Apr 25 2012

“feel Believe” – Michael’s note about songwriting

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Michael Jackson wrote this note in the late 1970’s about writing and composing songs . . . :

feel Believe
let the song write itself
let it tell you what to write
what instruments to use
what melody should be used
let feeling be your guide
feel feel as though as though
a prophet writing through
the thoughts of God
His penmanship
God’s thoughts
feel feel feel
feel feel feel Believe
the force!  -MJ

"feel Believe" - written by Michael Jackson

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16 Responses to ““feel Believe” – Michael’s note about songwriting”

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  3. ellisn says:

    Mike luv ya. still watching and listenig to everything you do and about you!

  4. Jill says:

    Michael always had the most beautiful things to say, and he said it in all of his wonderful songs. He truly lived for God and for love, and that’s how we all should live.
    Lets “Heal The World” for God, for Michael.

    Seven, God bless, another great post!

  5. Anna Leticia says:

    So beautiful words are these! How is it possible do not LOVE him?
    This is really precious, a treasure!Thank you Seven!
    “God’s thoughts” brought by an angel…
    I just love him forever.

  6. Inga says:

    “Let feeling be your guide”…Yes, and our inner voice says,that Michael was the biggest treasure,
    God created here on earth! Thank you Seven for another wonderful piece we can appreciate!
    Much L.O.V.E from germany

  7. maguk says:

    Thank you Sina..you said what I was trying to say.. but you said it so much better than I did .

    There are some lovely people who visit this site and I felt moved to comment twice on this post, because all of the comments are so loving and comforting.

  8. Anks says:

    Thank you seven (())for this precious piece by our beloved Angel!

    Michael, we ‘feel’ you and shall forever ‘believe’ in you and in all that you taught and continue to teach us…thank you, thank you, thankyou…

    L.O.V.E you most…

  9. cjg says:

    Michael was the epitome of beauty and grace even with his words. The media always presented him as an enigma, but he was an open book always sharing himself with the world. He consistently and continually revealed who he was to the world. It’s amazing and inexcusable that they (the media and others) never listened before now. I am thankful to experience these precious bits of him.

  10. nasim says:

    I never can imagine an angel like him ! he’s the best ever !

  11. bev grissom says:

    \thank you for those words, Michael had love for everyone he was an
    inspiration to the young and the old
    ,and to this new generation of Michael music and dance and soul…

  12. Sina says:

    Thank you for Michaels beautiful words.
    ‘I do everything through feel and force’ was his lifetime mantra.
    I admire him for taking the risk to always trust again, no matter what , for better or worse.
    Sometimes I wish things were different . But that was who he was and he stayed true to his self.
    He only saw the good in people , because thats who he was.
    That is a great lesson to learn.

  13. maguk says:

    Seven.. I visit your site every day ( and others as well )but I don’t always find the time to comment as often as I should.

    I think this note is just one of many examples of how Michael lived his life through his soul, rather than his ego.

    What a shame that so many didn’t understand that,and caused him so much pain because of it. I believe that this approach to life helped him to manage the bad stuff without becoming bitter, and he always expressed his gratitude for so much that was good in his life.

    I remember him every day and try to live by his example.

  14. BlueLotus says:

    I love you Michael…today and for all times. Your “going” has been a true “coming” in many ways…it has been a “wake-up” call for so many of us including me. You know Michael, NOW I can feel the coming together of all it…the woman in the mirror is FINALLY changing…it took 35 yrs but it is happening…I can F.E.E.L. it.

    Michael, even as I loved you…I could never understand how could you love children so much…I knew you could SEE something that the rest of us could not. Being a mother of 2 little kids I wondered how you had such relation with your children that you never had to raise even your voice…I read your book “Honoring the child spirit” where you talk to Schumely about children BUT it did not help, I still could not get it…not completely.

    The mystery was finally solved when I read “Kinship with all Life”…it was the EUREKA moment. I understood that you held all children in such high regard, love and esteem as fellow spiritual beings and not as dumb things that must be TAUGHT and TRAINED in order to become acceptable. And that approach allowed you to have that CONNECTION and that SEEING. And it can be done with every other living thing…and it will become the voice of the Universal Mind.

    Thanks for teaching me Michael and teaching me well. 🙂

    Love you more!

  15. monica says:

    I am grateful to you Seven for remaining so diligent in Michael’s honor. These kinds of pieces he left behind are so valuable to those of us who love him so very much and miss him tremendously.

  16. bev grissom says:

    How can you not feel the love that Michael Jackson has for God,its in his music, his poems. Its in his eyes the windows to his soul …..
    Thank you for shareing Michael, is and always will be in my heart and mind
    till the day I die………….bg