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STOP Misinformation about Michael Jackson's death

STOP Misinformation about Michael Jackson's death

Written with the assistance of Nikki.
Don’t miss her recent blog entry: “Discrepencies

The defense for Conrad Murray has apparently come up with another person to blame for Murray’s reprehensible actions on June 25th, 2009. This time it’s Arnold Klein. Now, I’m no fan of Arnold Klein but he needn’t be used as a scapegoat for Murray, and once again, the claims by Murray’s defense do not add up. The defense allegedly claims that Arnold Klein caused Michael to become addicted to Demerol and other narcotics and therefore Michael was a lost cause physically and would have died anyway.

First off, let’s note that no such drugs were found in Michael’s body or home after he died according to the autopsy report and the investigation. Had he been ‘addicted‘ to Demerol it is inconceivable that he’d not have any Demerol in his body or his home. As an addict, he’d certainly have a stash. But there was none. There was a meeting at Michael’s rented mansion on June 20th, 2009 wherein Michael was allegedly told not to take medications from any doctor other than Conrad Murray. The last time Michael saw Klein was on June 22nd. Demerol would show up in a drug test for about a week. Michael died on June 25th and again, no Demerol was found in his system. Whatever injections Klein may have given Michael on June 22nd could therefore not have been Demerol.

If Michael had been withdrawing from a Demerol addiction there would have been no mistaking this. All one has to do is look at the footage from ‘This is It‘. You may see many many things while watching that footage, but one thing you do not see is a withdrawing addict. Withdrawing off of drugs like Demerol is nasty. You would know if someone was withdrawing off this drug. Also, only certified doctors are allowed to treat such addicts. Conrad Murray is not one of them. Many addicts are treated with methadone or suboxone, but none of these were in the house, or Michael’s system.

And why bother with Klein’s records? Do the pharmacy records do not show anything of significance? Didn’t Klein already give his records to the DEA? They showed up at his office and searched his office, giving Klein huge anxiety fits, yet nothing was done to him and no further interest was shown in him or his records by DEA investigators. If Michael was an addict, then Klein would have to have been living with him in order to feed that addiction if done by injection. If there was any Demerol used at all in that manner, it would have been used for procedures. Michael did have work done to his face possibly between March and June. Klein’s invoice is mentioned by the defense, and this man went bankrupt not too long ago. His business from Michael was apparently all that was keeping him afloat. Judging by the invoice(s), it seems he’d bill for the air in he room if he could have.

As for those 51 “injections” in 3 months, that’s not much. What I mean is, a real addict would use much more than that in a week! Did Michael have track marks? There were none mentioned by paramedics or the coroner. Did he have skin conditions that are indicative of IV drug abuse? Apparently not as that would have certainly been mentioned. Those marks that did appear on Michael’s body were fresh from Murray, paramedics and UCLA medical personnel. Furthermore, had he been withdrawing and had he been given those medications for withdrawal, those would have kept him alive, rather than having killed him. But again according to the autopsy, there was no liver damage, no heart damage, no skin damage, nothing but lung damage likely from lupus. According to the autopsy, he was a normally healthy 50-year-old male. So does this sound like an addict?

The oft-mentioned invoice from Dr. Klein did not say 51 “Demerol shots” it said “injections“.  That does not mean all those injections were Demerol. Let’s not forget facial fillers and Botox are also injections. Klein might give Midazolam or some other anesthetic for pre-medication to induce drowsiness/pain relief while he worked on Michael. But 51 injections of Demerol would not get an addict very far. That amounts to 17 shots in a month, far from being consistent with someone truly addicted to a drug. A true addict may be using 17 injections in one day since the medication’s effects only last about 2 hours. Michael last saw Klein on the 22nd. An injection was billed for on that day, but it was likely not Demerol as his toxicology screen should have come back positive for opiates when he died. It did not. Also, Murray’s team mentioned that maybe Michael died from a propofol/Demerol withdrawal reaction. But Assistant DA Deborah Brazil said there was no evidence of Demerol withdrawal when Michael died.

So while it’s convenient, and feeds into the popular meme of Michael being ‘just another Hollywood star that died from a prescription drug overdose‘ and therefore an ignorant and gullible public will unquestioningly believe that, the claim that Michael was addicted to Demerol and therefore was a lost case and about to die anyway, is ludicrous when even just a few of the facts are considered.

Murray’s defense has plenty of help too. Without bothering to check facts – college professors should certainly know better than this or not be teaching. And no college professor ought to be feeding such nonsense to the public. But Susan Mackey-Kallis, professor at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, is busily giving out just this type of false information about Michael. In an article on the “Christian Science Monitor” website, she claims:

We just lost Michael Jackson from overuse of prescription painkillers. That speaks to our current concern about overprescribing controlled substances…

It’s frankly frightening we have this type of person teaching higher education in our country. Had she bothered to read the autopsy before making this ignorant statement, she’d have known the cause of death is not listed as ‘drug overdose’. It is listed as “acute propofol intoxication . . . “administered by another“.  She might research a bit further and within 5 or 10 minutes realize that Propofol is not a ‘prescription drug‘. You cannot get a prescription for it and go pick it up at your local pharmacy and use it at home. It is also  not a ‘painkiller‘. It is further not a ‘controlled substance‘ (although it may later be classified as one).

As for that propofol/Demerol withdrawal theory, propofol is not physically addictive ie: one cannot become physically addicted to it.

Dr. Barry Friedberg, a board-certified anesthesiologist for 30 years has stated unequivocally that Michael’s death was completely avoidable had the appropriate standards of care been followed by Conrad Murray. But they weren’t. And that is why Michael is dead. His death has nothing to do with “overprescribing controlled substances” or “drug overdose” or  “prescription painkillers“, or “addiction“.  It has to do with Conrad Murray.

Neither Michael Jackson nor any of his habits killed Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson. Michael died because an incompetent doctor administered propofol to him for a purpose which the drug is not intended. He did so without following appropriate standards of care ie: there was no monitoring of dosage or monitoring of Michael’s vital signs, and he did so with no means with which to resuscitate Michael once he stopped breathing. Also, Murray is not an anesthesiologist and is therefore not qualified to administer this drug at any time in any circumstance, ever. He further lied about and continues to lie about what he’s done. A new story or excuse is launched almost weekly and during the trial, we’ll probably hear them daily.

Dr. Patrick Treacy, who exclusively treated Michael in Ireland in 2006-2007 clearly stated that Michael never asked him for drugs or painkillers, never appeared under the influence of them, never allowed any anesthesia to be administered to him without a qualified anesthesiologist present, nor did he have any such drugs in his home.

So, does Ms. Mackey-Kallis and others mean to tell us that Michael suddenly became a raging drug addict between 2007 and 2009? And even if he did, do you mean to tell us this is what killed him when there’s no factual evidence of it –but there is copious and clear evidence of an incompetent doctor’s failure to follow acceptable minimum standards of care when treating Michael? Do you mean to tell us that the coroner’s report is wrong when it says that Michael died of “acute propofol intoxication . . . administered by another” and that it was really somehow, miraculously, an overdose of “prescription painkillers” that killed Michael? Do you think the coroner lied?  Do you you mean to tell us that “prescription painkillers” killed Michael even though no “prescription painkillers” were in his system or his home after he died, and even when just a year or two ago, he was not using or abusing any such substances, according to his doctor at that time?

I’m not buying it.

It’s clear that this (mis)”Communications” professor might be busily teaching her students tabloid journalism ie: completely ignoring facts whilst fabricating a false story that garners the most ratings and/or attention for one’s pet cause and/or the most profits for the media corporation who publishes it.

Why is it that when it comes to Michael Jackson, tabloid lies fly and facts simply don’t matter?

Now, many things will come out in the trial, no doubt. And every attempt will be made by Conrad Murray’s defense team to pin the blame for his murder of Michael Jackson onto others, most especially Michael himself, in typical ‘blame the victim’ fashion that most abusers and criminals use when they’ve hurt or killed someone and don’t want to accept responsibility for what they’ve done. But I’m not buying it. I’ve been through some abusive relationships myself and survived them. I know better. I know how these people work.

And frankly, I don’t care if Michael was a raging drug addict. As you know I do not believe he was abusing anything in the months before he died based on the facts I have on hand at this time.  But even if he was, any purported “drug addiction” is not what killed Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson.  And Conrad Murray is the man on trial for what he’s done, not Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, that is not how this will play out in the media and particularly not with the help of either lazy or illiterate college professors such as Ms. Mackey-Kallis feeding grossly inaccurate misinformation to the public as well.

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45 Responses to “Demerol”

  1. Sue Adams says:

    I have no time for and cannot stand Klein but this is purely and
    simply another way to blame anyone else plus Michael of course (like
    damn well usual!!) except Murray the Murderer!!! I want him to go
    down for this and when he does to jail, have his license revoked for
    good and have two strong guys “take care” of him! That woman who
    wrote what she did is totally ignorant and should of at least read
    the autopsy report before opening her big mouth! Course it doesn’t
    help either that most of Michael’s family are going on every talk-
    show going and pronouncing Michael an “addict” either – yeah, “thanks
    for nothing!”

  2. Caroline Cheever says:

    You could not be more on target about Sue Mackey-Kallis if you tried.

    Thank you for exposing the lies.

  3. liz says:

    thank you seven for your continuing good works for our king Mr Michael J Jackson keep up the great work.

    I like you will be watching closely the following months & dread what may come up-but we must keep on fighting for Michael’s legacy-he is a saint, an angel, heaven sent deeply misunderstood loved by countless numbers while lonely & sad/fantastic & mind blowingly amazing life – but always loving his role as father. with the love x

  4. Max says:

    Hey, Prince and Paris,
    One of you should definitely go to law school. All three of you have good minds. It would help you protect your interests.

  5. Karin says:

    Seven, thank you. I concur with everybody’s comments here but in paricular, I would like to respond to CarinaforMJJ’s question: “There was much future money, wealth and creativity killed as well. Who owns it now?”

    Answer of course: Branca and McClain. They have absolute full control of the lot. They control both catalogues and make all of the decisions. They decide how the money is spent and if they want to spend multi millions on frivolous lawsuits then they spend away. It’s not their money so why would they care? Interesting that Branca was one of the team who wanted Michael to sell his share of the ATV catalogue back in 2003 but Michael refused because he would have been ripped off and he knew it.

    Now Branca has control of it anyway and this makes him incredibly powerful in the entertainment industry. I don’t believe he will ever part with it for anything because it’s too valuable to him. It will be interesting to see if the children are able to challenge the executors’ control when they are old enough.

  6. Hayat says:

    I just couldn’t stand reading that trash, that ignorant ridiculous claim…

    “I am not going to do anything sexual to a child. Its not where my heart is, I would slit my wrists first! I would never do anything like that, thats not Michael Jackson I’m sorry.” MJ – 60 Minutes

    “If there were no more children on this earth,if somebody announced that all kids were dead, I would jump off the balcony immediatly, I’m done… i’m done.” MJ in 2003 – Bashit interview.

    Those would be the only times ever that Michael would have ‘killed’ himself.
    Its not even covered up or anything. He said that himself. Loud and clear, for the world to hear.
    So why medialoids and evil spirited people still consider his death a suicide is beyond me.

    Seven, YOU are amazing, not me, I haven’t done anything but log on your site and be amazed by your work of vindication and love for Michael.
    God Bless you sweetheart!

  7. Lisa MJJ1111 says:

    Hayat, thank you, thank you..so much for saying exactly what I have been saying..Like all God’s chosen ONES..they are tortured and then murdered..Michael was a modern day prophet..he was in this world, but was not of this world. In Buddhism, Michael is the Lotus flower. A Lotus flower lives in the muddy water, yet, it is beautiful, its purity shines through the muddy water. Michael is the Lotus Flower. Twisted minds will make the most beautiful, be ugly. Michael was too much for those in darkness; racist, prejudices, greed, jealousy, envy, power hunger-control freaks. Michael was a threat-in every way. Michael’s love was like the sun, the love spread out and reached every heart that was open to truth, his love spread out throughout the universe-Michael was powerful and his power was and is LOVE. So They lied, the slandered, and they took..YET, Michael Never backed down..He was a warrior. Michael loved life..and was in awe of God’s creations. Michael would NEVER kill himself! I miss him so much, I feel so empty..Yet, I have peace because I know I will see him again..RIP my king of hearts..Do not worry, we who love you, will continue your legacy of peace, unity, and love.

  8. Max says:

    You said it all. I hope the pertinent parties are reading your comment. I know they are busy checking out the blogs and sites of all who write positively about Michael. It’s part of their defense strategy.

  9. Seven says:


    What an excellent response to their idiocy. Thank you!

  10. Hayat says:

    When the ‘defense’ team came up with the claim that Michael did this to himself, they ran the article on a website here in Belgium. I was sooo angry and pissed reading what they claimed.. I commented.
    “A ridiculous attempt by the defense team to blame a man that can’t defend himself anymore. MJ was néver ever suicidal. EVER. They can say whatever they want, and try to make it seem otherwise. The man has survived stuff that we can’t even imagine. He couldn’t trust anyone. He couldn’t be himself-very rarely. He never ever stopped believing in Love and telling others to do so. It seems that whatever Michael said in his life they made it the opposite and turned it against him. He stated millions of times that he was NOT gay. They come up with false crapp about him having had affaires with men.
    He said he loved and adored children and prefered their company above those of adults. They said he was a weird, sick child molester.
    He told us we could heal the world. They said he was dellusional and a racist.
    He said he had a skin dissorder. They said he ‘wanted’ to turn white, as if thats even possible.
    No matter what came out his mouth, they turned around and used it against him.
    STILL – STILL he never ever stopped saying what he said about caring for children. He knew just what would happen and how sick people with sick minds would use that against him. He STILL spoke truthfully.
    He kept marching. They claim he commited suicide, because he couldn’t handle anything anymore? That he’d leave his children? Not just his own, but the children of the world also? That he would just ‘give up’? Are they kidding me? Are they dellusional?
    I guess so.
    Don’t they just stop for a while and THINK?
    A person that is suicidal, would end his life when he’s at his darkest, deepest point, right?
    When was Michael’s darkest point in life?
    Correct. 1993. The worst thing imaginable happend to him. EVER. Like sweet Dame Elisabeth Taylor said in the Prime Time Interview: ‘if he had been executed, if they had planned an assasination, they couldn’t have done it any better. It almost… broke his heart.’ (And I remember this by heart,the words she said are carved in there since the first time I heard them back in ’95).
    Now, if Michael would have wanted to end his life surely it would have been back there and then!!
    NOT at his peak, NOT at his prime and NOT when he’s planning to perform again – as a free agent and with children he loved. OR at the 2003 charges.
    Don’t they have a mind? That thinks things through? Or do they think we, the fans, would forget everything he taught us?
    Forget the fanbase.
    The facts are there! You don’t have to LOVE him to know that he wouldn’t kill himself – you’d know he went through hell and back and survive – you’d know he was murdered.

    I just hope those that know more about it WORK something out to take down those killers….

  11. Seven says:


    The group behind this effort is here:


  12. Sina says:

    Seven thanks for the information and for passing the message.
    I sent a message to the Museum because I didnt know which fangroup is behind the garden project.
    I hope the museum forwards the mail to them but if you know their contactadres, could you post it ?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Seven says:

    You are right Sina. How can they be explained other than that they were intended to happen? I wonder that too.

    Just FYI I turned over your question about the memorial garden to one of the people who were working on that project. I do not have the latest information on it. She should be contacting you via email.

  14. Sina says:

    In the passed two years I read many books, articles and blogs about Michael, saw This is it 7 times, watch evry tv program and evrthing available on you tube, from interviews to comments, tv programmes documentaries you name it, more than I had done in the 40 years before. Even not so favourable documentaries and publications because there is always something you learn from them. Like the hypocrisy and bias of the media when they report about Michael.
    There is one shocking pattern you find since Michael became a megastar, which is a constant assasination of his character and attempts to bring him down. Once it started it never stopped.
    The chain of events that happened to one single man from 1993 on, ending with his death under circumstances that are so disturbing its hard to believe Murray is even a doctor, are statistically impossible.
    But since they did happen, how can they be explained other than that they were intended to happen ?.

  15. June says:

    Seven, your comment #29 is spot on. I agree with your questioning that Michael was even awake when Murray pumped him full of that stuff. As a cardiologist (I question even THAT), Murray had no business using a hospital grade anesthetic in a private residence and then not even having the proper rescusitative equipment to reverse the situation. Murray was untrained and unskilled, completely negligent and worse. For his attorneys to attempt to hide his philandering, irresponsible lifestyle is reprehensible. Was Michael’s past hidden from the jury in 2005? No, every phonied up, fabricated element of the 1993 allegation was allowed in by Judge Melville. Murray cannot be allowed to run from his past and Judge Pastor must not allow him to. Murray must stand before a jury of his peers and be held accountable for his actions. And by the way Murray wants Klein’s records? What about Murray’s records of his “care” and “treatment” of Michael? Did he even maintain any records?