Dec 01 2009

Michael’s Kindness Recounted. Again and Again.

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Michael and David Smithee

David Smithee, a 14-year-old Tulsan, poses for a picture with Michael Jackson in April 1984. Smithee, who had cystic fibrosis, got to meet Jackson through the Brass Ring Society, an organization that fulfilled the wishes of terminally ill children. Smithee died in May 1984.

It was in 1984 when Karen Wilson’s 14-year-old son, David Smithee, who was terminally ill with cystic fibrosis, met Jackson at his California home.

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The visit was topped off with Jackson giving David the red leather jacket he had worn in the “Beat It” video and a beaded glove he had worn to the American Music Awards, where he collected eight awards.

David wore the jacket and glove home on the plane to Tulsa, his mother recalled.

“He was just in heaven,” Wilson said.

David, an eighth-grader at Nimitz Junior High School, went straight to the hospital after arriving home, his mother said.

While in the hospital, David showed visitors the jacket, glove and pictures of himself and Jackson, Wilson said.

David died one month later.

“Michael Jackson gave us the happiest last month of our lives,” Wilson said. “(David) died very happy.”

The visit must have made an impact on Jackson, too; he later dedicated the Jackson 5’s “Victory” album to David.

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During the HIStory World Tour in Milan, a boy from Latin America (Daniel), suffering from AIDS, met MJ. Here’s what Antoinette Parisi, the adoptive mother of Daniel, wrote after the ruling of the trial 2003/2005:

I’ll never forget what you did for my son Daniel. After meeting you the doctors called it a miracle because for some months it was like he never had AIDS. Now that justice as been served, I just wanted to express my gratitude and happiness. Please, don’t ever let people get at you like that again. I know you are kind-hearted and want to help everyone, but not all people deserve so much attention. My child is not here with us anymore, but I know that from up there he’s always looking over you. He’s never forgotten what you did for him. God bless you.

Michael and Daniel

Michael and Daniel

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9 Responses to “Michael’s Kindness Recounted. Again and Again.”

  1. Amber says:

    Oh I really love this story. Close to home for me, as I am a Tulsan too. Wonderful story!

  2. MJJ-777 » It’s time for the World to know WHO Michael Jackson WAS rather than WHAT he was DEFINED as by an abusive profit-driven media says:

    […] MJ Truth Now – Media Abuse Michael Jackson’s Charity Contributions 1979 – 2003 Michael’s Kindness Recounted Again and Again Michael Jackson, AIDS, and Ryan White ‘He Was the Most Inspirational Person In My Life’ […]

  3. Seven says:

    Hi Susana. We do too! VERY much! Thanks for reading!

  4. Susana says:

    Hello I love Michael Jackson!

  5. emma says:

    Sure, feel free to use it Seven. It’s my public 🙂 affirmation, the honest truth.

  6. Seven says:


    THIS says it all:

    “What is really important for me is that having learned about Michael Jackson I believe I became a better person. I am so grateful for that!”

    Michael made us ALL better people – those of us who knew him – or who just now are getting to know him. He made the whole World a better place – just by being it and being the sensitive, generous genius he was. And that was his dream and he achieved it!

    If it’s OK – May I use this quote in one of my posts – sort of featured with a photo or photos here. What do you think? It’s a REALLY poignant and important comment about Michael that you’ve made here and I think it should be shared.

  7. emma says:

    Yes, he was. Starting from my teenage years (the end of 80’s) I was fascinated by the artistic work of Michael Jackson. During communism it was really hard for us in Eastern Europe to get in touch with western music. We had to go to special places with our empty cassettes to get the music registered on it. I remember how privileged I was having the We Are The World song on our recorder and being able to learn it. At that time I did not understand the whole meaning of the song, but still it sounded beautiful for me. The 90’s brought us not just freedom of speech but MTV and Michael Jackson on the screen. And Black&White and Remember the Time and all the magical video clips that came after. Since I am not that type of person who is reading much about the life of an artist I knew nothing but the garbage that was thrown in front of us via mainstream media (i don’t read tabloids). Since Michael left this world I read a lot about him as a person, as a humanitarian. I watched and listened to hundreds of youtube posts such as interviews, videoclips, short movies where He speaks for himself and just realized that He was not only a genius magician in the entertaining industry but he was a great humanitarian and an extremely sensitive man. What is really important for me is that having learned about Michael Jackson I believe I became a better person. I am so grateful for that!

  8. Seven says:

    Emma, He was definitely NOTHING like the daggone tabloids and media defined him. He was sensitive, spiritual, and an absolute genius – in my opinion! 🙂

  9. emma says:

    I love your blog Seven. The messages you spread about Michael visually so softly and out of love it’s really nice. The way I imagine Michael was: a sensitive men.