Aug 21 2011

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

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Murray wasn't humiliated (as MJ was) by having his mugshot published, so we'll use this one.

Murray wasn't humiliated (as MJ was) by having his mugshot published when he was charged, so we'll use this one.

I really don’t want this to start.  Like everyone else, I want to see something done about the doctor who presided over Michael’s death, but I’m dreading the start of the trial on September 26th.  Jury selection is gearing up and unless the date has changed, starts on September 8th. Like the aborted attempt at jury selection in March/April 2011, a very detailed 30-page, 117-item questionnaire will be given to each prospective juror. The questionnaire also includes 136 potential witnesses, including Michael’s family, former employees and associates, his children, 9 of his former doctors, and nurse Cherilyn Lee. The trial is expected to last approximately two months.

One article states that “Potential jurors are also asked about their familiarity with a laundry list of 27 different prescription drugs, including propofol, the drug tied to his death.” But there’s a problem with that statement. You see, propofol is not a prescription drug. You cannot get it by getting an Rx written up from your doctor and picking it up at your local drugstore. Watch out for the media’s slippery misinformation here, lumping propofol in with other prescription drugs as if it were in the same category. It is not. And propofol was what killed Michael, not any of those 26 other drugs.

And the defense might want to be careful picking jurors who are too knowledgeable about all these drugs. Because if they are too knowledgeable, they’ll recognize not only that propofol is not a “prescription drug“, but also that it is not a “painkiller“.  And they’ll also know that propofol is not physically addictive. This is another reason claims that “Michael was an addict” having anything to do with why he died won’t quite work. Murray’s claim that he was trying to “wean” Michael off of propofol won’t work either. Since it’s not physically addictive, there would have been no reason for that.

They’ll also know how quickly propofol works. This means that there is no plausible way whatsoever that an individual could inject himself with the amount of propofol that was found in Michael’s body without having been completely “knocked out” before even half of that amount had been injected. The autopsy report clearly states this. And that blows up yet another of Murray’s ridiculous claims. Murray (or his defense) has claimed Michael injected himself with propofol while Murray was out of the room (which he never should have been in the first place, even if such a story was plausible).

Those knowledgeable jurors might also realize that Michael was administered several benzodiazepines before propofol was administered. That’s a problem because the benzos exacerbate (make worse or magnify) the effects of the propofol. Besides the fact that propofol should not be administered outside a clinical setting, besides the fact that it should never be administered without following appropriate standards of care (ie: continuous and precise monitoring and ready means of resuscitation) – this is indeed a big problem.

Given all these “mistakes” Murray allegedly made, one has to wonder how “involuntary” Michael’s death really was, for if Conrad Murray is that poor of a physician, he should not be one at all.

Remember what Dr. Barry Friedberg said:

The only thing more reckless Murray could have done was taking Jackson up in an airplane and pushing him out without a parachute. -Dr. Barry Friedberg, M.D. – Board Certified Anesthesiologist

And then there’s the claim that Michael was addicted to and receiving Demerol from Dr. Arnie Klein. Looking for anyone else to blame for Michael’s death other than Murray, his defense wants to claim that Klein administered Demerol and other narcotics to Michael causing him to become addicted to the drug, and that therefore Michael was an addict, a lost cause physically, and would have died anyway. That lovely bit of hyperbole was dealt with by our own Nikki Allygator aka ‘Gatorgirl‘ in this previously-published article on Nikki wrote:

First off, let’s note that no such drugs were found in Michael’s body or home after he died according to the autopsy report and the investigation. Had he been ‘addicted‘ to Demerol it is inconceivable that he’d not have any Demerol in his body or his home. As an addict, he’d certainly have a stash. But there was none. There was a meeting at Michael’s rented mansion on June 20th, 2009 wherein Michael was allegedly told not to take medications from any doctor other than Conrad Murray. The last time Michael saw Klein was on June 22nd. Demerol would show up in a drug test for about a week. Michael died on June 25th and again, no Demerol was found in his system. Whatever injections Klein may have given Michael on June 22nd could therefore not have been Demerol.

The defense wants to convince jurors that Michael was a freak, weirdo, strung-out drug addict, eccentric and demanding – and thus guilty of his own murder. The prosecution wants people who can see through the negative media portrayal of Michael and who believe he was extorted, negatively defined, wrongly accused — and who can read an autopsy report well enough to see that the cause of death is listed as ‘homicide‘ and ‘acute propofol intoxication‘, ‘administered by another‘ (rather than a self-administered ‘drug overdose’).

Murray’s lawyers want the jury sequestered, citing media hype surrounding the trial and particularly trash-talking fact-diddlers such as Nancy Grace and Diane Dimond. Nancy Grace, in her role as a former prosecutor in Atlanta, had a reputation of “playing fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failing to meet ethical responsibilities, having been cited three times for these issues.

I understand Dimond is slated to cover the case on HLN. Dimond has a similar reputation as an unethical tabloid trash peddler and one of Tom Sneddon’s lackeys in the decades-long framing and lynching of Michael Jackson. You can read much more about Dimond’s own “fast and loose” fact-diddling here:  A hearing regarding jury sequestration is scheduled for August 25th.

In my opinion, the idea that Conrad Murray needs protection from media influence to get a fair trial seems quite narcissistic given the media’s (and his own defense’s) penchant for making this a ‘Michael Jackson‘ trial rather than a trial of Conrad Murray. It will be Michael Jackson who will be put on trial again in the media and in the public eye, not Conrad Murray.

However, a sequestered jury may help reduce the chances of Murray’s lawyers demanding a retrial on the basis of media interference.  Also sequestered juries are, according to empirical evidence, allegedly more likely to convict. Given the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial, I have to wonder if that’s true.

Speaking of Tom Sneddon, the former District Attorney in Santa Barbara notorious for malicious prosecution (especially of minorities), I’ve learned that he has been handsomely rewarded for his viciousness. Sneddon’s taxpayer-funded pension in Santa Barbara County is $224,000/yr. And, while Michael’s name had been shamefully removed from Gardner St. Elementary School after having been falsely accused, Sneddon’s name was placed on an administrative building in Santa Barbara as an ‘honor‘ to his ‘service‘. Crime indeed does pay – if you’re the DA.

From the report on the highest paid pensioners in Santa Barbara:

Of the 2,904 people who receive a pension through SBCERS, 152 get more than $100,000 per year and 25 people — including ten who worked in the Sheriff’s Department — receive more than $150,000. Of the top 25, eight served as the heads of their respective departments at one time or another. Six retired prosecutors from the DA’s office are also in the top 25. The highest name on the list is longtime District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who rakes in a whopping $224,672.64 every year.

I will not be giving a day-by-day or blow-by-blow accounting of the Conrad Murray trial here for several reasons among them being that I do not live in nor can I travel to California to cover it, as well as the fact that I intentionally do not watch television, and am obligated otherwise with too much of my time to cover a trial on a day by day basis.

If you’re like me and would rather catch the trial online when you’ve both the time and the stomach to watch, I’m told that it will be live-streamed on  I will of course post other resources for keeping up with trial as I have them and I’ll post trial news or wrap-ups when I’m able.

Liberian Girl

Liberian Girl

In brighter news, there was quite an involved discussion on my MJJ-777 Facebook page about that chant heard in the song “Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’“. You know the one: “mama se mama sa mama ku sa“. Someone in a rather bitter-sounding article on “thedailybeast“, claims to have met Michael and asked him personally about the meaning of this chant. She claims Michael told her that the chant meant “I need you I love you I want you” in Swahili.

However, after researching a bit, I learned that that chant actually came from a song by Manu Dibango, a Cameroonian saxaphonist, and that Dibango had sued Michael for use of the chant, and settled out of court. Dibango’s song is called “Soul Makossa“.  From the wikipedia article on the song:

The coda at the end of the song comes directly from Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango’s 1972 disco song “Soul Makossa”. The coda is “Mama-say mama-sah ma-ma-coo-sah”.[4] Makossa is a Cameroonian music genre and dance. Dibango sued Jackson and settled out of court.

Others in the conversation learned that “Makossa” has a couple of meanings depending the region. For instance, in Cameroon (where the primary language is English, not Swahili), “Makossa” means “I dance“. Another person said she learned that Makossa is a chant in one part of Africa. She said the chant “mamase mamasa makossa” is sang when the women are prepared to have sex with their husband to be, and that “Makossa” is also a term in Swahili meaning prostitute.

Someone who is actually from Kenya, where the primary language is Swahili (and whose expertise I would therefore trust more than someone with an apparent love-hate relationship with MJ) said that “mama se mama sa mama ku sa” is not Swahili. She said “I need you I love you I want you” in Swahili would sound like this:

I need you = Naku Hitaji
I love you = Naku Penda
I want you = Naku Taka

Also regarding the song “Soul Makossa” and use of that chant by Michael, this article states:

The song is credited with helping to kickstart New York’s nascent disco scene, and both the original and the countless cover versions traveled far and wide. It clearly had an effect on young Michael Jackson as he was writing the songs for Thriller, since the breakdown at the end of “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” incorporates a variation of Dibango’s refrain, deleting a syllable and altering two others:

Dibango: ma ma ko, ma ma sa, ma ko ma ko sa
Jackson: ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma ku sa

Jackson apparently claimed his version was Swahili, but he eventually acknowledged his debt to Dibango and worked out a compensation arrangement in an out-of-court settlement.

So thus far, it seems the claim that this “ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma ku sa” chant is Swahili (whether Michael made the claim or some apparently embittered fan did), is false.

On the other hand though, Liberian Girl, with its steamy-sweet female voice whispering “Naku Penda pia, Naku Taka pia, Mpenziwe!” (meaning “I love you too, I want you too, my love!”), was sung by a South African singer by the name of Letta Mbulu — and is definitely Swahili.

Notice, if you compare the words in Liberian Girl with the Swahili words our Kenyan friend referred to above (Naku Penda, Naku Taka), they match! Who knew Swahili was such a steamy language!

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15 Responses to “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”

  1. Seven says:


    No. Not at all. He was lying. He still is.

  2. carina for mjj says:

    It appears that they will go for DRUGS.Strange that murray forgot to tell paramedics,hospital emergency physicianse and ? police that he had injected
    Propofol. And it is not a precription drug!Was his recall wiped out?

  3. melbournemary says:

    Thank you for your invaluable information as always Seven. I know during the trial I am going to be referring back to your blog to remind myself of certain facts you have written about to clear my head and sometimes just to simply escape the madness.

  4. Susan Trout says:

    @June—yeah, I saw Dr. Drew (The Wrong Conclusions) continue to allude to the “drug” problems. While he gave token acknowledgement at his initial reaction to learning that Murray had injected him with Propofol, he was like a broken record with the nauseating emphasis on drug problems. My God! It’s C ONRAD MURRAY who is on trial! Mike LaPerruque did a fairly credible job but I feel he could have taken a stronger stand against the constant reference to a drug problem. Oh, it’s going to be beyond ugly. It will test our very souls and we’ll be on our knees pounding our fists from anguish and frustration. I’ve started a special “prayer” ritual for Michael. He needs us to surround him with our love and light, here and now.

  5. carina for mjj says:

    My second comment on the upcopming trial. It is my belief that they will manouver the case to be ACCIDENT.Very wrog, but this was they hope Lloyds will pay insurance. Again all for the money. Everybody needs to read above aericle re trial.Right Propofol is not a presription drug. It is primarily an anaeshetic and
    a sedastive in well equipped clinics to be admonistered by anaesthesiologist or
    in hospitals by special nurses fully trained in anaesthesiology
    This Dr. Pinsky or whatever, is what in the profession is called a prostitute md. That is doctors who aspire to become media peronalities and their clinical work takes second place if any.
    Murray needs to be spared from the media?Still a sequestered jury makes sense for other reasons.-The pr firm for murray has been very active. Dr.Barry Friedberg put it all in a nutshell. I have been thinking on acouple of other ways to express murrays gross negligence, I would call it mortal negligence,:
    Playing with fire at home, for ex. trying to make effective fireworks,all goes without incident till one day the curtain catch fire and the house burns down. Or as happened (in Sweden?) trying to build an atomic reactor in your kitchen.

  6. carina for mjj says:

    RE the song;wanna be startin somethin, I´ll not address the mama ku part, but a video version that has long been removed from Youtube.In that song he also calls himself a vegetable..and “they hate you”,in the the video there is a scene of a bacchanal with a person lying on a table and covered with all sorts of edible things,the table is surroundd by lightly clad dancing females and other people.
    I think Michael felt like that person. lying there for the consumption,helpless
    to be eaten. He had on occasions said that he was afraid of the masses of fans and felt like spaghetti being torn apart.-I wish this video could be found and shown.

  7. june says:

    @Susan, yes the press will not report the facts. Dr. Drew Pinsky has been covering the leadup to the “Conrad Murray Trial” but oddly enough he refers within his topic to the “Michael Jackson Case” and proceeds to have as guests former associates, such as tonight’s former bodyguard Michael LaPerruque, from a couple weeks back, suspended Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman, Deepak Chopra, and other assorted oddities whose association with Michael ended years ago. So what does that have to do with the events of June 2009 which resulted in the “Conrad Murray Trial”. Seeing as Drew Pinsky appears to be working for Team Murray, perhaps we should use the CNN/HLN contact form to let Pinsky know what we think of his interview subjects and techniques. Tonight, nearly every reference was to “Jacko”. You can see where he’s going …..

  8. Susan Trout says:

    Isn’t it sad that we have to “dread” the upcoming trial so much because the press will not report the facts. As we all know that Propofol is NOT a prescribed drug. Yet, I can see the headlines and listen to the “talking heads” reporting it all wrong. And, you are so painfully correct–it will appear as if Michael is on trial–not Murray. Just today, I read a horrid article that claimed the LA police knew Michael had a “heavy oxycontin” addiction before he died. Really? And why was this not included in the autopsy report? Having spent time as a juror on a criminal trial recently, I can only hope that the prosecuting attorneys will be scrutinize potential jurors with a fine-tooth comb. I was questioned by the prosecuting attorney regarding my former employer. Considering how many people were eliminated because of seemingly insignificant things, i.e. membership in the NRA for one, I thought I was dead in the water. Quite surprised when I was selected. I have great respect for the judicial process. I felt that we jurors heard all the testimony presented and when it came time to deliver our verdict, we delivered the right one. I hope and pray the “right” verdict is delivered in Murray’s case…GUILTY OF INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. SENTENCE PRONOUNCED: FOUR YEARS IN PRISON!

    Justice served? Never. This man’s stupidity and arrogant selfishness took from the world a precious and irreplaceable human being. Not even a guilty verdict can mitigate even the tiniest bit of our anguish.

  9. Joyce says:

    Thanks for providing this information Seven. I honestly wish I could just hide away somewhere until this whole trial is over. I just can’t bear to read, see, and hear all of the media’s ridiculous talking heads and their endless hype and bullsh*t (sorry) that will no doubt be everywhere and hard to ignore!
    I am praying that it goes quickly and the jury is able to stay focused and recognizes the truth and facts that the prosecution will hopefully be presenting.

    Interesting facts about Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ and Liberian Girl. I always wondered about those phrases. Two more amazing songs in Michael’s incredible catalogue!

    Also, Thank you so much for the gorgeous picture of Michael in those very sexy “Come Together” black leather pants and yellow shirt! Magnificent is the word that comes to mind.
    You made my day with that one!

  10. Seven says:


    I hope it’s not true, believe me. The woman is a demon – a sociopath.

  11. BGG says:

    Thanks for the WBSS info, Seven 🙂 I can’t bear to comment on the rest… but thank you for that as well.

  12. ultravioletrae says:

    Somebody please tell it’s not true that Diane Dimond is actually going to cover this trial!!!!

    1) She published a book about the victim in this homicide that falsely accuses him of being a criminal, how in the world could any editor or producer justify using her to provide unbiased coverage of his homicide??? Am I losing my mind or going insane??? How is this possible???

    2) How can any editor or producer just NOT NOTICE that she rushes out and reports things that are simply not true??? For example, did they just not know she reported anorexia and alcoholism as contributing factors in this case, yet the coroner testified under oath the victim was a medically normal weight and no alcohol was found in his toxicology report?

    3) Diane Dimond’s coverage of the VICTIM IN THIS HOMICIDE throughout his life is the equivalent of a high tech lynching! Ms. Dimond has asked me personally not to watch her reports if I am so bothered by them – SORRY BUT I DON’T TURN MY BACK ON PUBLIC LYNCHINGS – looking the other way would make me just as guilty, that is not in my moral code.

    I am very upset, right now I feel like I live in a world that is TRULY insane.

  13. Dialdancer says:


    Thank you once again for the valuable information you pass on. I will direct others here so they may be made aware of the price for destroying a life and the links for daily updates on trial. Like you many will prefer to receive their information without the ooze.

    I Love Liberian Girl, it has a great Congo/Latin beat. I imagine myself and Michael setting the dance floor on fire with this song. Every day we learn a little more, correct bit more history.

  14. Seven says:

    Thank you Christina!

  15. Christina says:

    My in-laws speak Swahili and I can confirm that the actual Swahili translation is correct and that the lyrics in ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin” are not Swahili.