Mar 31 2011

Aphrodite Jones speaks with Michael’s doctor in Ireland about Propofol

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Photo from 'This Is It'

Photo from 'This Is It'

Was Michael Jackson really addicted to propofol? That is just one of the insane defenses Conrad Murray may be planning to use to save himself from having to bear responsibility for having killed Michael.

Just released today: Aphrodite Jones on Investigation Discovery, meets with Michael’s former doctor in Ireland, Dr. Patrick Treacy, to get his thoughts on the rising smear campaign against Michael:

The episode of Investigation Discovery which contains the above interview will be aired on Thursday, April 29th at 10:00 p.m. eastern/pacific – US.

Dr. Patrick Treacy has been featured and mentioned on this blog many times previously. He is the Medical Director of the Ailesbury Clinic in Dublin, Ireland and treated Michael for months when he lived there in 2006-2007.


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9 Responses to “Aphrodite Jones speaks with Michael’s doctor in Ireland about Propofol”

  1. Nikki says:

    Michael’s family, most of them, have said some of the most damning stuff about him yet not offered a shred of evidence for it. Why on Earth they have decided to come out and say he was an addict and they tried to intervene multiple times I will never know. I mean, LaToya says he was murdered–but who is going to believe her when you have Janet on the other channel saying he was a drug addict–and the cause of death was drug-related. LaToya is probably just being blown off because of it. It is even more disgusting to see Janet saying back in 2008 that she wanted him to tour with his brothers and her be the opening act–come the next year, he is a drug addict that is refusing help. Even if they believed such why would they want to say that about him? Do they think it helps matters or promotes justice? I will never understand and am sick of trying to reason with their statements. They act like they think the cause of death was an accidental OD when it was far from it.

    One thing I think the family does not understand is the difference between drug use and drug abuse. There is no denying Michael took medications from time to time, including some medications known to be addictive and that had the potential for abuse. Just because he took these does not mean he was abusing them or using them for recreational purposes. I am fully convinced Michael had systemic lupus. I think at times he took (or was suppose to take) high-dose prednisone for this condition. From the autopsy report and looking at the photos from the Neverland raid in 2003 I can say that Michael was a horrible pill-taker and in that I mean he did not finish his medications as he should–he under-utilized them. Those white pills pictured from the Neverland raid are almost certainly his leftover prednisone tablets. Now, prednisone has its own fair share of side effects, including some that are very nasty and even dangerous. But, by him not taking them he was likely suffering when he had flares and part of that suffering would have been being in pain–prednisone would have treated the pain, without it he would be in horrible pain. Being in pain would warrant pain medications and if a doctor thought he was taking prednisone they would give him narcotic pain medications instead of high-dose NSAIDS because of the problems steroids and non-steriod anti-inflammatory medications causes on the stomach. Well, there he would set himself up for possible tolerance and even dependence. But, if he was using it for pain that is not abuse and that is not him being what should be labeled as a “drug addict”. I just wish people under stood that and they also understood that he did not die from drug abuse or addiction. He died because of Conrad Murray and people who obviously saw opportunity with him dead rather than living.

  2. TatumMarie says:

    @ Meap
    I wish Katherine hadn’t spoken on Michael’s drug use at all because the interview was clearly edited. Latoya has since come forward and said that her brother was clean when he died and had nothing in him. Oprah interviews are always edited except for the one she did with Michael live. Katherine could have cleared it up and it might have been edited out.

  3. Anna says:

    Yeah I’m glad Aphrodite is interviewing this Dr. Normally I would be against stuff like this before a trial but Murray’s defense team has put so much out there to smear Michael’s name that they had it coming for Michael’s side of the story to come out ahead of the trial. I myself am not convinced that Michael was an “addict”. Do I think he may have became dependent on certain medications at different times in his life? It’s possible. He admitted going into rehab for a dependency on painkillers in 1993. However, if you look what was happening at the time it’s not so inconceivable to think that any one could have experienced the same thing. He had a painful reconstructive surgery on his scalp, had to head out on the 2nd leg of his “Dangerous World Tour” only to be canon balled with false child abuse allegations while he was on tour. If he depended to heavily on painkillers during that time it would be perfectly understandable. However, it doesn’t really make him an “addict”.

    Also I really think media is downplaying some of his health problems and injuries particularly after the 1999 bridge collapse on stage. Michael was very private about his health and injuries but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. Any one suffering a serious injury such as that bridge collapse could easily need something to deal with the pain which would explain why he needed injections of Demerol during that time.

    All I’m saying is I think the media with the help of certain Jackson family members have really shortchanged Michael ailments and decided to paint him as a tragic figure who died of a drug overdose. I think it’s unfair to Michael and I really hope that as a result of the different legal proceedings on the subject the truth is revealed because I’m not convinced like a lot you that Michael death was a result of an “addiction” but more the recklessness of the this physician. Perhaps other people or forces were at play too but I’d rather wait till during the trial to see what information if any comes out on that.

  4. june says:

    I really enjoyed Ms. Jones’ interview with Dr. Treacy. He comes across as so sincere, honest and respectful of his patient and friend, Michael. I have read other instances where Michael was in need of anesthesia for out patient surgery but would not have the procedure done without a trained anesthesiologist at his side. I have to agree with your other posters as I find it sad that certain of Michael’s family members have, through the media, done this investigation more harm than good, no disrespect intended toward his family; just my conclusion that none of them were truly close to him in his final years and sadly became victim to the same media misrepresentation spewed on the rest of us.

  5. Joyce says:

    Thanks Seven and Thanks also to Aphrodite Jones and Dr. Treacy for their continued support of the facts and truth regarding Michael Jackson. I wonder if Aphrodite Jones will include an in depth investigation into this entire Conrad Murray trial on one of her “True Crime” shows that airs weekly on Investigation Discovery. I have set my DVR to record all of her shows just to do my part to support it in the ratings since she has done so much to try to set the record straight regarding the 2005 trial as well as exposing the continued cruel media bias towards Michael that still persists.
    I completely agree with you and @meap, Autopsies do not lie. If there was any shred of evidence in the autopsy that there was a drug history or problem, Murray’s defense team would not be grasping at the ridiculous straws that they are to try to prove something that is not true. I pray that the Jury will be intelligent enough to see the truth.

  6. Kasi says:

    First of all thank for this.I have tremendous respect for dr.Treacy and i am so thankfull that he is speaking on Michael’s behalf. Secondly, regarding Michael’s mother saying all those thing in that interview i have to say this, and i am not trying to be disrespectful with his family, i am just stating what i have seen.They have worked and helped Murays defence team with their reckless interviews like no one else.I really hope someone with more experience,common sence and familiar with the facts will get to talk about Michael from now one.I don’t think that his family is suitable for this,on the contrary they create more problems.

  7. Kimberley lewis says:

    Mj was not an addict.the autopsy proves that.point.blank.period.everybody else who is crawling out of the woodworks saying crap is just that,crap

  8. Seven says:

    “Even a skilled illusionist cannot hide the evidence of drug addiction from the coroner.”

    Bingo! You said a lot right there, meap.

  9. meap says:

    I wish Michael’s mother hadn’t said what she had on Oprah. But she did say that Michael was upset that his “own mother did not believe” him. Jermaine is the only one of the family who has said in public (Larry King Live) that he just couldn’t believe all this drug story about Michael. He said that Michael was against drugs. And really how does all this rumour and innuendo pop up as fact? Nobody, and we all know this, nobody close to Michael has ever seen him under the effects of drugs, supplied him with drugs, seen any drugs in his house; not just Dr. Treacy, but his own family of parents, brothers and sisters, the Cascio family who had spent days and nights with Michael in their house, not Grace Rwaramba, his personal artist Brett, even his body guards just before Michael’s passing. These were people who know Michael well. Even a skilled illusionist cannot hide the evidence of drug addiction from the coroner. The few who have made these claims are suspect: ex-employees, spiritual ‘gurus’, sperm donors, martial arts exponent/bodyguard; they all have vested interest in this fiction be it monetary or emotional. Just as Michael wished, I believe that the world will come into the full realisation that he was a good and decent man.That there are those who cannot accept truth and goodness when it stares them right in the eyes is a testimony to their orphaned souls.