May 08 2011

Explosive claims by Dr. Patrick Treacy about the death of Michael Jackson have been banned from US TV

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I wrote about this earlier in my post regarding the fact that there are so many negative stories about Michael in the media, but it was buried at the bottom. I posted this story before that on my MJJ-777 Facebook page, and now, the story has taken on legs of its own.  It’s an important development in the case against Conrad Murray and lets us see clearly how slanted this case is for Murray and against his victim, Michael Jackson in the media. It appears that perhaps Dr. Treacy has been essentially gagged until after the trial because his truth-telling may threaten Murray’s case (which if the truth is told is an exceedingly weak one and this is likely why) .

If you remember, also posted here previously, there was an interview that Dr. Patrick Treacy did a few weeks ago with Aphrodite Jones on Investigation Discovery about Michael and propofol. This is the program that is apparently being banned from US TV.

Tom Mesereau has commented that Murray’s defense may be trying to ‘win in the court of public opinion‘ by manipulating the media in this fashion.  Dr. Treacy was on the potential witness list last I checked, so while this program and others may be banned, he may still be called to testify in the trial.

UPDATE 5-10-2011: On his Facebook page, Dr. Treacy has said the following regarding this matter:

I think there is a general ‘gag’ on everything not just this show. The trial has been put back for 4 months. I don’t really know whether they [ the lawyers ] were the cause.

ID Program with Dr. Treacy Censored?

ID Program with Dr. Treacy Censored?

TRANSCRIPT: From, by Jason Johnson:

Explosive claims by a top Irish surgeon about the mystery death of Michael Jackson have been banned from US TV.

Defense lawyers had the footage pulled as they fight manslaughter charges against the King of Pop’s LA doctor Conrad Murray.

The trial’s start date has also been put back by four months as they seek out new witnesses.

Fermanagh-born cosmetic surgeon Patrick Treacy was Jackson’s only doctor when he lived in Ireland in 2006 and 2007, and became friends with the superstar. He also treated him shortly before his death in 2009.

He claims the singer would never have self-administered powerful sedative propofol–which was found to have caused his death.

Dr. Treacy, director of Dublin’s Ailesbury Clinic, is on the list of potential witnesses for the trial of US-based Dr. Murray for involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecutors claim Murray, 57, gave Jackson the lethal dose of propofol and then attempted to cover it up. Murray’s lawyers say he’s not guilty and Jackson gave the drug to himself.

But Dr. Treacy, 54, rubbished this explanation in a now-banned TV show recorded two months ago for the Discovery Channel.

In it the plastic surgeon, who has been interviewed by US detectives about the cases says, “Any time Michael used propofol with us it was always in the presence of an anesthetist and he always requested that.”

“There was one time I had to go (to) Michael’s house a few days before he was going to meet the Queen.”

“After one of his procedures he had hyper-sensitivity in this area around his nose and would require sedation, I couldn’t get an anesthetist that night.”

Dr. Treacy offered an alternative which he could have administered without an anesthetist, but the singer wouldn’t consider it.

The doctor said “There always had to be an anesthetist” adding that it “would seem unusual” for Jackson to die from administering heavy doses of propofol to himself.”

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From my pharmacist friend Nikki (and I also commented to this effect in my previous post):

One should also be asking (including the prosecution), considering Dr. Treacy’s account, why would Michael supposedly consent to Murray giving him propofol when he is not anesthetist either? Was Michael aware or not of what was occurring to him under Murray’s care? What did Michael want versus what did Murray do? What lies did Murray tell to Michael and did Michael really want Murray treating him and being his doctor or not? What proof is there that Michael, and not others, approved of Murray being Michael’s primary doctor?

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8 Responses to “Explosive claims by Dr. Patrick Treacy about the death of Michael Jackson have been banned from US TV”

  1. Nina Hamilton says:

    This is all horrendous, and so distressing. I am uncertain about saying this, but the bodyguard said he saw Michael lying there dead, but with his EYES AND MOUTH WIDE OPEN, (OMG), so how could he have been unconscious? Is that true? It just adds to the shock and horror, with Murray not phoning 911 straight away, ordering evidence to be hidden, talking on the ‘phone to girl friends, omitting telling paramedics he had administered Propofol, and then disappearing. How on earth can he get away with it? The fact that Dr. Treacy’s evidence may be blocked gives a very suspicious scary picture of US justice, and just what is going on here. The conspiracy theory seems more and more likely, but who can press that home in the right department? I hope I have not upset anyone too much, but I am so incensed and heartbroken.

  2. carina for mjj says:

    Dr Traecy will be a very strong and believable witness, unless ofcourse the defence manages to block this witness alltogether.So far it appears that murray gets what he wants.Many people and I would think witnesses too will state that Michael was not suicidal.The rehearsal on 6/25 had been a good one, little did he know that he would be dead in hours. Murray´s past is not that pure at all, but the defence naturally blocks all negatives re murray.Some think that Michael was unconscious
    when the OD was administered to him.Certain facts do support this assumption.
    And the big question:Where does all the money come to pay for all the legal services murray needs, and more so the more the trial is pushed forwards and the defence encounters new hard evidence.

  3. Susan Trout says:

    Did Michael really have a history with Dr. Murray?

    Did he request his services or did AEG?

    Didn’t Dr. Murray request a “speedy” trial? Uh, now we’re looking at September! So much for speedy.

    There’s some “big” money flowing behind the scenes. I can only imagine the shenanigans that are going on in the defense’s corner.

    I think Michael was well versed about propofol. That doesn’t mean I think he abused its use. I understand he had an interest in the medical field. He was naive but not uniformed. As far as the the defense’s bizarre claim about him self-injecting, I can’t believe it for two reasons: 1) he loved his children far too much to do anything so stupid and 2) according to medical experts, it would have been nearly impossible for him to perform the procedure himself.

    The saddest aspect of this case is that Murray was only charged with involuntary manslaughter. Michael Jackson was murdered. To treat it as a murder case (which should have been the correct charge), the investigation would have had to be much more in depth and far reaching, including more emphasis placed on the the “string pullers” (we know who they are, don’t we?) and the LAPD was directed to “limit” who was to be fingered.

    Gosh! Until the autopsy, most people were willing to accept the initial cause of death–cardiac arrest. But then there’s that little questioning voice that said….what caused the cardiac arrest?

    Who? What? Where? When? and how!!!!

  4. Magsy says:

    I wonder if Michael thought Murray WAS a qualified anesthtist?

  5. Sue Adams says:

    I agree, Michael would never have taken that risk and Murray snowed MJ. My God,
    it really looks like Murray and his defense team really have this pegged don’t
    they! They’re s*** scared of anyone getting in the way of telling the truth –
    Dr Treacy is a good friend of Michael’s and has, as always, stood up for him but
    now his truth has been gagged – it makes me sick to the stomach that Murray
    makes out how he was a “friend” to Michael – gee, W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R!!!
    OMG I so wish Dr Treacy had been there with Michael that day, he would still be
    with us now….. if only! :’-(

  6. Joyce says:

    I think there is a very strong possibility that MJ had no idea that Murray was giving him Propofol for sleep. MJ knew he had insomnia, but I doubt if he knew what really was in the “milk” he would be given by Murray. It would be normal for MJ to want a doctor and to have an IV stand in his room since MJ frequently became dehydrated and had to received hydration through an IV.

    After reading the autopsy report, it seems as though Murray really doped MJ up before giving him that final “bolus” of dose of Propofol. I wonder too if Murray by some chance came to the realization that Michael had never signed the contract hiring him for the tours and paying him the money. Also, AEG had not signed the contract to my knowledge. Murray must have been enraged to see that he was not officially hired. He had motive…..debt which needed to be paid along with child support. Also, he had closed his medical practices for a time in order to go to London. He also had the means….access to MJs house and to MJ to treat him for insomnia….not to treat him with Propofol. I don’t believe a word that nurse or aide, Cheryl Lynn, said about MJ asking her about Propofol. Where is she now? Somebody has been paying Murray. Murray is vacationing in Hawaii and walking around a free man, and all this stalling of the case is ridiculous. The fact that he covered up the crime as best he could shows that he was not an innocent doctor who just made a mistake. He didn’t even bother to call 911. And, now they have banned Dr. Treacey’s interview? I wonder how many people are being paid off in an attempt to hush them up regarding the truth of what happened? It’s shameful.

  7. Doris Gorgo says:

    Michael would never have self-administered. I don’t think he would even know how to do that. It would be impossible. He knew the risks and he would never have taken the chance. He loved his children too much and I believe Murray lied to Michael. Since Michael was having a difficult time sleeping, Murray was being paid by certain individuals to make certain that Michael was able to show up for rehearsals, and apparently the small dose was not working and Murray gave him a larger dose which was fatal.Then he and whoever else was in the room walked away and left Michael lying there alone. Murray and the others involved with TII are responsible. Don’t put the blame on Michael. I can elaborate on this but I won’t at this time.

  8. linda says:

    Michael would never take that type of risk & Murray knew this, murray snowed mj.