Jun 21 2011

Earth Song, Neverland, and a Narcissist

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Lynda Parrish

Lynda Parrish

Which of these things doesn’t belong? The narcissist seems rather out of place, doesn’t it? Many would like to see that item removed. More below about those efforts, along with some more positive news.

Lynda Parrish, who was very briefly a stylist for Michael Jackson, had the self-serving indecency to put a very personal item of Michael’s on display a while back and has now put the item up for sale with Julien’s. The lot in which the item is listed will be on auction June 26th, 2011 – just a few days from now.

Being his stylist, even for a short time, Parrish was certainly aware of how sensitive Michael was about this particular item, however she has nonetheless chosen a path that reveals her lack of ethics and respect when it comes to her clients. How anyone could trust her with their personal appearance after these self-serving stunts is inconceivable.

Prior to this, Ms Parrish had the work of Karen Faye, Michael’s make-up artist and stylist for almost 30 years, on her (Parrish’s) website, in an attempt to pass off Faye’s work as her own. Many fans are appalled at this woman’s lack of integrity as well as her blatant disregard for Michael Jackson’s privacy and his wishes.

What’s next? His underwear? Almost. One company is allegedly selling scraps of Michael’s clothing as part of some cards that can be bought to “have a piece of Michael Jackson.”  In this “anything for a buck” world, no disrespect for Michael Jackson or disregard for his privacy is too much, is it?

Ain’t the pictures enough, why do you go through so much
To get the story you need, so you can bury me
You’ve got the people confused, you tell the stories you choose
You try to get me to lose the man I really am

You keep on stalking me, invading my privacy
won’t you just let me be ‘cause your cameras can’t control,
the minds of those who know
That you’ll even sell your soul just to get a story sold

-Michael Jackson, Privacy

In an effort to at least let their feelings be known, if not to altogether stop this untrustworthy, dishonest, and selfish woman, fans have initiated a letter and a petition whose signatures will be delivered to both Ms. Parrish herself and Julien’s auction house before June 25th and 26th.

The letter says, in part:

Ms. Lynda Parrish, Michael Jackson’s most recent hairstylist (not counting the rehiring of Ms. Karen Faye for the This Is It rehearsals and concerts), apparently owns this item and gave it to Julien’s Auctions to be sold at an auction that will take place on June 25 and June 26. Previously, this wig had been exhibited in Atlanta in April 2010. The title of this event was “The Hands That Touched A King”, and it was organized by Ms. Parrish’s new business affiliates, Chuva Group, a company specializing in image and brand development. This exhibition appears to have been a promotional effort by Chuva Group, exploiting the value of the brand “Michael Jackson” to gain attention and increase awareness.

“Afterwards, Lynda mentioned that the unveiling was so tasteful and respectful that Michael Jackson himself would have approved.” http://chuvagroup.com/chuva-group-presents-the-hands-that-touched-a-king-the-exhibition/ Michael Jackson had suffered extensive and painful burns during an accident while filming a commercial in 1984 which resulted in loss of hair. Michael Jackson entrusted Ms. Lynda Parrish to be his hairstylist and to respect his privacy in these matters. It is her responsibility as a professional to be sensitive toward situations which are of a private agenda. What we have seen with this exhibition is the opposite – this dehumanizing spectacle degraded Michael Jackson, and her public statement following the unveiling was equally distasteful – an equivocal belittlement of Michael Jackson’s legacy.

The O2 press conference March 5, 2009 in London where Michael Jackson announced the This Is It concerts epitomizes developments which put Michael Jackson on a road that ended with his death on June 25, 2009. The item Ms. Parrish is looking to sell to the highest bidder at the upcoming auction is promoted referencing this press conference. We consider this thoughtless and downplaying the tragedy involved in this event. … For these reasons, this particular item should not be sold at a public auction, and it is our firm belief that it should not be on public display at all. At this point, it may not be feasible any more to ask Ms. Parrish to withdraw this item from the auction since bidding has started. Yet, we, the undersigned, wish to express our utter dismay regarding the public auctioning of this particular item. We are firmly convinced that we are not alone with our feelings.

You can learn more and sign that petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/open-letter-and-petition-to-ms-lynda-parrish-and-juliens-auctions-6?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition



Man in the Music, by Joe Vogel

In other more pleasant news, Joe Vogel, author of the upcoming book “Man in the Music, the Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson“, has written an article about “Earth Song“, one of the most important songs of our time, and one of the most important songs Michael had ever written. Joe shared a sneak preview of his article on his website.

The article will be published in its entirety on Huffington Post on June 25th. Keep an eye out for it! It’s bound to be fascinating, as everything from Joe is due to his meticulous research into Michael’s creative life.

About this, Joe recently tweeted:

A sneak preview of “Earth Song – Inside Michael Jackson’s Magnum Opus” will be on my website — www.joevogel.net — at 12:00 EST The full piece will be available this Saturday, June 25th. Please help spread the word about this piece. This is a song (and message) that mattered deeply to Michael. I want it to be heard over the sensationalism. I spent hours talking to people who worked closely with Michael on this song. I was amazed at what I learned.

You can read the sneak preview of Joe’s article here: http://www.joevogel.net/a-sneak-preview-of-earth-song-inside-michael-jacksons-magnum-opus

Also, Joe will be on LA Talk Radio at 5:00 PST (8:00 EST) this Friday June 24th talking about Earth Song and Michael Jackson. Visit http://www.latalkradio.com/Sheena.php


Finally, Larry Nimmer, the filmmaker who created “The Untold Story of Neverland” back in 2005, has recently visited Neverland again and found that in a few ways at least, some of what Michael had built there had been restored and that his spirit is still very much alive there.

Speaking of Nimmer, there is an effort afoot to promote the TV airing of his film The Untold Story of Neverland“. Airing the film on television requires the permission and support of the estate however and the effort is to gain their approval and support.

Why do we want to see Nimmer’s film aired on TV?

Well, as we know, the networks never tire of re-airing that fictitious (to put it nicely) Bashir hit-piece “Living With Michael Jackson“. In fact they’re doing so again in Australia and likely in other countries on June 24th and June 25th in a crude and cruel stab to his legacy on what is now the second anniversary of his tragic and suspicious death.

One way to counter this Bashir garbage is with some different, more accurate and truthful content. Specifically, a positive documentary such as Nimmer’s. So, that’s why it would be nice to see “The Untold Story of Neverland” aired on TV – preferably often, at least for a while, in order to counteract the constant onslaught of negative, twisted, and inaccurate propaganda like Bashir’s film.

Regarding his recent June 2011 visit to Neverland, Larry recently shared on his Facebook group (called “Being Mike-like“):

I had a wonderful visit to Neverland Ranch yesterday, thank’s to the Mike-like gesture of Tom Barrack and Sebastien Brassard Simard. Tom Barrack, the ranch owner, invited Sebastien to visit Neverland and Sebastien was allowed to take one guest, and he invited me. While Mr. Barrack was not at the ranch during our visit, the rest of the staff treated us like kings and we certainly appreciated their Mike-like hospitality. BTW, we found the ranch to be in beautiful shape. Many things were missing from Michael’s heyday at Neverland, but, the ranch was well groomed and some things have returned, like the inner gates. And, some sick animals that needed a home were living at the zoo.

Larry At Neverland, June 2011

Visit to Neverland June 2011 - Larry Nimmer

Visit to Neverland June 2011 - Larry Nimmer

Visit to Neverland June 2011 - Larry Nimmer

Catherine Gross, host of “A Place In Your Heart” radio, interviewed Larry Nimmer on June 19th. If you missed that wonderful show, you can listen after-the-fact here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/a-place-in-your-heart/2011/06/19/talking-with-larry-nimmer

You can also find Larry on Twitter and at his website, LarryNimmer.net

You can learn more about how you can contribute to the effort to get “The Untold Story of Neverland” aired on television here: http://mjjjusticeproject.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/neverland-campaign/

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18 Responses to “Earth Song, Neverland, and a Narcissist”

  1. Brenda says:

    Hello! I’ll tell you what’s weird, it’s weird that MJ had a doctor LIVING in his home. To me that is bizarre all by itself. Didn’t AEG say he had a perfect bill of health. So why is a “doctor” living in his house??? People say he looked well in This Is It, but to me, he looked worn out. Those blood-suckers were going for all they could get. Michael, we love you and will keep love alive.

  2. Sina says:

    Seven you are so right, its not about a wig, its about respect, morals professional ethics. You dont need to be Michaels intimi to understand and FEEL that its a sensitive ,personal and private thing. But these people lack feelings and empathy, what basically make them sociopaths.
    Michael seems like a magnet for profiteers, but as they say ,opposites attract.

    What Susan Trout says in her comment is what I also ask myself trying to reason for the impossible things that happened.
    Michaels voicemail message about how he is controlled is downright scary.
    Then the man in question is dismissed, in come his old managers, next thing we know, hes dead. At the hospital the same character makes an official statement as if hes still in charge? And then the money he turned in voluntarily. What did he keep from Michael that noone knows of.
    The tape of Mrs Gaitlin is just a small piece of what we got to know because someone happened to have recorded it. But what is there that we do not know? What did Michael himself know. Was he scared and who else did he trust with his fears if anyone?
    Till today I dont understand how an imperium like Michaels was constructed dependent on individuals- managers and lawyers and the minute they are out the imperium falls down. In decades of working with the same management they didnt create a solid financial building that could withstand from economic crises to ‘lavish spending’?
    Were his finances intentionally constructed in a way to make Michael dependent on the same people?
    Michael should have been able to retire at 30 yrs old.
    Why is his estate doing so well now that he is gone and he didnt before. And what part of the profits of the estate goes to who?
    After two years still nothing has come to light as to why Michael had to do the shows.
    I will read Latoyas book like I do almost evry book about Michael and I will make up my mind what to believe or not.
    Every little bit can bring us closer to the truth.

  3. Seven says:


    I do not know the details of what permissions are necessary for sales or exhibition re: the estate, or if they’re getting a cut somehow from the wig sale. I wish I did know. It might make some of this mess easier to understand.


    You may not consider a wig a private item but Michael did. According to Karen Faye – his stylist and make-up artist for ~30 years, Michael was very sensitive about his hair (or lack thereof) and wanted this kept private. Being that she was around him for that long and working with him on make-up and hair, I trust that she certainly knew how Michael felt about this. She was heartbroken and shocked to see this item on display and for sale. No stylist with any ethical mores would display or sell such an item – knowing how her/his client felt about it. And I guarantee you, Parrish knew. She just doesn’t care.

    People need to remember that while they themselves might not find a wig to be considered ‘private‘ – MICHAEL did. It’s not about our feelings or opinions. It’s about MICHAEL’S feelings and opinions. And for once, finally, they ought to be respected.

    But unfortunately, they’re not. That’s what is so heartbreaking. It’s not just about a wig. It’s about respect.

  4. June says:

    The items to be auctioned Sunday were shown on the Today Show this morning, including the jacket and wig. I missed some of the display; however it’s painfully obvious the auction is going forward. Seven, why do you think it apparently is necessary to get the Estate’s permission for Larry Nimmer to try to get his documentary aired mainstream, but it is apparently NOT necessary (or perhaps it was) to get the Estate’s permission to auction off Michael’s things, even though they were owned by others, i.e., Tompkins and Bush (and Parrish). Do we know if the Estate gave permission for this particular auction? I know you addressed this above (about the wig) to @Carina; however, is it possible to find out if the Estate gave/sold the wig to Parrish or how she came into possession of this item. I’m just wondering if the Estate gets a split of the proceeds of sale from these apparently privately owned items.

  5. Susan Trout says:


    Did you listen to that so-called “video-taped” conversation Michael had with June Gaitlin regarding Tome Tome? I’m beginning to believe that in Michael’s last years he was being “controlled” through threats, intimidation and “doctors” (i.e. prescription meds). Conspiracy? Yes.

    It’s becoming clearer that there were only a very few people that Michael could trust and they, tragically, weren’t in a position of power. I’m getting a really bad feeling about the upcoming trial. The defense is going to be ruthless and we already know how the majority of the uneducated regard Michael. It’s going to be a nightmare.

    I just read where Ramone Baine was convicted of tax evasion and owes the IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes during the period she was MJ’s publicist. I realize that Michael was a very trusting man and people betrayed him constantly, but he wasn’t stupid. Is it that his organization–the fame machine that he became a prisoner of–finally decided he was just too much of a liability and set in motion the sequence of events that lead to June 25, 2009?

    One has to wonder, especially when one consider’s the financial status of his Estate for 2010.

    The most troubling aspect is that unless determined investigators continue to dig, the other criminals won’t be fingered and possibly brought to justice.

    While none of us can really know if Michael and LaToya were really close at the end, I plan to read her book. It might be very revealing, even if “names” are not mentioned.

    I really do hope that Prince, Paris, and Blanket are watched over closely and protected. They’re going want answers at some point. God protect them.

  6. Seven says:


    I don’t know if she owns it. There has been some debate about that ie: does she or the estate own it? I’m guessing that somehow she does – though it beggars belief that Michael would ever give her such a thing. She is slithery, sneaky, unethical and dishonest – so no telling how she actually got it. If he did give it to her, it’s because he erroneously thought he could trust her – after which she – like many others – stabbed him in the back in this fashion. She is truly a despicable woman.

  7. June says:

    I’ve signed the petition to air Nimmer’s documentary, and the petition to halt (or at least voice objection to) Parrish’s disgusting moneygrab via Julien’s auction. And I also do not believe Michael B. and Dennis T. should be selling the Thriller jacket so lovingly given to them by Michael. However, glad to hear SOME of the proceeds will go toward the Shambala Preserve for Michael’s tigers. Neverland looks wonderful and I too believe one day Michael would have returned there, had he been given the chance, and that Neverland was the carrot at the end of the stick dangled before him as the method to entice him onto the TII tour. IMO all the perpetrators are connected and the truth will come out eventually, although I don’t buy that Murray was “the fall guy”; Murray was a very willing participant.

    I’ve wondered awhile now as we read of embellishments to Neverland by Colony, what is CC’s motive? What does Barrack intend to do with Neverland? I would like to believe his motives are genuine, but just not sure…….

  8. carina for mjj says:

    Does Ms. Parrish really own this piece? I dobt very much that Michael would have given it to her as a present.
    She is abusing her past position of being Michaels hair stylist. Just imagine Karen Faye peddling Michaels make ups and other very private items.

  9. Max says:

    Greed brings out the worst in people. Unfortunately, it is the coin of this realm. Lynda is going down the wrong road. She could just as easily have done and said something uplifting about her association with Michael.
    Personally, I would not call a wig an unmentionable item. For an entertainer whose brand-recognition includes opulent hair, it is a necessity. Hollywood and the rest of America heavily rely on such items. In fact, this culture’s obsession with hair created a multi-billion dollar industry. It is one reason I am so comfortable with tribal Africa, in which men and women keep their heads shaved. It sure levels the playing field.
    We love Michael for what he was, not how he looked, though he dedicated himself to providing us with eye-candy. Everything about him was and will always be beautiful.

  10. Sara says:

    You mentioned the song Privacy, that is one of my favorite Michael songs, I love the whole Invincible album. I don’t know why the media always misreports and says that Invincible did horrible, it didn’t, except for in the U.S. It’s a wonderful album. That song where he talks about how his pride was snatched away, I think he was talking about the naked pictures the police took of him when they served that search warrant of his body. My heart breaks when I listen to some of the lyrics of his songs. Earth Song makes me cry a lot of times when I listen to it because it is so beautiful, my mom loves that song, it is one of her favorites because she loves animals like Michael did. I always used to joke around with her and tell her that maybe her and Michael could have been good friends if she had met him and they talked about all of their similar interests, he he!!!

  11. Sara says:

    She should be ashamed of herself, but why does this not surprise me. So many people that Michael trusted hurt him in the most evil ways and have continued to do so after his death. Which I think is the sickest thing. He truly was a wounded warrior. He always called his fans his soldiers of L.O.V.E. I definitely think that we all need to stand up and fight for him in any way that we can now that he is not here to speak for himself. I love to see that Neverland is being kept up. Another beautiful and insightful article again about Michael and his work!!! Thank you.

  12. Dorothy says:

    IMO Ms. Parrish reputation is already ruined and what goes around comes around.

  13. Susan Trout says:

    There’s no accounting for the depths which people sink to make a buck. I’d rather be living on the streets, scrounging for crumbs, than to stoop to such a disgusting level. How does she justify this act?

    So glad you included the wonderful article about Mr. Vogel’s study of Earth Song and the happy, upbeat article about Larry Nimmer’s visit to Neverland. I know Michael was devastated by what happened there. I do believe, too, that given time and the kind of soul-healing intervention he so desperately needed, he would have returned to Neverland. He surely didn’t want it sold on the auction block, hence the ultimate decision to create a concert tour to address his “so-called” debt. He could have just let it go and been done with it. He loved Neverland. The happy voices of children and the natural beauty of that expansive piece of paradise would have washed away the ugliness of obsessed tyrants, revealing only beauty and healing. Like a forest devastated by fire, in time nature overcomes and restores growth and beauty which flames had once ravaged. Neverland nurtured Michael’s deep love and passion for nature and creation. I curse those who violated that. I hope they are judged harshly one day and their memory of their vicious deeds is their ultimate punishment.

    He lives and creates in another world now–Foreverland!

  14. Joyce says:

    Ms.Parrish most certainly has no ethics, no respect of privacy and no respect for her profession. She is her own worst enemy and hopefully has ruined any future career she may have hoped for. I will sign the petition but am not holding out too much hope that Julien’s will pull this item. I hope the well written letter will at least give them something to think about for future auctions.

    Joe Vogel is incredible! I can’t wait to read his entire article about Earth Song on June 25th. He is such a wonderful, positive voice for Michael! I may have to pre-order another copy of his book on June 25th as another positive remembrance to Michael!

    How wonderful to see beautiful flowers in bloom and sweet animals finding a home at Neverland. So glad someone is keeping a little bit of Michael’s spirit alive there. Maybe there will be a positive future for Neverland.
    I cannot believe that anyone would actually re-air that slanderous, unethical Bashir show. It has been completely discredited by numerous people on numerous occasions including in a court of law! That is just a travesty. I will check out what I can do to help make sure that Larry Nimmer’s positive rebuttal video will also be shown.
    Thanks for all the information and links!

  15. Solar says:

    Reputation can make or break people, and Ms. Parrish’s reputation in the industry will precede her. She has basically announced to everyone that she is NOT a trustworthy person and will sell out to the highest bidder.

  16. Seven says:


    IMO Ms. Parrish should not be trusted again by other clients. She clearly has no respect for their privacy. She way she operates (including attempts to pass off Karen Faye’s work as her own) is highly unethical.

  17. Dialdancer says:

    It is people like this who keep me in a state of bewilderment. Has our society lost all sense of deceny and respect? Is money that important, maybe she is starving, that would explain such a tasteless act?

    Ms. Parrish must live under a rock if not she would know better than to try and pull this off. Entertainers, the people who make their living by using the tricks of the trade to alter their persona and style for their performances and to ensure their continued appeal to their public will not want someone like her around after this. An example is how quickly Klein’s business dried up after his initial interviews after Michael’s death.

  18. Chamone says:

    I’m so happy to hear that 🙂
    I would love to visit Neverland
    *thinks happy thoughts* lol