May 25 2012

A special tribute to “a child of the world” – Michael Jackson

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Children of the World

It’s been 35 months since Michael died. But maybe there’s something else he wants us to remember today since this popped up once again across my computer screen: Twenty seven years and two months ago, a group of children including child stars Alyssa Milano, Fergie (now of the Black-eyed Peas) and Drew Barrymore made history by getting together to record a children’s version of ‘We Are The World’. Little has been heard of this version of ‘We Are The World‘ since then, but it’s not to be missed. It meant a lot to Michael, who said:

I had thought that song should be sung by children. When I finally heard children singing it on producer George Duke’s version, I almost cried. It’s the best version I’ve heard.

– Michael Jackson (Moonwalk)

The ‘Children Of The World Project’ was the brainchild of radio personality Sonny Melendrez and and produced by George Duke who also worked with Michael on his ‘Off the Wall‘ album. This children’s version of the song was nominated for a Grammy in the ‘Best Recording for Children‘ category in 1986.

From the project’s official website, Sonny remembers:

As my radio alarm clock went off one morning in March of 1985 I was awakened by the pure voice of a child singing the words, “We are the world. We are the children.” In my groggy state, I remember thinking to myself that I wish I had thought of that obvious idea: A children’s version of the worldwide anthem – We Are The World.

Then, as I gained consciousness, I realized that the “child” I had heard was, in fact, Michael Jackson and what I was listening to was the original recording.

I sprang out of bed and called my producer. That afternoon, on my KMGG Radio show, I shared my vision of gathering the most talented children in Los Angeles and giving them the opportunity to do their part for the charity created to benefit those starving in Ethiopia – USA For Africa.

The response was overwhelming to say the least, with hundreds of parents and kids calling and wanting to be a part of the idea.

The Children of the World Project was born.

When Michael Jackson, who had penned the song with Lionel Ritchie, heard about the project he immediately gave it his blessing and even suggested his talented nieces, Brittny and Valencia Jackson, audition as well. They did and appeared on the recording

After several weeks and with the help of countless volunteers, including my friend and entertainment professional, Roger Neal, we had auditioned over 1500 children in various locations throughout Southern California. Every effort was made to make each child, ages 5 to 17, feel special about what and why they were auditioning. Everyone was presented a certificate and t-shirt commemorating their participation.

I contacted award winning producer, George Duke and asked if he join us. He not only accepted, but brought in legendary musicians, Stanley Clarke, Phillip Bailey, and Journey’s Steve Smith among to play on the track.

After personally calling every one of the 50 who were chosen (and you can imagine their enthusiastic reactions), under the direction of musical pro Martha Woodhull, the choir then spent several weeks rehearsing their parts.

Sonny records with Stacy Ferguson aka ‘Fergie’

In addition to these incredibly talented voices, we added another group of child stars with the understanding that everyone would be treated equally, regardless of their name or credits. This had been the same policy adopted by the original cast of We Are The World. This group included, Drew Barrymore, Danielle Brisebois, Alyssa Milano, Danny Pintauro, and others.

Then, on April 27, 1985, one of the finest children’s choirs ever assembled walked into the Westlake Studios in Hollywood and recorded “the chlidren’s version” of We Are The World.

Every note was also filmed for a video of the song. I couldn’t stop thinking about the 1400+ kids who had not made the group and suggested that part of the video include them all. It was agreed we finished our filming at LA’s Griffith Park where every child in the world imaginable was represented by hundreds of young singers including those who where blind, deaf, or otherwise handicapped. We wanted to show that when it comes to giving, there are no barriers. Everyone can participate.

Keep in mind that our production in the studio and on location, not to mention the countless of hours of planning, would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet, every need was filled by donations, equipment, and scores of industry production specialists.

It is, to this day, my proudest charitable and professional endeavor.

The following year we were notified that our version of the song had been nominated for a Grammy. Through the power of radio (before the Internet) and the effort thousands of caring, giving, and loving human beings, the words that Michael Jackson, gave to the world – “We are the one’s who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving” took on new life and meaning by The Children of the World.

They not only gave to help their starving brothers and sisters, they also paid a special tribute to “a child of the world” – Michael Jackson.


Actor Shavar Ross, also part of the project as a child, shared this photo of the recording:

Shavar Ross with other children during the recording of the children’s version of ‘We Are The World’


‘Children of the World Project’ has an official Facebook page (though not very active) and some of the original members of the children’s choir had apparently reunited in 2010 to relive their childhood memories of working on the project.

Finally, here’s the recording/video of the children’s version of ‘We Are the World‘:

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  1. Seven says:

    Hi Marta! Michael’s quote in this piece is from his book ‘Moonwalk‘.

  2. Marta Woodhull says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely website tribute to Michael Jackson, commemorating the recording by Children of The World. I am Marta Woodhull the vocal director mentioned above. How gratifying to my soul that our contribution to world peace still resonates. Also, I never read that quote by Michael before. I am humbled. Is it possible you could share with me the source of that quote?

  3. Solveig says:

    BEAUTIFUL, thank you for sharing this!

  4. Anne Mette Jepsen says:


  5. Alicia says:

    Yes we are the world and i miss Michael so much.

  6. Paula says:

    Beautiful – I am sure Michael loved this version!

  7. Anks says:

    Dear Seven, I have tears in my eyes as I read this beautiful, touching article. But then, I tear up reading each and every one of the articles shared on this incredibly beautiful site. I want you to know that your efforts, your words and your L.O.V.E are ‘life-savers’ for me, and I ‘m sure for many of those hurting souls who still grieve, every day, the loss of our most precious ‘child of the world’. I have been relentlessly fighting in his army of L.O.V.E for 20 years, only to see him snatched away from us like this… I grieve as a mother would, but also as a friend or a lover would. I also grieve as a disciple would. And sometimes as a daughter would. Michael was ‘every thing’ to me. Every thing. I don’t know where I’d be if it was not for inspiring stories such as these that are susutaining me in this mad, cruel world. Please pray for me and wish me strength so that I may lift up my suit of armour again, pick up my shield and carry on the fight and do my Captain proud. Thank you so much again and again for all that you do.


    P.S-Is there a way I could have your email add, seven. I really need to talk. Many thanks.

  8. cjg says:

    Gosh, I miss Michael immensely. I miss the beauty, grace, joy, and hope he brought into everyone’s daily life. I really wish he was here. I sure could use some of him about now.