Apr 25 2011

Stranger Beneath an Empty Sky

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Dark Eyed Angel

Dark-Eyed Angel

The world seems an ugly place
without Michael.
Maybe it was always ugly
but his beauty outshone it all
even when I wasn’t noticing.

You don’t appreciate the warmth of the sun
or the beauty of the moon
until they fall out of the sky.
Both fell for me on June 25th, 2009.

I only turned away for awhile
then suddenly he was gone.
The guilt and regret are searing still
and at mid-life, I’m suddenly
a stranger here without him.

How can that be after all this time?
I can’t go back and do
what I didn’t when he was alive.
I can’t paste the sun back in the sky
and pretend it’s alright.

It could never be the same but
of course his energy is in the wind,
and too many coincidences
since then.

It’s a tough test, like hanging off a cliff
and I don’t think I’ll ever
learn to feel comfortable
with his absence.

Still he is opening consciousness,
subconscious – Being.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

© 2011 Seven Bowie

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26 Responses to “Stranger Beneath an Empty Sky”

  1. Sara says:

    Seven, I feel the same way, I feel guilty because I could do something to help Michael, but we didn’t realized in time the real conditions of Michael.Everyday the anger and the pain increase, and I don’t think that will decrease. No, I have always loved Michael as a person can love a life-partner. Yes I’m married, but I feel deep in my soul that I will love forever Michael, and my life will never be the same..as the world we living in!!! Forgive me Michael…..if I have not done enough, but I loved You, and I love You, a part of my soul it’s yours, forever.

  2. Sina says:

    Seven, what you feel, I feel, we feel.
    It hurts, its overwhelming and sometimes frightening for the logical person I think I am. Yes, like hanging on a cliff.
    What helps me is acceptance, surrender ,allowing these feelings to happen.
    Accepting emotions that I never experienced before, accepting that they are real and spiritual and will last as long as it takes. Accepting that its a journey that I dont know where it leads to.
    Time will tell.

  3. Solar says:

    Exquisitely expressed, Seven!

    Why do we feel what we are feeling, uncontrollably and inexplicably? What our mortal body feels really comes from our soul. Our soul is ageless, infinite and immortal.

    The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and we know that in Michael’s eyes, countless miles could be seen. We also know that music is a universal language.

    Communicating to us through his music and from his soul, as God’s chosen messenger on Earth, Michael will always be eternally special, transcending all mortality.

  4. Hayat says:

    Do not despair, Seven… He knows you love him. He is right there beside you…
    I know just what you mean. Exactly. I feel the same… A lot do.

    I tell my companions that it has been almost 2 years since he passed away… They ALL reply in shock: has it already been 2 years, its like it just happened!? I reply to them that it has been almost that long…
    Its almost like a bad dream that won’t stop comming back.

  5. Nancy says:

    Seven you expressed what I feel. My son asks me how I can feel what I feel when I didn’t even know Michael. I know the gut wrenching feeling of sadness comes from the fact that I didn’t know what we had until he was gone. I too was always a fan, but my interest waned a bit after the trial and after he left the country. When I heard he was going to be performing again I took it for granted that he would make a come back, especially considering the number of sold out concerts. I saw the news conference where Michael announced “this is it!” I thought it was great for us fans and great for him, but then went about my business. I was a bit jealous of those fans over in London, since seeing him in concert was going to be beyond my reach. I went about my business. My son called me at work with the news of Michael’s death. I was numb. I went on the internet and saw that it was confirmed. I was numb in disbelief. When I came home I immediately turned on the news and went on the internet. I was devastated. The next day I went on You Tube and began watching everything I could on Michael. After seeing all of the You Tube videos, it was even more heartbreaking for me because I realized what kind of wonderful human being he really was. I got to know the person better by watching all these interviews and home videos. Since his death, the majority of music I listen to is Michael’s. It helps me connect with him and eases the pain of losing this wonderful man. I feel guilty and great sadness and I feel anger. He shouldn’t be gone. He had so much more to do and I believe the world was going to get past all the tabloid junk and see him for the gift he was. It was his second chance and now it will never be. It’s too much to think about sometimes.

  6. Joyce says:

    Dear Seven,
    Once again you have so beautifully and heartbreakingly expressed my feelings of love, loss, regret and longing that are so hard to explain to those who have not been forever touched and changed by the incredible beauty, energy and spirit of Michael Jackson. As so many others here have said, these intense feelings we all share will never diminish. Michael’s Love will live on through all of us. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift of expression with us and providing this amazing forum where we can share our feelings.

  7. Siu Siu from Hong Kong says:

    Seven, I support you to write a book on Michael Jackson, his stories and thinking. I’ll buy it from Hong Kong definitely. Love Michael always.

  8. Michelle says:

    Heartbreaking and touching. Thanks, Seven! Michael’s love lives on forever and I’ll never stop being a fan of his.

  9. Karen in Houston says:

    Seven: Please consider writing a book with all of the information that you post here. I was a fan of the All For Love Blog also and miss it so very much. I cannot imagine how I would feel if we were not able to access all of the positive and informative information you have posted here. We know we can trust what you write and I know that I look to it everyday to see what new items you have come up with. Keep up the great work.

  10. Greet says:

    Thank you Seven, brilliantly said. But nothing really can describe what we feel about and for him. This is unique, like some already said here in comments : this is a new feeling that we never knew it existed, at least I feel like that. Nobody ever touched me like that. And he still does, he always will.

  11. Mado says:

    Thank you so much Seven. You express what I feel and cannot write in words..

  12. JadzziaMJ says:

    Very beautiful and true .
    Nice ..

  13. Theresa Gallagher says:

    Seven, Your poem struck me like a dagger in the heart. I too looked away for a bit and still feel so much regret. I have to know that Michael knew we always loved him even if we got busy for a bit. When Michael became immortal…the world became speechless.

    You are brilliant, and thanks for highlighting the mj-advocates site.

    Michael giggles to you all…

  14. Ellen says:

    It seems the pain of losing our sweet Michael will have no ending. I know this is true for me and so many others. It is hard to even imagine ever feeling as I did before this nightmare happened. I don’t know if and when the emptiness will ever really heal. I, too, have never, ever felt like this about anyone else, although I have lost many loved ones over the years. I cannot even begin to imagine how much worse it could have been if I had known Michael personally. What a tragic and totally unnecessary loss we are all facing. May God give us all the strength to carry on while we hold Michael forever close to our hearts. Thank you Seven for giving us this forum to share our feeling and thoughts about our precious angel.

  15. Naya says:

    This poem is so beautiful ! You have expressed what most of us feel about Michael. Very well written and so heartfelt ! Thanks a lot for sharing. L.O.V.E.

  16. Lia says:

    as always Seven, you always find the right words.Thank you so much for your words, for the beautiful and true words, they express what many of us are feeling……
    L.O.V.E.from Portugal

  17. Susan says:

    Hello Seven;

    You always express with great eloquence what so many of us feel. This sadness will never end. God bless you, Seven, for your fierce devotion and love for beautiful Michael. You are so special.

  18. nino says:

    thank you, 7
    i wish i could wake up and find this was a painful nightmare
    i miss him so deeply

  19. Inga says:

    very touching and so true! You always find the right words.Thank you so much for that, and the beautiful picture too.
    Love and greetings from germany

  20. megaechad says:

    Dear Seven,

    What can I say? You said the words I could not pronounce because my tears are running and my lips cannot say a single word. Your feelings are mine and I thought I was the only one to feel this way. What Michael meant to me is news to me. I never felt anything like this about anyone, not even when I was young and about to get married. This is a new feeling completely unexpected at my age and unavoidable. I just can´t understand why I feel this way. I am completely drawn to him and his music.And I think this will never, ever be over.

  21. Karen in Houston says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better. You have the words I can never find for the feelings I always feel. Thanks Seven!

  22. Ellen says:

    So very true. The world is not the same without Michael. The music has stopped, the magic is no more. But he will live on for eternity in the hearts of those who miss him and love him as I do, so very, very much.

  23. Deborah Ffrench says:

    Outstanding and heartbreaking.

    All at once.

  24. Taaj Malik says:

    I love this Photo, had to come back for more, Thank you Seven for sharing ;’-(

  25. Taaj Malik says:

    Thank you Seven, deeply touched, they say times heals, i am yet to feel that!!

  26. Jackie says:

    ‎22 months :”( Nothing will ever be the same. True,Michael is gone to nowhere. He is an angel our beautiful sweet magical peter-pan and angels like Michael never die.Michael is immortal.His love will live forever for eternity. I know it But still God it’s not the same 🙁 So beautiful and touching Seven! You always have the most beautiful words to describe all the emotions we have! Thank You!