Nov 21 2011

“Touched by an Angel”

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Touched by an Angel - poem © Maya Angelou

Touched by an Angel - poem © Maya Angelou

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6 Responses to ““Touched by an Angel””

  1. Eva Maria Uhl says:

    When I think of MJ and I think always on him,all I can say is:Thank You Michael for everything you gave this world within all of us! I wrote 2 tributes about him,to express my feelings my sadness joy and love,but Michael is like the wind,you can,t touch and see him anymore,but feel,because love it the most powerful energy and the master key.And the truth is:We don,t have to describe Michael in words,coz Love is always love and need no explanations at all..
    He left us all here and I feel so grateful,we also are blessed with his beautiful three children:Prince,Paris and Blanket,to see them growing up,they are his living legacy.
    LOVE is all we need and LOVE can,t die,so let us come together and celabrate and honor our beloved King of Hearts<3

  2. Inga says:

    Seven, thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us, and all the other informations and researches you do for our angel.
    Much L.O.V.E and blessings to you and all the other dedicated fans and supporters of Michael Jackson and his legacy from Germany.

  3. julia corsolini says:

    Ilove you Michael Jackson !!!!!!!King of Music ,forever ! I Miss you more more ,sadness.God bless !!!!!!

  4. Susan Trout says:

    Beauiful expression of words for a truly beautiful, loving man! I agree, Zenriver, We had him and Oh! were we blessed!

    Thanks, Seven!

  5. Joyce says:

    Thank you Seven for all of your recent posts which are filled with loving remembrances of Michael. I have not had time to comment on each one but I wanted to make sure that you knew how much I appreciate coming to your website and being overwhelmed by the feeling of love, for Michael and from Michael, found in your posts and in the comments other readers share. It inspires me and keeps me going during difficult weeks.
    I absolutely love the amazing picture of Michael that was created by Nati Canada. Michael’s image is stunning and every time I look closer at this picture I see different images in different parts of the painting. It is very spiritual to me which goes along so well with this lovely poem by Maya Angelou. In this part of the first line “… until love leaves it’s high holy temple and comes into our sight to liberate us into life”, I see exactly how Michael’s Love has liberated and inspired me.

    The Jackson 5 song “I Am Love” includes this verse which Michael sings so beautifully:

    I am Love
    Sprinkle myself around you
    I am Love
    Shower my warmth upon you

    I’m the answer to the question
    My Key unlocks your heart
    I’m your friend and your lover,
    your sister and your brother

    I am Love…

    It is LOVE as Maya Angelou so beautifully writes “which sets us free!”

    Thanks again Seven for sharing so much of Michael’s love in these wonderful stories!!

  6. zenriver says:

    …and We Had Him