Dec 06 2009

Former Sony Exec: “I really think he got blackmailed in that whole scandal thing. I think at some point the truth will come out.”

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{ Two former Sony executives, Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle, in this extended interview, talk about Michael and echo what millions of us think and feel about how badly and unfairly Michael was treated by the media, by Hollywood and the music industry and how his incredible musical genius and extensive humanitarian work went unrecognized and unappreciated in favor of scandal. And, these two guys echo what millions of us also know – that Michael was innocent of the allegations brought against him, which is why he was acquitted on all charges. The media, the industry, and Hollywood however, continued to treat him as guilty, even though they would come out in support of others who actually committed crimes. Their hypocrisy is astounding to us too, Cory and Chris! I will warn that this is a difficult but important interview to read. }

Michael and Cory Rooney (L), Chris Apostle (R)

Michael and Cory Rooney (L), Chris Apostle (R)

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• • •  The thing that I’m so brutally offended about and it’s only a rumor, but it’s something I really believe, but I really think he got blackmailed in that whole scandal thing. I think at some point the truth will come out. This man gave people millions and millions of dollars to philanthropic stuff. Never comes out what he did. I think his reactions were natural and I’m sure he was getting pushed. If you look at the quality of his work Chris, go back to Off The Wall, which is my favorite Michael Jackson record. But every single record, I don’t care if you go to Dangerous, any single one, these records are perfect, blue book standard records, nothing but hits.

Cory and I sat in an office at Sony once and watched a concert, a live DVD. A colleague of ours Ron Grant called us in and said, ‘You guys want to watch something?’ And we’re figuring alright, middle of day, we’ll watch something for five to ten minutes. It was unedited, two and a half hours from a stadium at Brazil. He never stopped working for two and a half hours. The point that I would love to make about him is that he’s not getting enough play for what he has contributed to the world musically. He’s probably, arguably the greatest musician we’ll ever see in our lifetime. You’ll never see anything like this again. That has to be discussed and mentioned.”

CY: How will the music industry be affected going forward now?

CR: “I don’t really think the music industry has taken a deep enough look at what Michael Jackson meant to everybody, all of us artists, producers, actors, actresses, all of us, entertainment as a whole. I don’t think that they took a deep enough look because everyone is too busy with their head up their own butt. When Michael was on trial, nobody…nobody stopped to go and support him at the trial.”

CA: “Yup.”

The guy is acquitted on ten counts of child molestation. No one said, ‘Sorry Michael.’ No one said, ‘Michael, we knew you were innocent.’ No one did a BET tribute to him then. Nobody played his music and did a marathon then. Nobody rallied up and did a concert. Why should Michael have to go on tour to raise money? How come all of the artists didn’t band together and say, ‘Hey! You know what? Let’s do a tour like Michael did the We Are The World Tour and let’s raise some money. Let’s get this thing going.’ No one did that. Tookie Williams is the founder of the crips gang. You know the crips and the bloods?”

CY: Yes.

CR: “They were trying to get him pardoned from the death penalty and half of Hollywood showed up for this man. What I can’t understand is like, ok people didn’t want to go near Michael Jackson when he was in trouble.”

CY: But they show up for a murder.

CR: “But they show up for a guy who executed families. A little girl begged for her life and he executed her. They said because he wrote in his time in prison he wrote children’s books that he tried to turn his life around. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Well, how about the millions of children Michael Jackson has helped over the span of his career? Yet two children come with some false allegations and those two children become the two children that destroy him. It’s crazy. It makes me look at the entertainment business and just say I’m surrounded by a bunch of hypocrites.

When you ask me how would it affect them? I don’t even think they realize what this is. Everyone’s gonna do their tributes, but the tributes now if you look at it, it’s all because now everyone is going to get some spotlight, they’re gonna get some shine. Now all of the sudden everyone wants to say something good about him.”

CY: Everyone wants to be relevant.

CR: “Everyone wants to be relevant and that sucks to me.”

CY: After ‘93, should he have known better going on the Martin Bashir Documentary Living with Michael Jackson and saying it’s ok to share your bed with a child? Don’t you think most people are going to say in some senses well, he kind of set himself up for that?

CR: “Let me explain to you what was said to me directly from Michael. Michael and I spoke about that. He said, ‘Cory, when I was a kid, I was denied not only a childhood but I was denied love. When I reached out to hug my father, he didn’t hug me back. When I was scared on an airplane, he didn’t put his arm around me and say Michael, don’t worry. It’s going to be ok. When I was scared to go on stage, he said, ‘Get your ass on this stage.’ Not just him, but every other adult around him.

So he said to me ‘Cory, I will never deny a child love and if it means that I have to be crucified or put in jail for it, then that’s just what they’re gonna have to do.’ When it was time for him to stand trial, the first time he went through it, his advisors told him, ‘Michael, this is not good. Pay this kid off and let’s keep moving.’ Second time he said, ‘You know what? All that did was make me look guilty like I was hiding something. So this time there won’t be any payoffs. I’m going to fight this in court. You’ll see. I’ll be innocent.’

Right to the day when they finally had to read the verdict and the verdict was in, I talked to his family cause I remember watching on the news that Michael had 45 minutes to get there. So I spoke to some of his family members that were in the house with Michael. I said, ‘Well, what the hell is he doing?’ He’s upstairs getting dressed. He came downstairs. He said a prayer with his family and he told everyone, ‘I want you guys not to worry about me because I will be ok.’

And he rode there, he had maybe a little nervous energy patting his feet, singing in the car and everything and he rode with his brother and his sister. But he wasn’t worried. I’ll tell you something, I would’ve been a mess. I don’t even know if I could have stood up in court like that.”

CY: Chris, any thoughts on any of this?

CA: “When I watched the Bashir thing last night, I just wanted to see what it was all about and reflect on it. When Martin asked him about the first incident where he paid off these accusers, I found it very ironic and I look unbelievably sincere and honest the way he said, ‘I just decided I wanted it to go away.’ And he made it go away, which by the way again, not the first person to do this in the history of our business. He wanted to make it go away. The second time he fought.

But what Cory was saying going back to his childhood and stuff like that, he was reflecting on the fact that he had acne as a kid, which we all gone through at one phase of our life and how his pap would always sit there and make fun of his acne and his skin condition. You’re talking about a young kid here who never had the chance to grow up and be normal. Kid grew up very differently than a lot of people. Granted he’s Michael Jackson, but there is a lot of reasons why he had certain insecurities. As for his bit with the second thing, I believe a thousand percent, I’ll go to my grave with it that he was innocent completely. He was being blackmailed by that gentleman that wanted to be a screenwriter or write books or do movies, whatever. That was inside information that’s close around enough that I can say it.”

CR: “The Martin Bashir thing, I don’t think people remember that a week later or maybe a few weeks later, Michael himself re-aired his own version of that show.”

CY: And he had the whole thing because he was smart enough to video camera.

CR: “He was smart enough to video camera it and it clearly showed that the guy just twisted everything and made it, he turned everything into a false or a lie. They ask Michael a question. Are you gay? And Michael said, ‘I don’t want to answer that question.’ Now that was the one that he said. So it quickly edited to Bashir going, ‘Obviously he didn’t want to answer for obvious reasons.’

So then when Michael showed his version, he said, ‘Are you gay?’ Michael said, ‘I don’t want to answer that question.’ Then he said, ‘But if you turn your camera off, I will answer your question.’ Then the guy said ok, turn the camera off. Then Michael said, ‘No. Absolutely not. I am not gay, but I have millions of gay fans and if they believe I’m gay, then let them believe I’m gay.’ He said, ‘I don’t care. I don’t want to offend anybody.’ You know?”

CA: “I gotta say something here, I can’t believe at this point that these are even issues that are being discussed.”

CR: “Yeah. I mean this is crazy.”

CA: “Anything about what this man contributed to the world and I have a very good friend that Cory doesn’t know that we know that was working on this tour with him, someone that worked with Cory with another diva in our lifetime and he said, ‘He was looking better than ever.’ He was struggling cause it was a long hard show, but this was going on. He canceled a couple of shows, fine. This guy had 50 shows lined up.

This was going. They were in Staples Center, full production. You’re talking about a multi multi million dollar show. This was going. This poor kid goes home the night before and says he doesn’t feel well and the next day he’s taken from us. I’ll use a word that Cory used, probably the most devastating thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. I feel like my right one has been taken from me. People have to pay a little bit of attention to what he contributed to the world and stop with all the Whacko Jacko stuff.”

CR: “But they won’t because that’s what they like better.”

• • •


This interview is also on YouTube. It is in six parts. Part One is below. The others are in succession on YouTube.

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10 Responses to “Former Sony Exec: “I really think he got blackmailed in that whole scandal thing. I think at some point the truth will come out.””

  1. louiseG says:

    It is never too late to show support, it would have been better to show Michael the support he deserved when he was here with us, but all these so called friends that boast about spending time and how he changed their lives, they need to step forward now and show Michael the thanks they talk about. Why is it the Fans that are left to carry on in his name doing work for the children and caring about this planet and when you approach one of his so called friends in the business, they act so ignorantly and won’t even respond to you. I run a charity that is about Michael’s dream, i know where the loyalty lies and its definately not within Michael’s friends, in fact they have even had the nerve to promote their own BOOKS and stories on MJ fan groups, even our charity page, and when you ask for their support they just ignore you. Some of his close family friends have been supportive, but you see a lot of fake and Hollywood people out there trying to look important, but all i see is hypocrites and leeches making money from an inflated version of their own truth and experience with Michael. So lets start a huge fundraiser and ask all these people to donate and donate their time to do a concert , and then lets build a hospital the way Michael intended and wanted to do. Lets honor him the way he would be proud.

  2. Elsie Crean says:

    Michael always said the truth will prevail. He was a true believer in that and
    we are all waiting for the truth, however long it takes!!!!! Thank you Sony exes
    because there are a lot of people out there especially former Sony exes who fear for
    their life for speaking out at all. We thank you for telling the world this. MJ was
    scammed, blackmailed, used over and over again all for the almighty dollar and it
    is so not over, but one day justice will be served. Michael deserves a hugh apology
    from so many around the world, as well as his children and family. And it will come!

  3. dawnmarie says:

    I just want to say THANKYOU both Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle for standing up for Michael the way you both did, it bless my heart. I know you both spoke the truth it makes me happy and I LOVE you both for that I also want to thank Yandek for his interview. LOVE & Peace – a friend of Michael Jackson for EVER –

  4. BG says:

    Seven, this is something I’ve never forgotten about. Did you note the article about Chris Apostle/Mottola after that Yandek interview?

  5. june says:

    There is still so much unanswered or confusing. I’ve done a lot of reading but still cannot reconcile, for instance, the circumstances surrounding how Michael met the Chandlers. His car broke down on a busy LA street; was he driving alone?? Was there no one he trusted he could call, so that he had to go to a rent a wreck shop. None of that makes any sense to me. And Jordan Chandler was not a sick or deprived kid. Why was Michael coerced into a friendship with this person and his family? They never intended to file criminal action against him because NOHTING HAPPENED. All they wanted was money from the civil filing. It cannot be any clearer. How did it ever get that far in the first place. Only one way, and his name is Thomas Sneddon; dreaming up and inventing nonexistent charges against Michael. And why did Michael leave so soon after acquittal in 2005 for Bahrain of all places? Just because Jermaine said he should go there? I don’t believe Jermaine ever had MJ’s back. Michael should have gone back to Neverland, exorcised the ghosts of all those raids and bad feelings he had, and tried to reestablish Neverland as his home for himself and his children, rather than wandering the world. His entire succeding life would have been different and he would be with us today. Even though Sneddon intended to drive him to the ends of the earth; once acquitted, he could have withstood any challenges; Michael was brave and spoke his mind; he had courage and bravery in speaking against racism and poverty, for childrens’ rights and against corporate greed, in addition all the many accollades of humanitarian, musician, father son and God’s gift to us all. Sorry to rant and my comments are most likely in the wrong place but it’s nearly midnight here. Thanks for listening.

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  9. emma says:

    I have just discovered “Is it scary”, a brilliant song. I don’t understand why it wasn’t famous like so many others (or it is only me who have not heard about?). Maybe because it came out when the media was attacking Michael with those charges. Anyway, it is comforting that art is speaking for itself whatever the circumstances.

  10. ann sinclair says:

    I want to thank you for speaking out about Michael Jackson, the whole world need’s to hear what a wonderful man he was. The media truely have blood on their hands.