true character from those who knew him. They are only interested in broadcasting and printing the salacious lies and twisted facts – never the truth. Thus, the public figures that if they didn’t hear it on the news, (how wonderful Michael was and how very different he truly was from the medialoid propaganda), then it can’t be true.

    The public still largely thinks that whatever they hear or read on a TV or in a paper or magazine (or one of their network websites) is true. The trouble is, often – it isn’t. Those entities exist for profit, not truth. They tell what sells, not what’s true.

    The public still largely thinks that if they did not see or hear something on TV or in a paper or magazine or on a website of one of them – then it isn’t or cannot be true. The trouble is, often – it is! Just because the media(loids) don’t report on something doesn’t mean isn’t so, wasn’t true, or didn’t happen.

    But this is the type of critical thinking that continues to escape the public at large. This is why (besides the very profitable industry the media has made of crucifying him), most still think Michael is guilty/weird/pedophile/gay/, etc. etc. etc. Even the advent of complete acquittal in court of law doesn’t change the medialoid-fed views of the public. Nor, of course, do any other facts.

  23. june says:

    Seven, I went to bed last night still fuming over DD (however, always glad to receive your posts about her), then to wake up this morning and read Howard Bloom’s uplifting article, well it just made my upcoming day so much brighter. Thank you for sharing his words with us.

  24. emma says:

    a heartfelt writing, thanks for sharing!

  25. dez says:

    aww Bless Mr. Bloom what a touching & profound article he said. Thanks Seven!

  26. NellieO231 says:

    Thanks Seven!
    I had heard that radio interview with Howard Bloom last year and had read this blog shortly after it wad published but it is great to reread it. It renews my commitment to do what I can to help change the many misconceptions still held by so many people, (& redristributed gleefuly by the for-profit media) of this wonderful man. My hope is that Howard Bloom and the many others who are credible & who actually KNEW Michael Jackson will continue to come forward, write books and maybe even do some kind of tribute documentary or TV show that will be able to be viewed by a wider audience. As much as I love these kind of testimonials I am competely frustrated that it feels like “preaching to the choir”. So many people in my circle are so “closed off” when it comes to the subject of Michael Jackson. They don’t want to hear from me. They have their negative views and that’s that. Now, with the trial coming up I am concerned that they will be hearing nothing but more negative stuff to add to their fictionalized story 🙁

  27. Lisa MJJ1111 says:

    Thank you SEVEN, from the depths of my heart and soul..this article is the most compelling yet! If a man of science who happens to be an atheist CAN SEE MICHAEL”S GOD ESSENCE, is the world so blind that so many only see the lies??– claim to know GOD..?? We do live in duality. IT is proven every day..RIP Michael, my king of LOVE..

  28. Lisa MJJ1111 says:

    THANK YOU….So much Mr. Howard Bloom! Your words of Michael were so TRUE and so from your HEART! Michael DID GIVE SO MUCH..so MUCH, with EVERY core of of his being..his whole entire! Your words made me cry, speechless, and I felt my spirit fly with blissful agreement..Michael was sent by God, he was the greatest prophet of our time..An Angel-in human flesh, living in the human experience..”Michael is the most astonishing person in the face of this planet” and I did met him too, his heart, his spirit, his love, and his soul..Coming from an Atheist this is so compelling..Mr. Bloom maybe an atheist, yet, he seems to SEE Michael’s TRUTH then some who claim to know God, believe in God, and LOVE God!! GOD DOES WORK IN Myserious WAYS…RIP King of all Angels, King of HEARTS..I love you more than words can say..LOVE with all my sorrow, joy, humiity, my courage ,and my HEART..I will see you in paradise..until then I will carry on your legacy of helping heal the world.

  29. Bella Jackson says:

    Just beautiful Seven. Thank you for sharing this – tears streaming down my face.

  30. Simona says:

    Thank you, thank you Seven, I LOVE what Howard Bloom had to sayabout Michael, I absolutely love it and it touched me deeply. Thank you for letting us know, it’s such a precious testimony, so telling…..

    Lots of love 🙂