Jun 17 2012

Michael Jackson: ‘Best father you could ever imagine’

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Daddy Michael with little Prince and Paris

On that tearful July day of his public memorial, Paris said Michael was the “best father you could ever imagine“, and by all accounts, it was absolutely true.

In remembrance of a man who was indisputably one of the best fathers in the world, I’ll share a rundown of some of Michael’s comments about being a father, followed by one of many comments from other people who witnessed firsthand what a great father Michael was, and finally topped off with Paris Jackson’s tweets for her Dad today.

~ ~ ~

“[…] I enjoy taking care of my children myself, it’s… it’s fun, that’s why I had them, so I could take care of them and it’s just great relief for me, you know, it’s a pleasure, it keeps me happy and laughing and, you know, they’re wonderful sweet innocent children. […] [My children] mean… it’s hard to put it into words because they mean everything. The way you would explain how your children make you feel… They’re the world for me, I wake up and I’m ready for the day because of them. I get them breakfast, I change diapers, if they want to read, we do a lot of reading, we play hide and seek, we play blind fold and have a wonderful time with it. […] I want to be the best father in the world, of course.”

– 2005 – February 7: “At Large With Geraldo Rivera” T.V. Interview

_ _ _

I love and adore my children. They mean everything to me. When they’re in public though, I conceal their faces, cause I want my children protected. At home, they have a normal life, they play with other kids and they have a good time, they’re laughing a lot. They run around, they even go to school. It’s a normal life for them. But in public, I must protect them. I love my children very much, and I’m proud to be their dad.

– 2003 – Private Home Videos T.V. Special

_ _ _

“[I cried when Prince was born]. […] He came out with this really big head, that when I saw his head, I thought of my grandfather and my brother Randy, ‘cause his head was shaped just like theirs. And I said, ‘Oh, my God’ [laughs]. And then, the rest, they let me pull, pull him out and I cut the ombilical chord with scissers that were shaped like a stork, and…and they cleaned him off and everything, and I was ready to take him home. They said, ‘No, you can’t take him home’, I said, ‘Why?’, ‘I think there’s some serious problem’, I go, ‘What?’, ‘We’ve gotta take him to intensive care, he’s not breathing correctly’, I go, ‘Oh, no!…’, I said, ‘Please, God, don’t let me have a sick child, please…’ So, I waited an hour…two hours…three hours…four, I was so scared…After five hours, this nurse comes in, she goes, ‘Okay, you can go home now’ [smiles], I was soo happy…[…] [I was there for my daughter, Paris’, birth, also] It was magic…She came out the wrong way, her face was faced the wrong way and she was being kinda choked by the ombilical chord…I was kind of worried…and it took her longer…And…and I was so anxious to get her home that, as they cut her chord…I hate to say this, I snatched her and just went home, with all the placenta all over her [laughs] […] yeah, I’m not kidding, I got her in a towel and ran. They said it was fine. They said everything is okay with that. And I got home and I washed her all off. […] Because I felt that it was okay, they told me it was okay, Debbie said it was okay and…I got the permission of the doctor…I think I was so frightened that they would give me some bad news…I was so scared..But there was no bad news to be gotten. I was starting reliving [the birth episode with Prince] and I was afraid. I said, ‘I don’t want to hear anything bad’, I’m just ‘Go, go, go, go…[Debbie] told me to, […] she said, ‘Go ahead, I know that’s what you want, I’m totally fine with this’, I said, “Are you fine with this?’, she said “Yes, of course”. […]”

“[My children] have school. […] [But they don’t go to a normal school], never…[…] It wouldn’t work…[…] “Cause we would get chased by paparazzi everywhere we go. I don’t want press all over them at school…and in the bushes and the trees and in the…I saw what happened to me, you know?..They’re doing the same and worse to them. And…and I don’t feel like the jealosy in teachers, you know, ‘Just because you’re Michael Jackson’s children, don’t think I’m gonna treat you any different (sic) from anyone else around here”. Well, they don’t wanna be treated differently, you know, it’s just that I don’t want them to have to go through all that. […] That’s the way it is…And it has worked successfully in the past many times…It’s how you shape and sculpt and mould their world, you know? And many people have been successful at it.”

“[My third child’s name is] Prince Michael II, but we call him Blanket. […] ‘Cause it’s an expression I use with my family and my employees. I say, ‘You should blanket me’, ‘You should blanket… her with something’, meaning it’s like…a blanket is a blessing. It’s a way of showing love and caring. […] I can’t say [who is Blanket’s mother], because she’ll be bombarded with the…you know…We have an agreement that we can’t – a contractual agreement – talk about who she is and everything. That’s how we worked that out. [It’s someone who I had a relationship with], yes. […] I don’t want anybody to know, I don’t think…she doesn’t wanna be, like, in papers and tabloids and she doesn’t want it and I don’t blame her…’cause she knows how scum…bag their comments can be, you know?…[…] [It’s not difficult being a single parent], why it would be difficult? […] No, they’re fine. How many babies live with their mothers and they don’t have a father around? And nobody’s saying nothing, you know? They’re having a good time. […] They are having a great time, they have enough women in their lives, they’re everywhere. There are women everywhere around my house..I mean, they, they’re with them all day long. […] People can always have a judgement about anything you do, so it doesn’t bother me. Everything can be strange to someone. This interview is strange to some people out there, so…who cares, right? [smiles].”

– 2003 – February 3: “Living With Michael Jackson

Daddy Michael and Blanket

On his life as a single parent:

I never had so much fun in my life. That’s the truth. Because I’m this big kid, and now I get to see the world through the eyes of the really young ones. I learn more from them than they learn from me. I’m constantly trying things and testing things on them to see what works and what doesn’t. Children are always the best judges to monitor something. […] That’s why “Harry Potter” is so successful – it’s a family-oriented movie. […] We want a wide demographic, and that’s why I try not to say things that offend parents. I don’t want to be like that. We weren’t raised to be like that. […]

On the possibility of his children being in the spotlight as he in the future:

“I don’t know how they would handle that. It would be tough. I really don’t know. It’s hard, since most children of celebrities end up becoming self-destructive because they can’t live up to the talent of the parent. People always used to say to Fred Astaire Jr., “Can you dance?” And he couldn’t. He didn’t have any rhythm, but his father was this genius dancer. It doesn’t mean that it has to be passed on. I always tell my children, you don’t have to sing, you don’t have to dance. Be who you want to be, as long as you’re not hurting anybody. That’s the main thing.”

– 2002 – March: “VIBE” Magazine Interview

_ _ _

“[Fatherhood has changed me] in a huge way. You have to value your time differently, no doubt about it. It’s your responsibility to make sure they’re taken care of and raised properly with good manners. But I refuse to let any of it get in the way of the music or the dance or the performing. I have to play two different roles. I always wanted to have a big family, ever since I was in school. I was always telling my father I would outdo him. He had 10 children. I would love to have like 11 or 12 myself.”

“You do the best you can. You don’t isolate them from other children. There will be other kids at the school [on my property]. I let them go out into the world. But they can’t always go with me. We get mobbed and attacked. When we were in Africa, Prince saw a mob attack in a huge shopping mall. People broke so much stuff, running and screaming. My biggest fear is that fans will hurt themselves and they do. I’ve seen glass break, blood, ambulances.”

[…] I try to make sure they’re respectful and honorable and kind to everybody.

– 2001 – December 13: “USA Today” Magazine Interview

_ _ _

“[…] [My children go with me] everywhere I go. […] [When they start school,] I’m going to build a computer school on the grounds [of Neverland]. With other children. […] How can they go into society.? He’s Prince Michael Jackson. She’s Paris Katherine Michael Jackson. It would be too difficult.”

“I try my hardest [to be a good father]. I try to bring them a lot of fun. Once a year, I dress up like a clown, with the whole gear – the nose, the paint. And I give them candy and cookies. […] And ice cream.”

– 2001 – November 5: “TV Guide” Magazine Interview

_ _ _

“[…] [Reading about me not being my children’s father…] That’s total garbage. It’s just trash and not true. […] Prince tells me all day that he has to make movies. So I bought him this video camera. I say, “What are we doing this time?” He goes, “Star Wars.” So we put some figures on the table, make them move. And Paris is just now starting to talk and walk. She’s very sweet. And I’m surprised she loves dolls. My sister, Janet didn’t like that sort of thing. She was a tomboy. I thought she was going to be like that but she isn’t. [I change their diapers and feed them]. I love it. It’s a lot of work. I thought I was prepared, ’cause I read everything about child rearing, but it’s so much more exciting than I ever imagined it to be. The only regret I have is that I wish I had done it earlier.”

– 1999 – December 4: “T.V. Guide” Magazine Interview

I thought I was prepared to be a father, but I wasn’t. All my life I’ve read about how wonderful children are. People would go, “What is up with you and babies?” I am always reading child psychology books. But it’s so much more joyous than even that. Prince and Paris changed me in so many ways. I learn as much from them as they learn from me. You learn about having a good heart and being a good-spirited person. And the way I am, I try to imitate them. People always say, “Act your age.” But I try and act more like children because they are the innocent, they are God-like, they are pure. I try to be as humble and sweet as they are.

-Michael Jackson

He was an absolutely fabulous father. I’ve never met a parent that is as good or better than Michael. Those kids were an absolute delight! I’ve never met kids in my life that were like those kids. I spent a lot of extended time around them. I never heard them cry, I never heard them beg for anything, never saw or heard them throw a fit.

-David Nordahl

Paris shared a couple of tweets and photos today about her dad:

Happy Fathers Day! Miss you, Da♥



i’m such a daddy’s girl hahah #andproud


Along with the photo Paris shared, she added:

Happy Father’s Day. Dad I love you with all of my heart, you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me. No matter how old I get you’re still my daddy forever. Miss you so much!! Imma make you proud, I promise.

Paris also tweeted that she has taught baby brother Blanket who John Lennon was and that she is “turning him into a hippie.” The hippies after all, were right about a lot of things in our society, so big sister Paris is teaching little brother well.

blanket knows who john lennon is….. i’m so proud (‘: turning him into a hippie

If you missed Paris’s recent interview with Oprah where she says that she and Blanket have gotten closer these days, you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD5kJaSRUK4&feature=player_embedded

Also, don’t miss Raven Woods’ Father’s Day Reflections‘ over at ‘AllForLoveBlog‘, where Raven tries to reconcile some of the more ambivalent feelings many MJ fans have about Joe Jackson as a father and Michael’s relationship with Joe.

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{  The collection of Michael’s comments about being a father are courtesy of ‘The Silenced Truth About Michael Jackson‘.  -Seven  }

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13 Responses to “Michael Jackson: ‘Best father you could ever imagine’”

  1. bev grissom says:

    Remembering Michael’s voice in the air, his dance was the music that rode on a wave of notes through his soul and his heart, and he gave it to us to hear all around the world. His Magic was his LOVE. He will always be in our hearts forever.

    we miss you. Its all for love

    Love you BevG <3yrs.

  2. Seven says:

    That was so beautifully said Jaegermax – and so true!

  3. jaegermax says:

    Long before Michael proved himself to be an excellent father, he loved and revered children. In early videos of the boy Michael, when he’s with his brothers, you can already see how tender he is toward small children, how his hands so naturally unfold them and protect them. You can see that this was a person who would grow up to be a good parent. Before Lisa and before Debbie, Michael wanted to be the father of many because he felt he had enough love to give to them all. Throughout his troubles, he never shut himself off from love because love was what he was. Michael cherished all life. Whenever he hugged anyone, you could see that reverence for life in his body language. The older he got, the more he matured as a human being, a man, and a parent. He was and is an inspiration to me.

  4. carina for mjj says:

    Michael is indeed a good father. It has also been said that his view of the world matured during the years he was in exile.And he had become an avid reader of books,maybe already before the unfortunate circumstances that led to his exile.—Whenever seen with the children he is so relaxed,always has eye contact with the children and engages in play with them.-It still hurts when you think that he is gone from this earth.-I now notice i wrote in the present in my first semtence,I´ll let it be.

  5. BlueLotus says:

    There is this revered spiritual guru in India who was having a little discussion about parenting. He said, “Parents are so concerned about teaching their children right from when they are born…”He then asked the audience, “Who is more joyful, the grown-ups or the children?”, the crowd answered, “Children obviously”. Then he said, “Then who needs to learn form whom?” Don’t teach your children, learn from them! Michael was so wise.

    In another instance, a gr8 enlightened master Sri Sri Ravishankar was asked, “Why don’t spiritual masters (yogi’s) marry?”. He replied, “When you become one with God, you become a child again…and child marriage is prohibited” (ad mist laughter). Michael said it over and over again…about being child-like. But alas, American’s did not get it then and they don’t even largely get it now!

  6. Seven says:

    Thanks cris. I’ve corrected that! I was somehow thinking of the month his body was interred (September). His public memorial was in July.

  7. cris says:

    That’s exactly the kind of stuff I enjoy: different quotes on the same theme, because this was the way I got to know him. When I’ve started looking at the aspects I was interested, whether it was a press subject that I felt it was shallowly presented or just something I needed to figure up, this was/is by far, the best manner to discover the truth – his ideas were always the same, his way of thinking was pure, transparent, child-like, inspired by the innocence, by God… his intentions were also the same: love, care for others, helping those in need. He has an angelic soul, he is a kindhearted like no other! The people who lie always come up with new inventions, just like the press. He has always been constant on his thoughts, ideas. MJ has never change anything, not even when he went through those two horrible, nonsensical accusations. This is or should be a proof for anyone with a minimal cerebral activity, that he was the one who told the truth and the press has always lied with stories based on nothing, no proves, no rational arguments, no logic… Instead, he had all of that!

    *A little mistake at the beginning of your posting: On a JULY day, not September. 🙂

  8. Ladypurr9 says:

    You always find so many of his wonderful comments about children and being a father. I so enjoyed reading your blog today. Since I’m not a Twitter follower, I really enjoyed Paris’ tweets. Yep! She gonna make him proud! I take comfort in believing that now Michael gets to savor all the good without having to deal with the bad stuff. God provides that indescribable filter. No sadness or pain; only joy and everlasting love.

    Thanks, Seven!

  9. Michelle says:

    Thank you, Seven! This Father’s Day tribute to Michael is just beautiful. He really was the best father ever.

  10. Raven says:

    Thank you for this great Father’s Day tribute. Some of these quotes were new to me and I enjoyed reading them.

    Paris’s tweets made me really tear up! I’ve heard some criticisms that she doesn’t talk enough about her father in her tweets. I think she is just trying to be a normal teenager and moving on with her life. It doesn’t mean that her father isn’t in her heart-I’m sure he is, every minute of every day. But it would probably be painful to do nothing but dwell on those memories 24-7. Kids have to focus on things that are fun and in the “here and now” in order to be well adjusted and healthy. But it did make me smile to see those Father’s Day tweets.

    You know, the fact that Michael snatched Paris and ran home with her, with the placenta still on her, has been another one of those things that people have tried to play up as “weird.” They totally overlook everything Michael said about the anguish he went through with Prince’s birth, and then the terrible flashbacks he had when Paris, too, had complications at birth. What parent can’t identify with the panic and terror of thinking you might lose your child? Michael’s protective instincts kicked in, and his instinct was to protect his child. Nothing “strange” about it.

  11. Rose Marie says:

    I was waiting all day for this article. It’s just wonderful. I knew you will have something about Michael on Father’s day because he is the best model of a good father. (I cannot bring myself to talk about Michael in the past tense.) Thank you so much for this website. I check it everyday for new articles. It keeps me happy to learn anything about Michael. Happy Father’s day to all fathers out there.

  12. LJ says:

    In her Instagram Paris also posted this comment in relation to that sweet picture where she is giving her Daddy a tender kiss.

    “happy fathers day. dad i love you with all of my heart, you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me. no matter how old i get ur still my daddy forever miss you so much!! imma make u proud, i promise.”

    Those kids are going to be that which overrides any negativity surrounding Michael Jackson!

  13. Anne Mette Jepsen says:

    Thank you Seven … Brilliant and beautiful piece … <3