Jun 25 2012

Love Lives Forever

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I want the same for Michael that he wanted for Ryan White: “I want the world to know who you are” . . . only then can the world understand why Michael Jackson is so missed 3, 5, 10 or more years later.

It’s why I have this website where I write about him. I’m a writer. Michael was a singer. When you want to give voice to someone’s memory, you use whatever talents or tools you have at your disposal to do it, if it’s important enough to you. And he was important.

He was as important to those who want the world to know who he was as the world was to him, especially the children. There lies the unbroken circle that even his death cannot sever.

Love Lives Forever.


You can read about the story behind Michael’s recording of the song that actually woke me this morning – “Gone Too Soon” – in Joe Vogel’s new piece he wrote for today in The Atlantic – it’s not to be missed!


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4 Responses to “Love Lives Forever”

  1. Anks says:

    I come from India, a land that is known for its spirituality and spiritual gurus, but like many other blessed souls around the world, I too found my spiritual teacher, my angel and guide in the greatest artist, humanitarian and human being to walk this earth-Sir Michael Jackson. With his extraordinary talent, his time and resources, he taught the world the true meaning of Love, compassion, caring, giving, forgivness, courage, faith, resilience, innocence, oneness. He taught us to be strong and never give up, to stand up for what is right and to always “Make love (y)our weapon to overcome any evil.” Today we celebrate “Guru Poornima” in India, a sacred occasion to pay our respects to the teacher who has enriched our lives, and in honour of this special occasion I bow down before my most glorious teacher-The King of Pop, Rock and Soul Music/Art/Entertainment, the one who is also the King of our hearts and whose beautiful Light continues to show us the light of our on beings and guide us to be the best we can be and make this world a better place. His Light is forever and it is shining brighter than ever, mesmerising the world :)Thank you Michael, for the sacred gift of your being to the world…

    Thank you again Seven for this absolutely beautiful web site that is lovingly and convincingly presenting to the world the truth about our beloved angel Michael that we, his fan family has always known-the truth that he was, is and shall forever be a gift, a blessing and a Light to the world…we L.O.V.E him and yes, L.O.V.E does live forever…

  2. awewita says:

    There are so many things to love about Michael. His brilliance in music, dance style, creative writing,short films and artwork. What I will always love and remember him for his loving, generous heart and sincere concern for people, peace, unity, animals and the planet. He left his magical glittery path wherever he went, and touched our hearts with his pure, innocent, unconditional love.
    And Thank you and god bless you SEVEN for letting us know so beautiful stories about him.Seems I can not get enough about him…I am hungry to know more and more….THANK YOU!!!!

  3. dialdancer says:


    Thank you.

  4. emma says:

    thank you Seven for your work! and yes, Love for Michael and His Music will live Forever!