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Poor. Conrad. Murray.

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‎Poor. Conrad. Murray. Michael Jackson is dead. And we have to hear about poor Conrad Murray. – Deputy District Attorney David Walgren

Deputy DA David Walgren had Conrad Murray pegged in that courtroom. This was a classic comment. If you didn’t hear it, watch below. Between 3:19 and 8:35, particularly around 8:34-8:35.

I have some thoughts about “Poor. Conrad. Murray”:

This week we learned that Conrad Murray had been preening himself in front of production cameras and doing interviews for two years as he awaited trial, and as he went through his trial. He did so with plans to then shop this footage around to the media before he was convicted to be aired when the trial was over. For a cool million dollars or more in payment to Murray, it is reported that several networks have bought and agreed to air it. I suspect this is the same thing Murray intended to do with that recording he made of Michael Jackson in a heavily sedated state – the one we heard at the beginning of his trial.

The media, who are willing to air practically anything about Michael Jackson for ratings and profit, bought that footage from Murray and it’s reported that it will be aired now, only 2-4 days after the guilty verdict had been rendered.

UPDATE 11/9/2011 – Michael’s estate has responded to this situation:

Like so many of Michael’s fans, the Estate is also disgusted by MSNBC’s irresponsible and inexplicable decision to air a Conrad Murray “documentary” and the Co-Executors, John Branca and John McClain, are sending a letter to the top executives at Comcast, NBC Universal and MSNBC to express their disdain for their actions. -Estate of Michael Jackson

Yes. Poor. Conrad. Murray. He’s such an innocent victim of circumstance. And everyone is against him. Doesn’t he ever wonder why?

The thing is, everything that has “happened” to “Poor Conrad Murray” in his life, happened because of the choices he made.

Conrad Murray chose to father 7 children from six different women.

Conrad Murray chose to habitually spend time in strip clubs picking up women.

Conrad Murray chose to become delinquent on his child support, as he wooed new women while the children he already fathered with previous women went without.

Conrad Murray chose to become physically violent with at least one woman, resulting in an arrest for domestic violence.

Conrad Murray chose to become “Michael Jackson’s Doctor” because his narcissistic personality could not resist having that title, even if he didn’t have the skills to do the job and even when he didn’t want to take the actual responsibility to do the work which being such a doctor entailed.

Conrad Murray chose to pump Michael Jackson full of propofol in the bedroom of a home, on top of benzodiazepines, with no monitoring and no resuscitative equipment to help once Michael Jackson stopped breathing.

Conrad Murray chose to be too busy talking and texting on his two cellphones to various women, patients, and others, to notice when Michael Jackson had stopped breathing.

Conrad Murray chose not to call 911 for over twenty minutes after discovering Michael Jackson not breathing.

Conrad Murray chose to instead hide the evidence of what he’d done before instructing a security guard to finally make that call.

Conrad Murray chose to lie (by omission) to paremedics and UCLA medical personnel about his administration of propofol to Michael Jackson.

Conrad Murray chose to preen before cameras for the past two years and during his criminal trial in the interest of profiting off of the name and legacy of the man he murdered.

Conrad Murray is a lot of things: a sociopath, a narcissist, a womanizer. He’s greedy, sneaky, a pathological liar, someone who knows how to use other people to his own full advantage, and most of all, he’s a murderer.

Conrad Murray is all those things.

But one thing Conrad Murray is not — is a hapless, helpless victim of circumstance.

Deputy DA David Walgren had Conrad Murray aptly pegged with the “Poor Conrad Murray” title. He likely knew what a narcissist Conrad Murray was. How Conrad Murray’s world revolves strictly around himself and how everything Conrad Murray does – is done for the benefit of himself and himself alone.

David Walgren knew that there was no one whose interests or well-being were more important to Conrad Murray than Conrad Murray’s. Not even Michael Jackson’s. Not even when Michael Jackson was the only patient Dr. Conrad Murray had to care for. Conrad Murray still put himself first, contrary to the oath he had taken as a physician. Because that’s what sociopaths do. In their minds, their own interests, desires, needs, and wants, are tantamount. No one else’s matter, no matter the circumstances. No matter what. No one. They are conscienceless. No empathy. No remorse. Not for anyone but themselves. They are pathologically incapable of empathy or remorse or caring for anyone but themselves and their own immediate needs. And Deputy DA David Walgren knew it. He stated it very clearly in the courtroom during his closing argument. Because it’s the truth. And narcissists (a milder version of sociopath, some say they are the same) are always, always, victims. Just ask them. They’ll tell you. Every. Time.

Conrad Murray’s self-serving attitude is what got him into this mess. Yet, he still hasn’t learned a thing. Once again, his top priority – his only priority – is himself. That much is evident in this macabre, bizarre, thoughtless move from him.

If “Poor Conrad Murray” wanted to tell his story, why didn’t he do so in court – under oath and subject to cross-examination? Instead, he is essentially getting paid by the media to lie to the public.

For two years, many have wondered who was financially supporting “Poor Conrad Murray“. Now we know. This was all planned, likely with his attorneys’ and/or his PR firm’s help.

Murray was also told how to skirt the gag rule from the judge. He got a private company (not a public media company) to film him for the past two years and during the trial. Because it wasn’t the public media he was talking to and being filmed by during the trial, it was legal and not covered by that gag rule. I called Judge Pastor’s office and checked and that’s what I was told.

The day the verdict was read, the networks already had the footage and the deals were already made.

Our friends at MJJ Justice Project also called Judge Pastor’s office in regards to this film. They were told:

The Judge is well aware of the situation with the Conrad Murray Documentary. The law does state that a felon can not profit from their crime after conviction and incarceration. However, if the terms of the documentary’s purchase where completed prior to end of his trial then there is no law to prevent it. Murray negotiated his deal while he was still presumed innocent therefore, it’s entirely legal.

So, yes Murray evaded the law.

Do you remember those odd episodes of Conrad Murray visiting Forest Lawn while being filmed? Many fans and advocates thought Conrad Murray had his nerve going to visit the grave of man he’d recently killed. But, like any sociopath, his purpose there was not to visit his “friend“, but rather it was part of the making of this documentary. He didn’t go to Forest Lawn for Michael Jackson – he went for Conrad Murray.

You know as well as I do that anyone who is innocent would never carry out such a slimy ruse as creating and selling this type of film to television networks while evading the law, skirting gag orders, and refusing to testify under oath in court. If he can lie for money instead, why would he testify in court for free?  This type of maneuvering and thinking is typical of a sociopath.

Poor. Conrad. Murray.

Poor. Conrad. Murray.

Poor. Conrad. Murray. Michael Jackson is dead. And we have to hear about poor Conrad Murray.

The production company who bought the rights to the film is

From their site:

For two years the documentary team filmed secretly with Murray and followed him throughout the trial itself, behind the glare of the public spotlight.

Only now does Murray break his silence, recounting his relationship with Jackson, his relationship with the powerful drug Propofol, and the events of the day Jackson died: fascinating and exclusive testimony.

The film also explores the private and surreal world of Jackson where the controversial use of powerful medication was a way of life, where a man adored by millions lived as a virtual recluse, where an unknown cardiologist from Texas found himself the unexpected companion, confidante and intimate to one of the most famous men in the world.

Their contact page:

It is reported that several networks in the US and abroad will be airing Conrad Murray’s documentary in the next few days, only mere hours after the guilty verdict.

The Jacksons should not have to suffer having his film being parasitically aired off the name and legacy of their father/son/brother/uncle after Conrad Murray effectively murdered him.

And these television networks, if they had any ethics at all, would not enable Murray to do so.

It is beyond repellent that any previously well-regarded network would seek to reward a convicted criminal for killing another human being (no matter who he is) by airing such a program.

But like the sociopath Conrad Murray – that’s what the sociopathic television networks have apparently chosen to do.

If this is at all true, it is honestly one of the most conscienceless acts I’ve ever seen. Conrad Murray and the media now plan to (further) exploit the name and memory of the Michael Jackson – the man Murray murdered – for profit and ratings. This smacks of the same level of conscienceless abuse as that autopsy program we stopped Discovery from airing months ago.

If this atrocity airs, Conrad Murray will likely go on about his “friendship” with Michael Jackson. He may say nice things about Michael Jackson and talk about how much he cared about him. Or, he may attempt to portray Jackson as a demanding, addled, drug-addicted, eccentric diva. One thing Conrad Murray will certainly do is to portray himself as an innocent victim of circumstance who only wanted to “help” Michael Jackson with his problems -when what he was really doing was helping himself to the prestigious title of “Michael Jackson’s Doctor“, to a $150,000/month salary, and to what every narcissist craves more than anything: narcissistic supply – secondary to his association with Jackson as the star’s doctor on this tour. Murray and his defense team may well be planning an appeal – and thus will now attempt to negate the facts of the guilty verdict in real terms with this film.

The Hollywood Reporter today provided details of Murray’s documentary, “Michael Jackson and the Doctor—A Fatal Friendship.”

This documentary is already in the can and scheduled to air this week, starting Tuesday morning with a preview on NBC’s Today Show.

The Michael Jackson fan community and supporters must mobilize to obstruct this atrocity—just as we did the Discovery Channel autopsy documentary.

However, this time we don’t have much time. The documentary is scheduled to air in full this coming Friday, November 11 on MSNBC and will repeat Sunday, November 13 on that same cable network.

This is a call to all fans to utilize every mode of communication possible—call, write, fax, tweet— express your outrage at this obscenity. With so little time, our approaches to obstruct this documentary are limited.

1. All fans who are willing to take the time and make the effort should write letters and mail/fax them to:

NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
Phone: 818-777-1000
Fax: 818-866-1430

Marc Graboff
President, West Coast Business Operations,
Television Entertainment, NBC Universal

Rebecca Marks
Executive Vice President, Publicity

Charles Engel
Executive Vice President, Programming

Curt King
Senior Vice President,
Publicity, Marketing, and Corporate Communications


MSNBC Cable, L.L.C.
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Phone: 212-664-4444
Fax: 212-664-4085

MSNBC Public Relations

Phil Griffin
President, MSNBC
Email: [email protected]

Sharon Otterman
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Email: [email protected]

Jeremy Gaines
Vice President Media Relations
Email: [email protected]

Bill Wolff
Vice President, Primetime Programming
Email: [email protected]

Mike Rubin
VP Long Form Programming
Email: [email protected]

Deb Finan
VP Production and Programming
Email: [email protected]

2. Refuse to watch the program and persuade everyone around you to also refrain from watching the program.

We don’t have time to contact the sponsors of this program. Besides, that would necessitate actually watching the program, which we do not want to do. This is just a start, but we’ve got to start today, Tuesday, November 8.

All fans should feel absolutely free to complain directly to the perpetrators of this perverse effort. Here are just some of the words that describe this documentary and the motives of its makers:

• travesty
• obscene
• despicable
• grotesque
• aberrant
• corrupt
• indecent
• contemptible
• detestable
• vile
• outrageous
• shameless
• cruel
• vindictive
• malicious
• mockery
• self-serving
• abominable

Let’s pull together to obstruct this documentary. Let the producers and distributors behind this travesty know they are about to crash headlong into a world of protest about this attempt to profit from the unlawful killing of Michael Jackson. We must make this effort for Michael’s children and family, if for no other reason. We must try to curtail profits from being deposited into the pockets of this killer and his handlers.

So, share, call, write, tweet, fax, email. Get the word out.

Additional information:

Channel Nine Australia:
Channel 9 Sydney+61 2 9906 9999
Channel 9 Melbourne+61 3 9420 3111
Channel 9 Brisbane+61 7 3214 9999
Channel 9 Adelaide+61 8 8267 0111
Channel 9 Perth+61 8 9449 9999

General email: [email protected] (this is the only email address listed on their website)

Twitter: @channel9

or by writing to:
NSW Viewers: PO Box 27 Willoughby, NSW 2068
Vic Viewers: PO Box 100 Richmond, Vic 3121
QLD Viewers: PO Box 72 Brisbane, QLD 4001
(no time for postal letters, it airs here too soon! In just two days)

Channel 4 UK:

C4 leave a comment:

Twitter: @channel4news or @C4insider
_ _ _

For a copy-able text version of the above contact information, please see my twitlonger here:

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11 Responses to “Poor. Conrad. Murray.”

  1. Sue M says:

    I thought your readers would be interested in the email I sent to network executives regarding this despicable documentary.

    As far as I’m concerned your decision to air “Michael Jackson & The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship” simply makes you the media equivalent of Conrad Murray – a network that will happily compromise – if not violate – professional ethics when there’s a chance to cash in on Michael Jackson’s name.

    When you were presented with the opportunity to air this documentary, did you ever think about saying no? Did it ever bother you that the documentary was made by evading the law, skirting gag orders and Murray’s refusal to testify in court? (If Conrad Murray really wanted to tell his story, why didn’t he do so in court – under oath and subject to cross-examination?) Did you ever ask yourself if this is the kind of material that meets the standards of journalistic integrity you profess to hold?

    Of course not. Like Conrad Murray, you simply saw dollar signs and willfully ignored any other considerations. It should come as no surprise to you that viewers feel mistrusting and cynical toward your profession. Your so-called standards are a sham. Rather than walk away from an irresponsible and inexplicable decision, you chose squeeze yet another drop of revenue from the dead body of Michael Jackson.

    Your choices are no different than Conrad Murray’s. He violated his professional ethics for money and his choices (abandoning his patient, hiding evidence, lying by omission to paramedics; just to name a few) led to the death of Michael Jackson. Your choices are leading to another kind of death – the death of honorable and trusted journalism.

    I am in complete agreement with Michael Jackson’s fans and his Estate in expressing my distain for your actions and urge you to cancel the Conrad Murray documentary.

  2. Terri says:

    I’ve made my contacts. This is an outrage…what is our world coming to? I am totally disgusted.

  3. Earthgirl says:

    This rubbish airs in Australia this evening (Channel Nine contact details are posted above).

    I phoned channel 9 (Australia) today and was basically told that regardless of complaints they will not pull this piece of trash “documentary” from air. The guy I spoke to said that due to the “effort” that ch9 went through in getting the documentary, due to it being a “world premier” and due to the interest in the subject (grrrrrr!!) they will not remove it.

    I told them that maybe Ch9 should be a leader in this and NOT show it and that to the international community our (Australian) media will look even worse than what it does now. I also explained my frustration at airing something that can only be biased because whatever Murray says in the “documentary” Michael is not here to refute the claims.

    But nuh, he said they won’t remove it from their scheduling.

    This is going to be aired guys, and people will just suck it up and take it all as gospel. I definitely will not watch it in any capacity, but the general public will, and then they will form opinions based on fiction. I hate tabloid crap media.

  4. Seven says:


    I’ve corrected Mr. Wolff’s email address and added two more for Bill Rubin and Deb Finan. Try those! And – THANK YOU!

  5. CLEGG777 says:

    my emails to Mr Wolff and Mr Gaines have bounced/failed 🙁

  6. Gullvi says:

    Seven, I am not an english speaking person. It would help a lot if I could get an example of text to use for protesting to the television people. Can I find it anywhere.

  7. Johanna says:

    The narcissist part was damn right. And the picture of the baby reminds me of the “Wehhhh” at the start of the D.S. song. 😀

  8. BlueLotus says:

    I have sent my emails…

    And I can’t believe what is happening…this man refuses to TESTIFY and presents his LIES through a dirty documentary. I wish heavens would intervene now, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

    PS1: SHAME on people who produced this dirty film, SHAME on those who air it and SHAME on those who WATCH IT!
    PS2:Such blatant disrespect for people in its own land and on foreign shores is the reason, America is on the decline. It needs more than weapons to be a super power!

  9. nessie says:

    I can’t help but think it..REALLY leads credence to the theory that Murray has been helped all along. I am utterly disgusted by the descriptions of this ‘documentary’ on the Zodiak Rights site . This sounds just plain WRONG, and it really needs to be stopped. Wrote my letter, now time to start sharing my dismay 🙁 THANKS for this info, Seven!

  10. Elin Jones says:

    Excellent article Seven. Thank you for it and for all the data. I just wonder how come Judge Pastor strictly forbade the jurors any contact with the media during the trial, and did not forbid Murray just the same, allowing him to film AN OBSCENE DOCUMENTARY before and during the trial. In my opinion, this is just the same indecency and offense as when this Judge allowed MJ autopsy photos to be made public.

  11. Daryn says:

    If the media was so aching for a story of someone who really was innocent, why didn’t Troy Davis get any of these offers? Where was his red carpet treatment?
    Pathetic American Media.