Mar 02 2011

Dr. Barry Friedberg: “Michael’s Death: A Predictable, Avoidable Tragedy”

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Getting Over Going Under

Getting Over Going Under

Dr. Barry L. Friedberg is a board-certified anesthesiologist and has been for 30 years. He wrote a book called “Getting Over Going Under” in which he introduces the “Goldilocks” method of anesthesia using a brain monitor to regulate anesthesia so that the patient isn’t over medicated or under medicated during procedures. This is a book written for patients, not doctors. It is written in layman’s terms and is intended to help patients prepare themselves for anesthesia by arming them with basic knowledge, and helping them to know what questions to ask ahead of time.  I bought the book both for myself, and for Michael.

In his book, Dr. Friedberg included a six-page chapter on Michael’s death and I am going to share those very important pages with you now. I am doing this because this trial will be under way in weeks and facts will be difficult to find. Propaganda, including the same old lies from the same old parasites, and even more lies and misinformation, particularly from Murray’s defense and PR team and the media(loids) is going to get thick as Murray and the media attempt to make his trial about Michael Jackson instead of Conrad Murray.  They’ve even dragged an attorney into the mix who was involved in the 2005 trial, most likely to have someone on the defense who has some good ‘dirt‘ on Michael’s personal life that they can toss out there to instill doubt in juror’s minds about Murray’s guilt. All and sundry details and misinformation about Michael and his personal life are likely to be flung about in a media feeding frenzy like slimy stinkbombs being hurled at all of us by an insidious street gang 24 hours a day. To sum it up, it’s going to be ugly and painful.

Thus, I want to clarify here and now that it is Conrad Murray’s actions and behavior that killed Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, not Michael Jackson’s actions or behavior on or before that day.

One very interesting fact that Dr. Friedberg clearly states and which has been mentioned here before in many articles, is that propofol is NOT physically addictive. Thus, Murray’s fairytale that Michael was such a desperate addict that he self-injected, drank the propofol, or that Murray was trying to ‘wean‘ Michael off of propofol, are ludicrous and only demonstrate either Murray’s desperation, his lack of skills and knowledge as a doctor, or both. He and his defense are truly grasping at straws, and the media is happy to chime in with any negative story about Michael they can attach themselves to because they prefer ratings and profits over truth and fact.

Other references on this subject from MJ-777:

The only thing more reckless Murray could have done was taking Jackson up in an airplane and pushing him out without a parachute.

-Dr. Barry Friedberg, M.D. – Board Certified Anesthesiologist

Dr. Friedberg’s complete explanation follows after a brief intro page:

Dr. Barry Friedberg

About Dr. Friedberg

Page 37

Page 37

Page 38-39

Page 38-39

Page 40-41

Page 40-41

Page 42

Page 42

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26 Responses to “Dr. Barry Friedberg: “Michael’s Death: A Predictable, Avoidable Tragedy””

  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you Seven.

  2. Ruchonnet jocelyne says:

    Thanks Seven, I am glad You found someone telling this about the wrong medication of Dr; Murray, I asked a friend that is anesthesiologist in Switzerland when we hed the result of the Coroner and he told me just the same things. So I realy hope the defence will call someone that will confirm this even if Murray didn’t intend to kill Michael he didn’t act professionaly at all! and should be charged for this! Such a physician is very dangerous and should’nt be able to work any longer! I hope it will happen! If we the fan’s can do something to force them to do it, please let us know! At last I feel to do this because I did know Michael personaly. I met him first at the begining of his big career in 1979. I am very sad because we lost the contact when he married Lisa! But I had it in programm to see him in London! I feel so sad! I did’nt know what was going on around him! I had the feeling he was happy with the children after all those difficult days on trial. I had my part of trouble and I feel guilty because I could’nt help him.So You can count on me for any action You need! Love You more

  3. SandyK says:

    Seven, I also want to thank you for getting permission to post this important article.

  4. Ellen says:

    I am thoroughly convinced that Michael’s death was a planned, premeditated murder for the following reasons: 1) Murray had been giving him propofol for several weeks before his death with no fatal consequences which leads me to believe that Murray was much more careful in the administration of the propofol and was much more attentive in monitoring Michael; 2) It is almost impossible to believe that a cardiologist would not know how to perform CPR properly; 3) Murray had to know that not monitoring Michael and waiting so long to call 911 would bring tragic results; and 4) hiding bottles and vials was a blatant act to coverup his tracks. I don’t know if these points will come out in the upcoming trial, but if they don’t a full, thorough federal investigation is definitely in order.

  5. Bella Jackson says:

    Thank you for this post Seven. it gives us more hope. But surely they will have an expert like this in court that will be able to sort them out. I hope the judge is well informed also. Oh I just know that I am going to go through hell when it all begins. Lets keep on praying.

  6. siu siu says:

    I wish the prosecution will do their work properly and won’t let go of Murray. There are so many powerful evidence only they do their work properly. I think we should just relax and let the public see how crazy is the media, then we don’t have to argue any more. Truth prevails. Siu Siu from Hong Kong

  7. Ellen says:

    I, too, truly believe that our Michael was murdered. We had an angel among us, the closest thing to God, but the evil people out there could not see that because the blind cannot see. He was the most gentle, sweet human being that could ever exist but their jealousy and greed got in the way and they crushed his beautiful spirit until there was no more life left in him. All of us who love him have to bear this terrible grief because the world has become a darker place without Michael and all he stood for. But I pray, day and night, that somehow all the termites will eventually come out or be extracted from the wood and the truth will be known to all. I love you and miss you, sweet Michael and my heart aches for you and all you were put through on this earth. My only consolation now is that no one can ever hurt you again and you are the brightest star in the skies and God’s sweetest angel. You will never, ever be forgotten.

  8. melbournemary says:

    Thank you Seven

  9. Karen in Houston says:

    California justice sucks – I know I lived there for 40 years!!! Corrupt as corrupt can be.

  10. Heidi says:

    Seven, Thank you for this very valuable information. IMO, there will never be “justice” for Michael. Even if convicted, what is 4 YEARS for causing the death of someone???? The mayor of a small California community called Upland is presently accused of pilfering money from the coffer. If convicted, he will receive a 145 YEAR sentence!!!! What does that tell you about the way the California judicial system works.

  11. Lisa MJJ1111 says:

    SOLAR, I am in total agreement! I have done extensive research, every day, since Michael’s death. I knew before the autopsy reports, he was murdered. Before Latoya said anything, or whom ever got on national TV..and voiced their opinions. The research that I have done and STILL doing..only confirms what my intuition, what God allowed me to see..that Michael’s death was not only planned, but I can truly say without reservations, that his death was planned for years..And I will leave it at that. I feel Michael’s spirit all around me..he is the gentle breeze that streems through the trees, he is that star that shines so much brighter then the rest in the ebony skies, and he is the beautiful Angel,that stands right next time..protecting me, loving me..All will be revealed in time..

  12. SheilaMJFan4EVER says:

    Very informative and credible! Dr. Friedberg put it in terms you don’t have to have a medical degree to understand. I honestly can’t see ANY jury buying Murray’s “blame the victim” defense.

  13. nino says:

    Thank you for getting the permission and posting this.

  14. Hayat says:

    He’ll get 4 years – with probation.
    No more than 4 years. Thats the biggest joke.
    The US has the sickest judicial system I’ve seen.
    “Liberty and justice for all”.. Attacking other country’s; but when it comes to looking at themselves?
    Its crazy.
    All I know is that Murry aint nothing but a scapegoat in all this for the ones that drove Michael to his worst nightmarre, of insecurity and eventually to his grave.
    He was mearly a pawn.

    Thank you Seven, for this article.. And for all your other work on holding the truth up against the daylight.

  15. Nancy says:

    Just when I think you cannot impress me anymore with your dedication to the truth about Michael, you bring to our attention the book by Dr. Friedberg. It is very interesting that he clarifies propofol is not physically addictive, but psychologically addictive. His facts conclude, Murray did in fact, kill our precious Michael, regardless if it was intentional or not. Murray killed a genius and humanitarian, the likes of which we will never see again. Murray is a pathetic excuse for a doctor. It is still hard for me to comprehend that Michael is gone…

  16. Solar says:

    Many believe:
    this was NO mistake,
    this was NOT involuntary,
    this was PREMEDITATED.

  17. Joyce says:

    Thank you so much Seven for making me aware of this very informative book. I will be getting a copy for myself. I think it sounds like a good reference for anyone who wants to be an informed patient prior to any medical procedure. I couldn’t agree more with every single point that Dr. Friedberg has made regarding Conrad Murray’s complete negligence and extreme disregard for his patients safety. Anesthesia is a very specialized area in medicine. It requires special training for a reason. There is a very fine line between perfect sedation, complete anesthesia, and death! The first major mistake Murray made was agreeing to give a medication that he obviously was not trained to give. He then just added to his negligence by completely ignoring the very basic standard of care required when administering Propofol.
    Dr. Friedberg’s comparison to being pushed from a plane without a parachute is perfect and so very sad. I hope the prosecution has seen this book!

  18. June says:

    Seven, I’ve read other articles concerning Dr. Friedberg and like your prior posters here wish the DA would use him as an expert witness. Perhaps DA Walgren will. You have set this out more clearly than any other article I have come across. From the medical articles I have read, propofol is not addictive, that is no defense, and the rest of Team Murray’s argument is pure hogwash. Thank you so much!

  19. momo says:

    seven,I don’t know if you ‘ve read this before or not,but it’s really touching.I just can’t help wanting to spread it.
    I‘ve read almost every posting of your wonderful works,and I just want to thank u so much for all your efforts. my english is not so good hope you can understand.
    ——love from China

  20. Siu says:

    I come from the east and I have subcribed articles from this website and I tried to read all to understand more, they are so informative. I would like to know whether the prosecutor has been informed of these facts raised by Dr. Barry Friedberg. I want to see how the attorneys of Murray (I refuse to name him adoctor or Mr) struggle with the “absurd” points. I want to see how the prosecution side do their work, I wish they could.

  21. dimple says:

    oh geez. thanks for sharing this.

  22. carina for mjj says:

    Thank you again, and especially for mentioning Dr Barry Friedbergs book:”Getting over Going Under”. I have been aware of this book for some time. If you omit the passages that directly refer to MJ`s case it is completely “unbiased” and every juror with who is literate should know it. It is purposely written for the general public.

    A suggestion: You 7, have published on this site so many articles that highlight the positive features of Michael, that he was a sociable, generous human being,who among much else helped fellow artists, Joanelle Romano and her 5 yo daughter for ex.Could you make a book of sorts of these collected articles? Minus the comments. None of the atricles show any bias (no rabid fan-stuff). Would you have to get permission from the original writers?Maybe the task would be too difficult, I am not an expert in this kind of matters.

  23. Vanessa Donovan says:

    Many thanks seven for all your info on this, there has to be a positive outcome in this Murray trial with evidence like this brought to light, why can’t Murray’s defence see what is right under their nose or do they already know and chose to ignore it. Why did it have to happen to Michael, he was such a good, decent, man. He didn’t deserve this. Murray’s actions were irresponsible and unprofessional and he should be punished for this, not only for Michael and his family, but he could do it to someone else. I am a long time fan of Michael’s and I still grieve for him, there will never be anyone to replace him. He deserves to have his killer brought to justice.

  24. Susan T says:

    You know, reading these pages just leaves me with such a terrible feeling of helplessness and anguish. His death is perhaps the most senseless act in the history of modern culture.

    Oh, here I go again….Why?

    I appreciate your sharing this. This information is definitely worth keeping for reference as we respond to the “ignorant” before, during and after the trial.

    Thank you, Seven.

  25. Karen says:

    Thank you Seven! We can always rely on you to bring us pertintent information about Michael. I can’t read the whole thing now, I need to pick a moment to concentrate (the medical stuff does my head in) but it is really important to me for you to know how appreciated your work is. So again, please accept my thanks.

  26. @ Dancethedream38 says:

    I wish Dr Barry Friedberg could be called as a prosecution’s witness in this case ! The fact that Propofol is not physically addictive is so important as the medialoids always report Michael to be a drug addict…
    Great work Seven, thank you.