Jul 12 2011

“I don’t want to leave…please, all I want to do is be a kid.”

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"I don't want to leave ... I just want to be a kid."

"I don't want to leave...please, all I want to do is be a kid."

I often think of Michael in that big tree at Neverland, because he climbed up during the Bashir documentary…and was really savoring those peaceful moments with nature. Remember how sweet his profile was? Michael was all about communing with the spirit and had more going for him just in the richness of his soul. But the moment that really got to me was when I looked out my second floor office window in the spring of 2010. I was fixated on one of the trees below, and suddenly Michael “appeared” under the tree. He was about 11 and was wearing that famous purple brimmed hat that he wore on the Ed Sullivan Show. His big eyes looked up at me and without words he was saying, “look at me, I’m down here. I don’t want to leave…please, all I want to do is be a kid.” I ran to the rest room and just fell apart. It took me about ten minutes to recover. Now every time I see that tree I can’t help thinking of him. Our lives have changed forever.

Even though it was all in my imagination, my heart and mind were there…with Michael…in the moment. I saw him looking at me, pleading with those eyes and it felt so real. I was trying to tell him that I could hear him, as if we were communicating with our souls.

Micheline James

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{ I do not know who to credit for the artwork. It really is very whimsical and sweet. -Seven }

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17 Responses to ““I don’t want to leave…please, all I want to do is be a kid.””

  1. Mado says:

    Seven I am grateful to you for your wonderful articles. As for Paris videos, I watched them and I was thinking that someone is playing games. Now that you tell us that it is Paris who has made them, I will go and comment and give her some thumbs up.

    Love from Greece.

  2. Joyce says:

    @Sina, Very well said! I completely agree with you. Social media is here to stay. It is to today’s teens, tweens etc. what calling on the phone, or writing notes was to me when I was in highschool (wow, showing my age now). It is the pervasiveness of the cyberbullying that is so wrong and out of control.
    I also hope that Michael’s children will be able to continue to grow into the wonderful, intelligent young adults that they are destined to be thanks to Michael’s guidance and influence, which I’m sure they still feel each and every day. They deserve the same respect and privacy that we all do. Unfortunately, that is something Michael was never given by the media and other unscrupulous greedy people.

  3. Sina says:

    There is nothing wrong with a teenager on social media. Technology of communication develops and changes and every generation has their own means.
    What is wrong is the cyberbullying or any kind of bullying.
    What is wrong is the harassment of a child by unscrupulous people
    What is wrong is paparazzi putting a childs live at risk for money.
    Why dont we protest against that.

    In retrospective and in line with this article, I wish Michael had had all the freedom in the world to enjoy each and evrything that a child should. He was never able to have all these experiences because he was in a golden cage.
    I hope for Michaels children that they will be their own person and never feel the pressure of peoples opinions and expectations projected on them because they happen to be Michael Jacksons children.

  4. Seven says:


    Ok. I’m sorry I misunderstood what you meant. And, I agree with you. Much of what is happening is not coincidence – it is planned by the money and power-brokers of the world. People call it “NWO” and such but I detest such terms because they smack of hysterical conspiracy theory. However, there is a world that the moneyed and power-brokers want for themselves and they are fast getting it – to the detriment of everyone and everything else.

    Until the self-servitude and greed – the ‘me me me’ attitude can be mitigated, we’re doomed to this. We’re all part of the same world and what we do to the planet and anyone else on it we do to ourselves. Blind, ignorant, greedy, short-sighted people can’t see that and/or don’t care. It’s what Michael tried to teach, yes. Definitely.

  5. cris says:

    I NEVER said he was talking about “the end of the world”. Actually, I
    don’t even believe in that STUPID conspiracy. I think the world will
    know a dramatic (and planned – my opinion) change, but it will not be
    it’s end.
    And about the environment yes – he was referring to that too, but I
    think it was something more. I really don’t believe that everything
    what’s happening now in the world is a coincidence. Like I’ve said
    we will realize the truth in the coming years.
    And the answer to your last question is unfortunatelly NEVER. Come on,
    do you guys see someone capable of doing something? And if it’ll appear
    someone it will be from the government – which already no one trusts
    anymore. Let’s say MJ fans will want to do something – they will not be
    let. There are some good people in this world but those who are living
    with hate, ignorance and tabloids shit eaters seem to be more numerous.
    I don’t believe that “we stop” is correct. We who? Maybe some of us, but
    it needs more than that. Like MJ said in TII “… we must begin to clean
    her up and that means cleaning up our own hearts and minds first” That’s
    exactly what, in my opinion, it’s very difficult if not impossible to
    happen with that part of our world (75% let’s say) that could bring a

  6. Michelle says:

    Thanks, Seven, soooo sweet.

  7. Seven says:


    I think they probably know Paris is on Twitter (if that’s her account). I don’t like the abusive nastiness she gets there either and I don’t like the paparazzi breaking laws and driving recklessly to chase her and the other kids down the road. Reminds me of Lady Di and frankly scares the dickens out of me. This is why Michael kept them covered in public with him, so they didn’t have to endure this stuff. But – it’s not our decision to make either way.

    She has made some lovely videos though,which she’s mentioned on her twitter account. Here are the links:

    She clearly misses her Dad and has inherited his concern for the planet.

  8. june says:

    IMO,Michael would NEVER have left his children as they are now. Although I believe the 2002 will was valid, I do not support what is now occurring. Will someone PLEASE alert the Jacksons via twitter, or otherwise, I don’t really care, I don’t use twitter, I have tried by sending emails to siblings’s websites, but apparently to no avail,that Michael’s daughter IS a member of the twitter community; she has over 10,000 followers and who knows who could be lurking, following under some false name, a member of Murray’s defense team, maybe? Of course she wants to be a “normal” teenager; I have a “normal” teenage granddaugher same age who cannot use twitter. Is anyone in the Jackson household paying attention? She uses an iPhone, has been the subject of hate in the past but apparently has learned to control by blocking. Is this how she’s spending her summer?

    Seven, I agree Michael was referring to climate change, not the dire 2012 predictions.

  9. Seven says:

    I don’t think Michael was referring to “the end of the world” vis a vis the 2012 movie, like many seem to believe – that this was some ominous prediction. It was, but not in that context.

    He was referring to climate change. That was why the emphasis on Earth Song and environmental conservation. Here you go:


    He meant that if we don’t do something to curb our ways environmentally within 4 years, then the resulting climate changes would be drastic – and irreversible.

    In fact, they already are. It’s really too late already. The question is: when are we going to stop destroying the only place we have to live?

  10. cris says:

    Yes, the first thing that cross my mind was “Heaven can wait”.
    I really believe that Michael didn’t want in a second to leave this
    earth. He was planning something great, unexpected. All the speaches
    from TII Movie can prove it. The TII message was well known by all the
    fans (save the earth, stop the prejudice, change things for the better),
    but if we listen very carefully we can realize that MJ was planning to
    transform these wishes into existence. Ex. when he stressed “there is no
    much time left”, or even gave dates “we have 4 years to get it right, or
    else it’s irreversible”, “the time has come, this is it” etc. All these
    aren’t just for entertaining, it was his last attemt to save the world.
    I think he knew something of the government’s plan to put down the
    Planet – we see what’s going on: Euro Zone is almost bankrupt, America
    with its huge debt, Greece almost in payment default etc. Many will not
    agree, but I don’t think all these are result of “natural causes”. I
    think it’s all planned and MJ knew it, that’s why he gave us exact dates.
    We will see in coming years that MJ was right.

  11. daniela says:

    Seven thank you.

  12. carina for mjj says:

    It is so sad that he wasn´t given the time to spend with his own children.You can not just go back to childhood, but once you have a child of your own it brings back much from your own, and the good parts if your lifesituation is reasonably OK.Michael enjoyed being with his children and during pieceful times liked to cook breakfast for them.It is so wrong that his life was cut short.

  13. Joyce says:

    Seven, Thanks for sharing this sweet, lovely photo and poignant words.
    @Max, that is also what I always think about when I listen to “Heaven Can Wait”. Such a beautiful song that always brings a little sadness with it.

  14. AMB says:

    Oh, this is soo sweet! Lovely! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Max says:

    It reminds me of one of my favorites on the Invincible album, Heaven Can Wait. If you read the lyrics with the understanding that he is talking to and about Paris, it becomes quite poignant, especially with his passing and Paris’s heartfelt, wrenching good-bye.

  16. Anne Mette Jepsen says:

    Thank you for sharing …

  17. meigadas says: