May 03 2011

Queen of Peace

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'The Pieta' by Michaelangelo

'The Pieta' by Michaelangelo in the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn

The poem below was sent to me with the following note: “I wrote it for the trial and I hope that those outside the courthouse feel that God is with them.” I share it with the express permission of the author.

I hope all who are trudging this long and difficult road towards even a small amount of justice for Michael and towards some semblance of closure and peace within themselves regarding his death will find solace in it.

Heavenly Mother
who has promised peace
in this frightful world
when we believe in your
blessed perfection;
Hear us.

We beg you with penance and confidence:
Grant us peace now –
Peace raining from rough, metal skies –
Peace, full-bellied and generous –
Let us reap glory from pain and dread.
Hear us.

Help us to conquer evil.
Shelter us from malicious, baying hounds,
whose teeth, grind the truth to pulp;
from fear;
from hatred for the one we love;
and bring him justice.

Lift our hearts with your holiness.
Clear paths of amity among us.
Cure the infection of lies.
Pray for us.

Ask God to send down his grace
guiding us toward righteousness
so that in our passion
we do not offend Him
and to forgive our sins of battle.

Grant us virtues that we may fight
against the sinners
who trade in honest sweat,
betray the public trust,
consume the lamb for coin, and
kill the love of Jesus.

Thou shalt not kill –
but they have
killed in envy, vanity and greed;
God’s creation.

Call the Archangel Gabriel to do God’s word,
casting from His sight
these evildoers,
worshippers of silver and ruin
and hustlers of every description.

Our faith rests with you.
Grant justice to Michael, murdered by the milk
of cunning and treachery;
cheated of decades of laughter,
growing pains,
simple moon-shiny nights,
and the joy of his labor.

Free him from the echoes of false tongues.
Deliver him from this collage of confusion.
Save him from this labyrinth of destruction.

Pray for him, Mother.
Bless his soul with your inviolate mercy; and
Bless his children, whose birthright is trust and safety in the world,
with your soft and precious hands.

©2011, Francoise Henri


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6 Responses to “Queen of Peace”

  1. Sina says:

    Thank you Seven and thank you Francoise for the heartfelt prayer.
    I will make it my daily mantra till the trial is over.

    I believe in the positive and I am confident the table will turn for Michael. If not, what are we doing this for.
    Why else Seven, are you giving your all, 24/7 of dedication,hard work and emotion.
    We will not get over the loss, and I dont expect anything from the ones that made michaels life a hell. And maybe we will not get the kind of justice from the trial that we are looking for.
    But I believe in justice for Michael, for who he was and that will do away with the image that was fabricated about him.
    There will be more and more testimonies of his excellence, his innocense and his goodnes. More and more people will see it. He will get his rightful place in history. Its up to us to continue.
    If we dont believe in justice for Michael, who will?

  2. Denise Majette says:

    I will not stop praying to the Lord Jesus for help. He is always there. Hope and keep fighting the Good Fight of Faith. Cynthia and Heidi I am right there with you.

  3. Joyce says:

    What a beautiful poem. It does provide some solace and hope. I hope that Michael’s family, especially his mother and his children, will have the opportunity to share this as well.

    I am frustrated and disappointed by the delay in the trial but I also want there to be no chance for any appeals when Conrad Murray receives his guilty verdict and sentencing. I can only assume that is what the judge was considering when he granted the delay.
    We will remain steadfast and never waiver in our love and support of Michael and our never ending quest for truth and the justice he so deserves.

    Thanks to Francoise Henri for sharing this lovely prayer with all of us.

  4. Heidi says:

    There will never be closure. This was no ordinary loss.

  5. Cynthia Kent says:

    “Closure & Peace” is what I pray for Every Single Day since our Michael…this beautful child of God… was taken from this earth. The delay of this trial is taking it’s toll..on us his devoted fans, Michaels mom (how I wish I could give her a hug), his children, his siblings, dad..everyone! How long do we all have to endure this? How long will it be before Michaels good name is cleared before the publics blind eye. All these “pushing back” of the court dates really concerns me. I Do Not.. repeat.. Do Not want Michael to be forgotten. There is just a few other websites I visit that I can count on one hand. My fear is that some fans will say..why just give up the fight. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is one man I will Never Ever give up on. No matter How Long This Trial takes I will be there for Michael and his family before, during, And After. I want to see Michaels name in the history books as the greatest humanitarian and entertainer of our time. Michael got so (parden my French) “screwed” in his short 50 years of life. We have All got to stick together and fight for whats right…never give up. Michael Never gave up on matter What he faced..God rest his soul!!

  6. Carmina Brasil says:

    May the Mother of Our Lord and help look for Michael to do justice to him, shutting the gossip, liars, profiteers, the negligent … playing them consciences.

    Jesus, the Great Master and Brother of us all give justice for Michael.