Nov 28 2009

Notes for an Elegy in The Key of Michael (I)

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Notes for an Elegy In The Key Of Michael

Notes for an Elegy In The Key Of Michael (I)

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6 Responses to “Notes for an Elegy in The Key of Michael (I)”

  1. Fuzzball says:

    Wouahh… speechless… for the poem and for your artwork

  2. debby says:

    Seven, my dear friend.. your artwork moves me every time I am privileged to view it.. but viewing it is not the reality of the words I should use.. Actually.. I experience Michael.. the love..the tenderness of a gentle kiss to a child – to the all out force of the dynamics of how he pours himself out (as in the 2nd image of your portrait above)until there is not one drop left..

    which brings me to my favorite line of the poem:

    “A horn of plenty spills from your hands into the starved lives of millions”..

    ~ breathtakingly poignant..

    Thank you..

  3. Quotable Poet and Michael Jackson Rock Google News « The Quotable Poet says:

    […] hard-hitting new site called MJJ-777 by somebody who KNOWS how to work a website posted QP’s poem Notes for an Elegy in the Key of Michael . Even I have to admit that site is rockin nuggets sweet and I would post one of the images from it […]

  4. Robin says:

    Breathtaking! Remarkably beautiful words and pictures to illustrate them. Amazing!

  5. Seven says:

    I ADORE that picture! It’s truly beautiful. Two precious angels! SO tender and sweet.

    Aberjhani is a wonderful writer. I admire his work very much and he really respects Michael. He kindly gave me permission to share his poem here.

  6. Bonnie Cox says:

    This is Beautiful. “….Wings of white flame torch his throat . . . his voice has arrived . . .” and Seven, you got my baby-kissy picture in there! LOL!