Aug 17 2011

“He is something of an angel”

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Pete Townshend on Michael Jackson

Pete Townshend on Michael Jackson

Pete Townshend wrote in the diary section of his official website that he’s always known Jackson to be loving and supportive of children, especially those in need. Townshend said:

[Jackson] has unselfishly helped every cause, and individual child, I have sent his way. In one case he hired a circus for the Down’s Syndrome children of a special school of the daughter of a friend of mine, and showed up to happily, and – yes – in childlike enthusiasm – watch the show with them. This little girl believed she was Michael’s future wife, and he so kindly allowed her to sit next to him, as his future bride. His feathers may be badly burned, and he may be damaged in other ways too, but he is something of an angel.

MORE Evidence . . . Australia, 1997

Michael and Natasha's son

Michael and Natasha's son

A letter from the mother of the little boy in the photo reads:

Farewell, and goodbye Michael, thank you America, ,what a superb send off you have organised for a man who gave all he had to give, physically, emotionally and as I have learnt today…, his contribution to so many, many charities, financially. Here in my home today in Sydney, Australia, there were no dry eyes and without a doubt the whole world is breaking their hearts which are filled with sadness.

The farewell tribute concert commenced in Sydney at 2.50 am and as I watched with bitter sweetness, I realized that indeed this was a wonderful tribute to a man who had nothing to give the world but his whole soul.

What can you write about a man who gave so much and contributed completely and wholeheartedly to the happiness of millions of people throughout the world, through his music, not to mention the many sick and infirmed children which he visited in hospitals throughout the many countries of the world where he so generously gave from his heart, gifts and tickets to his shows, and lifted their spirits which would I have no doubt would have aided in their recovery.

I am the mother of one such child, where my son and I had the opportunity of meeting Michael at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick when he visited Sydney on the 18 November, 1987. I will never forget that day as long as I live, when Michael came to the hospital with an abundance of stuffed animal toys, so generously given, to all the children in the children’s ward. He went around the ward and visited each child personally and quietly spoke words of comfort to them and I will never forget the delight of these children, the medical staff and the parents who visited on that day.

My son now is a grown man and I wish to share this photograph with the whole world because it shows Michael’s selfless and generous nature. My son, unfortunately, lost his eye in a school accident that week and, as you can imagine, it was a real tragedy for the whole family, but that day he gave us all some joy, great pleasure and and an abundance of happiness.

Michael, I know that you are with the angels and may God Bless your soul and, rest assured, you will live in our hearts forever. Thank you for the music.

Natasha Lang

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13 Responses to ““He is something of an angel””

  1. Joyce says:

    Thanks Seven! Another wonderful remembrance of Michael from Pete Townshend, someone who recognized what a very special, amazing man Michael was. What a beautiful and heartbreaking quote.

    I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of letters and stories like the one you shared from the boy in Australia are out there from those whose lives were personally touched by Michael’s gentle,caring heart! Too bad the media isn’t looking for these types of stories. I never tire of reading all of them! They inspire me and touch my heart.

    Thanks again!

  2. BGG says:

    An angel, indeed. Thanks for sharing, Seven 🙂

  3. Ellen says:

    Michael was without a doubt God’s sweetest angel. He was sent from heaven above to bring love to the whole world and show us all how to live on this Earth. He has now returned to heaven from where he was sent to us for such a brief time and I will miss him and love him forever. We had greatness among us but far too many did not see him for who he truly was. Always and forever in my heart, darling Michael. You are the absolute brightest star and God’s sweetest angel forevermore.

  4. Mjalima says:

    Thank you Seven,

    This is the Michael I know and love

    pure of heart

    Love for ever

  5. Seven says:


    Probably a little bit of both, actually. I know that positive stories here don’t get nearly the traffic (I check my stats) that negative ones do, so we definitely have our role in it. That doesn’t absolve the media of their profit-driven lynching of celebrities like Michael but we do have a part to play too.

  6. Dialdancer says:

    Is it our fault that stories like this are virtually unknown, because they aren’t filled with hurt, and anger, or is it the Media’s fault for not emphasizing these types of stories?

    Have we become too busy battling the ugly to appreciate the beauty around us?

  7. Siu Siu from Hong Kong says:

    Absolutely agree!

  8. Blues says:

    Thank you so much for this stories, Seven. The letter is so sweet… people need to know stories like this.

  9. Maria says:

    Seven I think the fans should “move on the media.” In a good sense of the word. Media must show the real Michael. They have for years manipulated the public opinion. Now that would be Muray process is probably a good time. Fans should be mobilized. Fans should have a voice. All the great stations in America should hear the fans and show the truth. How to get to the media?. Maybe at the beginning of a letter to all these media. I’m talking about the media in America, because the media in this country destroyed MJ. Media should tell the truth. Show the real Michael, and finally tell the truth. Media have to settle for his crimes against the innocent man. They should listen to Michael and see Michael. They should tell the whole truth about all the allegations. Americans should know who they lost. Americans do not know Michael, because they were manipulated by the media.

  10. KC says:

    Thank You Seven for posting untold, truthful, wonderful stories about Michael Jackson. This shows how truly humble of a person he was. He never talked about the numerous contributions he made world-wide for children & children’s charities. I believe he was an angel sent by God to uplift the world through his music & loving humanitarian contributions. Also, Seven . . . . I appreciate all your hard work with this web site & I know Michael is watching from above with gratitude. Many blessings to you.

  11. tish says:

    That is a beautiful article yes he was something of an angel an Earth Angel

  12. carina for mjj says:

    Thank you so much Seven for this and other info like this on Michael. It is of unmesurable importance now as so much negative stories have been dug up and rehashed for the time, no doubt by murrays PR firm.Michael did so much for the needy of every kind and it was done outside the public eye.He has saved more lives than we can count.

  13. Michelle says:

    Awww, thanks, Seven. Michael is such a sweetie!