Apr 01 2012

‘No more talking silence is more powerful’

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A UK-based book enthusiast has located a book from Michael’s vast collection which was on auction in LA previously. The book’s pages are annotated by Michael himself, who underlined some sentences and wrote his own notes in the margins.

Bookride.com says:

This year at auction in Los Angeles someone paid £8500 for a self-help book annotated by Michael Jackson. It was The 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene (Viking 1998) and without the Prince of Pop’s marginal notes it can be bought for less than £1. Bonham’s catalogue entry goes thus:

“… a number of pages with passages underlined and annotated in various pens by Michael, providing an insight into his view of the world, with comments such as ‘Make yourself respected, a God Demands Worship‘ and ‘No more talking silence is more powerful‘, and ‘you create your own circumstances even in the manner in which you are treated and looked upon‘, and ‘deer are special because they hide if they walked the streets like dogs no one would care‘ and ‘the moon comes every night so people don’t care to look to the heavens Haley’s Comet, the fact it comes once in a lifetime makes it important…

The Bookride piece goes on to describe The 48 Laws Of Power as “somewhat cynical and ruthless for a self-help book“. The book is pretty much described that same way at Amazon.com:   Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive, this piercing work distills three thousand years of the history of power in to forty-eight well explicated laws. As attention-grabbing in its design as it is in its content, this bold volume outlines the laws of power in their unvarnished essence, synthesizing the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun-tzu, Carl von Clausewitz, and other great thinkers. 

The remainder of Bookride’s commentary is rather uncomplimentary though, first referring to Michael Jackson as the “Prince of Pop” rather than the King of Pop as he was known, and further using the  racist moniker “Jacko” in reference to him. Speaking of cynical and ruthless, the book certainly could not be more cynical and ruthless than this book enthusiast’s comments about MJ. Regardless though, the book and Michael’s annotations on its pages are interesting:

Page from 'The 48 Laws of Power', annotated by MJ (click for larger image)

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{ Thanks to Karen O’Halloran for finding and sharing this item! -Seven }

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12 Responses to “‘No more talking silence is more powerful’”

  1. Dialdancer says:

    I am reading this book. I admit I wish I’d known of it, read it earlier in life. It is my belief this is the kind of mandatory reading for young men who are being prepared to become the future “captains of industry”; those whose allegiances are formed in preschool. Or read by someone who finds themselves dealing with these young men now grown. It is as much what you take with you as to what you read. I’d imagine Michael felt the same.

    Even if this had nothing to do with Michael’s choice of reading material I’d still think most of the reviews are “follow the leader” products of self-satisfied twits.

  2. julia corsolini says:

    terribly !!!! respect for Michael Jackson !!!

  3. vero says:

    Does anyone know if there is a catalogue of all the titles in MJ’s vast collection? That would be so good–to know what he had in his library.

    He seems to have been impressed here with the author’s statement that an image is more unifying then words–“the visual . . . short-circuits the labyrinth of words.” But seems like MJ knew this before 1998.

  4. Inga says:

    Thank you Seven for all your wonderful,dedicated and informative articles and poems.
    I appreciate them all, even I do not write so much here.
    L.O.V.E from germany and a happy Easter-monday too!

  5. Anks says:

    Today is Easter, and I’m so blessed to read this beautiful article! Thank you Seven! Michael Jackson was, is and shall continue to be an eternal inspiration to the world-both as an extraordinary creative genius and as a spiritually enlightened poet prophet who transformed(and continues to transform) the souls of millions of people across the planet and raise its consciousness higher and higher. He may have been crucified by the evil in this world(especially the meida), but just like his glorious teacher, Jesus-the Christ, Michael too has risen. Happy Easter, beloved Michael!We are so grateful to be touched by your Light that continues to shine, brighter than ever!Thank you and may your glorious being and legacy be blessed forever!
    L.O.V.E always…

  6. Sina says:

    With more than 10.000 books and an evergrowing library, one or two missing could easily go unnoticed . Anyone who had access to Michaels library could get their hands on them. He could have forgotten it in a hotel, an airplane, could have been out years ago or found after he passsed away Or he could have simply given it to to someone who prefers the cash to the emotional value. Who knows.
    Though its his personal notes, I dont find it intrusive because they are his views on power , image etc. I understand the NO more talking silence is more powerful , but the rest of the text is a mystery.
    These selfhelp books are very much a 90 s phenomenon, I think most of us had them , just like Michael. They dont have much ‘book’ value but with Michaels inscriptions they gain much cultural and historical value and imo should be preserved in a museum.

  7. ultravioletrae says:

    This is an incredible article, thanks so much! What a gold mine in understanding MJ’s philosophy of art! But, it does make me nervous to see these valuable things being sold off. I really wish this had been carefully preserved and kept in one collection. In the future, I’m sure there will be material out there that is nothing more than fraud, claiming to have MJ’s own handwritten notes. This is such a shame. It’s going to make it difficult for those who want to study Michael Jackson seriously.

  8. Lenell says:

    Thanks Seven!

    It’s heartbreaking that so many of Michael’s personal
    belongings are being auctioned. WHY for GOD’s sake?
    I agree…it should be given to his children. I don’t
    understand how Branca, or if it’s his mother can allow
    this to happen!!


  9. june says:

    Agreed, cjg, what is the story behind all this auctioning? Michael gave many gifts to many people over his lifetime and even these priceless gifts have found their way to the auctioneer’s paddle. Dr. Klein, for heaven’s sake, auctioned (mostly) his own things a few months back; but there were quite a few of Michael’s signed gifts to him on the block as well. There was a man named Vacarro who purchased at bankruptcy auction (years ago) truckloads of Jackson family memorabilia, who wound up selling it o Howard Mann, formerly (or still?) a J family “business partner”. Amazingly (or perhaps not so) MJ’s original sheet music for many of his classics has found its way to Ebay and Amazon. Even Michael’s bible study notes have made the internet rounds. I can’t think of any other deceased celebrity whose personal life has been so manipulated after death. And I was around when Elvis and John Lennon passed; their families acted in what they felt was the best interest of their respective legacies.

    @Johanna, Branca is responsible to the court for his actions as executor; others have no constraints.

  10. Johanna says:

    That would either be Branca or Katherine.

  11. cjg says:

    As much as I love knowing about Michael I can’t get past the realization that they were auctioning off books from his vast collection in his personal library and asking WHY? WHY wouldn’t they want to keep all of those very personal items with his precious handwriting and thoughts added for HIS CHILDREN? To me all of those things should be put away and kept in a safe place for HIS CHILDREN to have. I’m truly worried they will grow up and desire these personal things of their father’s and they will have been auctioned off. Who is allowing this perpetual auctioning of Michael’s PRIVATE things?

  12. Joyce says:

    WOW! I would really like to be able to read more of Michael’s annotations along with the actual passages in the book. The examples that you provided are really interesting insights. Although, part of me wonders if these notes were not really meant for all of us to read. Is it like reading a person’s private journal? I’m not sure how to feel.
    How sad that the person describing this special book doesn’t see the lesson to be learned in the meaning and feeling of Michael’s words but instead he chooses to sink to the level of the tabloids with his very cynical and cruel comments.
    Thanks for sharing this interesting information. I am always intrigued by Michael’s never ending hunger and quest for knowledge about everything.