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Simply the Best

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Michael at the Met, Feb. 7th, 1984

Michael at the Met, Feb. 7th, 1984

I’ve missed one anniversary in this piece by a couple of days but I’ll post it anyway. I felt the piece from Lisa the Lawyer should take precedence with the trial coming up so quickly.

I had been looking for a comprehensive list of all of Michael’s Guinness records and seems maybe I’ve found one to share. I’d really like a comprehensive list of all awards Michael has won and all the records he has broken, and broken again (in some cases he broke his own records).

When you see even a partial list of Michael’s exhaustive achievements, you quickly realize just how much he really accomplished in his life, not only as the world’s best entertainer, artist, and filmmaker but also as one of the world’s most generous and empathetic humanitarians, one of the finest human beings to ever live – nevermind the consistently negative medialoid propaganda about him that is hellbent on ignoring all this.

Along with his more prominently-known humanitarian work, let’s not forget all those whom Michael mentored and inspired, lives he saved, and people he helped along the way. Much of that is documented here and of course elsewhere, while you won’t hear a peep about it from the media. Taken all together it’s just astounding. An entire book or documentary could be created just covering Michael’s humanitarian work – and one absolutely should be. Part of the problem is, so many of those he helped were silent during his life of course, in order to protect his wishes for privacy. After he left this life, some have come forward and I share as many of their stories here as possible – but one has to wonder how many more there are?

The other problem is that funding for such an endeavor is non-existent and no major media outlets are interested, of course – unless they could taint the thing with their own particular brand of misinformation and tabloid garbage about the man.

Considering all he’s done, it’s not a stretch to say that Michael Jackson was unmatched, unbeatable, and unmistakably ‘The Best’. There will never be another entertainer, humanitarian or human being who can or would do all he did in his tragically shortened life. One has to wonder too, what other astounding things Michael might have accomplished had he not been taken from us so soon.

February 7, 1984: Michael, along with 1500 invited guests, attends the New York Metropolitan Museum of Natural History to receive awards from CBS and ‘The Guinness Book Of World Records’. To date, ’Thriller’ has sold over 25 million copies worldwide – more than any other album in recording history. Michael is presented with the first edition of the 1984 paperback version of ’The Guinness Book of World Records’, which he receives from Norris McWhirter.

For the first time ever, Bantam Books halt the presses between January 20 and 23 so that two new entries can be added to the book at the last minute announcing ’Thriller’ as the largest-selling album of all time and the album with the most Top Ten singles (six).

Despite below-freezing temperatures more than 1,000 fans wait patiently for a mere glimpse of Michael. The invitation itself was unique, printed on a single white cloth glove.

Allen Davis, President of CBS Records International says:

Tonight Michael, your milestones for the album ’Thriller’ are a total of 67 Gold and 58 Platinum awards in 28 countries on six continents. And the singles, with 9 million sales have earned 15 more awards, bringing the total of 140 Gold and Platinum awards.

I’ve always wanted to do great things and achieve many things, but for the first time in my entire career, I feel like I have accomplished something because I’m in The Guinness Book Of Records!

-Michael Jackson, 7th Feb 1984


MJ With his Guiness Records

SOURCE: seeing-stars.com

Mr. Jackson was the most famous person in the world. He was a beloved and talented entertainer who leveraged his fame, musical genius and talent to spread his humanitarian messages in lyrics and as an ambassador of change in order to make the world a better place for people and particularly children. Jackson is reported to have personally contributed to the support of 39 charities and reportedly donated $300 million dollars to charities and philanthropic organizations on behalf of children of the world.

Most Successful Concert Series – Guinness Book Of World Records:

Michael Jackson sold out for seven nights at Wembley Stadium, London, England in the summer of 1988. A total of 504,000 people saw Michael perform July 14-16, 22-23, and August 26-27, 1988.

Biggest Selling Album Of All Time – Guinness Book Of World Records:

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Album is the biggest selling album of all time, with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. Thriller is also the biggest selling U.S album with sales of 25 million copies.

80’s Most #1 Hits:

By The End of the 1980’s Michael Jackson had more #1 hits than any other artist for the decade.

Michael has more awards than any other artist

Entertainer Of The Decade:

With the #1 (Thriller) and #2 (Bad) ranked albums in the world Michael was the 1980’s Entertainer Of The Decade.

Most Grammy Awards – Guinness Book Of World Records:

Michael won a record breaking 8 Grammy Awards in 1984, more than any other artist in one year.

Largest Contracts – Guiness Book Of World Records:

$890 million (Sony Music) Contract, with prospective earnings of $1 billion.

Greatest Audience – Guiness Book Of World Records:

The highest-ever viewership was 133.4 million viewers watching the NBC transmission of Super Bowl XXVII on June 31, 1993. Michael was spotlighted during the half-time peformance.

Highest-Paid Commercial Spokesperson – Guiness Book Of World Records:

Pepsi Cola paid Michael Jackson $12 million to do 4 TV commercials.

Bad Tour – Guinness Book Of World Records:

Michael Jackson’s world tour brought in a record gross revenue of over $124 million during September 1987-December 1988.

100 Million Records:

Michael has sold over 100 million singles and albums outside of the U.S.

Billboard Charts:

Michael Jackson is the first person in the 37 year history of the chart to enter at # 1, with his single “You Are Not Alone“. Michael broke his previous record held by his single “Earth Song” which debuted at #5.

Biggest Selling Video:

Michael Jackson’s “The Making Of Thriller” is the biggest selling video to be released by an artist.

Billboard “Hot 100” Singles Chart:

Most #1 Hits by Male Artist (13)

#1 Debuts:

Michael’s “Bad”, “Dangerous”, and “HIStory” albums all debuted at #1.

Consecutive #1 Singles:

Jackson 5 were the first group to ever have four consecutive #1 singles.

#1 On Charts:

In 1983 Michael became the first artist to simultaneously hold the number one spots on Billboard’s rock albums and rock singles charts, as well as the R&B albums and singles charts.

First Video:

Michael Jackson was the first black artist to have a video aired on MTV.

For more information, visit: http://www.seeing-stars.com/museums/guinness.shtml

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Rarely has the world received a gift with the magnitude of artistry, talent, and vision as Michael Jackson. He was a true musical icon whose identifiable voice, innovative dance moves, stunning musical versatility. A 13-time GRAMMY recipient, Michaels career transcends musical and cultural genres and his contributions will always keep him in our hearts and memories.

Neil Portnow
The Recording Academy

Michael Jackson’s achievements include 14 Guinness World Records—including one for “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time“—18 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, 12 World Music Awards and the sale of over 750 million units worldwide. Winning numerous awards for his humanitarian endeavors, the singer has been honoured by two Presidents of the United States.

He has also been named as the artist of “the Decade“, “Generation“, “Century“, and “Millenium” and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2002. He is the most awarded artist of all time and has more Guinness World Records than any other artist.

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15 Responses to “Simply the Best”

  1. MichaelPureSoul says:

    Wow, that first picture above is WONDERFUL, what a HAPPY SMILE !!

  2. Sina says:

    on top of evrything he is so darn good looking. beauty in and out.

  3. TatumMarie says:

    There should be a Michael Jackson channel.

  4. AnMarie says:

    I sit here, teary-eyed, as I make this post…Mike worked his ‘arse’ off! He didn’t have time to hate, he didn’t have time for evil. “Baybeh Boi” was too B.U.S.Y. spreading love! Those who lied on him & about him, will pay:

    (1) Exodus 23:1 “Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness.”
    (2) Proverbs 19:5-6 “A lying witness will not go unpunished. One who tells lies will not escape. Many try to win the kindness of a generous person, and everyone is a friend to a person who gives gifts.”

    Michael gave all he had, & yet, it wasn’t enough – they always wanted more…

    -R.I.P. Baybeh!
    I’ll LuvU4eva!

  5. Dialdancer says:

    Here is one that is not in any record book. The only man in modern history to have inspired so many people to come together, put aside their differences and work for a common good. Inspired not just once or twice, but for decades even after death.

  6. Joyce says:

    “Simply the Best” absolutely says it all! There never will be another who can compare to Michael Jackson. “Often imitated but never duplicated” was a slogan for some company, I don’t recall what, but it certainly fits for Michael Jackson. Many have, and will continue to try to imitate and be the next “Michael”. Some may have their moment to shine but none will ever come close to the amazingly talented entertainer, the incredibly caring and giving humanitarian, and simply the most loving son, brother, father, friend and human being that was and will always be Michael Jackson!

    Thanks again Seven for all the wonderful information.

  7. Cynthia Kent says:

    Oh this video was Awsome!!! Michael WAS simply the best!!! no one could come close…EVER! If more of us could be more like Michael with his gentle giving spirit just imagine how great the world would be. He taught be kindness…creativety…tolerance…and above all L.O.V.E!! Michael you will be in my heart forever 4EVER!!! L.O.V.E. U More!!!

  8. melinda says:

    Michael will always be with us and we will see him again when god calls us back to heaven . So its not a goodbye that michael says it just an until we meet again . A part of him is within us . There will never be another like him , god sends us gifts and we have to appreciate them , but when they leave , a part of us goes with them . You never know what you have until it’s gone .

  9. Solar says:

    Michael’s song, “What More Can I Give” truly says it all.

    But $ONY deprived him, and most importantly, the whole World of that too by sabotaging its release.

  10. Mjalima says:

    How blessed and loved was Michael Joseph Jackson

  11. Michelle says:

    Michael still is the best pop star in the world. No artist today can come close to him!

  12. truth seeker says:

    Indeed Carina. The lyrics from YRMW comes to mind “Everything I own, I give.”

  13. carina for mjj says:

    Michael donated nearly half of what he earned during his life time.Impossible to count exatly.And even more, he gave of himself,making a point of visiting children in hospitals and orphaneges while on tours.And whatever people of ill will are going to say
    Neverland was created to bring joy to children. And his beatiful “giving tree” there –
    I hope that tree is still there and alive. When it comes to saving lives and improving
    quality of life murray does not come close despite the clips his PR-Firm puts out.
    Not to forget Michaels contributions to education for blacks. Bashir, Evans and the Arvizios + collaborators from media bear the brunt of his difficulties for the past
    years of his life .Now that the trial is coming up it is even more important to emphasize
    his humanitarian contributions.

  14. Vanessa Donovan says:

    Michael was the greatest artist that ever lived, there will be noone to replace him.

  15. Ellen says:

    This absolutely will blow you away. Michael was undoubtedly the best at everything he accomplished in his short life. How I wish that many more people could know and appreciate this. God sent us a precious jewel of a human being and I will be forever thankful that Michael was here on this earth during my lifetime. I am praying for Justice for Michael at the upcoming Conrad Murray trial, although even four years in prison does not come close to what the punishment should be. We had a genius and an angel in our midst, but too many evil, greedy and jealous people could not see this and instead participated in the slow destruction of his beautiful spirit. Michael, rest in peace with the Lord and know how much you are loved and missed so deeply. There will never, ever be anyone else like Michael.