Feb 27 2011

‘All In Your Name’

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Michael and Barry

Michael and Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb has released a teaser of some new material he has coming out which features Michael.  Here is a small snip of a song called “All In Your Name” with Barry and Michael, which was presented on Barry’s website just today:


UPDATE: Also released later was a short video snippet of Michael and Barry recording this song:

This footage was recorded & filmed at Middle Ear Studios in December 2002. It was shot by Ashley Gibb (Barry’s daughter) on a high 8 camera. There is over 2 hours of footage. This is just a small sample.

Michael Jackson and I were the dearest of friends, thats simply what it was. We gravitated towards the same kind of music and we loved collaborating and he was the easiest person to write with. The more we got to know each other the more those ideas entwined and it all came to this song “All in Your Name.”

“All in Your Name” is infact the message that Michael wanted to send out to all of his fans all over the World that he did it all for them and for the pure love of music. I hope and pray that we all get to hear it in its entirety. This experience i will treasure forever.

-Barry Gibb


Some tabloid/gossip sites claim that Michael wrote the song in protest of the United States government’s plans to invade Iraq (which took place in March 2003), and convinced his Barry to contribute to it. However, Barry says that it was a message to his fans. I suppose it could be either, or both.

Michael allegedly at one point told website “MJStar” in a telephone call how excited he was about a song he had recorded with Barry called “Prayer For Peace”. If true, I hope that we’ll be able to hear that song as well amongst Barry’s newly-released material.

Also interesting to hear is a song called ‘Eaten Alive‘ featuring Diana Ross, Barry Gibb and Michael. According to wikipedia, this song – though the title song – was oddly not released as part of a demo set which was recorded as a guideline for Diana Ross. The reason given for its exclusion was that the song is the property of the co-author, Michael Jackson.

Here is ‘Eaten Alive‘:

Barry Gibb, Michael Jackson, and Diana Ross

Barry Gibb, Michael Jackson, and Diana Ross

Interesting as well is this silky, gorgeous love song called ‘I’m in Love Again‘, The song features the veritable queen of high notes and amazing vocal range Minnie Riperton, and Michael – both of whom have the voices of angels. It’s mostly Minnie but you can pick up a little Michael in there too and they really blend well together. If you’re not old enough to remember Ms. Riperton, who sadly died of breast cancer at only 31 years of age on July 12th, 1979 – this might be a good introduction. The song is from her posthumously re-released album ‘Love Lives Forever‘ (This posthumous album was originally released in 1980). The album also features Jazz flutist Hubert Laws and others such as Robert Flack, George Benson, and Stevie Wonder.

I can only hope she and Michael are somewhere together along with the two other Gibb brothers (Andy and Maurice), spiritually singing the most beautiful love songs to serenade the Heavens.

Minnie Riperton, LaToya, and Michael

Minnie Riperton, LaToya, and Michael

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10 Responses to “‘All In Your Name’”

  1. jacksonsfan says:

    Two musical geniuses collaborating to create MAGIC…can’t wait to hear it.

    Why so many of MJ’s friends were not present at his two trials,hmmm?

  2. william van valin, MD says:

    Wonderful dedication—congratulations

  3. Magsy says:

    This is amazing…Barry is someone who has been close to Michael since the early days, and we know the admiration and affection between them was genuine. I can’t wait for these songs to be released and thank you so much Seven for bringing us this teaser

  4. lina says:

    Gosh!!! I feel hurt listening to Michael unreleased songs cos I wish it will be released when he was here..but that’s what will happen to legends especially like Michael..Gibbs brothers are great song writers. Michael will work with anybody that has real talent..even if u r a legend or newcomer. Yes, Michael believed in L.O.V.E. In everything that he does. That’s why we can relate every songs from Michael with our lives, whether to motivate you or to make u a better person. Love you endlessly Michael:)@joyce,tq. I finally know who sang the ‘loving you’. I love the song so much..thanks @joyce.

  5. carmen says:

    thank you Seven..26 second of pure magic <3

  6. Solar says:

    The Gibbs (Bee Gees) were very special in Michael’s life. He stated that he cried when he listened to their song, “How Deep Is Your Love.”

    Michael was all about LOVE. Money is the root of all evil, and in his divine mission on Earth, Michael used LOVE to eradicate evil. His vast humanitarian work and commitment to heal the world live on forever through his countless fans and supporters worldwide.

  7. salgal56 says:

    Just when I think I’ve heard just about every song and read every story, you come up with another gem. Thanks!

  8. Joyce says:

    Wow! I can not wait for the release of the entire version of this beautiful song, “All In Your Name”. Michael’s voice is simply magical and he and Barry Gibb sound amazing together in just that 26 second teaser. I have heard a short instrumental clip of “Prayer for Peace” which supposedly was composed by Michael and Barry Gibb. I don’t know if it is the “real thing” but it is a hauntingly beautiful piece of music. I hope it is part of a longer song that will somedy be released also. I had heard that Michael and Barry Gibb were very close friends and that Michael was the godfather to Barry’s son who is named Michael.

    It is incredible how many different artists Michael collaborated with throughout his career. Hearing that song with Minnie Riperton brought back memories of her beautiful song “Lovin You” from 1975. Her voice was so unique with those incredible high notes. What a very sad loss at such a young age. I just love to imagine the incredible jam sessions and concerts that must be taking place in the heavens! I actually look forward to getting my ticket someday to one of those shows!!

  9. Max says:

    That crunching sound at the end of Eaten Alive breaks me up. I couldn’t stop laughing. I bet that song was as much fun to sing as it is to listen to.

  10. Sina says:

    Seven thats some nostalgia. Makes me feel melancholic on this rainy sunday.
    Thank you for the little music history especially Minnie Ripertons beautiful song with Michael.
    I only remember her 70s hit loving you, and how shocked I was when she died very young of breast cancer.
    I love the Gibbs, so sad they lost two brothers.
    Reminds me of Bashit pushing Michael to write him a speech for the funeral of one of the brothers ,I think it was Maurice , who had passed when they were shooting the docu.
    Im happy Barry continues to make music and Im looking forward to his song with Michael.
    Michael, the brothers Gibb and Minnie singing in heaven, that will be some choir.
    Beautiful songs , wish I could enjoy them more. But right now its like a rock fell on my heart.