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There Was Something About Michael Jackson • • • He Was Perfection

According to MJJ Magazine, who conducted an in-depth interview in Los Angeles with Michael’s long-time personal costume designer Michael Lee Bush, the meaning behind ‘7’ and ‘777’ for Michael was as follows:

The first 7 refers to Michael being the seventh child; the other 77 is the sum of the year he was born in: 19+58=77.

Other meanings behind these numbers:

In the religious sense, “777” represents God’s organization on earth. In the scriptures “7” indicates perfection. “3” gives emphasis. Therefore, 777 would be perfection. He described his Mother as “perfection“.

Here is a video that explains in more detail the significance of “7” and “777” in the Bible:

Concidentally (or not) Seven is also MY favorite / lucky number and always has been, thus, my nickname and Pseudonym “Seven“, which I’ve used for years for writing poetry, some of which you will find here dedicated to MJ, who was a very loving and spiritual soul whose music I could relate to from a very young age as I grew up with him, just one year younger.

Also included will be photos I’ve collected, quotes from Michael, quotes and stories from others about Michael, videos, and other material that I find or that is shared with me. I started this site to honor and protect the legacy of this magnificent man, and to collect my poems and thoughts about him, as well as poems, thoughts, information, stories, and quotes from others.

• • •

More detail about ‘7•7•7’

• -> The number 7, in the Bible, is the number of perfection and/or completion.

• -> In triple notation, three sevens would indicate control of all three divisions of mind: conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. Michael wrote love notes to his fans mentioning these things, one of which you will eventually find posted here so that you can see for yourself. Three represents purpose or creativity, and Michael Jackson certainly had that!  The numbers add up to 3. Add 777=21, add 2+1= 3. Another way to relate to 3 is the trinity: father, son, and holy ghost or holy spirit. The spirit manifests in each division of mind according to its own function. 777 therefore, is likely also a symbol not only of perfection, but wholeness and completion.

• -> Michael Bearden, Musical Director for the ‘This Is It‘ shows, shared the following about the name ‘Michael‘, which they both shared, and about the number ‘777‘:

MJ and I never talked about [his favorite number, 777] specifically, but we did talk about the concept surrounded by its significance, if you follow me..I think I shared one conversation on the DVD he and I had about the meaning of our name, “Michael”. Here’s what I think 777 meant to MJ…There are many, many interpretations of the number 7 and what it means, but for MJ, and I’m only guessing per our conversations, 777 is the number of God..just as our name translates to one who is most like God.. Did MJ think he was God? NO! But he did except (sic) his mission on the planet as an archangel of who was responsible for the ascension of the soul through the physical body, to help shine light on what man must one day realize..God is love, love is real, God is within us! He used his power of music to convey this message.. Music is the most powerful language available to us on the planet…[…] This is what 777 means […]…Me and MJ talked a lot about these kinds of concepts […]

-Michael Bearden

You and I were never separate. It’s just an illusion. Wrought by the magical lens of perception….Heaven is Here.


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  1. Minette says:

    Michael got to spend only 7 years with his youngest son, Blanket. 🙁

  2. niftyrosa1 says:

    I miss you Michael. R. I. P. Till Till We Meet! I truly can’t wait! Please everyone, help me with a petition I started for Michal to receive the Artist of the Millennium Award he deserves from MTV PASS IT ON and God bless!!

  3. MizT says:

    I can’t express too much that hasn’t already been expressed above…I find out things here about Michael that I truly wish I’d known before…the media is definitely partially to blame in how he was treated/perceived…I read your blog every day. Please keep up the excellent work…I love your posts, your graphic work all of it. You are awesome!

  4. Karin says:

    Thanks for your great posts and articles and for the link to I am an active member of MJtruthnow and we like to consider ourselves as advocates for Michael Jackson, particularly in the way he suffered and continues to suffer at the hands of mainstream media.

    I find your site to have so much more substance to it than a standard fan or tribute site. Your articles address the true character of Michael Jackson and the harsh and unfair treatment he received during his lifetime. Keep up the great work as it’s very much appreciated.

  5. Amy Grace says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog and for linking me to your site here! Wonderful posts and important information. Much love to you!

  6. Camy De Mario says:

    I would love to share with you my website

    It is my tribute to Michael as a children’s book author and illustrator.

    It is for a great cause!

    Please, visit the site!


  7. Denise says:

    Hi seven,
    I love you. Thank you for this site you’ve created for michael. I love it so very much..


  8. Elizabeth cawobeth says:

    …this is wonderful what you’ve created here. I hope that this very special Christmas has brought you even more love & joy.
    May we carry-on work to clear Michael’s name and continue to voice our utmost respect for him as we love him.

  9. emma71 says:

    My compliments for your good work.

  10. Seven says:


    Well you had me pegged! I had gathered up so much stuff and keep seeing SO much stuff and keep writing so much stuff about Michael I wanted to share with others who know and love him, and those who would love him if they really DID know him – that I just HAD to do it.

    Thanks for visiting!

  11. Lidija P. says:

    Hello Seven,

    Having seen and read nearly all your posts at the TST site, I must say I was expecting a website of this kind from you, :). This is truly a wonderful dedication to a person that mere words cannot even begin to describe… One link after another takes my breath away, and allows an insight into a different Michael than is/was portrayed in the media. In regard to this particular section, while reading it I kept thinking that Michael’s full name also contained the three sevens – perfection through and through! 🙂

    Keep it up…

  12. Deborah Longshaw says:

    Hi MJJ-77, Firstly what a wonderful site!!

    I am contacting you to ask you a really big favour. I am in the process of trying to compile a book, a very special book.

    When Michael passed away it I felt like I had hit a brick wall, I had never experienced grief…not grief like this, so it was to the forums that I turned to, to try to find answers….. and friends. However, I was so saddened to find so many others like my self struggling with their grief, bourne out of the sheer frustration and anger over the way he passed away and the length of time it is taking to get any answers. I wanted to do something……but what – a ‘call to arms’ went largely ignored. It was after a long evening with an old friend, to whom I poured my heart out , and who subsequently suggested that the best way to cope with grief is to put your feelings on paper. I thought about this and thought – “well if it can work for me, perhaps it will help some of you guys”. I also thought that there are books ON MICHAEL, but none about us, his fans, the people who have been there with him through thick and thin, happy times….and sad

    Here’s the idea. I would love to do a book – Working title as above ‘Michael – by his fans, for his fans’. It will simply consist of the fans stories!! This will take the format of

    First paragraph Your name and the country you are from, what you do for a living, your age (not obligatory) and how long you have been a fan for MJ.

    Second paragraph What Michael means to you. Have you ever met him / seen him? If so when & how? Do you have any amusing stories to tell in regards to Michael (these can be things that happened at concerts or going to ‘meet and greets’ or any other sort of ‘Michaeling’ you have been doing! Where were you when you heard of his demise? How has his death impacted on you / your family? How have you coped, have you got any tips you can give to any other fans to help cope with the grieving process? If you have done any poems, please include them

    Third paragraph Do you have a message you wish to convey to his children and his family?

    I would also be grateful if you could send me any pictures you have of anything that you have or have done that Involves Michael. These could even take the form of drawings you have done.

    The idea is that all the stories that the fans send me into will be organized into a book (possibly ‘coffee table’ sized) and divided up into chapters according to countries / continents. Each fan whose story is included will have their own page and ‘photo album’. However, obviously I wont be able to fit everybody’s story in, so for those not included I have got the services of a graphic artist who will take their photo’s and turn them into a mosaic picture of Michael (which will grace the back cover). These fans will then be given the opportunity to purchase a copy of the picture, along with the precise position of their pictures within it. The proceeds of the sales of the book will be going to the Neverland Hope Charity, along with the sales of the Photo-Mosaic. For those who havent heard of the Neverland Hope Fund, please go to, for more details.

    At the time or writing I have also been in contact with Deborah Campsie Kunesh (the lady behind and she has given me the big thumbs up for the project along with helping me to set up a website (details of which I will post when completed). I have also got the help of one of Michaels closest friends.

    I will say one other thing – please, please dont rush it. This has to be from the heart!! The whole idea is to show the world what type of person a ‘Michael Jackson Fan’ is. I also know that it will be painful and for that I apologise but hopefully (in a year or so’s time) it will be worth it when you can read your story along with others in print!!

    Please email your stories/photo’s to: [email protected]

    Once again thank you – I would like to think Michael would approve!!

    Keep the Faith

  13. Shân James says:

    What a great idea! I will return to this site daily to see what you have come up with. I was looking for a good site with MJ photos etc and now I found your beautiful site. I cam e here via Karen Faye!

    Thank you!

  14. Victoria says:

    What fascinating information. Please share on your FB Page