Feb 23 2010

Fair Use and Site Policy

Seven @ 2:56 pm


Anyone copying or using content from this site in whole or in part, including article text, graphics and artwork, or comments MUST either obtain prior permission from the site owner or at LEAST provide proper credit and attribution AND a link back to the place on this site where you originally found the content you use.

For usage permission, you may leave a comment on the post whose content you are interested in, or email me: seven at mjj-777 dot com.

This policy is what the management of this site considers ‘Fair Use‘ and we try to follow the same policies ourselves.  Where full content is taken from other sites and used here, the original site owner’s permission is typically obtained first if possible, AND proper attribution with links are provided back to the site containing the original content.

Where partial content and excerpts from other sites are used here, proper attribution AND links back to the original site are provided (and often the site owner’s permission is obtained too, if possible).

Conversely, we expect the same ‘Fair Use’ by anyone taking content from this site. Please do not steal content or comments wholesale from this site without permission or attribution/links, at least.

The person(s) who run this site (and their many friends) put CONSIDERABLE effort into research, writing, and artwork for many of the pieces on MJJ-777.com. STEALING its contents outright – unaccredited and/or without permission – is NOT considered “Fair Use“. It’s considered THEFT of another person’s work, not to mention lazy and disingenuous.

When/if content from this site is found to have been copy/pasted onto another site without proper links back to MJJ-777.com, without proper attribution/accreditation, or without prior permission, immediate removal of said content on the remote site, OR proper accreditation/attribution/links will be requested. If this policy is not satisfied, every attempt will be made to block the content thief from this site and legal remedies may be pursued.

Visitors should be aware that the site administrator screens all comments and reserves the right to refuse to post any comment for any reason. Most often they are not posted due to foul language, because they are abusive or bullying, because they are considered spam (spam filters sometimes screen out legitimate comments), or because the comment or concern has already been addressed, however they may be screened for other reasons as well.

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