Feb 26 2011

Jaques Peretti documentary to air March 2. We need your immediate help.

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UPDATE: Arte DID broadcast Peretti’s program on French TV. They did not revise their schedule & have offered no credible reasons why.

Another defamatory film about Michael...

Another defamatory film about Michael airs again March 2nd.

We have been alerted to documentary (re)airing on March 2, 2011. This documentary by Jacques Peretti is called “Michael Jackson: What Really Happened“. It is defamatory and is based on lies and slanderous statements of Victor Guiterrez, Diane Dimond and Randy Taraborrelli. It was made two years after the verdict was rendered by the court in Santa Maria and asserts that Michael was guilty.

ARTE chose to broadcast this disrespectful program shortly after Michael’s death, when other networks were changing their programs to show tributes and concerts. And, the ARTE channel is planning on re-airing this horrendous piece of negative fiction on March 2 and thus quick action is needed from the MJJ global community.

Here is a rough English translation of the documentary’s summary:

Back on the months that followed Michael Jackson’s acquittal in 2005, after a long trial where he was accused of child molestation. We are far from the blazing image of the 80’s superstar, the “king of pop” who was electrifying crowds with his powerful voice and his suggestive hips moves. By dint of plastic surgery and Peter Pan syndrome, Michael Jackson ended up diluting his identity under pathetic masks. Through the previously unheard accounts of people from his entourage, we can see taking shape the complex and ambiguous portrait of a man who is destructing himself. Victor Gutierrez, the journalist who first publicly revealed the suspicions of child molestation, and Diane Dimond, who spent ten years investigating each lead, paint a dark and complex picture of the events. As for J. Randy Taraborrelli, one of the singer’s closest friends, he denies the rumor saying that he was beaten by his father. Finally, Bob Jones, Michael Jackson’s spokesman for twenty years, who largely contributed to creating the star’s legend, by inventing for example the nickname “King of Pop”, comes back for the first time in front of a camera on those sinister years when his boss was attracting the attention on him in a more and more negative way.

For more information about this documentary, please visit Vindicate MJ, where a thorough fact-checking was done on this terrible film. For one thing, it was Liz Taylor who coined the name “King of Pop” for Michael, not Bob Jones. But there are a great many other facts that this horrendous film gets completely wrong too, besides that minor one.

There is a petition you can sign against this documentary here: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/againstArte2

Below you will find necessary information to contact the people who are responsible for airing this program. Please act swiftly as time is of the essence.

To contact them via the internet: http://www.arte.tv/fr/a-propos/Contacts/2153474.html

Internet contact instructions:

  1. Click on the link ‘Forumlaire
  2. SKIP the first box in the resulting page
  3. Type your email address in the SECOND box on that page and click ‘Envoyer
  4. BeneathVos Coordonnees: Fill in your first name, last name, address and phone number
  5. Where you see: Vorter Question:
  • For Titre de elmission, type: Michael Jackson:What Really Happened
  • For Date de diffusion, choose the Calendar and select March 2 as the date
  • In the drop-down, choose Commentaire
  • In the box for your comments (REMARQUES), type in your comments and then click ‘Envoyer

You should get an email acknowledgement of your message at the email address you entered in step 3.

To contact them via phone:

French viewers: 03 88 14 22 55

German viewers: 0180 / 500 24 88

All other countries: +33 3 88 14 22 55

Times to call: Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

By Fax: +33 3 88 14 21 60

They also have Twitter and Facebook accounts:

Twitter (General): http://twitter.com/artetv

Twitter (in French): http://twitter.com/artefr

Twitter (in German): http://twitter.com/ARTEtv_de

Facebook (in French): http://www.facebook.com/artetv

You can also respond to their decision to air this program on their forums (in French or in German): http://www.arte.tv/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=3&langid=3

Sample message:

It has come to my attention that you plan to air a Jacques Peretti documentary on March 2, 2011. I am appealing to your sense of ethics and morals in not presenting this piece of negative propaganda on Michael Jackson to your viewers. The sources that Mr. Peretti used for this documentary have been opponents of the truth about Jackson for approximately 20 years. Michael Jackson brought a lawsuit against Victor Guiterrez and Dimond and won a $2.7 million dollar settlement for slander. Dimond has had a vendetta against Mr. Jackson and continues to express baseless opinions based on testimonies of people who were proven to have perjured themselves in the 2005 trial, where Michael Jackson was judged totally innocent of any crime. Randy Taraborelli has made a career of claiming to be an insider and friend of Michael Jackson while some of the information in his books is inaccurate at best and sometimes completely untrue at worst.

Please do not air this piece of fiction on your channel. It is unworthy of ARTE’s usually stellar broadcast standards. Thank you for you time and consideration in this urgent matter.


48 Responses to “Jaques Peretti documentary to air March 2. We need your immediate help.”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    It´s been said that a cottage industry was created , by or because of,Michael. I think the word “cottage” is too small.Somebody try to count the moneys spent on these legal matters.-More disturbing is the “industry” creaeted by the numerous
    writers and producers by evil, hateful people. I don´t know of any precedent of such a phenomenon.-I wonder how much the PR firm is involved. Do they get paid for novel projects on these lines? To me all this seems somehow strange.

  2. carina for mjj says:

    These hateful onslaughts on Michael make me so sad and mad that I get strange ideas haunting my mind.Requiem:Avanging Angel (see wiki for definition) Michael was for piece and healing and it is strange that just this man inspires so much hate.

  3. Sina says:

    @Greet, right now I feel utterly frustrated because of the outcome and for being ignored by Arte.
    I wrote a letter to Arte France and summarized every fact I know about the non-credibility of all the characters in the documentary and why they shouldnt air it. From dimond to bob jones and the dispicable gutierez
    I got this automatic reaction on febr 28.
    L’equipe d’ARTE vouz remercie pour votre question. Celle-ci sera traitee dans les meilleurs delais par notre Service Telespectateurs. Si vouz avez d’autres questions, cliquez sur ce lien: http://www.arte.tv/fr/accueil/a-propos/faq/2153578.html

    I never heard from them again and I dont expect to.
    I honestly think weve reached the limit of what we can do as consumers and viewers.
    We are not that massive force when it comes to action and in terms of ratings we are not significant enough in number of viewers of the different countries to put enough pressure.
    Not to stop petitioning, but also more effective strategy is needed.
    I see two options
    1. legal action to ban documentaries like this because of its slanderous nature. Or at least impose on them to put a disclaimer that the information is not based on facts
    2. a rebuttal by a credible and preferably independent docu maker to expose all these characters and their lies and is interesting enough for a wide demographic of viewers, not only fans.
    Maybe mr Peretti himself can be asked to check his facts again and update the documentary with correct information that is closer to the truth.

    A rebuttal will have momentum now that Michael is still in the news and there is still public interest because of the trial.
    I hope someone in the field of docu making will pick up the challenge .
    If a fund is needed to finance it I will definately support and many posters here said before that they will too.

  4. carina for mjj says:

    This Peretti story is just one more blow against the memory of Michael.Sent them an e-mail.-Today just learn´t about the judge accepting N. Guirjian´joining murrays defence team.You certainly know he was on the prosecution against Michael in 2005.
    It seems murray gets all he wants.

  5. Greet says:

    They did air it, and it was horrible. My German friend asked me if we could send our complaints and comments massively to ARTE. They have to know we do not like what they did.
    I cannot post the link here, but if you google : Michael Jackson – die ganze Wahrheit, you will find it. If you go on this site, plse also mention that you only visit to make a complaint. (unfortunately, visiting adds to the rating figures) and click on the Michael Jackson 48 minute (videos.arte.tv) There is a German and French version.
    We have to protest massively. Thank you for spreading the news.

  6. jane says:

    It is nonsense!!!

  7. Sina says:

    @Seven, they really aired the program?
    Im disgusted and sad.

  8. elena says:

    the and respect, respect and respect, justizia for michael love.

  9. Seven says:

    Thanks Lisa. I am told that they did in fact air it in France just a bit ago.

  10. Lisa Geller says:

    I received this statement by email, I thought is was for the (re)airing on 2011 but actually this was the one they issued on 2009, however you can see that they never deleted it and people just kept commenting this one, also in march 2011. I suppose that they will air it again, just as they did on 2009 despite our complaints and I also think this is a strategy to gain publicity for their channel. Negative attention is better than no attention at all.

  11. Seven says:


    I know they aired it in 2009 – right after Michael’s death. Was this statement you linked to on twitlonger received from them in 2009 – or today?

  12. Lisa Geller says:

    Seven the statement that I linked was edited in 2009. It means that they aired Peretti also in 2009. It is rescheduled for march 2011, you can see at the bottom of the page “march 2011” but this statement was made in 2009.

  13. Lisa Geller says:

    Statement from “ARTE” about the (re)airing of Michael Jackson-What Really Happened by J. Peretti

  14. Marta Vlachová says:

    Jsem znechucena vysíláním dalšího poškozujícího dokumentu o MJ.Někomu nestačilo,že jsme zastavili vysílání pořadu o MJ pitvě,tak musí následovat další kompromitující a lživý pořad.Chtělo by to trochu úcty, ale té se nějak nedostává v případě, jedná-li se o MJ.Je nutné si uvědomit,že je tím vědomě poškozována celá osobnost a lidství našeho Krále popu.Copak nestačilo, když ještě žil,jak musel nevinně trpět za to, že světu rozdával peníze plnými hrstmi a zachránil tolik lidských životů?Brzy se zapomnělo na to, jak byla ponížena jeho důstojnost, když se musel svlékat do své nahoty před lidmi,nechat si fotit genitálie a natáčet na video, aby tak dokázal svou nevinu…Svět si ho nevážil,ublížili mu,jen jeho fans stáli pevně po jeho boku.Tento člověk by měl být vzorem pro každého z nás a pro další generace, nejen pro jeho neuvěřitelné vrozené talenty, ale pro jeho lidství a člověčenství a jako novodobého génia,který chtěl uzdravit svět pomocí hudby a lásky.Někam láska z našeho ponurého zlého světa zmizela a Michael Jackson ji chtěl nám všem dát a dával.Zkuste i Vy ostatní pochopit,co nám Michael sděloval ve svých písních a co za skvosty nám zanechal.Neničme planetu Zemi, je to náš domov, zkusme být k sobě lidští a podejme si ruce, chléb a vodu…zničme společně nenávist, zášť, závist a zlobu a bude na světě krásně…Přidala jsem svůj podpis k petici a snad mě bude následovat další řada lidí, kteří jsou schopni vnímat okolní svět Michaelovými smysly.

  15. Jaya says:

    Dear Seven

    As always thank you for sharing about this and the specific actions we could take to bring Light to the Truth about Michael, and act when we can to prevent further spread of Untruths – like this Peretti film.

    I have called ARTE TV, and written to them. Along with the request to use good judgment and not air programs based on slanderous information from Dimond and Guiterrez, I have also suggested ARTE TV to perhaps Replace the Peretti film by something that reflects the Truth about Michael.
    My suggestion to them was, instead of or Mr. Peretti’s untrue and slanderous film planned for March 2nd, ARTE TV’s esteemed producers can review the film “Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland”, by Mr. Nimmer, and possibly air this for their viewers INSTEAD.

    All the best to everyone on this forum!

  16. june says:

    I emailed the Arte channel and received the same canned reply as did so many others. That is perhaps the best we can hope for while keeping in mind that if Arte receives enough such email complaints it may take them seriously and at least table the documentary for the time being as they reconsider the foolishness of airing it. Thank you, Seven, for the contact information.

  17. Peggy Reißer says:

    OMG stop this now!!!!!!! Enough is enough…….leave him alone..damn!!!!!!!!

  18. Zlatka says:

    Никому ненужно е връщането към стари неща. Защо никой не се замисля, че след процеса, в който Майкъл беше оправдан, той започна да “работи” умишлено върху своето “разорение”. Това беше единствения начин Майкъл да спре унищожителните обвинения срещу себе си. Щом светът разбра, че Майкъл Джексън е разорен, спряха и обвинителните нападки срещу него. От 2005 до 2009 имаше ли обвинения за блудство – нямаше. Как от педофил за тези години Майкъл се превърна в нормален човек? Значи докато всички знаеха, че Майкъл е богат, имаше един куп алчни родители, които искаха да се облагодетелстват чрез своите деца, обвинявайки Майкъл!
    За всеки е ясно, че човешката завист и алчност няма граници!