Sep 03 2011

How…Why…When? Never.

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On this sad day — the two year anniversary of Michael’s interment at Forest Lawn — Micheline James shares her feelings:


We have been shocked by the loss of many wonderful people in the last few years (Steve Irwin, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Elizabeth Taylor to name a few). So why is it so agonizingly difficult to wrap our head around the reality of losing Michael Jackson? Why does the mere thought or sight of Michael shatter the heart as painfully today as it did two years ago? I have a theory.

During his entire adult lifetime, this magnificent human being we know as Michael was persecuted in the most abominable way. Though others we loved and admired have left this earth having lost their battle to illness or tragic accident, they were left to live their lives without harmful interference.

Despite years of relentless assaults on Michael’s character, not once did he stoop to the level of his attackers and remained a gentle and dignified crusader for mankind. While the media served an ignorant public a feast of lies, Michael was too busy living the life of an angel on earth. I’ve said it before. When a vicious few create smoke where there is NO FIRE, society’s collective conscience follows a primitive instinct, like a pack of wolves on the scent of a wounded animal. Everyone who ever slandered Michael’s good name with false allegations – from Evan Chandler’s extortion to those “upstanding” public servants like Sneddon, did so with no desire for seeking justice or protecting the public. We all know there was a much bigger agenda behind the scenes. The media was a partner in the persecution, and still is – with their relentless pursuit of any garbage they can get away with printing about Michael. They spread lies as if it were nothing more than refilling a glass with water to satisfy a thirst. In this case, it was a thirst for blood – Michael’s blood.

We’ve seen it before – in the schoolyard, on the streets, photographed for entertainment on the web. The sickening part of human nature. One person throws a stone and a few gather to watch with curiosity. When they see the victim does not react, another joins in. A frenzy builds until you have a mob “looting” an innocent human being of his reputation, career, health…and life. What? Michael is not defending himself? Well – that must mean the man is guilty and deserves everything he gets! Instead of asking why Michael didn’t fight back, they should have asked themselves, WHY am I doing this to Michael Jackson? Why are these people relentless in their pursuit to tear down this great man who has given so much back to society?

Simple – it is easier to destroy a thing of beauty than it is to emulate and appreciate it for its greatness. By eliminating the example of what others may find impossible to achieve, they crush it under their feet to avoid having to face their own shortcomings. And what are WE left with? A world that lost the light of a genius. A genius who wanted every child to go for their dreams and be the best they can be. Great role models like Michael are rare, and a necessary component for inspiring greatness in others. Without that, we lose the inspiration, and the children Michael adored and respected around the world would have no future.

Michael was a gift from God, who was energized by his faith in God, and who loved the earth and its people. He was the greatest artist and entertainer who ever lived, yes – but he was first and foremost a magnificent human being. We have the horrific memory of witnessing first hand the stoning and ultimate destruction of a precious and beloved part of our lives, who we now know was every bit as vital to us as the air we breathe. And now we get to live in a world that we must share with the same dark souls who collectively assisted in taking Michael away from us. How does one reconcile that? They don’t. That is why the mere thought and sight of Michael’s face will continue to shatter my heart for the rest of my wretched existence.

© 2011, Micheline James


11 Responses to “How…Why…When? Never.”

  1. Mandi says:

    I have lurked around and about here for what feels like much of my life although it has been only two (approx) years.

    This site has had me smile, had me think, had me wonder why?! and had me cry many times but most of all kept me here because of heartfelt stories like this one! .Micheline i wish we knew the answers to the questions asked, i wish i did understand the why. I am waiting for the day when the insult of newspaper reporter/s who smashed Michael’s heart to pieces (and my heart )with that very first news story tells the world why he thought it right to publish lies, along with all the rest who ever insulted michael the so called ‘friends’ who hurt michael in such a way that i don’t think they ever could explain their actions. Anybody who hurt Michael in anyway past or present should answer to The Jackson Family.

    Maybe we could get 10,000 signatures on an epetition? In past years i have put my name on ’causes’ or some petition to stop the media against michael, or The Jackson Family it seems to of gotten the required amount then just dissolved into ‘nothing more is done’ I guess we may be in for a long wait for any answers, i want to hear it from the people involved, there are alot of media in this world(including the authors of books) that should answer why they thought it right to persecute an innocent man, to make false accusations,to bring out an untruthful book,to blog about michael with their own assumptions or to show no respect to michael for all he has done in this world, to me and the world it is and always has been slander! So why is it that nobody has ever stopped it, can we stop it? I think maybe the question is ‘How do we come together has one to stop the lies being told and the greed via many different sources’?

    I agree Micheline maybe we should thank michael for showing us what true pain really feels like.
    The one thing i have come to realize only through michael leaving us did i ever feel such pain and i haven’t felt pain like it since. NOBODY has ever walked into my life, stayed with me through good and bad times as i grew up and hurt me so much that my heart is still broken two years later! The only man who could possibly do that to anybody is Michael Jackson, why?, Love! For me Michael was the only man to show me love, to say words that had a meaning, to share his heart truthfully, and to tell me through his music that ‘though we’re far apart i am here with you’ (although he wasn’t singing it about me personally he made the words feel like he was, infact still is)Am i wrong to want to keep hold of michael? Should i/we all be moving on or at least thinking of moving on? If our hearts healed so fast that we could ‘let go’ would it be wrong to not question if we truely loved Michael in the first place? For me love is forever michael’s love is forever!

    When Micheline writes the words- ‘A genius that wanted every child to live their dreams and be the best they can be’- It had me think back to my dreams. Michael was and still is the genius that had me dreaming every night has a child, a teenager and a young adult. Crying when my dream never came true but never giving up on the hope…The dream was smashed, the hope is still there but a new hope also that truth will prevail the lies. One of many things michael left with each and every one of us that not one of these people who insult michael past or present can take from any of us is the power of love that we all hold in our hearts for michael.

    Seven, thank you so much for bringing this site to us all, for all your time and effort,for helping me to understand many questions i didn’t understand in my younger days.For helping us all through this past two years.

  2. Jacqueline Minarick says:

    Because I could not remain in this world with those who mistreat Michael, and the mistreatment of Michael is the mistreatment of me, I had to create my own world to live the rest of my life in, and make a place that I can tolerate when life on this earth is intolerable without Michael here physically. To fight the many wrongs done to Michael, I vowed to give Michael to people at every possible chance and I do so for over two years now. I send Michael items all around the world to the deprived. Michael lives on in each of our hearts and minds in every moment of our consciousness and every good act ever done, or good thought in any way is a testament to Michael’s legacy that we are living and his legacy will live on forever in goodness. Love prevails, hatred fails.

  3. TLS says:

    It’s so hard not to hate those who, through thoughtlessness or deliberate action, harm others. It is especially hard not to hate those who revel in their own evil deeds. I have felt hatred for “journalists” who twist the truth and manipulate a fickle public. And I’ve struck back with nasty comments.

    I try, though, to think of what brutally-murdered Emmett Till’s mother Mamie said at his funeral: “I don’t have a minute to hate. I’m going to pursue justice the rest of my life.” And I try to follow the wisdom of the Chinese Book of Changes: “Hatred is a form of subjective involvement by which we are bound to the hated object.” I surely do not want in any way to be bound to Bashir or DD, etc. I also try to remember this from the same book: “The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good.”

    I’m trying really hard to funnel my fury at the way MJ was treated into a quest for justice rather than an attack on those who harmed him. It’s the only way not to become tied to the evil itself.

  4. Susan Trout says:

    Thank you, Micheline. I feel the pain of loss in your aching, heartfelt words. Humans struggle with death more than any other living creature. It’s undeniable that we feel such a sense of loss and pain because of the way Michael was treated. Every time I see a picture of him touching and gently hugging and kissing a child. I die inside. How could anyone accuse him of such vile deeds. He was pure and innocent–completely incapable of anything so unthinkable. And while I know it must make Michael sad to see how heartbroken beyond consolation we are at times, we have to believe he wants us to be lifted up from this sadness of his physical absence. He lives! His spirit, his essence is stronger now than when he was limited by finite humanity here on Earth. He is everywhere now; in every thing. When I see children laughing and playing, I see MIchael smiling and filled with joy. When I listen to his music, I feel his presence in a very comforting way. I hear his laughter and the sound of his eloquent, kind voice when I look at pictures of him. I dream of him and feel an assurance that all is well with him and his bliss and joy are beyond anything we mortals can imagine. If you are struggling with the pain of him being gone, take heart! Though God gave him as a gift to us, to enjoy and love, it was time for him to move into the next chapter of his being. Though we cannot see or feel that completeness of “spirit energy” just yet, one day each of us will get that opportunity. The glory of what lies ahead cannot be put into words. It will have to be experienced. In the meantime, we’re still here and we have a responsibility to share Michael’s great love and vision for mankind. And, it starts with those precious little children. Love the kids and change the world. Love knows no limits. Love lives in both worlds–our’s and his–and I can clearly hear his sweet response to us, “I love you more!”

    Thanks, Seven.

  5. Joyce says:

    What a painfully beautiful post and comments. I completely agree and echo all of your feelings of loss and heartbreak. I am especially moved by this line in Heidi’s comment… “He is now our ever-present Master Teacher, guiding us in how we can, like him, not fight back but BLESS the world that so viciously destroyed him.” While that sounds impossible to do when faced with a media that still insists on perpetuating the lies and cruelty, I know that we have to do our best to be a positive force for Michael and not act out of anger. Michael will never stop being an inspiration to me and a reason to keep moving on day by day through the smiles and the tears.

  6. Lula says:

    My heart is in utter tears.

    Right now I just feel cold, so cold right down to my bones –
    Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone/ it’s not warm now that he’s away
    Ain’t no sunshine now that he’s gone/feels like darkness every day

  7. MagUK says:

    Thankyou Seven for bringing another great post to your site. I visit every day and read all the comments, and occasionally leave one myself.

    I empathise so much with Micheline’s feelings, and often mine are so intense I want to wail my sorrow at the Heavens.. and then I visualise that wonderful smile….
    I believe Michael managed to maintain his dignity simply because he was a man of integrity and truth, and the truth cannot be changed. Those who speak the truth do not have to be careful to get their story right, or justify what they say.
    Unfortunately once a lie is told it usually requires another and another to maintain it, and so it seems the destructive liars always win.
    On the face of it perhaps they do, but oh how ugly they become, along with those who believe without question.

    I hope that one day, even tho’ we can’t bring him back ,Michael’s story will have a “happy ending”. Even now, despite the appalling vitriolic comments which litter the internet and the media, I believe that the majority of people know him who for who he truly was,and always will be.

  8. Max says:

    I totally agree with Heidi and Seanchai. And Micheline is right on with her comment that what hurts worst is that Michael was not exonerated, as he should have been, and that we lost not only him but his artistic and spiritual vision. That is why I support this website and some of the others who insist on vindicating Michael. Everything he was to us must be documented for future generations, which hopefully will see far beyond media prejudices and lies to the truth. Basically, the reason MJ was vilified was because for him it was all about love (agape), and people like him make the rest of us look bad and therefore must be crushed. Isn’t that why we corner and bait and poke innocent animals, in the hopes of seeing them change from their natural state into something vicious we can more easily identify with?

  9. Micheline James says:

    Seven, thank you so much for sharing this with your readers. When I woke up this morning, that sinking feeling came over me, realizing this was the day our little dove would fly no more. Until that day came, I held on by a thread convincing myself that Michael was still with us, floating somewhere between heaven and earth. He was such a light and ethereal being that the idea was a comforting one, and it helped me maintain whatever sanity I have left to try and make sense of it all. Can we ever really let go? I know Michael would want us to move on with life, to smile again and use the best of ourselves to carry on in his memory, however little we can do as individuals. And we will do it…but with a broken heart. Thank you, Michael, for breaking my heart in ways I never thought possible. The pain I feel can only be as great as the love I have for you. And that knows no boundaries.

  10. Seanchai says:

    Micheline I could not agree with you more. For me, the hardest thing is not that Michael Jackson is dead – unfortunate as it is, many people die before they are old – it is the incredible injustice he was subjected to while he was alive. And yet he bore it all with such grace and dignity, even when at his lowest ebb during his trial. In all the speculation and hype that followed his death and will inevitably accompany Conrad Murray’s trial, very few commentators have asked how he got into such a state that he needed anesthesia in order to sleep, and the trauma that he suffered as a result of being falsely accused has been ignored in the debate. I know this was not the only injustice that Michael Jackson had to contend with by any means, but it was by far the worst.

  11. Heidi says:

    The only way to reconcile it is to INTENTIONALLY MOVE OUT of the wretched existence these dark soul have created for us. There is a way. Michael is STILL HERE with us, albeit not in a way we can see with our physical eyes, but we can still feel him, and if we listen softly, even hear him. He is now our ever-present Master Teacher guiding us in how we can, like him, not fight back but BLESS the world that so viciously destroyed him. We are IN this world, but we are not OF this world. To be caught up in the arms of the Beloved and to make that moment by moment choice to STAY THERE, provides a bliss and ecstatic joy right in the midst of the chaos and darkness that I for one could never have imagined existed here on this earth plane.