May 17 2010

May 17, 2010 – A New Option and Special Accommodation from Forest Lawn for MJ Fans

Seven @ 9:40 pm

Sunflowers for Michael

Irene from the Flower Shop at Forest lawn wrote to us and said:

Hello Devoted MJ fans,

We have made some adjustments because limiting placements to only 3 is too restricting considering the number of fans who want to demonstrate their affection.*

We have also created a special bouquet, of 3 large sunflowers. This was a suggestion of one of his fans, one flower for each of his children. That can be found on our website listed here. Rest assured that your flowers will be delivered by our shop will be placed right at MJ’s side at his sarcophagus.

Sincerely, Irene “The Flower Shop at Forest Lawn” Glendale

The 3-large sunflower arrangement is only $20 USD and should be ordered directly from Forest Lawn at 1-800-204-3131.

However, if you’d rather contribute to the large ‘Sunflowers for Michael‘ vase such as the one in these photos, you can do that through paypal using the [email protected] (‘Sunflowers for Michael‘) account.

Sandy will continue to place a weekly order for the large vase(s) of sunflowers for Michael from his loving fans around the world, providing enough funds remain in the ‘Sunflowers for Michael‘ account to do so.

The previous arrangements Forest Lawn did from Michael’s fans who donated from all over the world were very large and GORGEOUS. And, they were delivered directly into Michael’s resting place with a card containing all the donor’s names. I’ve heard comments from visitors who saw the arrangements through the doors and they said they are beautiful!

*Forest Lawn’s formal policy is that they allow 3 placements per interment but they are allowing more for MJ’s resting place to allow for more fans to have flower arrangements placed near him.

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