Sep 01 2012

Through more intelligent focus, many will actually see Michael Jackson again for the first time

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Tonight is a full, blue moon. It’s also the 25th anniversary of the release of Michael’s ‘Bad‘ album, and Mr. Spike Lee’s “Bad 25” film is out at a Venice film festival to fabulous and well-deserved reviews. Of course no one else could have properly created this documentary than Mr. Lee himself and of course he has done a fantastic job.

Prestigious universities are teaching classes about the human being and the genius Michael Jackson was. Great authors are researching, examining and publishing positive books about  his craft and creative processes. Finally, more people will see Michael Jackson – many for the first time, though they certainly knew his music and his name from media and tabloid stories. They did not however know who or what he really was. Now, they’ll have the opportunity to properly learn.

Thank You Mr. Spike Lee for creating a window through which the world will take a second look at Michael Jackson in ‘Bad 25‘. In the video above, Spike Lee describes his documentary film as “a love letter to Michael Jackson” and says “it’s time to concentrate on Michael’s music and let the other stuff go“. I certainly agree with that.

Thank you Joe Vogel for writing serious, well-researched books about Michael’s creative processes and his music.  Thank you Dr. Mark Anthony Neal at Duke University and Joe Vogel at University of Rochester for bringing Michael Jackson’s human nature, his genius and work ethic, the important nuances in his poor working-class African American upbringing, his struggles with race as an artist, and his cultural influence as the worlds greatest entertainer into the classroom for what absolutely merits serious study.  Thank you also to Sylvia J. Martin, Ph.D whose “The Roots and Routes of Michael Jackson’s Global Identity” is required reading for Dr. Neal’s course along with Joe Vogel’s ‘Man in the Music‘.

If you haven’t see this yet, here is an hour-long interview with Dr. Neal (done in 2009) about The Legacy of Michael Jackson (thank you David Edwards for locating this):

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All of these people are bringing a more intelligent, accurate and appropriate focus on Michael Jackson, who he truthfully was and what he meant in our society and our world. The phenomenon that was Michael Jackson is an important part of our cultural history. It should not be ignored or buried under media and tabloid bullshit. Now, because of these more realistically focused efforts, many people can (if they choose) see Michael Jackson for the first time, even if they thought they already knew who he was.

These are very positive changes. I just wish this had all happened over three years ago. Michael worked his skinny butt off at his craft all his life so he could give the world the very best of himself. He was honest and hardworking. He was overly-generous and idealistic. He was a driven genius. He was the best entertainer the world has ever seen. He really cared about this world, and I dare say he cared more than it cares about itself. The way things are going, it may be a good thing he’s not here anymore because the human race is destroying itself though he tried to enlighten us to save ourselves and each other through messages in his music.

I miss Michael and just wish he could have seen some of this when he was alive. I hope beyond hope that somehow his sweet soul can see it now.

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15 Responses to “Through more intelligent focus, many will actually see Michael Jackson again for the first time”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    I didn´t know that Spike Lee was so involved with Michael. That was a positive surprise as I like his movies.And thank you again for your positive articles. Unfortunately there are still those who persist with their negative view( to put it mildly).I just think it is a bunch of people, some who have built their careers on Michael, who just refuse to look at facts and never mind the truth.Now that 2 serious pedofiles, Saville and Sandusky have come to public knowledge, just compare the emotions of their victims with those alleged “victims” of Michael.It is like night and day.

  2. Kathy W. says:

    Thank you, thank you. FINALLY, people working on changing Michael Jackson’s legacy as it should be. Please do not ever stop. EVER. Michael deserves to be recognized for the humanitarian he was, not just the as an “entertainer”. and the genius of his work must also be establised as his lasting legacy. There are still those critics who don’t recognize MJ’s absolute genius in his short films, the messages, the mystery of his work. My God, what a loss. Today’s music cannot compare nor will it ever.


  3. Seven says:

    I guess “self-taught” because I have no formal training.

  4. Amy says:

    Where did you learn to write Seven? I’m studying to become a journalist and find I still have quite a distance….

  5. Monica says:

    Interesting to me that so many of us felt a “pull” to your last paragraph Seven. It just proves our energies all, at the core, want the same for Michael. I can hardly remember a night over the last three years when I have not uttered those same wishes that somehow Michael’s sweet soul is aware of this true admiration and love emanating from us. He has united so many people this way.

  6. Greet says:

    Like Sina said : special thanks to you Seven, and all the people that are working hard for Michael an all of us. I wish that every school had to give a course (obliged) about Michael Jackson. That would only be fair ! . But, who knows what the future brings. If we all do what we can, we can change the world – in due time – it will take a long time but still we have to try.
    Living by example is surely one of the best things to do.

  7. Sina says:

    Spikes Lee’s love letter to Michael got me in tears. I love that he didnt make it just a cold documentary but more like a personal tribute.
    Thanks to all who since Michael passed reviewed , lectured, reported ,wrote, recorded and spoke about him with integrity which was lacking for so many years.
    Who could have thought this 3 years ago when even in death there were many who had no respect for him or his grieving family.
    But my special thanks goes to bloggers like you Seven who created the platform for Joe Vogel, Spike Lee and all the others . You work selflessly for years now to inform and educate about Michael. Sometimes angry and frustrated , but never with drama or sensationalism, always with dignity, with facts and always in Michaels best interest.
    I wish he was here today to see how the tables have turned. But I firmly believe that the soul is aware of the vibes and that these well deserved accolades will give peace to Michaels soul.

    Lol I didnt know that Prince Harry had or did NOT have his own MJ tribute wearing only his fedora. 🙂

  8. aldebaran says:

    Maybe Prince Harry was going to try the Moonwalk! Seriously, thanks for all everyone is doing to shine a light on Michael Jackson, the artist and phenomenal person he was, and I do hope he somehow knows how much he is loved, now and for always!!!

  9. nannorris says:

    This article mentions Harry had drank way too much, and wanted a glove that night to do a MJ impersonation..Maybe that was a smooth criminal hat after

  10. Nina Hamilton says:

    At last! At last! Wasn’t there another such course started at a college in Chicage last year? Recently I have been worrying that Michael’s ‘presence’ was fading, but obviously it is not, I am happy to see. Sometimes things happen connected to him and are not always published by the main stream media, as if they are still afraid of his power maybe, and trying to play it down? During the Olympic Games two syncronised female swimmers wore MJ swim suits, but the event never went out in the BBC sports news menu, I don’t think. Prince Harry was wearing a ‘Smooth Criminal’ hat, not much else I admit! at the Las Vegas party – and Sky News reported he wore nothing, ignoring the hat. I wonder why? Perhaps this is trivial and irrelevant, and I shouldn’t worry that much?

  11. Cheryl says:

    And thank you Seven for always commenting so eloquently on the activities concerning Michael. It is nice to see and warms my own heart to see the excitement a buzz with the anniversary. A long time ago, perhaps on my own blog, or on twitter post or on tumblr (I obviously can’t remember) but I remember saying, there was a time when everyone loved Michael. We were born hard-coded to love him, it was simply in our DNA. How awful it must have been to fall from such lofty heights… and yet the gentle kind man remained. Let the accolades come… they are more than deserved.

  12. maguk says:

    Seven a heartwarming article..thankyou.. and my own thoughts are reflected in your last two paragraphs and the comments so far.

    I try to watch “This is it” from time to time.. but I find the more time passes the more difficult it becomes.. As more of the truth is revealed about Michael and those, good and bad, who were actively involved with him during any part of his life, seeing him in TII just emphasises what a fantastic human being we lost.

    So it is good to see all the positive stuff that is being reported more and more, and I hope that eventually doubters will want to learn who he really was. God bless you Michael, wherever you are.

  13. luvuangel says:

    Right on nannorris and Iris… I could not agree more. Seven, I am also ever so happy about the University course and Joe Vogel’s work and Silvia J. Martin´s work. I love your work too, your constant tributes to Michael… to the awesome human being and artist he was AND HE IS… because these tributes and studies make him eternal. Over the longer run, the trash will be forgotten and this will be remembered and kept and living. Michael said “The truth runs Marathons”. Can he see us? Can he hear it? I don´t know. But the energy that was the person is now cosmic and it (He) will endure. I saw the full moon last night and I thought of his words “Moon, I’m here”. “Good, she said. Now give us a little dance.” (Dancing the Dream). I know he did.

  14. nannorris says:

    MJ told others that visionary people are often misunderstood in their own lifetime, so I think he knew his art and character would be examined on a different level after his death and people would feel remorse for how he was treated.
    While I had always known him to be a gentle person, with a huge target on his back ….I didnt find out 1/10th of what he had been subjected to, until immediately after he passed away..It didnt take me long to see the whole truth….It was always right there, just under the surface of mud that had been thrown at him .That is very painful to me , but we cant change the past , we can only expose the great wrongs that were done to this innocent man…and show those profiteers for what THEY really were..I think the truth is now coming to light..
    What we all lost due to greed , envy , racism and revenge by others ..It is something that I think about often, because all he wanted to do was help people and how many more could he have helped if not for the constant struggles he was subjected to..
    For a documentary regarding Michael Jackson’s genius to be played on ABC, the same network that gave Martin Bashir a platform for his assassination piece,is almost poetic justice, because it shows how much progress has been made regarding Michael s image …this time around it is profitable to herald the man instead of vilify him,.., , but we will take these victories for MJ anyway, as they come ,,Eventually ABC own motives for putting out that trash , in the first place ,will be brought to light also….

  15. Iris says:

    I just want to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your last sentence. In fact it is something I think about quite often.