Mar 30 2012

Why we advocate for Michael Jackson

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Written by Tori Tompkins

Some may ask why we advocate for Michael Jackson. We write, we speak, and we repeat time and time again the truth because this man was completely and utterly destroyed by the avaricious ills of the modern world. The media purposely circulated lies and inaccuracies about the man knowing full well the immense damage it would have on the easily moulded mind of the masses.

Only recently, an official report was released which confirmed something Michael Jackson supporters had known for years: that the allegations against him were unfounded-that they were merely extortion attempts by families driven by greed, supported by a corrupt judicial system driven by an insatiable and all encompassing desire to publicly lynch one of the most decorated and celebrated black men in modern history. The media were fully aware of this report and these facts yet they continued to circulate lies, innuendoes and inaccuracies in order to paint a false and irrational portrait of this man. This “media blackout” on the facts, as my dear friend, Seven Bowie would say was also highlighted by Michael’s friend of 20 years, David Nordahl with his assertion that the press knew for years that Michael suffered from the serious skin disorder, vitiligo, yet they continued to suggest that he was beaching his skin in order to distance himself from his own identity, yet another attempt to undermine his considerable achievements and the immense contribution he made in keeping the flame of Dr.King’s fragile dream alight.

Why do the media block out these facts about an innocent man? Why do they continue to mock him for an affliction, akin to cancer, over which he had no control? Because it makes money. It means people can buy bigger houses, shinier cars and can strut around with feelings of inflated status and self worth. Who are the victims in all this? Us, normal people, for we so often buy into this industry-we offer our money and in return they lie to us and abuse us. Whether it be about dear Michael, domestic affairs, or foreign policy, the media lie. It is their job to keep you uninformed so big businessmen can continue to protect their financial investments. What you read in a paper is not objective, it is the subjective prejudices of money mad individuals like Murdoch who do not care about the general public or accuracy. Murdoch used his News of the World empire to support the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq which has cost thousands of innocent lives on both sides. When confronted with such a damning notion, what was his reaction? He laughed-laughed in the face of all those families who have lost brothers, sons, sisters and fathers on an empty expedition.

Unfortunately, Michael Jackson got caught in this horrific web of lies and deceit to an extent unseen in modern history. Such unending bullying and a gross disrespect for his value as a thinking, feeling human being no doubt broke this poor man’s spirit. The media, with nothing more than words and a limited mental capacity managed to condition the minds of an entire public. Such horrific treatment could happen to anyone. It is horrifyingly simple how easy it is for the press to obscure necessary detail and keep the masses dangerously misinformed about a variety of subjects. Because of their immoral, entirely unethical and avaricious approach to their industry, an innocent man was daily ripped from his family and all those who held him dear in their hearts. The media wantonly bullied and ridiculed a father, a brother and a son. Never again will he be able to look upon his children in play, nor comfort them when they are down. His three children will never be able to know the presence of their father throughout their lives, nor share those sacred and precious moments with him that so many take for granted. Never again can he enjoy the wonders, joys and simple pleasures of life so brutally and relentlessly denied him.

That such an industry, when coupled with a responsive public, can annihilate an individual is disgusting and abhorrent. Something must be changed. As a group, as a species, we must stop placing vale on the material above all else. It seems now profit is far more important to most than people. There must be a change. We must work to restore a sense of ethics and humanity to this deeply corrupt and immoral industry. How tragic though that we couldn’t change in time to save one so beautiful from the grotesque clutches of the darkest recesses of human nature.

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11 Responses to “Why we advocate for Michael Jackson”

  1. pat says:

    Great peice. We, MJ advocates, know the truth. His enemies know the truth also. They tried to destroy him with the most vile lies, and in my opinion, they failed.

  2. Danielle C. says:

    I agree with this great article. Please see my blog on MJ&the Media( ) and you’ll be fascinated to see my points on it too. Keep up the great work!

  3. margie peterson says:

    Thank you for posting this article and for the responses, every word that was written here is so hurts so bad what they did to Michael.the media is always talking about bullying, they should be reminded of how they bullied Michael.I would love to see all of Michael’s supporters work together to expose the media for who they are and what they are.

  4. Joyce says:

    Thank you Seven and Tori Tompkins for sharing this well written article. I have lost all respect for the media throughout the world. They seem to have completely lost sight of what they are suppose to be doing in what used to be a profession with integrity and honor. Thanks to 24 hour social media, internet, and televison news channels, all that seems to matter anymore is who gets the highest ratings or most views, who is first to report something whether true or not (facts do not matter), and how to keep the public coming back for more! I think it is truly frightening. What the media did to Michael Jackson was cruel and without any ethics, morality or integrity. Unfortunately they have no guilt or feelings of remorse because it is what they consider to be their “duty to the public”. Until the public finally says “enough”, this immoral and corrupt media will continue to profit!
    There is no easy answer to bringing about change but every time we speak out in defense of Michael to those who have been blinded by the media’s lies, we shed a little light on Michael’s amazing legacy and also on the corruption in the media.
    It is a small step but big things can come from small steps.

  5. Vanessa Donovan says:

    We advocate Michael because we love him so much. He was the greatest entertainer that ever lived, there will never be anyone to replace him. His talent knew no bounds. He was a decent caring human being who gave so much to others, yet asked nothing in return. He should still be with us today, but one man finally took him away from us, all because of his selfishness and greed. I hope you rot in jail Murray.

    And the rest of you people out there, and you know who you are, that made Michael’s life a misery, I hope you know no peace the rest of your lives. I hope guilt eats away at you forever. You deserve to suffer.

    Michael might be gone, but he will never be forgotten, we, his fans will make sure of that.

    I will love and miss you Michael until the end of time. xx

  6. luvuangel says:

    Hi Seven. I love this post. I have been reading and enjoying your posts all along even if I haven’t sent in comments. But now I want to tell you and everyone who reads this how I am advocating for Michael in my life. We were reading some poems and stories in English class around the theme “We Are All One” and I showed the kids photos of Michael with animals and children and told them that he lived his life around that belief. We read some of his writings from “Dancing the Dream” and we watched “We Are the World”. Next day the fifth grade teacher (mom of one of my students) came in and asked my permission to use the song in the school assembly. It turns out that her daughter was so impressed with it that they were watching it at home. I leaped at the idea. Her students were studying indigenous peoples. On the day of the assembly they stood on stage with a slide show of indigenous children behind them and they sang along with a recording of “We Are the World”. Many of the teachers and moms in the audience were moved to tears.
    Every year at least one of the kids does a term project about Michael, always trying to show that the lies in the press are cruel and false and who the real Michael is. I sent this article of yours along to a student yesterday to help her with her project about Michael. Last week a group of girls made a movie around the theme “HOPE” after reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” and Michael’s “Earth Song” was their soundtrack and they included excerpts from the short film he made. They loved how he “put the world back together again” at the end and how that represents hope. Every year three or four of them dress up as Michael, not for Halloween or anything nasty, but as part of a show about poetry or music. So Seven, I know it is small scale, but I am doing what I know Michael would love. I am reaching out to the children and touching them with his message and that way I am slowly revealing to them and their families what an awesome, gentle and beautiful human being he is. (I cannot say “was”.) Seven, I can’t even really express how much this page and all the posts you put up mean to me. Let’s never stop loving our angel.

  7. nan says:

    I was unaware that they honored him in Congress..I know a woman at his memorial said she would introduce that at Congress , but I remember Nancy Pelosi saying she wouldnt go along with it..
    There is nothing worse then a politician with a microphone as we heard from Peter King and to be frank I was not impressed with Obamas measured words after MJ death either..
    There are very few people in the world who have something to lose ,that will actually speak from the heart..Too many calculated moves going on to make sure they stay rich, stay in power ..
    That is the reason MJ suffered so much.
    None of these people cared about children or people in a vulnerable state.MJ was a huge corporation that had a gentle person at the core of it and big business went after him to dismantle it..

  8. mandie says:

    Lisa i so agree with you, but how? How do we MAKE the world read the truth?, are they bothered, do they care? It’s kinda crazy to put this here but i just wanted to explain why i say or think how i do. Define mj fan i asked someone awhile back, the answer i got was to me shocking- He said ‘Someone who listens to a singers music,has we are talking about MJ he was meaning Michael,it makes me puzzled how anyone can ‘just listen to a legends music’ yet know not one thing about the person behind the music. The guy i was talking to doesn’t want to hear the truth about michael jackson, and tbh i don’t like to call him a fan but he buys michael’s music so…who am i to say otherwise??! Who am i to make him listen to truth. i carn’t force him. So sad that Mrs Jackson was not listened to when she spoke the truth, so sad on so many levels!

    Maybe if the rappers and the singers worldwide who care and love michael like we do each made a song dedicated to michael’s innocence then the world will listen, better still i wonder if they could make it an album, the world would have to listen then. Just my thought,

    Thank you Seven,

  9. Nina Hamilton says:

    They never conditioned me or my mind. I believe that the ‘powers that be’ behind the Press feared Michael Jackson’s influence and power over society and hearts and minds. What gets me is that after his death the American Congress honoured him as ‘an American legend and musical icon’ because of the millions of dollars he gave to charities and hospitals.
    At the 111th Congress 1st session the House of Representatives, it was introduced in the House that
    1) it recognises Michael Jackson as a global humanitarian and a noted leader in the fight against worldwide hunger and medical crises; and 2) celebrates Michael Jackson as an accomplised contributor to the world of arts and entertainment, scientific advances in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, and global food security.’
    June 26th, 2009. So why didn’t they support him before? Also Childhelp USA founded the Michael Jackson Institute for Research on Child Abuse in 1989.

  10. nan says:

    This is all too true..Most everybody kicked MJ when he was down..
    I was recently reading something disturbing about Jay Leno connection to the 2005 garbage.
    Tom Mesereau was talking at a law school about hostile witnesses and Leno name came up.
    As we know , Gavin and company had approached him and he sensed trouble , the child was too effusive , mother in the background coaching him etc.He sensed they wanted money and were looking for a mark.
    He wouldnt let their calls through anymore and I believe he told Louise Palanker. (now Mrs Zonen )this also..
    When he was interviewed by detectives he said he supported them but had to be honest in his assessment of Gavin Arvizo and his family..
    The D.A. still went through with this B.S. case with all these inconsistencies in accusations,timelines, knowing of former scams and Jay Leno voicing his suspicions..Its appalling..
    What is equally disgusting to me is that when Mesereau wanted to call Leno to testify for the defense , He DID NOT WANT TO COME FORWARD !!
    His lawyer said he would not and if called …his client would FORGET what he told the police..
    Only when Mesereau told them,… the police had taped the interview and Leno would be impeached by his own recorded statements, on the stand ,did he come into court and tell the truth.
    SO…Jay Leno knew this case was garbage and he stood on stage , all the while Michael was on trial,doing monologues that tortured a man he knew was not only innocent , but who was the sole parent of 3 little children , while it took a toll on a single fathers , career, finances , reputation and finally he and his CHILDREN were driven from the only real home they had ever known…
    All for laughs and ratings….
    I want to find Leno address at NBC and ask him who really was the person who thought NOTHING of hurting innocent children.
    He should look in the mirror..
    Frank Delio was correct..They all forgot Michael was human..

  11. Lisa says:

    Here here!! So very well written. How sad that this will only be read by MJ fans. The WORLD needs to read it!!!