Mar 07 2010

ADVOCACY Action Request: Something You Can DO about the Simmons+Media Parasite Problem

Seven @ 10:37 am

Charles Thomson believes the truth about Michael Jackson is being suppressed.

We KNOW he’s right. By now this story is considered “old” and it is abundantly CLEAR that NO media will pick up Batten’s rebuttal to Simmon’s ignorant and self-serving lies. They prefer the lies, as per usual.  The ‘calling hotlines‘ part of this Action Request is therefore obsolete.

However, here’s something you can STILL do that might help. . .

Huffington Post is one of the most widely read online blog sites, and reaches millions of people daily.

Help dispel the popular media-driven misconceptions about Michael Jackson’s supporters, and add your clear, concise comments underneath Thomson’s article at HP – using links to Charles’ interview with Jennifer where she soundly refutes his “abuse” claims:

When you post your comment, please use a real name, not something like “Iluvmichael”. Using a real name gives more weight to your comment so that you do not appear as a sycophant or ‘crazed fan’.  Here’s the link to the story:

WHERE are all of those MILLIONS who love Michael and WHY are they not commenting on this story? The more comments this story at Huffington Post receives the more visibility it will have – and the more visibility Charles and Jennifer will have. THEY are the ones telling the TRUTH!

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