Sep 30 2012

“Was Michael Jackson Framed?” – Original GQ Article Available on Amazon!

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I squawked about this on Twitter several days ago and posted it on my MJJ-777 Facebook page last Friday. Now, everyone in the MJ fan community is abuzz about it. Guess it took them a while to catch up with the news.

The GQ article “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” by Mary A. Fischer is now available on Amazon:

If you have a Kindle, it’s also available in that format for only $2.99:

From the Amazon writer bio:

Award-winning writer and journalist Mary A. Fischer has tracked down crime and corruption stories from around the world for national magazines including, GQ, The Atlantic, Los Angeles Times magazine, New York, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, O-Oprah, ELLE and AARP.

Twice she has been ranked as one of the top five print reporters in the U.S., when two of her GQ articles, including her cover story on Michael Jackson, were finalists for the National Magazine Award.

Known for pursuing under reported stories, Fischer is credited with breaking several high-profile criminal cases, among them, the ’93 Michael Jackson case originally published in GQ, and the McMartin Preschool child molestation scandal. She was the first print reporter to take the controversial position, backed up by her six-month investigation, that there was no credible evidence against the McMartin defendants and the allegations against them were not credible.

In her memoir Stealing Love, Fischer tells the personal story of why she is passionately drawn to stories, and life situations, of injustice.

She lives in Los Angeles and is at work on another eBook and a news-making journalist project, this time in Washington D.C.

Joe Vogel, author of “Man in the Music, the Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson” and the recent article “Studying Michael Jackson“, says this about the Mary Fischer piece (via Twitter):

Mary A. Fischer was one of few voices of reason and fairness during the first MJ extortion case. Highly recommend this.

-Joe Vogel

Well, I’ve got my copy. I think this was and is a very important voice in the sensational pro-guilt wilderness surrounding the allegations against Michael. There were and sadly still are few factual and objective voices on the subject. Among a few others, I’m happy to support this one, too.

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11 Responses to ““Was Michael Jackson Framed?” – Original GQ Article Available on Amazon!”

  1. Billie Jean lover says:

    Hi, guys. MJ fan here. I read MJfacts “rebuttal” to this article which was only a huge rant based on Raymond Chandler’s lies, with barely an sources quoted or anything. It also was written in an unsophisticated manner, which leads me to believe that it was written by some one last minute without much knowledge of the rules of grammar. Granted Fischer might have been slightly inaccurate on certain points, but on the whole it was great and very indicative of the Chandler family.

  2. TLS says:

    Yes, it’s good that this will be more widely read. I created a PDF from an online version of it years ago, having learned, like carina, that things “disappear” from the net all the time.

    But I wanted MJ777 readers to know you don’t have to buy a Kindle to read the Kindle version on your computer–just download the reader program for free and then buy the inexpensive electronic version from Amazon if you don’t want a printed copy. That’s how I’m reading “Behind the Mask: What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told the World.” It can’t go into the “factual” category of books about Jackson, but I enjoy reading the author’s comparison of MJ’s body language to that of the contemptible Martin Bashir.

  3. Venice says:

    I know this is hard to bear. It’s heartbreaking to read all that Michael had to endured during his short time on Earth. He was such a beautiful man but these allegations and the 2005 trial had taken a toll on him. I only hope Michael is at peace now and no one can harm him anymore. He is safe in God’s arms and only left us, his fans with lots of memories and tears. We love you, Michael.

  4. Amy says:

    Why do you think MJ hasn’t won things such as the Presidential medal of freedom or been honored at something like the Kennedy Center Awards….despite EVERYTHING he has achieved.

    Just wondering….. =[

  5. maguk says:

    Dear Seven.. today I have done two things. I have read the Mary Fischer article,(which I have read before) and watched the 1988 Wembley concert (included in the Bad 25 set). The concert was fantastic in every respect (oh those lucky people who were there!), but one of the special bits for me, was Michael presenting his musicians and singers towards the end . I just thought it showed his sincerety, humility and loving spirit so well, and I couldn’t help thinking about what was to come for him, and that made me both angry and sad.

    I believe that gradually some people are revising their opinion of Michael,and am pleased to see positive articles appearing now and again.

    Thankyou for letting us know this GQ artcle is available on Amazon. I’m sure there are lot’s of fans who are not aware of it’s exisitence, and hopefully there may be some non-fans who will be intrigued enough to buy it, as it’s not too expensive, and who knows it may inspire some to find out even more about the “real” Michael. We can only hope !

    I just wish I was able to say that with the passage of time Michael’s loss becomes easier. However for me it often feels even harder to bear. I find it very difficult to believe that these allegations and their consequences did not contribute to his early death .. all so heartbreakingly unnecessary.

    I should also like you to know I agree wholeheartedly with your decision not to permit comments on “Abortion Papers”.

    Thankyou for all your invaluable posts and keeping us up to date with Michael “news”

  6. carina for mjj says:

    Thank you so much for your posts on Michael.In this post”Was Michael Jackson framed” that I read a few days ago I was able to connect to Matt Seminos article written on 9.30 2012.It was exellent and especially moving due to the last sentence in that article.:Why was it necessary to shoot the messenger.When I tried later to connect to that article again I was repeatedly unsuccessful.I owe you many thanks for letting me be aware of this good writer though.
    As you may remember I have always admired the photos and pic.s on your post. Now that Michael is dead I understand there cannot be any new or current ones.You may have some in in your archive, if so please let the public see them.

  7. Sina says:

    Seven thanks for the reminder.I had also read the article before and cant believe its almost 20 years ago.
    In spite of the medias witchhunt, at that time the majority of the public were still in favor of Michael and didnt believe the allegations. The article helped a great deal.
    Things took a turn after Bashir succeeded in manipulating the public as most people behave like sheep and let themself be manipulated.
    I still feel angry and frustrated that in this age a man was tortured to death in front of the whole world and we all let it happen.

  8. Art Chick says:

    I don’t know if my comment went through. I got a message saying the site was offline. Then it didn’t display properly. So trying again. Forgive me if this is a repeat. Just wanted to be sure you get it. This article can be read in full online here:

  9. Nino says:

    Boy, they really do take their time, don t they?! Still have the original GQ magazine… Sweet Michael!

  10. Meap says:

    I had read this article earlier, but I read it again now. It brings tears to my eyes, Seven. How did Michael get through all this? Imagine a life where you cannot trust. And yet he shone so bright. This is what I believe: Because he spent all his life in the public eye, he always spoke his inner truth. Over the past years I have read and listened to much of Michael Jackson. Much thanks are to your untiring efforts and your steadfast love for MJ. And the passing years simply increase the injustice of all that Michael suffered. It’s clear for all to see: Michael Jackson was exactly who he said he was. No secrets, no lies. He lived at a dimension that drove some people crazy with jealousy. So crazy that they went to any length to hurt, harm and maim him. How hard it must be for his three children to be without their father.
    I salute you for what you do, Seven. Your courage and commitment are inspiring. It inspires me to look for the truth in all things and stand by it.

  11. Nindy Hunt says:

    Thank you for this info about “Was Michael Jackson Framed”. I will help spread the word of this to the other fans.