Jul 22 2012

Katherine Jackson Reported Missing

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Katherine Jackson

Trent Jackson, Mrs. Jackson’s nephew, has reported Mrs. Katherine Jackson missing late Saturday night after her grandchildren were unable to get in touch with her for a week.

However Jermaine Jackson tweeted just yesterday that Mrs. Jackson was fine and resting in Arizona.

I want to reassure everyone (inc all sudden medical experts) that Mother is fine but is resting up in AZ on the orders of a doctor, not us. This is our mother and her health is paramount. We are not inventing or plotting anything. We are following doctor’s advice. Period.

The missing persons report follows the letter made public Wednesday in which Rebbie, Jermaine, Randy and Tito charge that the 82-year old Mrs. Jackson was being mistreated and manipulated by the executors of Michael’s estate and mis-advised by her manager and lawyer.

According to Katherine’s lawyer, Sandra Ribera, she left her California home on July 15 to fly to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to attend a Jackson brothers concert two days later. She was travelling with her eldest daughter Rebbie.

But when Paris Jackson called Rebbie and Janet over the past several days, she was told she could not speak to her grandmother.

Although she seemed fine earlier in the day Saturday and did not mention her grandmother or seem upset, late Saturday evening/early Sunday morning, Paris tweeted:

yes, my grandmother is missing. i haven’t spoken with her in a week i want her home now.

if anybody sees my grandmother, please call the authorities or this number— (818)-876-0186 it’s the security number .. thank you so much

the same doctor that testified on behalf of dr murray saying my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother… just saying

It is believed that the doctor referred to by Paris in her tweet is Dr. Allan Metzger, who is also Janet Jackson’s doctor and who was called as a defense witness in the Conrad Murray trial.

The kids were trying to get a hold of their grandmother and they haven’t been able to reach her for almost a week. They are told she’s unavailable. Mrs. Jackson has never gone 24 hours without talking to her kids. I’m concerned that she’s not safe.” Sandra Ribera said.

At least one media outlet has reached out to Janet Jackson’s representatives several times but did not hear back. The sheriff’s homicide-missing persons unit has been asked to investigate.

REFERENCE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/22/katherine-jackson-reported-missing_n_1692562.html  – and many other outlets. The story has spread like wildfire in the past few hours.


UPDATE:  AP: Police say Mrs. Jackson is missing but presumed safe with her family: http://t.co/X13KGDuy 


UPDATE2: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2012/07/questions-raised-over-whereabouts-of-michael-jacksons-mother/ 

Prior to her departure, a doctor was brought to her home and represented that he had been sent from the office of her longtime physician. Based on this representation, Mrs. Jackson agreed to meet with the doctor who subsequently ordered her to fly rather than drive to her sons’ concerts. Mrs. Jackson followed what she believed to be her doctor’s instructions,” the statement said. “Moreover, Katherine Jackson’s longtime physician recently confirmed that his office did not send a doctor to Mrs. Jackson’s home last weekend before she left on her trip. It has further been discovered that the doctor that Katherine Jackson last saw has been publicly reprimanded by the California Medical Board for fraudulent activities and has ties to Dr. Conrad Murray.


The doctor who examined Jackson at her home on July 14 was Dr. Allan Metzger, according to Katherine Jackson attorney Sandra Ribera. Metzger was a defense expert witness for Dr. Conrad Murray last year. Murray was subsequently convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death.

Dr. Metzger was brought into Jackson’s Calabasas, California, home “under false pretenses” by saying he was sent by her primary care physician, Ribera said. “We came to find out that her doctor has no association with Dr. Metzger.”

The doctor advised Jackson that it was better for her to take a plane on a trip planned for the next day, rather than ride in a RV driven by Trent Jackson, Ribera said.

Jackson left with her oldest daughter, Rebbie, the next day to fly to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to attend a Jackson brothers concert two days later, she said. But she never arrived at the concert, Ribera said.


UPDATE3: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/22/katherine-jackson-believed-safe_n_1693478.html?utm_hp_ref=tw

LOS ANGELES — Authorities said Sunday they believe Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson and the guardian of his three minor children, is safe in Arizona with family members after she was reported missing.

The disclosure came after another concerned family member officially reported her missing Saturday night amid a dispute over the estate of her superstar son.

A person familiar with Katherine Jackson’s whereabouts said she is with her daughter Rebbie in Arizona and following a doctor’s orders to rest. The person was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.


UPDATE4: Jermaine Jackson, just a short while ago (around 7:30 p.m. PST or so on Sunday 7/22), tweeted the following:

Let me put to bed today’s nonsense: as I made clear some days ago, Mother is safe and well in Arizona with her daughter and our sister, Rebbie, resting up on doctor’s advice, so it is beyond me how she can be reported “missing”

This incredulous claim was made for reasons best known to the adult/s who filed it but it seems no accident that it comes after we, the sons and daughters, put in place care-taking for our own mother, taking her to Arizona in line with doctor’s advice following a check-up.

Furthermore, it dismays me that such an alarmist “missing person” report has caused unnecessary anxiety among Michael’s children who will understandably react to what they misunderstand, hear or are told.

No-one is being “blocked” from speaking with Mother. She is merely an 82-year-old woman following doctor’s orders to rest-up and de-stress, away from phones and computers. Everyone has been well aware of this within the family, but I would like to reiterate my reassurance to the outside world that Mother is fine. In the meantime, thank you for all your thoughts and concerns.

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20 Responses to “Katherine Jackson Reported Missing”

  1. jane mercurio says:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk0c8aHfFNQ&w=420&h=315%5D

    Seven this is a very candid interview Michael gave to Geraldo Rivera and fans need to LISTEN to what he is saying. He talks about his family at length and what they mean to him. The estate/media is misrepresenting the family. It is so sad.


  2. Dialdancer says:


    I was told to come read your response to the many comments. I said I hope it would be your usual calm sensibility and it is. Thank you. I do not know what is going. I have no way on knowing what is going on. All I get is a 24/7 blast from the Media. Once again the Jackson’s lives, finances and personal linen is laid bare, but somehow the other guys escape this treatment as if there is nothing to expose because they are totally perfect beings instead human beings.

    I image it will be many years before any parts of the truth is found as it was with Michael and the allegations, when it is too late to undo the harm did to a family. How could we forget the Media lies for fun & profit, will obscure the facts according to whom is in the seat of power?

    When did the Michael Jackson Community become N. Grace & Behar? How is it possible we have become the gross people in “baby diapers” standing outside the courtroom?

  3. KC says:

    I pray for the Jackson family during this difficult time (especially Katherine Jackson at 82 years old) and may God give them protection and guidance to resolve this matter quickly for the greater good of all.

  4. Sina says:

    Someone posted Paris tweets and to be honest the tone of voice is not that of a 14 year old worried child.
    Its evil that people encourage a child to do things she cannot know the ramification of.
    Bad or good PR ,the Jacksons will be doomed whatever they do, but this was not handled very well.
    I was wondering if Katherine knows whats going on.
    If so, I will be very worried for her once she finds out. There will only be losers here.

  5. aldebaran says:

    Thanks, Seven. I hope that the children can speak to Mrs. Jackson soon. I think it would help them. I recall how upset they were when Michael was in the hospital, by then deceased, and they asked to see him. It was reported that they were allowed to see him and that it helped calm them. The lack of communication from Mrs. Jackson must be very troubling to them.

  6. Seven says:

    @ aldebaran,

    I agree that the children ought to be allowed to speak with their grandmother, even just briefly so that they have some sense of security. Some reports state that they knew/know where she is – that they were told. We don’t know what they know. We do know that Paris has tweeted about wanting to speak with her grandmother – oddly amidst tweets about movies and other subjects. Her behavior on twitter seems inconsistent and that concerns me because it seems she may be being manipulated.

  7. Seven says:


    It has been a PR disaster except for one thing: the intended meme has played out in the media perfectly. The meme? “the family is greedy and just wants money and are mad they were left out of the will“.

    I’m not convinced that’s true. Jermaine has said that he’s fine with the financial arrangements. That doesn’t seem to be what this is about. Also, Janet has her own fortune and a very wealthy beau as well.

    I know it’s the popular opinion, based on media spin, which comes from claims of the estate and their PR apparatus. Again, the letter doesn’t mention money – just abuse and control issues.

    So while it’s a PR disaster for people outside trying to figure out what’s going on and who are concerned for the kids and Mrs. J., for the estate, it’s coming out just as planned. The family is accused of all and sundry – horrendous crimes (kidnapping, murder, etc.) while the estate appears to be “concerned” for Mrs. J’s safety.

    In that sense, it’s working brilliantly and isn’t a disaster at all. It’s all a matter of manipulating public opinion.

  8. aldebaran says:

    The other point that I forgot to make is that there have been conflicting stories about Mrs. Jackson’s location–in a spa, in a hospital, in the home of relatives, so maybe that contributed to the lack of clarity about where she actually was?

  9. aldebaran says:

    The problem mainly seems to be that the children, Michael’s children, have not been able to speak to their Guardian, Mrs. Katherine Jackson for over a week, and because of this, they are concerned a great deal b/c this is very atypical on Mrs. K.J’s, part and also it is probably causing replays of the trauma of losing their father so unexpectedly one morning. I mean one moment it was a normal day and they for them and the next moment their dad was comatose or dead and people were running around in a panic and they never saw their dad again. I think given these circumstances, it is exceedingly strange that Mrs. Jackson, the sole Guardian, has not spoken to Michael’s children in such a long time. At the same time, we are shown a photo of her having fun with other family members, and yet she can’t speak to these family members, Michael’s children–it is hard to understand this, especially for traumatized 10, 14, or 15 year olds who depend on her. I feel very confused and I think Michael’s children do too. How can Mrs.Jackson be so ill or stressed that she can’t call them ? What doctor would recommend this lack of communication for such an extended time period? What about the well-being of Michael’s children? I did not know that Paris was dancing last night, but I have read her other comments (tweets) and it is clear she is worried and needs reassurance. What is the harm in giving Michael’s children some reassurance and some direct L. O. V. E. from their only Guardian?

  10. SandyK says:

    Seven, you’re reasoned explaination is welcomed. I unfortunately engaged in a knee jerk reaction to this story and I’m stepping back to re-evaluate my thoughts and actions of late. That said, what is still confusing is Paris’ Tweets about not being able to talk to her grandmother and why this didn’t appear to be remedied – whether she’s easily manipulated or not is besides the point on this particular issue. Also, Jermaine’s Tweet last night was clumsy at best and created even more confusion and did not reduce the “wildfire of madness” that he mentioned in an earlier Tweet in my view. However, I do agree that Katherine is more than entitled to a break from time to time and the idea of having strangers barking orders to the family (including myself I’m afraid…:-(…Ugh!) is not something we are entitled to. You are right. One thing is for sure this entire episode has been a PR disaster.

  11. Sina says:

    Seven, you are absolutely right.
    The Jackson hate is definately orchestrated.
    We can now see how easy it was to create mass hysteria around Michael, twisting and turning everything he said and did to make it look sinister and then how easy it was to manipulate people into their convictions about him.
    The modus operandi towards the Jacksons is exactly the same as MJ haters”, :
    use of questionable sources, selective quoting , selective use of media and tabloids, jumpimg to conclusion, irrational reasoning,charactermurder, speculation, exaggeration, sensationalizing, copy pasting without fact checking, innuendo, double standards even false accusation, I can give you multiple examples of each.
    Some present themselves as experts and there are many gullible people who are easily impressed.
    They know a lie repeated long enough ,wil become truth.
    Sorry I dont go by political correctnes but much of it comes from certain fans or fangroups because the public in general has moved on.
    The media only uses MJ fans for ratings and many let themselves be used.
    There is no selfreflection, everyone feels justified because it has become common concensus that you can slander and hate – not criticise but hate- without ramification, even children. And each other.

    One scene broke my heart. Katherine followed by paparazi into what looks like a clinic, asked what she would like to say to Michaels fans and while you can clearly see that she was not feeling good(she could very well have had a tia then)she says that Michael would say I love you more. Meanwhile fans were bashing and trashing her on their sites.
    The owning of Michael Jackson is embarassing, last people were owned and strangers would decide about their family was when they were slaves.
    With exception of blogs and sites that focus on Michaels legacy, humanitarian efforts and intelligent discourse, the army of love claim is a farce.

    I hope the people who FALSELY reported Katherine missing, including a lawyer and those who supported it, will be publicly reprimanded and will have to pay damages of police or FBI involvement.
    As well as those who falsely accused Alan Metzger of defending Murray and the ones who just copy pasted it.
    Not that I care much about these doctors, but he was called BY the defense, was not IN defense of Murray. Michael was a regular patient with Metzger.
    I come back to what I said before, Paris is very easily manipulated and should have a long pause on public social media, for her own good.

  12. Ara Krejci says:


    This is why I come to your site, because it is driven by your love for Michael.

    I don’t need the gossip–just Michael, plain & simple. Just Michael. Because he will be forever more than enough.

    Thank you for your reasoned insights, calm devotion, and steady sanity.

    Can we get back to him now, and leave the burning buildings behind?


  13. Jennifer Park says:

    I became a fan after Michael’s death. It means I never believed media circus or gossip of other people. I participated and invested my money through facebook if it is for MJ’s legacy and his beloved family. And now I am surprised and disappointed that most of the fans are turned on to the estate and follow them. The two Js and Randy Phyllips are the real beneficiaries from MJ’s death. Just figure out the facts the huge amount of money they got from MJ’s name and compared Mrs. Jackson and the kids are only paid by allowance. Two J’s have auctioned off everything MJ’s memorable things and they didn’t do anything for MJ’s vindication or his legacy or charity. Why devoted fans are so blinded and believe they are in same boat with Mrs. Jackson and the kids?
    For Randy Jackson, he is the person who brought Mr. Thomas Messerau(sorry for the spell) to Michael in his difficult time.
    For Jermaine Jackson, I never heard him saying any negative thing about Michael. Why people are digging him like the media did to Michael.
    Michael used to tell to his mother and Latoya, “They want to me to be dead”. Who are they? Who are the winner if Michael is dead?
    We have to find out. Michael is dead. We have to wake up from fantasy if he is still alive to fulfill the emptiness. Why Michael has to work after death? Justice must be served.

  14. Seven says:

    Yes their own children kidnapped her and are holding her against her will in Arizona, is the allegation. O_o

    The children have at least one nanny to look after them – they are not ‘abandoned’. Mrs. Jackson is certainly entitled to a vacation or retreat out from beneath the estate’s (or her nephew Trent’s) control. And as for Paris, having been seen dancing and having a good time at her uncle’s concert last night – she could hardly be described as “devastated”.

  15. maguk says:

    Oh Seven.. thankyou for your common sense take on this..To read some of the comments that are being bandied about all over the various blog sites, it would appear that we have a kidnapped elderly lady and 3 abandoned children at the very least.. not to mention wicked uncles and aunties plotting to do Heaven knows what.

    The media certainly does not need any help from the fans , and I’m sure they (the media) read the fan sites too.

    When this episode blows over I’m sure there will be those who will use this to “have a go” at Michael.. just when we were all starting to hope that we are making some real progress towards his total vindication, with more people rethinking their view of him…… 2 steps forward and 3 steps back…

  16. Seven says:

    I have a different take on all this.

    Trent Jackson is one of those to whom the family’s letter against the estate was addressed. He is also the one who filed the ‘missing person’ report. Isn’t that interesting?

    The complaint the family has per the letter is that these people (Trent Jackson apparently is one of them) are controlling, abusing and manipulating Mrs. Jackson.

    The complaint letter didn’t mention money or the distribution of money – though the estate executors receive the lion’s share of profits, Jermaine has previously said he’s happy with the arrangement. Someone even posted the video here. I don’t think money is their issue with the estate.

    The media propaganda insinuates that the family wants money. However their letter says nothing of the sort. Their letter talks about abuse, manipulation and control, not money.

    This entire situation seems to a perfect example of that problem. Someone called in a “missing person” report on Mrs. Jackson when it was clearly known where she was and who she was with and that she was safe. And subsequent to filing the report, then fed the story to the media to create a PR fiasco for the family. Law enforcement rightly didn’t consider the situation serious enough to even warrant much investigation beyond standard due diligence. They said from the time the report was filed that they considered Mrs. Jackson safe with her family in AZ. The only alleged report I see is from AZ police who are said to have found her having dinner and playing UNO with her family in AZ. I believe she does have relatives there.

    As for Paris, I think she knew where her grandmother was, but was a bit disgruntled that she could not speak with her while she was at her retreat. But she seemed fine for the most part. She was certainly not “devastated” as she was described.

    It wasn’t until late on Saturday night, Trent Jackson or someone may have told Paris her gran was “missing“. Well of course then she may have become upset. This clearly explains what happened between daytime Saturday, when Paris was happily tweeting about movies and such, to much later, when she went tweeting about her “missing” grandmother. So the girl was possibly manipulated and dragged into this little stunt as well. She was seen dancing and having a great time at her uncle’s concert on Sunday night, so any description of the girl as “devastated” seems a bit – well, off.

    It makes sense if Mrs. Jackson is at a retreat to relieve stress and there is limited or no phone access. That is by design.

    So yes this was overblown. It seems to have been a PR stunt pulled off by a controlling person in the estate’s camp – primarily Trent Jackson (who filed the missing person report) and Mrs. J’s attorney (who fed the story to the media).

    It ought to be clear now what the family’s complaint is with these people. This entire situation is the perfect example.

    Something else interesting:

    The doctor advised Jackson that it was better for her to take a plane on a trip planned for the next day, rather than ride in a RV driven by Trent Jackson.


    So, the doctor told Mrs. J to take a plane rather than ride in an RV driven by Trent Jackson. That seems like sound advice for an 80+ year old woman.

    Again, Trent is the one who filed the missing persons report – and one of those to whom the family addressed their letter last Wednesday about control and abuse.

    Granted the letter shouldn’t have been made public, but I’m not sure who publicized it. I AM sure that even if they’d tried to keep it private, it would have been leaked to the media anyway, what with all the interlopers, manipulators and backstabbers amidst that family and controlling Michael’s estate. There’s just no way the Jacksons would ever be able to write such a letter without media eventually getting hold of it and it being turned into a big sensational story.

    I’ll tell you why this family is seen in such a horrid and unloving way: Much of it is by design. Not all of it, but much of it is. It’s PR. And high-powered entertainment lawyers and big entertainment companies are very good at it. They are adept at controlling perceptions and people via PR. Happens in politics and business / commerce all the time.

    Big drug companies, tobacco companies, big insurance companies, big entertainment companies – all of them have PR people who are highly paid to create and control the public’s perception of people, products, and political issues. They study which key words, concepts and phrases ‘trigger’ people’s emotions in certain ways and they use that propaganda to manipulate public opinion for or against a person or persons, for or against products, or for or against a political issue or concept. Public Relations is big business and its experts are very much in demand because they can control public thinking.

    What do people think the Jacksons have done? Kidnapped their own mother, drugged her, tied her up or hidden her body somewhere and lied to the public about it? Really? Do you honestly believe that?

    I don’t believe the Jackson siblings are capable of doing the horrendous things they are being accused of. I can barely believe they’re being accused of them.

    Neither was Michael capable of doing the horrendous things he was accused of. What you are seeing happen to the Jacksons is what happened to Michael all his life. And many of his fans are contributing to it — buying into the sensationalism and the hysteria before even hearing from those directly involved – the family. And even when information is given — I see people calling Jermaine a liar when he has repeatedly stated his mother is safe and when her whereabouts is known. The verbal abuse and accusations hurled at these siblings (and even in some cases Mrs. Jackson and Paris) is horrendous.

    It reminds me of when Michael clearly told the public he had vitiligo and that’s why his skin became lighter. Many people simply didn’t believe him.

    When you look at a situation like this and how the Jacksons and the story surrounding them has been manipulated by those who are controlling things, they are being negatively defined in the public’s eye – just like Michael was.

    Not that the Jackson’s are perfect. What family is perfect? There isn’t one! They’ve made mistakes and done dumb things. We all have. The difference is we can keep it private. They can’t. Michael wasn’t perfect either. He was human. He had his faults.

    I just don’t think some of the Jacksons are quite the demons they are being made to look like by manipulative PR stunts such as the one we have just seen.

    Maybe Trent Jackson had a different reason to call in a “missing persons” report. But the fact that he was named as a recipient of that letter released last Wednesday ought to be a big clue as to what’s probably going on here.

    Michael Jackson fans don’t own the Jacksons. Or Michael Jackson. We don’t get to tell them how to run their lives or what decisions to make. We don’t get to hysterically bark orders at them on twitter every time someone in the estate’s camp pulls a stunt then feeds the story to the media.

    If you want to demonize them by making hysterical assumptions based on sensationalized media reports, by all means go ahead. But is what destroyed Michael Jackson.

  17. cjg says:

    There is so much wrong with this situation I don’t know where to begin. First of all I don’t believe this nonsense (to put it nicely that Jermaine took 5+hours to come up with when he said “shortly”). Second, how convenient that this “doctor” told her to fly not drive with Trent Jackson who is her personal assistant -if you will- and always with her. Sounds like a plan to be able to ditch him so he won’t interfere with their plans. Third, why would she have to be taken out of state to get away and rest? Fourth, to get away from phones and computers (?!) sounds like someone doesn’t want her aware of the sinister plans they have to try to gain control over Michael’s estate – I wonder if she is even aware of the letter they drafted and sent to the executors. FIFTH, and the most important, you do NOT put children who have been traumatized from the loss of their only parent into a highly charged emotional situation like this by denying their access to their now only “parent” in the courts eyes and their stability. Those self-centered, irresponsible siblings have gone too far. They have probably caused serious emotional distress in these children. I hope the court appointed children’s advocate/liason steps in – at this point I’m ready for the legal system to make it a stipulation that the aunts, uncles, the whole lot of them not be allowed any contact with them or their lives that or remove them into a safe place in someone else’s care. Sixth, I have to ask the quesion were they holding Katherine against her will, drugging her, or otherwise keeping her from contacting the children? Someone had better investigate and examine her to make sure. If not, then why did she allow this situation to develop? Katherine is a mature woman who bore and raised nine children and she is capable of making her own decisions – I would like to hear from her directly away from those siblings. Right now, I am disgusted.

  18. Sunny says:

    Why would they keep her own Grandchildren from speaking to her?

  19. Sina says:

    When my daughter who follows everything on every social media told me this morning that Katherine was missing, I said something like , Oh another episode of Jackson drama. And she corrected me and said mama this is about real people, a real mother, a son who really died, a real family and children in the middle. She asked me if I would react the same way if it was my family. And she was right.

  20. sanemjfan says:

    Seven, I recorded CNN’s coverage of the story so far; here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV8is0iz1Q0&feature=youtu.be