May 30 2010

May 30, 2010 – Sunflowers for Michael is Growing!

Seven @ 2:49 am

SunflowersForMichaelUpdateSandy says:

When I first contacted Seven with the idea that fans could be a part of bringing Sunflowers to Michael by donating only $5.00 a month and only needing 160 people, I had no idea that within 3 weeks we would have nearly 200 dedicated donors from all over the world. And that number continues to grow. May 13th was our first donation when “Sunflowers for Michael” was born.♥  The outpouring of love is just amazing!! Thank you everyone. It’s all love, it’s all for MICHAEL!!

Another member of our MJ fan-mily commented this week just after our third delivery to Michael:

This means so much to me to get a flower to Michael even though I’m in Belgium…this makes my day ♥ ♥ ♥ sooooooo much!!!

As for myself (Seven), I am truly gratified that we are able to keep our Hero showered in fresh sunflowers and L.O.V.E. from his fan-mily all over the world, especially those in other parts of the country or other parts of the world who can’t get to Forest Lawn to visit him, or who can’t afford expensive flower arrangements on their own. With ‘Sunflowers for Michael‘, most anyone can send our man some LOVE and be sure it gets taken directly in to his resting place.


The Facebook Group ‘Michael Jackson Fans of LOVE‘ administered by our friend Taaj Malik has joined the ‘Sunflowers for Michael‘ Program. This group will also be sending their donations to [email protected]. We’re SO EXCITED that they have merged their efforts with ours and we extend a warm welcome to them!  It’s all for L.O.V.E!

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