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Black child with one white glove that glows

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Rather than writing about the trial right now and that jerry-rigged, hideously imprecise drip setup we learned about on Thursday from Dr. Shafer; rather than ruminate about how Conrad Murray obviously “infused” (maybe even poured) propofol into Michael’s body as he lay dying while Murray chatted and texted with his various mistresses and other patients, I decided instead to write about a more pleasant subject. That’s not to say I won’t write a summary of weeks 3 and 4 of the trial. I will, and I will do so as much for my own reference as anyone else’s. But right now, something more pleasant is needed for my own heart and soul and maybe yours, too.

In the past, I’ve presented quite a bit of material on this site about Michael and art. I’ve written about Michael’s own artwork, and about artwork Michael commissioned from other artists and that he inspired in other artists. One artist I did an interview with a while back was Nate Giorgio. Just today, I came across something that I’m not sure I’ve seen before. It’s a painting Michael commissioned by Nate Giorgio along with a note about just how he wanted the painting done. Michael’s note reads:

Nate Do this picture for me But make the Baby in the Blanket Me. A little Black child with one white glove that glows. Love, Michael Jackson. p.s. put your Heart into this one.

Michael's note to Nate Giorgio

Michael's note to Nate Giorgio

'Black Child'

'Black Child'

Another thing that I came across (and I’m not really sure what to think of it) was a print from a March 2011 issue of Vanity Fair by an unknown artist entitled “A Very Special Delivery“. Or, “Elizabeth Taylor Ascending to Heaven Accompanied by the Angels Michael Jackson and Richard Burton“. It features Michael and Richard Burton as angels welcoming Elizabeth Taylor into heaven.

Vanity Fair is proud to offer the exclusive first image of a lost masterwork recently discovered in a cellar of the building formerly occupied by Chasen’s restaurant in West Hollywood, California: artist unknown, date unknown (circa early 21st century). Oil and PaintShop Pro, 48” by 32″. Collection of Hamish Robertson and Bruce Handy.

A note included with the article states: “Scholars believe the falling pink roses symbolize a new fragrance line Taylor had on the drawing board at the time of her death.

'Elizabeth Ascends to Heaven'

'A Very Special Delivery' - Michael and Richard Burton welcome Elizabeth to heaven.

This last story is another one about Michael inspiring, while also commissioning art from an artist. Czech Artist Helena Kadlcikova spent 3 months with Michael at Neverland. He apparently commissioned three paintings from her. My friends at UK Loves MJ on Facebook collected many photos of her work on their page and interpreted an interview with her using various links and snippets. Below, I share with you a roughly translated version of Helena’s fascinating story:

Helena Kadlicova’s Visit to Neverland

As the only Czech to visit Neverand in some time Artist Helena Kadlcikova spent 3 months at Neverland. She talked about art with Michael, dined together and played with his children. This is the first time that she has talked about this to the media (Cosmopolitan magazine). Helena lived with Michael for 3 months and felt it was a bit like a sci-fi fairytale. How did this actually happen?

“It’s definitely not easy,” says Helena Kadlčíková. Her journey to the seat of the famous singer began in 2001. The first stage was to get Michael to see the paintings that Helena had painted whilst he was in his hotel in London. After arguing with the bodyguards Michael agreed to see Helena as they had met before. Michael ordered some paintings. Helena however had one condition, she did not want money she wanted to go to Neverland. Michael agreed and on a piece of paper with a Peter Pan Logo he wrote a contact number and Michael asked that she contact his assistant Evvy Tavaszi.

Two years passed “It was very difficult to agree everything, All I had to constantly dash. The problem was with the Visa. Michael sent me a signed fax invitation letter, but I needed something to get me to the Embassy. So I followed him to Berlin in 2002 where he was just visiting so I could take a picture with him.” [In another article Helena says when she met Michael in the hotel he had just gotten up and was still half asleep and in his pyjamas and this was the photo she used to get her visa!] Helena presented the Berlin photos to Prague officials and though at first suspicious they stamped her passport with no problems. She looked forward to going to Neverland and only believed it herself when she had her ticket o California. She was to stay for 2 weeks but stayed for 3 months.

Newspaper article about Helena's stay at Neverland (in Czech)

News article about Helena's stay at Neverland (in Czech). Helena met Michael in his hotel room and this picture was taken so Helena could get a Visa to visit Michael in the US.

The Golden Gate

In September Helena flew from Prague Ruzyne airport with a gift for Michael –a book on Czech Castles and Chateaux. She was met at LA by Michaels limousine and driver who took her to Neverland. “You do not know where you are going, what will happen. Suddenly he opens the gate and sign a covenant not to take photos or reveal information. Then you drive through another gate, the most gold, with music playing and then your andrenaline rises”. On arrival Helena settled in the living room of the main building which was full of antiques and sculptures but says it was homely. After a moment she was led to one of 4 guest suites.

Although the ranch is more than a 1000 hectares the building for guests is located only twenty meters from the house where Michael lived with their children. The entrance was protected by a code, which later was revealed to Helena. Jackson lived in private right-wing. “There I was also able to walk. says Helen, who enjoyed their luxury guest house. “It was in a rustic style. It could be likened to any presidential suite,” She says. Although Michael was not there on her arrival he was there in the evening and sought her out As he was going to Canada the next day for 3 days. “I’m almost asleep when I hear that someone is trying to get into my room. It was Michael. So I tell him it’s me. He did not know that beating. They started to solve it, then went into the next apartment. An hour later the phone rings, and Michael again, is there a Peter? So I say no, they did it in the next house, She says with a smile . [ Here I believe Michael is being a prankster].

After Michaels’s return from Canada, Helen finally could begin to paint. “He sent me pictures of the children Prince I, Paris and Prince II. [which Michael photographed himself, according to them}” and she painted their portraits. “He gave me a free hand just told me ‘here’ to draw a firefly”. “They had to solve a legal matter – at that time the public did not know yet how the kids look, “says the artist”. During her stay Helena completed three paintings before she left. Helena did not always paint. Michael provided a car and driver for trips to Santa Barbara and other places. She also enjoyed the Zoo, Fair and Michaels recording studio. Sometimes with Michaels, other times with the children of Michaels cousins. “We rode together on the quad. Also, Michael drove us by car, but we ended up with one around in bed. [I assume a flower bed]. There was a cinema in which we went to a screening of films. The film showing that night was always on the bulletin board in the kitchen” Helen recalls.


The kitchen was the major centre of Neverland Here everyone ate together, discussed, watched television and spun plans for the day.. “ “In the morning, getting up around ten, then went into the kitchen for breakfast. Michael mostly had the room to fetch food. Sometimes I am giving a glass of green drink such, something very healthy, once I tried it too. Well, much good it just was not. Otherwise, eat what everybody else. ” Helena usually ate breakfast with his children – he could afford virtually anything, what came to her taste. From hot English breakfast across many types of bread, cornflakes to a wealth of fruit. “Then I went to teach children in the afternoon [believe to paint] and play with them. The dinner was a choice of four dishes. Although Michael often claimed to be vegetarian, meat such as turkey burgerům, certainly did not shy away from. If someone was hungry they would just ask the chefs to cook”


Helena saw Michael Jackson practically every day. Most times he was in Pajamas. “He used very strong perfume, so I always knew he was coming or where he is. When he was fighting clothes, I knew I had just my underwear was fighting with him, because it was still feel his scent,” says Helen. [I took this to mean maybe when they play fought together, Helena could still smell Michael on her clothes!] The chance to remain with the king of pop for a moment alone was minimal – he always has someone with him. Yet Helen has several such meetings. “Sometimes we had met in his library. We talked about art. The paintings that I painted. Michael liked the classics, abstraction is not for him too. Also often talked about his first wife Lisa M. Presley. It was obvious that he still has some relationship” she feels adding that Jackson was educated, a sensitive man with a great sense of humour, someone who could not say no. “We constantly had a Gnome. Helena addressed me. [Maybe a knickname] He did not say it, but rather sang it. That led to embarrassment and he did it on purpose. While Helena was at Neverland it was her birthday, Michael had a cake made. We ate the cake in the morning Michael was gone the next day slyly smiling.” For her, was not a famous singer just Michael.

Police Cutting up Books and Toys

In Neverland, where ever you went music was played or was played from hidden loudspeakers , also in the trees you can hear birdsong, and Helena met Michaels mother and an American singer and actress Lisa Minelli. “I was having coffee in the kitchen, sat next to Michael, when Lisa arrived. Immediately I began to imagine it, of which I was totally confused. Finally I was all day with her assistant and a dog, which at the time Lisa had. Michael is afraid of him, “says Helena”.

In the last month of her stay with the children, Michael went to Las Vegas. Then she saw him last in Neverland. “When he went, it was quite boring, I enjoy it when he arrives. Helen’s stay was interrupted by police raids at Michael’s headquarters, followed by a protracted trial. In it the singer was accused of sexually abusing children. Police raided the ranch a week before her departure. “Often there flew over helicopters, from which people took pictures of the ranch. Once Upon a Time in the morning I also heard a helicopter, and from it a man shouted something through the loudspeaker. At Neverland no one knew what was happening. They were all in shock. Soon there came a lot of police officers who cut the children toys, Michael’s old books, breaking things. It seemed that they were doing it on purpose. He [police] stepped into my room and asked me various questions,” says Helen dramatic moment whose echoes filled the headlines for many weeks. The process eventually came out the singer in 2005 as innocent. In the evening we then sat in the kitchen to the TV and finding out what is actually happening. A few days later, in early December, I left.”

If it wasn’t for Michael, I would probably never get so far with my painting. He always used to tell me, whatever you’d like to achieve, YOU can do it, nothing is off limits. -Helena Kadlicova

They said in there [Neverland] I still have some things [painting equipment] in January that will definitely come back, “says Helena. It did not happen. Singer after the trial moved from the ranch. Michael saw Helena again only after three years in London. He chose the other images created for him in the meantime and they agreed to meet again.

Translated link:

Below are just a few examples of Helena’s artwork. You can see more at her website.

One of Helena's portraits of Michael

One of Helena's portraits of Michael

Helena with her painting "Africa In Me"

Helena with her painting "Africa In Me"

This painting was done for Michael while Helena was staying at Neverland.

This painting of Prince and Paris was done for Michael while Helena was staying at Neverland.

"Holiday" - Helena showed this painting to Michael before it was finished and he told her to carry on with it.

"Holiday" - Helena showed this painting to Michael before it was finished and he told her to carry on with it.

I was born to never die, to live in bliss, to never cry. To speak the truth and never lie, to share my love without a sigh.

A piece entitled: "Victory" - I was born to never die, to live in bliss, to never cry. To speak the truth and never lie, to share my love without a sigh.

Helena’s Book can be purchased from her Website. The book includes photos and articles and measures 8″ x 8″. Purchase the book here: http://www.helenakadlcikova.com/?p=1792&lang=en.  Prints of Helena’s paintings can also be purchased here: http://www.helenakadlcikova.com/?page_id=77&lang=en

Helena's Art Book

Helena's Art Book

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17 Responses to “Black child with one white glove that glows”

  1. Ala says:

    In this article about Helena is google translation error. But it is funny. Languages are sometimes fun. : )

    This is right:
    He used very strong perfume, so I always knew he was coming or where he is. When clothes was washed, I knew that my clothes was washed with his clothes, because it was still smell the scents,” says Helen.

  2. Ala says:

    Aldebaranredstar: It is probably Michael`s message for his fans. He often wrote message for them.

  3. aldebaranredstar says:

    Thank you–Beautiful paintings of Michael! It’s wonderful how he supported Helena’s art and welcomed her into his family and home–also so beautiful how she responded with her wonderful art! I was also interested in her description of the Neverland raid–the police must have been surprised to find her there (didn’t fit their prejudices about Michael).

    I have a question about the first image–the note written by Michael that says :Burn Tabloid”–What is the background on that?

    Thanks so much. I love the portraits of Michael and the painting of Paris and Prince.

  4. Dialdancer says:

    After today’s round of testimony I did not think anything could make me smile. I am smiling and I feel better. The Hammish Robertson’s of the world are happiest when projecting misery, I am happiest when looking upon the beauty Michael created by deed or inspiration.

    Thank you Seven

  5. Joyce says:

    Thank you Seven for another glimpse into Michael’s love of art in all of it forms. It is a welcome reprieve from the unbearable sadness and anger I feel from the trial.
    All of the artwork is so lovely. Nate Georgio and Michael shared such a wonderful bond through their love of creating art. There are so many artists who were inspired and continue to be inspired by Michael. It is unfortunate that Vanity Fair had underlying cynical intentions for the Elizabeh Taylor picture. It is a beautiful image and Michael’s gorgeous smile just glows.
    Thanks again for sharing this joy!

  6. constance pierce says:

    Dear Seven,
    *Thank you so much* for posting this artist’s work and story. I had seen the “old Master” portraits of Michael that seem as if the 16th century painter Holbein had created them. I always wondered who the artist was! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your site and all of your dedicated work on Michael’s behalf. I am also grateful to my friend Tania (Australia) who guided me to your site.

    Michael has touched my life in ways immeasurable. I feel, when his spirit left the earth, a massive explosion of spiritual light rained upon all who ready to receive. God’s white light was shining through Michael’s suffering like a prism. In that moment of his leave-taking it refracted into an explosion of radiant color. A tangible grace and creative energy were at work across the entire world. I know my consciousness was forever changed for the good.
    With gratitude to you for all that you do here,

  7. Michelle says:

    Thank you, Seven! All these art pictures of Michael are gorgeous. Helena did them soooo well!!

  8. Sina says:

    What a story and what a privilege to live with Michael, teach his children and have the opportunity to develop your skills.
    The lady made a good deal and did a great job in return.
    Michaels home seemed like an artists residence where many artists and creative people were invited to stay and work with or for him.
    Is nt it interesting that Michael had such a classical taste in art and interior design, furniture etc.The article says he didnt like abstract art. While fashionwise he was so groundbreaking and unique, anything but classic.
    It would be fitting if they turn Neverland into an artschool including performing art. Also for expos of all the artists who worked with Michael ,his own work and the artists he admired.

    I found the description of the Michael Richard Elizabeth painting strange and now I understand why. Vanity Fair has never been Michael friendly. Even their special edition after Michael passed had a cover with a photo of Michael titled Fallen king. At the same time they had a Farah Fawcet edition titled Fallen angel. Enough said.

    I enjoyed the article up to the part of the raid on Neverland.
    It will always feel frustrating that this unbelievable injustice just happened and the perpetrators got away with it. And poor Michael was forced to leave his home like a fugative.
    But then cherubim Michael with his shining white glove is so sweet, cant help smiling.

  9. zenriver says:

    Seven this is wonderful ~ thank you! It gives me insight about how Michael created Neverland as a place of healing and inspiration. A retreat suffused in beauty and playfulness. G-d Bless His Sweet Soul ~

  10. carina for mjj says:

    Thank you Seven.”Black Child” is especially moving. The idea of of it is masterful as the motive, now that we mostly,at this time, have to contend with the end of his life.Who would have thought when this baby was born what was to come, his great creations in music,his concern for the earth and all the evil attacks on his person.At some point in the future his life will be
    decifered and understood.
    On another note; It is incedible how many adults, some of great importance , Michael had.He certainly had a full social life.It seems to me that mostly, or for a good portion of time he had grown-up friends staying at his house or he was visiting some.

  11. Seven says:

    That’s exactly why I wondered about that painting of Elizabeth. I wasn’t sure whether it was meant to be some cynical satire or what. It just seemed like it may be. I don’t read Vanity Fair or know anything of this Handy guy so it was hard for me to judge but I had that suspicion and thus didn’t know what to think of it. Thanks for the background. It makes sense.

  12. TLS says:

    Unfortunately, the Elizabeth Taylor “painting” is the cynical smirking of Vanity Fair writer Bruce Handy and one of the magazine’s editors, Hamish Robertson. I’ve dubbed Bruce “nasty handy” because he looks at MJ’s childlike spirit and implies that it’s perversion (something made clear in a Vanity Fair article he wrote just before Jackson’s death). Handy intended the image of Taylor being carried to heaven by MJ and Burton to be ridiculous, but since it depicts an idea lots of people would like to think could happen, I say the joke’s on him.

  13. appleh says:

    Thank you Seven, for the article again !
    I really admire him (not only) for his knowlegde of art ! I´ve seen that picture with MJ and the czech artist, but I never knew the story behind it and have never seen her paintings before. They are really beautiful !!!

  14. Anne Mette Jepsen says:

    Thank you Seven 🙂 Such treasures <3

  15. BR says:

    “A little black child with one white glove that glows” and “P.S. Put your heart into this one.” How cute is that! was my first thought. Fascinating to see these glimpses into Michael’s life and his association with artists. How many did he know?? Books, art, music, film, dance – his life was rich with these things and thank goodness he had them. The second painting, the Vanity Fair one, captures his features perfectly, the great smile. And Helena’s art…they are his eyes. To know that she was there, sponsored by Michael, enjoying the beauty of Neverland, creating, when the ugliness happened…but the Michael-inspired art remains and so do the stories of those whose lives he touched and inspired. An ordinary man who loved his pyjamas and loafers, yet all the while a truly extraordinary man.

  16. Malcy says:


  17. Yana says:

    I am in awe. Thank you for this reprieve.