Apr 18 2012

A sad goodbye to the world’s oldest teenager

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Michael and Dick Clark, both gone now.

What a sad day this is. Some people you somehow expect to live forever, even though logistically you know that’s impossible. Dick Clark was one of those people. He seemed ageless. Who would have ever thought he’d leave us? But alas, mortality has stricken another of this generation’s unforgettable icons.

When Michael died in June 2009, Dick Clark remarked: “Of all the thousands of entertainers I have worked with, Michael was the most outstanding. Many have tried and will try to copy him, but his talent will never be matched.

And Clark, whose own contributions to the music and television broadcasting world are also unmatched, would know. He was a key figure in helping to provide many black artists and black musical groups priceless exposure on American television. Exposure and airplay that most mainstream DJs and music programs would not give them due to racism. Here is a video of the Jackson 5 playing on American Bandstand for the first time, in 1970:

Below, Jack Cafferty on CNN talks more about how Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Little Richard, The Jacksons, The Supremes – so many black artists would not have been heard at all or have been as widely heard, had it not been for the exposure they received on American Bandstand. Had it not been for Dick Clark exposing these artists to white audiences, we all may have missed their incredible music – and they would have missed out on the level of professional success that could only be had by exposure to white audiences at the time. Who can imagine life without the music of these artists? Who can imagine life without Dick Clark – a man with whom Americans have welcomed the New Year for three decades (New Years Rockin’ Eve)?

Cafferty also talks about how white artists then in turn modeled some of their music after the music of the black artists. Their influence was remarkable and their exposure by Dick Clark certainly changed the musical landscape in America. I feel blessed to have been alive to witness all this and to be a part of it.

Jermaine and Janet Jackson shared their sadness today about Dick Clark’s passing:

Dick Clark always came to our dressing pre-show to make sure we were okay and catered for. Big hearted. One-of-a-kind. Will be missed… #DickClark played a very special role in our lives, involved in our first concerts as J5. He was like family. What a man. RIP my friend. Another sad day. This world is losing too many fine people. Live for the moment. Treasure your memories. Blessings to you all” -Jermaine Jackson

Dick Clark changed the face of musical television. He was wonderful to many artists including our family. We will miss him. God bless.” -Janet Jackson

Below you can enjoy an early American Bandstand interview with young Michael in 1972. This is one of more than a few interviews Dick Clark did with Michael and the Jacksons. You can find more on YouTube.

Here is the Jackson’s 1979 American Bandstand appearance:

And below, Michael performs on American Bandstand’s 50th Anniversary show in 2002:

He wasn’t only known for American Bandstand. In the 1980s Dick Clark Productions had shows on 3 networks. Among them were $25,000 Pyramid, TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes and the American Music Awards. His remarkable career spanned several decades. He was a savvy host, producer, and curator of music and television broadcasting who leaves an incredible history-changing legacy behind, along with the equally accomplished Don Cornelius of Soul Train, whom we also just lost a short while ago on February 1 of this year.

Music is the soundtrack of your life.” -Dick Clark

And Dick Clark brought us a whole lot of great music to live and remember the times of our lives by. It’s so sad to lose him now too. I hope he and Michael, Don, Elizabeth, Whitney, and Frank are all having a huge party up there. And I hope that Robin Gibb who has fallen very ill and is in a coma, doesn’t join them now. We’ve lost too many great people in the past 3 years.

Dick Clark and Michael Jackson, 2002

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6 Responses to “A sad goodbye to the world’s oldest teenager”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    Thank you Seven for all the articles and the outstanding photographs you display.I have gone through dozens of pages to find one particular photo and accompanying message. That is a glass vase with a few sunflowers with a very small note where Lisa Marie had written a very personal message to Michael. It was signed L.The words were beutiful ,but I cannot remember them exactly and I did not find the picture which I would recognize.
    And again ,so many thanks for all the lovely pictures that you can not see anywhere else.

  2. Anks says:

    OMG!!! I’m in shock and tears! I was away for two days (and didn’t use the internet )and as I logged in today and this page was downloading, the title said, “A sad goodbye to the world’s oldest teenager” and I said to myself(almost panicking) ” Oh my God, who has left us now?!” and the pic of Mike and Dick showed up and I was like “No, no, no, God, pleeeease NO!!!” 🙁 For the past some weeks, in my prayers, I had been saying Dick Clark’s name in my prayers while thanking God for the very few good people remaining in the media, and now this news is breaking my heart so, so badly…:-(

    I soo loved, respected and admired Dick Clark! To me, he was the best in the TV media biz and he was always so respectful of Michael, and he genuinely admired him and supported him through the hard times too! I’m sure he was greeted by our beautiful angel in the heavens! Rest in peace Mr.Clark, God bless you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful memories. You’ll be missed beyond words…

  3. emma says:

    I learn so much about USA and it’s people through Michael. Thanks for sharing Seven!

  4. june says:

    Seven – Michael’s performance in 1979 on American Bandstand was no less than stunning. At 20 years of age he had it all, didn’t he, and he kept it all his entire life. Dick Clark nurtured young talent more than any other tv “host”; he treated these young entertainers like members of his own family. I was one of those running home from school routinely to see Bandstand. Michael’s performance at AB50 was such a highlight and typical of Michael who apparently always supported his oldest and dearest friends. RIP Dick Clark and Michael.

  5. Sina says:

    Seven thank you for the information and videos.
    Goodbye to another icon whose legendary Bandstand and his youthful face are known all over the world.
    Times square Newyears countdown will never be the same.

    Just heard that also Levon Helm of the Band, a legend in his own right, passed away.


    Rest in peace to both legends, they made their footprint and left behind a respectable legacy.

  6. Michelle says:

    RIP Dick Clark. He was the best! It’s true, what is happening to all the good people? We’re losing them!!