Jun 29 2010

Amazing Success of Sunflowers for Michael Necessitates Changes

Seven @ 8:58 pm

SunflowersForMichaelUpdateDear Fa-mily,

Due to the incredible success of Sunflowers for Michael, we want to institute a small change in order to help make Sandy’s job a bit easier so that she will be able to continue getting your flowers and cards into Michael on a regular basis for a long time!

Rather than preparing, photographing and delivering the cards with your loving messages every week, Sandy would like to do this only on the fourth Friday of each month, instead. Thus, the next photos of cards and messages to Michael would be posted on July 23rd.

BUT DON’T WORRY! Michael will still get beautiful, fresh, eye-popping sunflower arrangements from his fan-mily EVERY WEEK if possible and we will still post photos of the arrangements weekly.  However, the gathering, compilation, printing, photographing and delivery of the cards and messages to Michael will be done once monthly on the fourth Friday of each month.

You can still donate at any time and in any amount you choose ($5 per week or $20 per month, or $10/week or $40/month or whatever suits you), and send your messages to Sandy for Michael at any time.

ONE Exception: We will be posting the cards and messages from June 25th with the July 2nd delivery.  We’re doing this because Sandy was not able to get appropriate photos on June 25th with all the activity and barriers up around Forest Lawn that day and for days following.

If you have questions about this, please email [email protected] And if course if you would like to donate, please use that same email address for your donations. Remember to choose “personal“, “gift“, and to leave your desired message for Michael in the “message” box directly above the “send money” button.

Sandy and I are SO GRATEFUL to Michael’s loving fan-mily for making Sunflowers for Michael such a success that we find it necessary to make these changes. We hope these changes will encourage you rather than discouraging you!

We promise you that they are only meant to make management of the program easier for Sandy so that she can continue it for as long as possible!

Much L.O.V.E.

Sandy & Seven
Your Sunflower Sisters

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