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Michael offers comfort and gifts to victims of Stockton school shooting

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Michael at Stockton Elementary after the shooting

Michael at Cleveland Elementary, Stockton, CA

Some of you may have already read or seen this story. However, I wanted to include it here because it speaks so well of Michael’s heart. This the Michael we know – the man who could feel a child’s heart breaking or a sense a child’s pain or fear from anywhere across the world or hear a child’s tiny voice in a noisy restaurant – and immediately want to help, listen, and comfort.

…All they can do is be themselves, to shine with gratitude and joy when love is turned their way. Yet isn’t that ultimately the greatest power? In the eyes of a child you become the source of joy, which lifts you into the special category of caregiver and life-provider….

Michael Jackson

SOURCE: http://mjandjustice4some.blogspot.com/2011/01/cleveland-school-shootings-and-michael.html

On January 17th, 1989, a deranged man opened fire at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton California. Five children perished in this senseless act.  A man named Patrick Purdy, the lone gunman, had pulled his station wagon up to the back of the school, set the vehicle on fire, put earplugs in ears, then proceeded to spray 106 bullets into a schoolyard of small children – kindergarten up to about third grade. By the time this assault ended, one teacher and 29 students were injured and five children were dead. Purdy then shot himself in the head.

Other schools in the Stockton District were on lockdown for hours. All students in the district were ordered to get under their desks for about an hour. Parents were of course terrified and wanted to bring their children home but SUSD (Stockton Unified School District) would not allow it for fear that other shootings might take place. Of course for weeks following parents were very afraid to send their kids to school, even though Purdy didn’t seem to be be affiliated with any cause or group and was evidently a lone gunman.

No celebrities stepped in to offer help or support after this horrific scene. Most probably didn’t even know about it or if they did, stayed far away. Except of course, Michael Jackson.

A few weeks after the shooting, Diane Batres, head of the Victim Witness program in Stockton, received a call from MJJ productions. At first, she thought it was someone wanting to make a film and she was furious. But when she learned it was Michael Jackson wanting to visit the school and offer comfort and moral support to the children, she was happy to set up a day when Michael could visit the school. Ms. Batres commented:

It was very kind of him to do this. He brought truckloads of gifts and held children in his arms. He was genuinely concerned and expressed his sorrow. One of the mothers called after the experience and said, ‘I am so glad I saw that’ because she realized for the first time that there were no yellow tears, white tears, brown tears and black tears. Every tear was the same color. They all felt the same sadness.

Michael also distributed videotapes of his latest recordings to the children and staff at the school. One of the songs distributed was Man in the Mirror.

Honestly he had a heart big enough for the world. that says it all for me.


THIS is the REAL Michael Jackson . . .

The above picture was taken in Stockton while Michael was visiting Cleveland Elementary School.

The above picture was taken in Stockton while Michael was visiting Cleveland Elementary School.

Michael at Cleveland Elementary, Stockton, CA

Michael at Cleveland Elementary, Stockton, CA

Michael with girl at Cleveland Elementary, Stockton, CA

Michael with girl at Cleveland Elementary, Stockton, CA

Michael in classroom at Stockton, CA school after shooting

Michael in classroom at Cleveland Elementary, Stockton, CA

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19 Responses to “Michael offers comfort and gifts to victims of Stockton school shooting”

  1. SOPHORN S. says:

    i was in kindergarten, just finished recess and was getting ready to get into our class line to go to lunch. that’s when the shooting started. then in a wide array of panic, we were shoved into the cafeteria, not knowing what’s going on i cried for my brother which was outside still. we were in there for what seems like hours. i didn’t know the extent of the shooting until i got home. living in a suburban ghetto where the majority of the tenants are cambodians and are very closed stitched to each other, cries can heard through the corridors of the apartments. burial ceremonies lasts for weeks. i was only 6 at the time. i almost wish i can forget. and for most of my life, those horrible years stays dormant, until i see pictures like these, then those memories come flashing back. and i cant help but to get all teary eyed and ask why me.

  2. Deb says:

    The petition to get the Grammys to honor M.J. with an annually presented humanitarian award currently has 778 signatures.
    Those wishing to add theirs may do so at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/grammys-should-honor-michael-jackson-with-humanitarina-award/

    Names will remain hidden upon request.

  3. liz says:

    soooooo good to know of all of you out there who know of michaels love.

    his love is eternal

    he lives on in every one of us who know of his love, spread the word for the world needs to know, oh what a loss xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    god bless all of you

  4. Charlene says:

    Seven – I LOVE this beautiful story of Michael’s love and caring for the children who were so devastated by this tragic event. And the photos are precious! I didn’t know about Michael’s trip to Stockton. I somehow missed this story in all of my ‘travels’ on this journey of discovery about the real Michael Jackson. I hope more and more people will continue discovering his true heart with stories such as this. The key, I think, is to just keep putting them out there. You never know when someone will come across a story for the first time, even though it’s been published time and again. Thank you for all you do to get this valuable information ‘out there’ for people to find and read and to know without a doubt the kind of person Michael really was behind his public image of a superstar.

    I just came from the MJ Fan Club site and they have posted a request for stories about Michael’s generosity and love. They are creating a new section on the site called “Stories of Michael’s Love” highlighting Michael’s philanthropic efforts. I think this story would make a great addition to this section on their website. I know you have many stories in your archives that would be just as perfect to post there. If you want to make a submission, here is the link to their announcement with instructions on how to submit stories:


    You have published so many wonderful stories like this, I hope you will consider sharing this one and/or others with MJFC.

    Thank you for your endless work and tireless dedication to this wonderful site!!

  5. Hayat says:

    I don’t know if you guys ever heard Janet’s song: ‘Living in a world they didn’t make’…
    She made this beautiful song about that tragic event. This song cutts me in my deepest core. I think its one of her best songs ever.
    And as for Michael…
    He did everything he could to save, help and comfort those in need. Especially the litlle ones…
    A true inspiration to all.

  6. LoveMJ says:

    Awww, what a sweetheart. This is who Michael really was, the Michael that the media didn’t know or refused to talk about.
    It’s so sad, it breaks my heart that when he was alive the media & ignorant general public couldn’t understand what he was about. They didn’t see the true Michael who is nothing but wonderful and innocent.

    I miss him so much everyday. I was thinking about how happy I was when he was here last night and I just cried so much.:(
    His beautiful children need their father, it’s so unfair.
    He could be here right now living his life to the fullest with his kids and doing whatever he wanted.

    He did so much for this world, so much. Yet they just abused him for it. I call it racist, jealous and evil what they did to him.

    We need Justice for Michael now!! Lock up his murderer!!

  7. Lisa MJJ1111 says:

    Michael was an ANGEL in plain sight! This is the man that was tortured and murderd because of greed and prejudices. Michael’s heart was so big he felt the whole world’s pain..and they tugged at him, endlessly, so then he scattered his LOVE to the whole world, so nobody got left out. It is enought if we help those in our community, it is enough if we help one human being unconditionally in our lifetime..Michael went beyond what is expected in everything he did; creatively, and with his heart. Michael was an angel in plain sight–no hiding it-yet, his light, his aura was so powerful, even if you never met him, you felt it. I did,and millions of others. Then I have spoken to those who did, and read about it..what an honor, to have been near that light, the essence of God pouring out of him. My love for Michael is 4Ever, until the wind stops blowing through the trees, until the stars stop shinning..until the end of time. I cannot describe fully the love I have for Michael, there really is no words for it. All I know is what what my heart whispers to me, what my heart is needing, what my heart is acheing for. It is the love for Michael that keeps me strong, to continue his legacy..although, some days I cannot seem to want to continue here, in this demision, for his pressence from our planet, has left me empty..yet, I pray for strength, and then I realize that I must be strong for Michael, we must be strong for Michael, to carry out his love and legacy throughout the world, to carry out his truth..Seven, you are carring out his truth, his legacy..and all those who saw and now sees this Angel’s Heart. RIP my King-Angel of LOVE..I know you are in blissfullness..encompassed in pure love, in a place where violence, fear, prejudices, and hate do not exist..I can see you riding wildly on a horse, feeling the breeze on your long black hair, and along the ride, are animals of all breeds and colors,running with you, on the ocean shore..I hope to join, my king,soon. And I also know that you are able and do so, watching over us, guiding us, loving us to help heal our world.

  8. Joyce says:

    Thanks for providing more details about this horrific event and Michael’s incredible loving response. I had heard something about this before but this provides much more personal input and is yet another example of Michael’s true caring spirit. I was living in San Diego at this time. I do remember hearing about the incident at the school but have no recollection of Michael’s response. I am sure that as with most of the caring and giving things Michael did to help so many children, this was done with very little publicity or fanfare but simply as a true expression of care and concern. Michael was the true embodiment of LOVE for all mankind especially all the world’s children. Now all of us will make sure that his loving spirit will live on forever.

  9. carina for mjj says:

    I feel just like “its only me” on post 1.The world needs to be reminded that Michael was always there to help the needy and sick, he gave of himself and donated a great part of the money he earned.He must have endured so much pain for having been wrongly accused and totally misunderstood.On tours he made a point of visiting childrens hospitals and orphaneges, usually without much or any publicity.

  10. melinda says:

    Thank you for this story , Michael cared so much about children that suffered in the world . Seven keep his legacy alive with these stories that are full of L.O.V.E just love !!

  11. Ellen says:

    This is just another example of Michael’s heart of gold. He was the best at everything he did, because he did everything with pure love and passion. So many people need to know what a treasure we had in our midst who was always put down and crucified – so much so that their hateful actions destroyed a beautiful human being. But Michael is free at last from all the pain he had to endure here on this earth and rests forever peacefully with God. I love you and miss you terribly, sweet Michael, but I am comforted knowing that you can never, ever be hurt again.

  12. Jeanne says:

    Michael is Pure Love and Beauty. It is such a joy to read these stories. Thank you Seven for all the wonderful stories you bring to this site.

  13. Michelle says:

    This is why Michael is such a sweetheart. We love you more, Michael!!!

  14. Lúcia Petri says:

    Muitos não souberam entender Michael Jackson, que só fez o bem aqui na terra e acredito que agora está num lugar muito melhor e mais adequado ao seu perfil de anjo…♥

    Ele sempre estará em minhas lembranças com muito amor!

  15. Mjalima says:


  16. pavitra says:

    🙁 i love you michael jackson.i love you so much.

  17. ChildSaskia says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Michael’s greatest wish and dream was to wrap his arms around all children of the world and protect them and keep them safe from harm. And he gave his everything to bring joy, hope, love and comfort to children. We should follow him and join him in making his dream come true: to make this world a better place for our children and put a smile on their little innocent faces. For me, this is one of the greatest joys the heart can feel.

  18. its only me says:

    thank you, for a site that i can enjoy, i look at your site as often as i can, keep it going, this article made me cry and seem happy at the same time. Steps need to be taken to make sure micheal is reconized as a great humanitarian on a every day basis and not just part time. what a wondeful human being he was.

    thanking you and looking forward to the next article.