Sep 05 2011

More about Voices Education Project and Man Behind the Myth

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Man Behind the Myth

Man Behind the Myth

Many of you have seen the extraordinary film ‘Man Behind the Myth‘ by Walking Moon Studios. The film is hosted at Voices Education Project as part of the education packet and the curriculum: “Words and Violence, Second Edition“. ‘Voices‘ arranged to feature this film along with publication of the second edition of the ‘Words and Violence‘ curriculum which coincided with Michael’s birthday on August 29th.

Reverend Kaufmann is a Contributing Editor, feature writer and the originator of the Words and Violence” Education Packet which is dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer. She has been writing for ‘Voices’ for many years and is a regular contributor. Her bio, along with all the contributors to the curriculum are listed at

You will find some interesting features at ‘Voices’. In addition to the film “Man Behind the Myth“, there is another film everyone should watch: “Words“. That film may be found here:

Other resources you’ll find on the site include:

There is even a whole section on Michael’s music:

More entries about how words are used and abused may be found in the Media section, poetry and features in the ‘In Depth Articles‘ section.

The education packet is designed for middle school, high school and college students and may be used as a resource or downloaded free of charge.

Barbara also wrote an article on her Inner Michael website to accompany the publication of the second edition of ‘Words and Violence‘, and the release of the ‘Man Behind the Myth‘ film. Barbara wrote:

Voices Education Project is a global humanitarian organization and pedagogical institute. It’s a global village, really. And it’s about story– changing the world one story at a time. The newest education packet at Voices is a curriculum for middle schools, high schools and colleges that addresses “Words and Violence.”

Words can be used to heal or to harm. The “Words and Violence” education packet examines everything from bullying to tabloid journalism to illustrate how words can harm people and features a new entry about the “Talking Circle.” Talking Circle is a Native American tradition that makes talking and telling your story safe and comfortable.

There is also a new film at Voices called “The Man Behind the Myth” that tells the real “story” about Michael Jackson. It is now a permanent part of the curriculum under “In Depth Articles.”

About Michael and the media frenzy and mob mentality which helped destroy his life, Barbara wrote:

Mass hysteria has been documented through history and there are both ancient and modern examples.

. . .

It’s possible that all the ways in which people “otherized” their fellow humans in the past influenced how this one figure in the twentieth century culture was disassociated from his fellow humans to become something else. The tabloids who constantly conjured reasons to separate him out and effectively dehumanize him making it easier to vilify, make fun of, joke about, and demonize a man who did nothing wrong.

Don’t miss the remainder of Barbara’s article on Inner Michael, which also includes the film. It’s a very important read for anyone who cares at all about our collective humanity, particularly as is reflected in the life and abuse of Michael Jackson.

People have asked: “Who is Walking Moon Studios?” Well, for now it really doesn’t matter and for the time being, they prefer to remain anonymous. What matters is the extraordinary film they’ve created: ‘Man Behind the Myth‘.

Please note: The producer/creators of the film have asked that people refrain from editing or placing this video on YouTube or other video sites, as they would like the integrity of the film to be preserved for possible ongoing efforts to hold a mirror up to the media, to vindicate Michael Jackson’s legacy, and as part of the ‘Voices in Education’ curriculum.

If you do choose to upload the video, it MUST be reproduced on Vimeo because it is too large for a regular YouTube account. It may not be altered in any way – such as placing material at the beginning or end or splicing anything – it is to be shown in its full and original form. If your YouTube account permits videos longer than 15 minutes, it may be uploaded but ONLY in its original form and with comments disabled.

You MAY translate the video to other languages using subtitles that do not cover the script on the screen. For example, if there is script on the bottom, the subtitles must be placed on the top and visa versa. However, permission is NOT given to substitute voiceover in another language.

Please respect that much selfless time and effort on the part of many people went into this film and that the film may only be the beginning of their efforts to change the story surrounding Michael Jackson – providing these efforts are not tampered with.

Meanwhile, if you wish to contribute to the Voices in Education project and the incredible work they are doing to bring about awareness through their ‘Words and Violence‘ curriculum, you may do so here.

If every person who watches the video below contributed just $10 to Voices, we could be assured that the critical work they are doing both on humanity’s behalf and on Michael’s behalf, will continue.

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3 Responses to “More about Voices Education Project and Man Behind the Myth”

  1. Susan says:

    I have just spent hours reading everything on this site. I LOVE IT!!! I cried with sadness and happiness. I am so grateful for the truth of Michael. Everyone should read this and maybe, just maybe people will realize how wrong they are about Michael. How one man could have such caring, love and forgiveness is amazing to me. I have always known the truths you have written/shown. While I love his music, I think his message is what is most important. Thank you.

  2. Sina says:

    Seven, thanks for the update on Voices and their new documentary, a very good one. I had not been on their site for a while.
    Its a great website with very well written and researched articles and programs on the power of words.
    One of the best essays on Michael is their case study- caricature that I strongly recommend.
    Barbara Kaufmann’s article with the video is also a must read. Her words about mob mentality and mass hysteria are so true. They remind me of what one poster commented on your article of September 3rd .
    He said :thats why we corner and bait and poke innocent animals in the hopes of seeing them change from their natural state into something vicious we can more easily identify with.
    Words can do the same.

  3. corlista says:

    Oh my! I have just finished watching the video and I am weeping to the point I can hardly see to type. I have so many things I want to say and I just can’t find the words. As Madonna said, you were a magnificent creature who lit up our world and we destroyed you. God forgive us…

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