Aug 28 2012

Wherever You Are

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I’m still here
in this tiny little world
while you’ve gone on to become part
of all that is: energy and light
rhythmic movement,
God-energy, the Universe.
It’s a much bigger, peaceful and
more electrified existence
— or so I sometimes imagine.

What are you reading and
Who have you seen lately and
What have you learned?
Many have joined you since
you left. Did you call them home?
Are you still somehow
pushing rose petals through my
window shades but
somehow I’m missing them?

You seem so far away
but sometimes I swear
I sense you in the room
and you make me laugh
for what to others
seems like no reason at all.
To myself I call you silly names
and hope you’re somewhere
laughing too.

In a way I’m happy for you
being gone from here,
while at the same time
this place without you
without your electricity
without your light
without your sound
without your life;
this cramped single realm
of crazy indifference
(as much as you tried to fight it)
isn’t really very alive.

It’s just heartlessly existing
waiting to find someone who
could possibly replace you
knowing there is no one to make
anyone stop and think anymore.

It’s your Birthday today and I know
you weren’t comfortable
celebrating those.
In spite of that and everything else
still I hope your soul
is finally somehow Happy.

Wherever You Are.

©2012 Seven Bowie

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12 Responses to “Wherever You Are”

  1. Viola Williams says:

    Seven, thank you for this. I like it very much. You captured what I often say to Michael myself. I enjoy this. Thank you again.

  2. melina says:

    THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS PRECIOUS seven POETRY …. michael never turn your light on this universe ….. miss you more than the air we breathe ….

  3. Susan Trout says:

    Something so beautiful can only come from a heart that was touched by love incarnate….Michael Jackson.

    Happy Birthday, Michael!

    (Thank you. Seven, for sharing your truly beautiful poem. If it’s lightly raining where you are, it could very well be Michael’s tears of joy in knowing how very much he is loved!)

  4. Paula says:

    beautiful, oh so beautiful. Thank you Seven!

  5. Christine says:

    Thank you for the amazing and beautiful words from your heart!
    Today I wished Michael a Happy 4th Birthday in Heaven. I imagined Michael chasing the other Angels with a Super Soaker and teaching them to sing and dance like him.

  6. Mado says:

    Seven this is so beautiful…Thank you.

  7. jenny hernandez says:




  8. BR says:

    His energy and light is strongly felt in hearts he left behind. Thank you Seven.

  9. yvonne says:

    I hope wherever you are you are at peace Michael, miss you so so much angel, God bless. Thinking of you and all your family today and forever. xxxx

  10. Lia says:

    Yes………wherever you are, we are here, still missing you, still loving you…..<3 <3

  11. Elvira Delbiondo says:

    This is just beautiful Seven. Thank you.

  12. Missy says:

    Wherever You Are… <3