Jan 27 2011

Watch That Spin

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The Neverending SPIN Cycle

The Neverending SPIN Cycle

Well it has begun. Not that it ever really stopped. You know, the spin. The media’s penchant for making Michael Jackson into a demon and portraying him as guilty for just about any and everything they can think of. Including his own murder. As I asserted in Part 2 of the Dossier on Dirty Diane (Dimond), there are several agendas at work here besides just the media.  Let’s have a look at just one example of the spin they’re peddling now as they salivate over the upcoming trial and the chance to crucify Michael all over again:

In this Examiner piece by “Sunny Pepper“, the author uses an interesting choice of words, key facts are twisted and / or taken out of context, and certain other key facts are completely omitted:

1. Incredibly misleading title: “Michael Jackson accused of drug addiction: ‘It was his milk’

Michael Jackson “accused“? Excuse me? Well isn’t that an interesting choice of word by Ms. Pepper

Michael Jackson is dead. And he’s not the one on trial here, Conrad Murray is. And Michael Jackson is dead because of Conrad Murray, not because he was a “drug addict“.

This was a homicide, not a death from a drug overdose. Did Ms. Pepper fail to even read the autopsy report before writing this rubbish? Further, does Ms. Pepper not know the difference between testimony meant to illustrate a point and an accusation?

2. MICHAEL JACKSON CALLED DRUG “MILK” – with a paragraph following stating that Michael was ‘addicted‘ to propofol

First of all, the entire medical community calls propofol ‘milk‘. The term they use is ‘milk of amnesia‘. You can check that out in the video below. Listen to the anesthetist tell Dr. Sanjay Gupta that propofol is called “milk of amnesia“. Everyone in the medical field calls it that. And being in that field, Conrad Murray certainly knows this.

In fact one of the few if not the only person who claims that Michael himself called it that is Conrad Murray and he cannot be trusted because he has clearly sought to mislead EMTs, UCLA hospital personnel, and police investigators in this case. He has withheld key facts, hidden evidence, and his story and his timelines are grossly inconsistent.

The author of the above-mentioned Examiner article also completely omits the fact that medical personnel call propofol ‘milk‘ themselves. That is an important fact for the public to know. Yet these articles and most media reports about this case fail to mention it.

Secondly, propofol is not physically addictive. We’ve discussed that before here.


It was not Ruffalo who said that. The only person I know of who mentioned ‘milk‘ during the pretrial hearings was Investigator Orlando Martinez. And he was quoting what Dr. Murray told him during the investigation when Murray spoke to him. Martinez wasn’t making that claim himself, he was quoting Conrad Murray – repeating his statements.

Why would it matter whether Ruffalo or Martinez or Murray said that?  Because the claim that anyone made that statement other than Conrad Murray puts the blame on Michael Jackson for his own death, and simultaneously shifts the blame and focus off of Conrad Murray. It’s a shifty tactic, indeed. Ms. Pepper needs to get her facts straight unless she’s studying to be the next Diane Dimond.


Ms. Pepper takes Ruffalo’s statements completely out of context. If the defense is going to abuse the claim that Michael was a ‘drug addict‘ and claim that’s why he died, then Ruffalo’s point was (and he said this later in his testimony) that it was still in his opinion a homicide and that Murray was still at fault because besides enabling his allegedly addicted patient, he furthermore abandoned this patient. Ms. Pepper finally admits this in her last paragraph but only after she trumpets that Ruffalo said Michael was a drug addict. But Ruffalo said no such thing. He simply used Murray’s statements to police to make his point. It was Conrad Murray who asserted that Michael “may be” becoming addicted to propofol, not Ruffalo.

And once again, propofol is not physically addictive. That is another ignorant meme that needs to be vehemently refuted.

5: MURRAY CHARGED WITH INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTERWhile he was making the case Dr. Murray was guilty for his death regardless if he administered the drug or not, Dr. Ruffalo’s accusations that Michael was an addict shocked the family. Media present for the case noted the “audible gasp” from the Jackson family upon hearing the addiction accusations, but a jury will be left to decide on March 28 when the case goes to trial.

Now why would you think there would be such an ‘audible gasp‘ from the family? Might it be because Michael was not anything akin to a “heroin addict” and they didn’t appreciate him being defined that way? I wonder how Ms. Pepper’s family would react if she were defined that way in a courtoom? I’m certain they’d be just as aghast at the suggestion.

Once again, these statements by Ruffalo were not “accusations“, and I take issue with Ms. Pepper’s choice of word there. These statements were testimony meant to point out that the defense and Murray’s claims are simply indefensible and that Michael Jackson died because of the actions and negligence of Conrad Murray.

MTV has also employed a similar tactic, claiming that Ruffalo’s statements were that Michael was an addict, when it was actually Conrad Murray’s assertion that Michael was an addict, not Ruffalo’s. Again, Ruffalo’s point with his statements, referring to what Conrad Murray asserted to police, was that Murray was negligent and abandoned his patient, thus Murray’s claim that Michael was an addict is moot. Ruffalo was simply going by what Murray had told police and from there, using that to illustrate why he would still consider Michael’s death a homicide.

The same MTV article also attributes the statement to others that Michael called propofol his “milk“. Again that is not the case. Others who testified were merely referring to what Conrad Murray told police. In other words, it wasn’t these investigators or Ruffalo (an anesthesiologist) who claimed Michael was an addict and that he ‘demanded his milk‘ – it was Conrad Murray who made these claims in his statements to police. Martinez (one of the investigators) quoted Murray’s statements in his testimony, and Ruffalo simply went with Murray’s assertions to illustrate why Michael’s death was still caused by Murray and not Michael.

Our friends at MJJ Justice Project in a blog about this same subject asked the question: Why are these statements from the preliminary hearings being distorted by the Examiner and manipulated by MTV to make it appear as if Murray isn’t the source of them?

Because coming from Conrad Murray (which they actually did), those statements would be rightfully dismissed as a tactic for Murray to cover his butt and weasel out of any responsibility for Michael’s death. But said to be coming from the prosecution’s witnesses, it puts the blame for Michael’s death instead onto Michael.  See the spin?

Beware dear readers. This stuff is like kudzu and it’s only going to get worse as this trial gets underway and as the defense, the media, AEG’s operatives in the media (AEG are the ones who benefit from an insurance payout from Michael’s ‘drug overdose‘) and Conrad Murray’s PR firmcatapult the propaganda‘ in an effort to put Michael on trial again – this time for his own murder, all while trying to make Conrad Murray look innocent.

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35 Responses to “Watch That Spin”

  1. Seven says:


    That is an interesting question. We are very curious to know who is paying for all of Murray’s security, his posh vacations, his legal fees, professional PR firm, etc. etc. His home was in foreclosure too, and now that has been mysteriously remedied. Someone seems to be funding and protecting this man. The charges against him are of course inadequate considering what he’s done and he with the exception of California, he continues to maintain a medical license in spite of gross misconduct as a physician. He did not practice in California anyway except for Michael so this is no consequence to him.

    Who is protecting this man? Who is funding him? And why?

    Yes, we’d like to know.

  2. Lisa MJJ1111 says:

    Thank you Carina for mjj, I learned something new! Yatrogenic..”Murray giving Michael anesthetic dose of propofol over an extended period of time..” Very interesting indeed..Now this sounds to me VERY INTENTIONAL..the more I read about Murray’s behavior the more knowledgement that Michael was MURDERED! And the more proof that a whole lot of people, were behind it..RIP our Angel, of Love..God’s law is not man’s law..ALL those who are behind Michael’s death AND anguish during his life..will pay..one way or another.

  3. carina for mjj says:

    And who will now pay for murrays PR-firm?It is really bad that professional spin masters
    insert themselves into the workings of the justice system.Will murray take acting lessons like the Arvizio kid did? All this, and then he cries that he cant maintain all
    the baby-mamas and their children.Using this argument for keeping his medical licenses too.Is there no wasy of finding out who pays him, his debts seem to have disappeared and his house is no longer in foreclosure.

  4. carina for mjj says:

    “The Spin” ie the media and the defence of murray are desparate to make the connection “drug abuse “.Still other dr´s investigated were found not to have given Michael “drugs” and all that was found at autopsy was meds by murray.
    What Michael had was yatrogenic dependency on Propofol. Yatrogenic is a medical term used for disturbances caused by faulty medical care.Murray giving Michael anesthetic doses of propofol over an extended period of time did create such a state of dependency.The longer he was “treated” with Propofol the further it took him to be able to get natural sleep.Now for murray to “wean” him was far too late in the game. and murray is the one who created this very dependency.It is important to know this and not mix it up with “drugaddiction”.

  5. Vanessa Donovan says:

    Why can’t they leave Michael alone and let him rest in peace, he did nothing wrong, Murray did and the sooner this is proved the case the better. His poor family must be going through hell. I love you Michael,I miss you, still grieve for you, you should still be with us, forever your devoted fan.xx